FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII Now in 100% Development By Erren Van Duine on September 10, 2011 at 9:45 PM

At yesterday’s Fan Meeting, staff members Motomu Toriyama and Yoshinori Kitase were quizzed on a number of things FINAL FANTASY.

Kitase briefly commented on FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII, the only member of the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation still shrouded in mystery. He says that “for Type-0 and Versus XIII we are giving 100% to development.” It should be noted, however that the team has used their know-how from developing FINAL FANTASY XIII in order to create XIII-2 with a much shorter development period, and as such, the reason why it will release ahead of time.

FINAL FANTASY Type-0 is out next month, and with XIII-2 out in December/January, the best we can hope for is a proper Versus reveal soon after.

  • Finally. (Also test :P)

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  • good then.

    so FF XIII is just a “guinea pigs” for Versus & the others.
    seems very ironic.

  • ShinGundam

    I hope they take there time but at the same i would like to have some cool screens for Venice.

  • Zerox20

    You might say they’ve been taking their time already 😀

  • Sir_astigz

    w0w.!! its amazing

  • Yes!Now send me a copy for my PS3!

  • SEisdoom

    LOL, just LOL

  • Meisadragon

    Interesting, I wonder how much we have to wait.

    Btw, I gave u a link back.


  • Noctis Caleum XIII

    Tetsuya Nomura confirms it as long as I do not think anything.
    Because I think Toriyama Kitase or nothing more.

  • Can’t wait to play this on my 360!

  • Tonisha Adamson

    Keep waiting.

  • It’s not announced for 360. PlayStation 3 only. Much like Dragon Quest X is Wii/Wii U only, so there’s no sense begging for it. Buy the platform if you really want to play the game. If you like Final Fantasy, you probably should have a PS3 by now anyway.

  • Xboxslayer

    Fuck 360

  • THE_Fukin-TRUTH

    It doesn’t deserve to come out on 360, graphics and game flow were a joke on the 360.

  • Jørgen Fallet Mosand

    about time

  • Sxcluck


  • SavTheRipper

    Versus XIII was made with a graphics driver above and beyond anything the 360 is capable of. I think it’s impossible for it to have a 360 release….and I’m happy about that!

  • Vega

    Erren is correct that FFvsXIII has been announced only for PS3… Microsoft is trying to get the game on their system however, Tetsuya Nomura has said that the game is too large for dvd format. He has also been known as a PS3 fan..

  • Renjick

    …ahead of development? That’s a joke right?

  • Nightowlhowlwoot

    Whatever the hell 100% means… Let’s just hope they nail it for crying out loud D: and I’m not asking for much I just want to enjoy the game I waited 6 years for.

  • Zerox20

    Microsoft gave up on Japan a while back, so somehow I doubt they’re going after Versus now.

  • Rexwong

    FFV13 MUST BE PS3 ONLY!!!!.
    Please put your eye on the Game and not on the system.
    A very strong reason to put it PS3 exclusive is Storage.
    All of you know FFV13 is sandbox game and the all the areas and location are required to access from time to time. a DVD is not able to handle.


  • Rexwong

    Those chinese people in china want 360 game because they can play private.
    No need to care

  • Heber Pratti

    It’s only for PS3. Yeah!

  • Mj kaz


  • aquila

    of course~chinese in china have the potential to make pirated things so they don’t care about how hard the devs working~they just ruin the game industry~rubbish

    ps:i’m chinese too but not from china

    replay to : Sxcluck 需要老子翻译吗?

  • aquila

    enjoy playing it in 5 dvd.

  • Noctis Caleum XIII

    Versus XIII will be released in a box with 13 DVDs *lol*
    Only on Playstation

  • Nihaal Patel97

    It doubt it will be multiplatform because Tetsuya Nomura who is in charge of the game (executive producer, director, designer) said there are no plans for a 360 release and it will release on the market exclusively on the PlayStation 3. Also, he once said that porting is something that’s done after the game has been developed for a specific console so that hinted a possible Xbox 360 port in the future. But recently, Microsoft claimed that “they don’t want Sony’s sloppy seconds”. Basically, if a game is developed for another console and then some content is cut out, Microsoft will not accept a port. It is doubtful that the Xbox 360 can handle Versus. It will have to be in like 3 discs so some content must be deleted to in order for it to be compatible with the Xbox 360. Microsoft wouldn’t want that. The full game can’t be on the Xbox 360 and Microsoft rejects any lesser ports. There you have it. Tetsuya Nomura denies Versus being multiplatform on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and Microsoft denies a port. Versus XIII very likely to be exclusive because of this reasoning. Wow, I sure wrote a lot.

  • Nozomi

    That’s three (hopefully) quality Squenix games within the span of two years!

  • Syukriaiko

    Even do it going to release late, as a real fan I am going to wait for it. but one thing i don’t understand is WHY they never make a continue from the previous Fantasy!!! it will be a good thing if they do so, like FF 8, FF10, FF11, FF12, FF13, FF13Versus hope to have a continue of it. What do you guys think?

  • Syukriaiko

    I am one of them!!!

  • Mattkha

    first of all 10 got a sequel… it was lame but, -shrugs- i played it anyways. 12 deserves to be forgotten and left alone forever, and or remade. and 13 is has a sequel to it coming out. as for the other ones, 7 has prequels, and OVA, and a movie. 8 and all the others before 7, all ended with them saving the world from the biggest threat. so there isn’t really much else to do after that or it will be and endless cycle of DBZ series.

  • Kerzie Wildrick

    if anything just remake them in hd not no prequels i would love to see my all time favorite game ever created (ff8) redone in hd