Rumor: Voice Actor Hints at FINAL FANTASY Type-0 Localization [UPDATE] By Erren Van Duine on October 20, 2011 at 12:12 AM

It looks like someone said something they shouldn’t have!

UPDATE: Confirmed to be a hoax, sorry everyone!

Veteran voice actor Steve Blum (best known for Cowboy Bebop’s Spike, among other things), let slip on Twitter that he would be voicing King in an upcoming FINAL FANTASY game. Clearly, that game must be FINAL FANTASY Type-0.

His post has since been deleted, but you can see the screenshot here. Real or fake? You decide.

The better question would be, is it still a PSP for the west, or has the game been moved to PS Vita?

  • NoElixirs

    I hope it’s real. I’ll be utterly dolorous otherwise…

  • ShinGundam

    You know, could be King Caelum from Versus.

  • NoElixirs

    It’s possible, although the lack of a definite article convinces me it’s Type-0’s King.

  • rpgmaniac

    How about include the original Japanese VO inside like many companies who make JRPG do? some fans dont care about the dub anyway and they dont buy JRPG w/o the original VO inside so tell them to do that if they want to sell some more if they dont then np it’s their sales after all.

  • Carlin
  • Oblivion

    Thank God!!! If this game didn’t come to the US, I would’ve been a sad panda

  • Papufrucht_XD

    Fake, I just open his profiles on Twitter and this tweet it is no longer available …

  • WriteFF13

    It was photoshopped.