Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Jump Festa media includes new screenshots and an extended trailer By Erren Van Duine on December 21, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Marketing for the latest chapter in the FFXIII saga kicks off today with an all new look at Lightning’s final journey.

Several hundred years have passed since she fell into a deep slumber. The world, diseased by Chaos, is on the bring of destruction. The people, hopeless and full of despair, stand by hopelessly and watch the horror unfold in front of their eyes. As the end draws near, she awakens. She is Lightning, humanity’s last hope.

Only 13 days remain until the end of the world.

As the chosen one, Lightning battles her way through the final 13 days in an attempt to save humanity and accomplish her ultimate goal.

With a brand-new battle system, the player will be controlling Lightning and Lightning alone. The Paradigm Shift feature has been replaced with a unique tactical system that will provide a fresh, interactive battle experience.

Lightning can jump, climb, swing and slide. Players can enjoy a variety of different actions by interacting with obstacles and objects. Explore every inch of the world using buildings, decorations, and furniture at your disposal.

Lightning Returns sees the return of composers Masashi Hamauzu, Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki, who have all worked on the soundtrack for the previous title, FFXIII-2. Hamauzu’s track used in the trailer, “Crimson Blitz,” will be available for download on the iTunes Store on December 23 for $0.99.

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Lightning faces Anubys, a barbaric creature whose axe is as destructive as his rage. Will her new blade be enough to defeat this savage creature?

Customization is the name of the game! Unlike the previous installments, players can now mix and match abilities without the limitations of roles.

A brand-new world calls for brand-new monsters. Discover their weaknesses and devise the best strategy for victory.

Lightning finds herself in the city of light, Luxerion, where strange events seem to occur at every turn.

Lightning appears to be talking to a “disciple.” Who are they and what is their agenda?

An organization called the Order is in charge of keeping the peace in Luxerion. Called forth by the hearing officer, Lightning decides to look into the serial killings.

Lightning’s every move in Luxerion is being monitored, but by whom?

A group donning white robes gathers quietly in Luxerion as the clock strikes midnight. Some missions require skills of stealth as Lightning is ordered to trail this mysterious mob.

Interactable objects like this pole can be found around town. Utilize them to get around quickly and effectively.

The dawn’s light uncovers a secret code, one of the clues needed to uncover a mystery. More are hidden around town, but they can only be found during certain times of day.

The train connects all four continents, allowing for free travel throughout the world.

A clock hangs from the station’s exterior. As time management is vital, numerous timekeeping devices are scattered throughout the city.

The downtown area is located between the business district and North Station. Among the businessmen and window-shoppers, merchants can be found selling their unique products to passersby.

Information displays are hung near the ticket gate in the North Station. There are also shops tucked away in the back. The station’s busiest times are in the mornings and afternoons when people head to and from work.

Dangerous foes lurk even in towns. Depending on the time of day, you’ll have quite a battle on your hands! Be prepared for frequent monster encounters after dark.

The streets are full of hustle and bustle during the day, but few residents are seen wandering the premise at night. When darkness falls, monsters come out to play. Different foes can be encountered during different times of day.

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