New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII assets show off the return of inns, deserts By Ehren Rivers on March 21, 2013 at 5:30 AM

The French Square Enix Facebook page just added a photoset with lots of new screenshots. Some of them are those we saw earlier today but a bit clearer. We haven’t gotten them in English yet, but in the meantime here are the French versions! In one of the shots you can clearly see the Sea of Chaos in the distance, as Lightning walks passed a Long Gui skeleton buried in the sand.

UPDATE: We’ve got the English screenshots now, and it turns out that inns really are making a comeback in Lightning Returns! You also get a look at some of the dishes you’ll be able to buy to restore Lightning’s health in this game, as well as some interesting background information about the construction of Luxerion and Lightning’s default weapon set. Meanwhile, in the Dead Dunes the leader of the Thief’s Guild has sent an emissary to talk with the Liberator. Apparently that leader is someone from a previous game in the series, but who could it be? In another shot we get to see classic Lightning logic. Got a problem? Slice it up and get the details later.

When Lightning is low on health and options she can stop by the shops for a chance to rest at the inn, purchase a few potions, or take in a meal. Spells and abilities are also on sale here, so saving up gil might afford you a bit of an advantage in the battles to come.


UPDATE #2: Well, English screenshots are out but they don’t appear to have any text on them. I’ve added the four clean shots to the end since we’ve already got everything else.