Theatrhythm Final Fantasy soundtracks available on iTunes By Erren Van Duine on March 29, 2013 at 7:01 PM

Several Theatrhythm Final Fantasy soundtracks have made their way onto iTunes – four of them to be exact.

A stealth release if there ever was, the four selections of sounds from the game include music from Event, Field, Battle and the Chaos Shrine. Each soundtrack can be snagged for a total of $8.97 ($9.99 for the Chaos Shrine one) or individual songs can of course be purchased separately for $.69.

This release is interesting because it contains tracks from the entirety of the numbered FF series in their original formats. The Chaos Shrine soundtrack is the exception as it features 15 tracks with some games (VI, VII) being represented by as many as three tracks, whereas others (II, III, VIII) aren’t represented at all.

Field Music Stage

1 Main Theme (from “Final Fantasy I”)
2 Main Theme (from “Final Fantasy II”)
3 Eternal Wind (from “Final Fantasy III”)
4 Main Theme Of Final Fantasy IV (from “Final Fantasy IV”)
5 Four Hearts (from “Final Fantasy V”)
6 Terra’s Theme (from “Final Fantasy VI”)
7 Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (from “Final Fantasy VII”)
8 Blue Fields (from “Final Fantasy VIII”)
9 Over the Hill (from “Final Fantasy IX”)
10 Mi’ihen Highroad (from “Final Fantasy X”)
11 Ronfaure (from “Final Fantasy XI”)
12 Giza Plains (from “Final Fantasy XII”)
13 The Sunleth Waterscape (from “Final Fantasy XIII”)

Event Music Stage

1 Opening Theme (From “Final Fantasy I”)
2 The Rebel Army (From “Final Fantasy II”)
3 Elia, the Maiden of Water (From “Final Fantasy III”)
4 Theme of Love (from “Final Fantasy IV”)
5 Home, Sweet Home (from “Final Fantasy V”)
6 Celes’s Theme (from “Final Fantasy VI”)
7 Aerith’s Theme (from “Final Fantasy VII”)
8 Waltz for the Moon (from “Final Fantasy VIII”)
9 Behind the Door (from “Final Fantasy IX”)
10 Suteki Da Ne (Isn’t It Wonderful?) [From “Final Fantasy X”]
11 FFXI Opening Theme (from “Final Fantasy XI”)
12 The Archadian Empire (from “Final Fantasy XII”)
13 Defiers of Fate (from “Final Fantasy XIII”)

Battle Music Stage

1 Battle (from “Final Fantasy I”)
2 Battle Theme 2 (from “Final Fantasy II”)
3 Battle 2 (from “Final Fantasy III”)
4 Battle With the Four Fiends (from “Final Fantasy IV”)
5 Battle at the Big Bridge (from “Final Fantasy V”)
6 The Decisive Battle (from “Final Fantasy VI”)
7 One-Winged Angel (from “Final Fantasy VII”)
8 The Man with the Machine Gun (from “Final Fantasy VIII”)
9 Battle 1 (from “Final Fantasy IX”)
10 Fight With Seymour (from “Final Fantasy X”)
11 Awakening (from “Final Fantasy XI”)
12 Flash of Steel (from “Final Fantasy XII”)
13 Saber’s Edge (from “Final Fantasy XIII”)

Chaos Shrine

1 Mt. Gulg (from “Final Fantasy I”)
2 Battle 1 (Fight 1) [from “Final Fantasy IV”]
3 Within the Giant (from “Final Fantasy IV”)
4 Mambo de Chocobo (from “Final Fantasy V”)
5 Searching for Friends (from “Final Fantasy VI”)
6 Dancing Mad (from “Final Fantasy VI”)
7 Battle to the Death (from “Final Fantasy VI”)
8 Let the Battles Begin! (from “Final Fantasy VII”)
9 Judgment Day (from “Final Fantasy VII”)
10 Jenova (from “Final Fantasy VII”)
11 Something to Protect (from “Final Fantasy IX”)
12 Zanarkand (from “Final Fantasy X”)
13 Vana’diel March (from “Final Fantasy XI”)
14 Ending Movie (from “Final Fantasy XII”)
15 Blinded By Light (from “Final Fantasy XIII”)

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a disc release available for the time being, but those interested in purchasing can find each selection through the iTunes shop.