Final Fantasy GO THERE collaboration campaign launched By Erren Van Duine on July 18, 2013 at 12:19 AM

Square Enix has announced an all new collaboration campaign dubbed “Final Fantasy GO THERE.”

Comprised of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster – the campaign will set the stage for various collaborations to come about, a couple of which have already been revealed.

The first wave of the campaign includes Final Fantasy XIV and Lightning Returns. Lightning will gain access to a Miqo’te outfit from FFXIV by completing a certain quest. Her outfit will come complete with an Eorzean weapon and shield as well as a Miqo’te specific victory pose.


Lightning will also be making her own appearance in FFXIV’s world of Eorzea, complete with her own FATE quest and storyline. FATES are multiplayer objective events. According to Naoki Yoshida, the game’s director, Lightning’s inclusion in FFXIV’s world will be the real deal and somehow integrated into the game’s lore. In addition, players will also be able to wear Lightning or Snow’s outfits depending on if they are female or male, as well as obtain various FFXIII-inspired weapons in the game.


On the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD side of things, we know a Yuna costume is currently in the works for Lightning. Further details on that are expected at a later time. Collaborations with other Square Enix titles are also in the works. More information on the campaign can be found on the official Final Fantasy site.

  • Sapientia

    Sweet. Strange name for the campaign, but I like seeing the FF games intertwine.

  • Mihel

    Since they’re in the mood for outfit crossovers, they could make a Lightning outfit for FFX-2.

  • Ryuukishi

    Since we know about the Yuna costume for Light already, I’m really curious to see what LR13 content Square might be adding to Final Fantasy X.

  • Aly Hesham

    Hope they will add a paine oufit in LR complete with paine’s sword.I can already picture it in my head and it looks perfect!

  • Tom

    Wow, that’s one hot Lightning!

  • miss chel

    They should have at least omitted the pose, it’s degrading to her character’s image. The outfit was enough.

  • Storm

    We have outfits for every taste; it’s optional, so I don’t see any problem to have a sexy Lightning. <3

  • Protosin

    NO Lightning in FFX/X-2. That game is a remaster of a PS2 classic. I don’t want them meddling around with a 10+ year old game for the sake of promoting Lightning Returns.

  • Erren Van Duine

    I agree. I’ll be really upset if they try to pull anything outside of that Yuna costume for Lightning.

  • Erren Van Duine

    I can’t agree enough really. It’s sad they need to use sex to sell this game now.

  • Ryuukishi

    Wouldn’t be any different from adding Balthier and Luso into the Final Fantasy Tactics remaster. It’s just a fun Easter Egg for fans, safe to ignore if it’s not your thing.

  • artemisthemp

    It will most likely only be the outfit that sneak into X/X-2, if they even give any Lightning stuff

  • Ehren Rivers

    I wish they’d chosen to go with the female Roegadyn victory pose instead (if I remember correctly that’s a little less sexual and a little more aggressive), but I can at least understand why they kept it as the Miqo’te pose. I’ll admit that I’m a little more used to the idea of something like this than others might be, though, because there are some outfits in the ‘Tales of’ games that cause characters to say or do OoC things after battle.

  • Twilight Odin

    Why do people like down voting so much?
    Some people here do not like the game. That’s it. no need to down vote them.

  • Mihel

    Disqus rating is srs bsns.

  • SirAuron14

    so… Lightning wont be in FFX/X-2 or costumes wont be in the game either?

  • Flame

    That Male Hyur, the design team must really hate them,
    first that sleazy pedo-stashe they get on default midlanders, then that derpy pose in this collabaration, lol.
    The Miqo’te and Lalafell really rock those outfits though xD
    That female Roegadyn pulls off Lightning pretty nicely too 🙂

  • Flame

    To show how wrong you are! & that you are wrong, wrong, wrong, and that you should buy a high horse as well.

    Seriously… high horses are cheap, buy one… Won’t regret it !

  • Sapientia

    I can’t disagree enough. :/