Final Fantasy XV – The Mystery Behind the Myth By Erren Van Duine on July 11, 2013 at 11:01 PM

GameTrailers has put together an extensive video detailing the game’s story, characters, and continuing connection to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet as well as the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology. They’ve explored every angle – pulling from trailers old and new to shed the light on the latest mainline Final Fantasy.

  • John Sotomayor

    This is a fantastic video! I’m a huge Shakespeare geek, so I can’t wait to see how the Hamlet connection fully plays out.

  • Unknown

    Amazing, hopefully this game lives up to all the hype and more… a little skeptical but I have faith in Nomura and Tabata to do a good job.

    Not so much with the rest of square enix (mainly just their management, they have tons of untapped talent…)

  • ultromega

    Hamlet? Nice. On a very superficial level, I thought of Noctis & Stella as Final Fantasy’s Romeo & Juliet.

    On a completely different note… umm… this has to be pointed out… “BALLARD?” 🙂

  • Kyasudai

    Well, the narrator does mention “star-cross’d lovers” at one point.

  • CauseICan

    I’m loving the part about the unknown character/supposed “uncle”.

  • Noctis Caelum

    Wow pretty interesting.
    Love the story already.

  • Randy Marsh

    Kind of hoping for a bad ending with Noctis and Stella dying, it sounds awesome. No guys, I don’t hate them at all, but I love tragedy endings.

  • Jon

    This was actually a really good video. GT has been on the ball lately.

  • Mihel

    I hope Shakespeare references/influences are few and far between.
    I also hope there will be NO R&J references, most overrated play ever. Hamlet is pretty cool tho.

  • Eric Gornicki

    I think the Shakespeare’s references are pretty cool, both Hamlet and R&J. I want this game to game me cry! After all, things that make me cry are the most memorable things that I’ve watched/played, so let’s the drama begins! 😛

  • FinalFantisiac

    Well, I can’t freaking wait.

  • James Stine

    I agree with you, I don’t think they’re as prevalent as the video described. Honestly, if Nomura just copied Hamlet, don’t you think people would be annoyed? There’s only one quote, and suddenly all these points are made to stage a Hamlet-like story. The red eyes relating to the ghost doesn’t connect when Stella has the same ability… and considering how close all of Noctis’ friends are, I couldn’t see them being a traitor.

    It annoys me whenever a XV discussion comes up and it’s all about “who is the traitor”, let’s not focus on such gloomy ideas, the game will certainly be more serious and sorrow, but a direct Hamlet rip off, is less likely. Nomura likes to do things his own way, just take a look at Kingdom Hearts.

  • awaiken

    Gametrailers have really been doing an outstanding job producing original content like this. I’m even impressed with how they reproduced the FF15 font in this video.

  • Kyasudai

    I have yet to find a source where Square Enix or Nomura explicitly states that R&J has influenced Versus XIII (XV). Most of the R&J connections have come from fans most likely, not the developers themselves.

    As far as tragic love stories go, R&J isn’t the only one, but perhaps it is the most well-known.

  • Kyasudai

    I doubt Square Enix used the Hamlet quotation while keeping in mind the play’s context, to be honest. When read at face value, “there is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so” is a great aphorism.

  • James Stine

    Yes! I agree completely. That is exactly the point I make when people reference the quote in regards to the play. I’m glad to see that you understand and see the same thing as I do.

  • Sigurd Simensen

    the song that plays in the background in the middle of the video. is that from 15 or some other game?

  • Sapientia

    You mean, Birch Std? It’s on Word…

  • EX+

    Not gonna happen. They’re making sequels. And I really don’t see Nomura killing off one of his 2 favourite characters.

  • Randy Marsh

    Could happen in the sequels….

  • Lightning Farron

    it’s called somnus from ff 15 itself

  • Lightning Farron

    i don’t think noctis will die because they are planning to make a second one however there is a great possibility tht stella would die due to the game’s connection to hamlet it is actually quite similar

  • asdddd

    looks like im the only one who don’t get hyped for ff15.

  • Sigurd Simensen

    somnus sounds a bit different I think. or perhaps it is some extension of it :S

  • Protosin

    It’s Caius’s theme from XIII-2.

  • tamara

    Yup, i totally agree with you, having hamlet is intresting, but having R&J is just tacky & predictable :s, I mean we all know how awful it ended for both of them.
    Now that I think about it… having stella or noctis die at the end isn’t bad though (not that I hate them but it would be different) I mean they did say that this game would make us cry, and noctis dying is just devastating, he’s just too cute :3