Lightning Returns original soundtrack dated for 11/21 By Erren Van Duine on July 2, 2013 at 6:09 AM

The official soundtrack for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be landing day and date with its domestic release.

Revealed at a price of ¥3,990 (approximately $40), the four CD set will come packed with a bonus Lightning costume DLC code, “Flower of Battle.” The soundtrack itself features the reprise of Masashi Hamauzu, Mitsuto Suzuki and Naoshi Mizuta, all three of which brought together the music for Final Fantasy XIII-2. A total of two singles for LRFFXII have been released so far – Crimson Blitz and Savior – both of which can be purchased and downloaded from the iTunes store.

Additionally, a “Pre-Soundtrack” will go on sale starting July 13th at Japan’s United States of Odaiba Festival. This pack will contain six tracks at the cost of ¥500.


The official Square Enix Music page can be accessed through here.

  • NewestType


    Also will be getting my hands on the preview cd later this month.

  • LightningF

    Oh cool, will they globalise this?

  • Ehren Rivers

    Jeezey pete. I take one six-hour flight and suddenly the world of Lightning Returns is exploding with information.

  • Lowe De Leon

    If your flight is related to something about another Final Fantasy news…You’ve gotta tell us! LOL!

  • Ehren Rivers

    Sadly it’s not, (or is it?) but it’s about something which will make my helping with news and so on quite a lot easier. ;P

  • Sapientia

    $40 for the soundtrack and $80 for the game (collector’s edition, given that they’ll make one, which I’m sure they will)…Jesus. And I just bought Remember Me!
    Square Enix is truly trying to make us all homeless. xD

  • ultromega

    That image for the Pre Soundtrack is gorgeous. Whoa.

  • miss chel

    I’m curious about what that place is…

  • LightningF

    Lets hope your going to La Paris to do some LR research for us!! :D One question abt the ST though, will they both be available in the UK? I really want them both :)

  • Ehren Rivers

    To my knowledge both of these were only confirmed for release in Japan. I’m sure the full soundtrack will go worldwide, but the pre-soundtrack feels suspiciously like one of those things they only do in Japan.

  • Ehren Rivers

    Let’s hope so!

  • LightningF

    This will occur if globalization of PST does not occur…


  • LightningF

    To square-enix that is <_<

  • Lowe De Leon

    Good ass TEASE!!! LOL. Well good luck with that. I look at this website everyday. Prolly the most active site about FF in this generation.

  • Syltique

    You never know. They’ve been selling the two singles on iTunes. I think they figured out people want to give them money for their music.

  • FinalFantisiac

    Holy crap, SE. Is there going to be a CE or not?