Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster dated for December 19th in Japan [Updated] By Erren Van Duine on September 17, 2013 at 4:18 PM

UPDATE: It seems the original source posted a fake. The actual issue of VJump was obtained by someone on 2ch and unfortunately FFX|X-2 did not receive a date or pricing in that issue. Hopefully we’ll hear more tomorrow when TGS opens for its first business day.

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster will be launching on December 19th in Japan, if reports from VJump magazine are to believed. The PS3 version will be priced at ¥7980 while the Vita version will retail for ¥4480 a piece – remember FFX and X-2 are separate games on the platform.

Originally released on the PS2, both FFX and FFX-2 are being revamped above and beyond your typical HD remaster. Fitted with improved models, upgraded textures and rearranged music – this one is likely to be one of the best HD efforts to date. Additionally, both titles will include their previously Japan-only International content, as well as a 30-minute ending voice drama that extends the story.

We’ll have more information as it becomes available, but it’s safe to expect an official announcement from Square Enix soon as we head into TGS.


  • Is it means that we from the west are not going to receive the game in 2013, right? Think a worldwide release is pretty unexpected T_T

  • Anime10121

    And it may be much later b4 we see a western release too. Can’t see them releasing this within a month of LR 🙁

  • Dave Mailloux

    Given the three month turnaround for LR between Japan and the West, I’m guessing a mid to late March release date will come for the rest of us. A little disappointing, but easy to stomach if they get it right.

  • Erren Van Duine

    The difference here is FFX and X-2 are already localized.

  • stevenm281

    LR requires a full localization, X|X-2 does not, only the new stuff need localization and they had since 2011 to do it, there is no reason for a delay.

    They went full force at E3 to get us back and now… theyre back laughing at us once again…

  • Ryuukishi

    Hoping this *might* be a worldwide release date, since most of the localization work on this game was already done years ago.

  • stevenm281

    How Square Enix trolls the West:

    Final Fantasy Type-0 replaced by Final Fantasy Agito

    Delay 3 months LR:FF13

    Put back FF15 on the backburner after saying at E3 that we wouldn’t wait anymore for new media and information.

    Incapable of giving a release date for a remaster version of two 10-12 years old games.

    Putting Lightning in every titles they make.

    Bringing to gaming conventions games that are already released.

    Should I continue?

  • Ehren Rivers

    Yeah, I didn’t think we were going to get it in 2013 anyway. It’s the same situation as with KH 1.5, I’m thinkin’. It’ll probably show up about 6 months after the JP release, if that’s any indication. While the special audio drama is significantly shorter than the cut scene version of KH’s Days, I believe there is more “international” content to localize than there was from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

  • William_Spike

    not completely. there is still new stuff to localize like the content that was never released outside of japan or the new content.

    overall I am beyond angry at SE. in every trailer (including the western ones) they boast their 2013 release date and now the japan version is barely released in 2013, while the western versions are probably delayed until january. Sometimes they make it so hard to not hate them.

  • William_Spike

    If they really wait until mid 2014 to release this over here then they can really go and f*** themselves sideways. This is getting so ridiculous. 2013 release worldwide my ass. Yet another bullshit promise. Sry I am just so angry right now.

    I swear I will not buy any Square Enix game before this is released. Not even LR and FF XV (who knows how long FF X HD will be delayed…). Just out of pure principle.

    also waiting until 2014 for release is so dumb since many gamers will focus on PS4 by that time and dont care much about new PS3 games anymore. Especially PS3 games who are just ports of decade old games.

  • artemisthemp

    So they will most likely release in EU/NA in January or March

  • Erren Van Duine

    My guess is February.

  • artemisthemp

    Ya would fit the pattern, but wouldn’t it be stupid to release 2 Final Fantasy in same month?

  • Aly Hesham

    yeah..the pattern is stupid.

  • Aly Hesham

    They are taking longer to release this port than they did to make FFX a decade ago.Make of that what you will.

  • Erren Van Duine

    Squaresoft was really amazing, weren’t they?

  • Aly Hesham

    FFX was actually quite revolutionary back then too.It was a totally new scale of development for them.They actually transitioned into 3D world maps with 1:1 scale , introduced voice acting , detailed 3D models with handcrafted animations , a world with an indepth mini-game called blitz ball and they took cinematic story telling to a new level with in the series(technically speaking at least)

  • Sapientia

    Release date for Japan confirmed. But people continue to complain. Honestly.
    I think I should stick to LR news. 🙁

  • Martian Wong

    I am happy that at least we know the Japanese release date for the game. I am sure the date for US will be here shortly.

  • Rem

    Perhaps not. One is a new AAA game (to some extent) while the other is simply a remastered version of a previously released AAA title. Of course, for those who plan to purchase both titles, their wallets might take a bit of a beating.

  • I am so happy now, I’ve been waiting for this for so long!
    But still, I thought we had a chance to see it this year here in NA.
    That disappoints me a little 🙁

  • Luis Solia Ser

    There has not been an announcement yet… and you are already pissed? Besides, they don’t owe you a thing and they want to deliver a good product. It takes time. Jess, people these days.

  • stevenm281

    they are releasing it a month after LR in Japan.

  • Wassim Mokhtar


  • Noctis Caelum

    Wow on my birthday,…
    but why not also for the EU-Version?? 🙁
    This would be perfect.

  • Daniel Masterson

    I like that pic of yuna, that sweet stomach could use something on it 😉

  • oh c’mon! really? I wasted my hapiness for nothing? I was so freaking happy!
    This even wasn’t the real release date 🙁
    Not even for Japan.

  • I hope they tell us the REAL release date at the TGS…