See Bravely Default’s English version in action in this new trailer By Erren Van Duine on September 27, 2013 at 2:41 PM

Fans wanting to get a proper glimpse at what Bravely Default’s Western release will look like can finally have a glimpse thanks to Nintendo UK, who has released a new introductory video showing off the basics of the game.

The video is the first of a series Nintendo will be putting out in Europe to promote the title. The Western release of the game will be an enhanced one – while the first Western release, this will essentially be the newly announced Bravely Default: For the Sequel, an extended edition of the original Japanese game.

For the Sequel improves on the original with additional graphical polish including character animations during conversations, an easier to handle user interface, extra difficulty settings and even the ability to manually adjust the random encounter rate. The game will ship with Japanese and English audio tracks in both the West and Japan, while in Europe on-screen text will also be available in French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Square Enix passed on bringing the RPG West, but this trailer shows just why Nintendo was wise to pick it up – it looks great. Check it out below – the game will be out in Europe this year, and the US early 2014.

  • Ehren Rivers

    …Oh my.

  • Iceygames

    tell me thats a fan dub -.-

  • The mic sounds off. Like they failed to post process it or something.

  • FFFan

    Yeah… that doesn’t sound good. At least we have the Japanese voice track, which is surprising given SE’s reluctance to include it on every FF game.

  • Erren Van Duine

    Nintendo is actually handling the localization for this title.

  • Death Penalty

    Wow, that game looks a lot better than I was ever giving it credit before. Love the art design, it’s working WITH the limitations of the hardware rather than trying to overcome them in a way that I think is producing something gorgeous. Especially those backgrounds, oh man.

    Will say I’m also a bit dismayed by the voice acting, but I’ll probably get over it once I actually play the game.

  • FFFan

    That explains a lot.

  • Iceygames

    Don’t get me wrong I won’t the hell out of this game but boy oh boy why couldn’t they have square pick the actors. Never get a company with a bunch of “non talking” characters to search for good voice actors lol jk jk

  • Mateus.E

    hope they release more trailers with voicework…so that we can see if the issue is the mic or not.

  • Wassim Mokhtar

    This game gave me that nostalgic classic RPG moment, from the music, to the gameplay and by the looks of it, memorable story and characters!

  • Nokuto

    Bravely Default: Flying Fairy… what an amazing name, I wish I would’ve thought of it.

  • TO

    I like the voice acting.

  • Sapientia

    Bravely Default has a pretty cool ring to it.

  • orangeluigi

    I have to get this game it’s seriously about time I got something other than mario, zelda, pikmin, or any other happy nintendo themed games.

  • Mark

    Please tell me you can turn the voice acting off…

  • Iceygames

    Here is another trailer, the voices sound a bit better but I would imagine a sorta lightning voice for Agnes

  • fiveval

    Voice quality aside . . . Bravely Default is really tempting me to get a 3DS. (That, and the upcoming Pokémon games.) The art direction is just too charming to pass up!

  • Starlord

    4 Crystals of the world… sounds like Final Fantasy to me with a different name :P. Can’t wait for this game!

  • Sathil

    Sounds like all good news!

  • I think that Tiz Arrior, actually sounds like Bryce Papenbrook from ‘The Blue Exorcist!’

  • Even Ringabel sounds just like Greg Ayres who plays the main character from ‘Kokoro Connect!’

  • Also, Edea Lee’s voice is similar to Cherami Leigh’s voice who played lucy from ‘Fairy Tail!’

  • And the other character, Agnes Oblige’s voice is somehow familiar and yet from an anime that i can’t just point out!

  • Pleiades

    Is there going to be an option of choosing Japanese voice acting then?