See Lightning wear Yuna’s summoner outfit in this new video By Erren Van Duine on September 21, 2013 at 1:13 AM

Well that didn’t take long. Square Enix has uploaded a look at Lightning’s “Spira’s Summoner” garb based on Yuna’s outfit from Final Fantasy X. This garb is worn by Yuna, a summoner who brought the Eternal Calm to a faraway land called Spira in Final Fantasy X. The final game will offer a high-level of customization with over 80 different costumes for Lightning.


Players will need to purchase Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster on PS3 or Vita in order to obtain this outfit for use in Lightning Returns. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out on November 21st in Japan, February 11th in North America, and February 14th in Europe, while Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster is scheduled to launch sometime this Winter.

  • iLoveLightning

    Aw, now I have to buy FFXHD -_-

  • http://blackstar2661.deviantart.com/ Taijutsu-Joshua

    I thought the pose/smile at the end was kinda cute. I’d love a Paine costume, btw.

  • Sapientia

    Well, guess I won’t be getting this outfit. That’s alright though, it’s still gorgeous on both Yuna and Light.
    Oh, and achievements revealed for LR: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/lightning-returns-final-fantasy-13/achievements/

  • iLoveLightning

    Was there a lot of spoilers in that list?

  • iLoveLightning

    Also, lol at Noel’s face when she blocked his attack. Didn’t know she could do that did he?

  • Sapientia

    Probably better if you stay away. and I just saw that Erren posted an achievement list, so skim over it if you don’t want to risk it. It details basically the general ending, regular trophies and things.

  • iLoveLightning

    Yeah… I think I’ll pass then. Thanks! 😛

  • Ehren Rivers

    …That was adorable. I just wanted to run up and hug her just like the moogles did~ :3

    Good thing I was planning on getting X|X-2 HD anyway. I DO hope they’ll put DLC like that up for sale on the PSN/XBLMP, though, for those who have no intention of buying other titles.

  • stevenm281

    While I’m probably gonna use it as one of my mage outfits, I would have liked her X-2 costume much better. Altho it would have been difficult to implement the use of dual guns.


    The first time I saw her in the outfit in the off screen screenshots a while ago, I thought that the outfit originally looked a little weird on her. But now, she looks so super cute! :3 <3

  • Somber

    WOW! Look at that CG Artwork!!!!

    ~~~~Gorgeous Goddess~~~~

  • Panos Dek

    Although Light is not for such kind of outfits, Yuna’s garb fits so well on her! I don’t know how, but it seems totally natural on her! That CG is indeed gorgeous! I’ll definitely use that garb when I purchase X/X-2 HD!

  • LGFFan

    you know whats scary? how good she looks in that outfit. they are being so flawless with how they fit her into multiple oldschool costumes like Clouds uniform for example, i am pleased they keep continuing to show off stuff like this even though lets put it this way we are just under 5months away still from even getting our hands on a US/Europe copy anyway :( i try not to think about that anyway, the more and more i see provided its not massive spoilers are managing to hype me up to be able to finish this trilogy once and for all. Lulu outfit anyone? yes please.
    just think, with great callobration they could easily change all her Lulu outfits set of weapons no problem, just like they did in FFX, how i’d love to see her using a Cactaur lol.

  • Billy Jackson

    Imagine if they actually swapped out Lightning for Yuna here…. It would be like a freaking amazing FFX-3 that I now want!!

  • Caius

    square enix trying too hard,this is ugly.

  • iLoveLightning

    Migod. That irritating downvoter is back. What a baby.

  • miss chel

    lol pretty cute. For some reason this doesn’t bother me at all like the Cloud outfit.

  • miss chel

    Look, it’s understandable that downvoters can be frustrating, but there’s no need to keep whining about it. Let them be.

  • iLoveLightning

    True. Sorry.

  • karasuKumo

    She looks beautifully elegant.

  • TO

    EEEK! The part with the Moogles is cute~~!! TOO CUTE!!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!

  • Ryuukishi

    So does this mean no Yuna outfit for the Xbox 360 version? Or we’ll just have to purchase it separately on XBLM probably.

  • Wassim Mokhtar

    My jaw has dropped all the way to the ground……….. Would like X/X2 HD release date right now for the US Square!

  • Wassim Mokhtar

    The Final Fantasy X victory fanfare…………… HOW I YEARN TO HEAR IT ONCE MORE ON THE GAME!!!!! GIVE ME THE GAME ALREADY

  • Anime10121

    Yeah, I also wonder how that’ll work out 😛

  • Anime10121

    It does look MUCH better in the render/trailer than it did initially!

  • Anime10121

    You werent before?!?

  • http://www.ffinsight.net/ Tony

    I call it fair repayment for the 360-exclusive Azrael for Serah in XIII-2 😛

  • Ryuukishi

    Azrael was awesome. It’s too bad they couldn’t put it on the PSN too.

    I also wonder if this means that the Miqo’te outfit will be a FF14 save tie-in and thus also PS3 exclusive. But there’s bound to be a lot of people who play FF14 on PC instead of PS3 who would miss out on the outfit.

  • iLoveLightning

    Nopee. I’m just not that interested in it. No offence to anyone who loves the game or anything ^_^

  • Storm2356

    Are you just looking at these articles to post negative comments about LR, or are you actually trying to find something to like?

  • artemisthemp

    Final Fantasy X/X-2 confirm to release before February, which means January

  • artemisthemp

    Most Likely means no Yuna outfit for 360 players

  • artemisthemp

    Azrael was the next best Bow in FFXIIII-2, only beat by Ultimate bow

  • Sapientia

    Odinbolt? I found that one to be the best.

  • Sapientia

    Have you played FFX? Cause if not, YOU NEED TO BUY THE REMASTER.

  • artemisthemp

    The one that cost 12k or so Gill and was only available ad vendor just before Final Boss

  • Sapientia

    No, I know what bow you’re talking about. But I’ve never seen anyone say anything was more powerful than the Odinbolt. I’m just curious.

  • artemisthemp

    You may have misunderstood me.

    I said: Azrael was the next best Bow in FFXIII-2 only beat by the Odinbolt

  • iLoveLightning

    No, I haven’t x_x. I’m probably going to buy it for the outfit anyway, so I’ll see what it’s like. :)

  • http://blackstar2661.deviantart.com/ Taijutsu-Joshua

    And your name is…?

  • Death Penalty

    That blitz of magic that she sends the armored lizard’s way is stunning. Wish magic looked that cool in more Final Fantasy titles, the old turn-based system really doesn’t allow for gorgeous combos like that.

  • TensaiBaka

    Hmm.. Looks a bit Awkward but it’s Cute!

  • Sapientia

    Oh my days. FFX is so beautiful. You’re missing out on a great story. Don’t just get it for the outfit, play the damn thing!
    I love everything about FFX BUT the battle system and Sphere Grid.

  • 4FFAN

    I think it fits her very well! Especially on the render :)

  • Zahk Scott

    I know they’ve finished development, but I think they should make the dress more open and flowing. It just makes Light look a little stiff in comparison to many of the other outfits. But she does look cute in it, and the color scheme suits her well. I think X-2’s gunner sphere may have been a better choice though. Future DLC maybe?

  • Ehren Rivers

    I would totally buy it. There are quite a lot of “legacy” outfits I would want her to get in this game.

  • Zahk Scott

    Agreed! I really hope they have DLC pack sometime after release.

  • SazhKatzroy

    This is so cool!!
    AWESOME tribute!!!

  • Ritsuko

    Thinking of cosplaying this outfit next year or maybe the year after…but I’ve read on one of the other LR articles that this outfit is getting a lot of hate on the Facebook page…

    Is it still a good idea? I don’t want to…uh “start a war” (or reignite a war) so to speak if I go to the convention wearing this…

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