Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn news collation; Patch 2.1 update notes, Live Letter summary, PvP preview and more By Michael Fisher on December 14, 2013 at 11:56 AM

Hello all!

Today has been a very busy day regarding Final Fantasy XIV, and instead of having an article on every piece of news, a collation would better present the abundance of information released.

First up is what everyone has been waiting for, the Patch 2.1 Update Notes, mentioned in the Live Letter, it was said that Yoshida and Foxclon will be doing a reading of the notes during the extended 24 hour maintenance scheduled this coming Monday. With the notes clocking in at over 80,000 (Japanese) characters, and the patch containing data size of 3GB, 2.1 is sure to be an early Christmas gift from Yoshida and the team. There is far too much to even begin dissecting the notes, so make yourself a brew, and sit down for a lengthy read.

Next, the Letter from the Producer LIVE aired today and while providing a large amount of details and leaks, it mainly focused on the Playstation 4 version of the game. Yoshida showed the smooth frames and 1080p resolution of the PS4 by fighting with other members of the development team against Titan Extreme, alongside this he also showcased the cusor on the Dualshock 4 touch-pad as well as the Playstation Vita remote play function. Aside from this, some new concept art was shown involving future equipment, furniture, marriage locations & carriages, with more information regarding the Osaka LIVE Event on the 25th January and it’s attending merchandise. For those of us who don’t live in Japan, we can wait and pray that the development team will be visiting a location near us sometime in the world tour in 2014. View the gallery below for relating screenshots.

Thirdly, four separate and detailed previews were posted in regards to content present in Patch 2.1:

  • “Enter the Wolves’ Den”, a PvP Preview showing various systems such as location, rules, ranks, equipment, and actions.
  • “Treasure Hunt Preview”, shown briefly during the LIVE Letter, Treasure Hunt allows Gatherers to obtain Maps leading to potential riches.
  • “Beastman Tribe Quest Preview”, part of a new series of daily quests, Beastmen Quests focus on adventurers aiding untempered beastmen in their struggles.
  • “Side Story Quest Preview”, a new series of side quests will introduce players to the legendary detective Hildibrand Manderville as he investigates the rising dead in Ul’dah.

Finally, the development team showed off some of the best entries for the Halloween “All Saints’ Wake” community event, peruse the images below, and be sure to have a chuckle at some of the creative ways that adventurers celebrated Halloween in Eorzea.

Sound off in the comments below and tell us your thoughts, what you’re most looking forward to in Patch 2.1 and anything else Final Fantasy XIV related!

  • TO

    Can’t wait!

  • I’ve been slacking off on my end game grind, but there seems to be plenty of content for level 50 players after the patch. I’m looking forward to this update.

  • Storm

    only a few more hours… >_>

  • When will the update go live? At midnight exactly? (PST)

  • Storm

    you can download the patch if you want, but the servers aren’t working yet.