Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster voice drama spoilers leak out, suggest sequel is inevitable By Erren Van Duine on December 26, 2013 at 8:52 PM

Following our previous report on the possibility of a Final Fantasy X-2 sequel, details have been posted online describing several spoilers from the HD Remaster’s 30-minute voice drama that plays following the game’s credits.

From what we know, Tidus and Yuna call off their relationship at some point as she sets off to defeat Sin again, who has somehow reappeared in the world of Spira. Written by scenario writer Kazushige Nojima, the voice drama – titled Final Fantasy X -Will- – takes place after the events of Final Fantasy X-2 and it along with the 2.5 novel attempt to expand the universe started by Final Fantasy X. We’ve included a short summary of it below:

Chuami and Kurgum are being sent to Besaid by Baralai to search for Yuna. Yuna tells Chuami that Tidus is her boyfriend, but later when Chuami and Kurgum spy on a conversation between the two, it seems they are breaking up. Yuna is jealous of Tidus’s friend, Marufi, but soon she tells him she doesn’t care anymore, and has already got another person she likes. Tidus asks who it is but Yuna tells him it’s someone he doesn’t know. When Tidus asks Lulu about Yuna’s new love interest, Lulu says she thought Tidus would know Yuna better and tells him to figure it out himself.

Tidus is a blitzball star throughout Spira, but Chuami notices he’s injured and has little energy, although he is trying to hide it. When Chuami meets him again in Bevelle, he is injured and apparently hiding from someone. Yuna has returned to the mannerisms and dress style of her summoner days, referring to her sphere hunter days as a “bad dream”.

Chuami claims to be Auron’s daughter, but is confronted by Lulu when she mentions it, saying she doesn’t look like him and that many people claim to be children of Auron, Jecht, and Braska. Chuami says her mother wouldn’t lie to her but Lulu says that Auron would have said if he had any children since he wasn’t the type of person to hide such a thing.

Sin has somehow been re-activated, and Yuna delivers a speech to a crowd proclaiming she will defeat it once more. Tidus trying to follow Yuna on her new journey, since he promised to be with her forever.

Also included within the epilogue are two new illustrations of Tidus and Yuna as well as two of the new characters that make an appearance during its story.

Via: FF Wiki.

  • Mateus.E

    let me guess…someone google translated the reviews that gave 1 and because those are the most convenient reviews,that is consequently the official opinion of all japanese fans.That novel got some other reviews,if you do the count…it got an average of 2.5/5 or 3/5.That is good,for a novel.

  • Mateus.E

    we didn’t even get the novel yet,just some google translations of it and of the bad reviews.Naturally it is going to be confusing.Right now,we need to keep a calm mind,and wait for an announcement or a trailer.

  • Mateus.E

    Well,we don’t,nor have you read it.I don’t trust translations and interpretations made by others,especially here in the web,were lies and deceiving are so common.

    Hence,I will wait for the game to be announced and explain it’s basic premise.Then I will judge this game based on what I will see,and not by what others tell me.So,keep your opinions to yourself,and don’t provoke the people here,if you are going just to say the novel is crap while flaunting that you know it all.

  • Aleister Crowley

    Every translated bit plus every japanese review made on Amazon and the audio drama points to the same. Besides, I haven’t said one word about X-3 or provoked anyone. You do know that negative opinions are just that, right? Opinions. Just because it’s negative doesn’t mean it’s to incite anyone.

    Besides, if you don’t care about anyone else’s opinion, why bother responding to mine?

    Also, prepare for the worst, hope for the best. There is nothing negative that can surprise me now.

  • Aleister Crowley

    Even the good reviews mention negative stuff. If they liked it’s their business but it’s consistent across the board and it’s 2.3/5 or 2/5. Bad for novels, worse for FF material.

  • Mateus.E

    Holy…People in this fanbase are sick.I just read the worst thing in my
    life…and it gets “better”…they are honestly saying that this
    was written in the novel,and that it is true.

    I had it.The fans crossed the line.They are gonna RUIN the Final fantasy series,and when they do so,they are gonna desecrate the corpse just for kicks….

    About your opinion,it is not that it matters much to me,since you will most likely ignore what I am saying,but…I don’t want this comment section to be closed…as you were baiting them by repeating your statements of the novel with that language.

    Also,if I were you, I would be careful about what you say.You could end up saying something that you will regret later…or giving people the wrong idea by saying the obviously wrong information that neogaf is sying,and gamefaqs relaying.This little telephone game is going to screw us all.You will answer for both of those things,sir.

  • Noctis2014

    yep totally agree

  • Mateus.E

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJd3Tfu5ulY this guy managed to do some hacking and put the oficial eng sub in the audio drama. Apparently,it was already there…check it up…hope he isn’t pulling our legs.

  • SiliconNooB

    Do you know what Square Enix did with the infinite possibility of fictional fantasy?

    They decided to blow off Tidus’ head!



  • SiliconNooB

    This title has Toriyama written all over it!

  • SiliconNooB

    How would X-3 work?

    Tidus gets his head blown off, and Sin returns for no good reason!

  • devidation

    Ca someone tell me this.

    Yuna and Tidus get caught in a shipwreck, where Tidus is killed. Yuna goes to the Farplane and searches for him with their whistle. Tidus comes back, but it seems that after the Aeons revived him in X-2, the Farplane is acting unstable, and basically everything that has ever died is ejected from it, including Sin.}}}

    About the last part, the “including sin”. From what I understand “sin” isn’t even a thing. It was an armor created by yu yevon to protect him while summoning. It basically was made from, I believe gravity? So how can it come back from the farplane if it was basically some kind of spell lol … ?

  • Arthur Spira

    This other person may be the old Tidus

  • Lanstarkk

    So, what you’re saying is that Tidus dissapeared as a dream of the Fayth, was brought back, killed and then revived yet again?

  • Guest

    I thought the ending to X was perfect as it was.They had wrapped it up nicely. I didn’t like X-2 because of the storyline and what they did with the characters. To me, Yuna in X was a strong, determined female who had a purpose and was willing to save an entire world. X-2, I felt they had completely stripped her off her decent personality in X and replaced it with an annoyingly perky one. By planning ANOTHER sequel and by bringing Sin back, they are making THE worst mistake in story telling. You can’t just think “Oh! We’ll make a sequal”, X-2 didn’t have an ending that was open to a sequel. From what I’ve read, it really looks like they’re scrapping the barrel for a storyline.

  • Mateus.E

    Well,that girl that was Auron’s dather,supposedly…lol,Lulu,”Auron would never hide that secret”.Now that I read this,i think she is really his daughter,lol.
    Besides,Tidus barely resembles Jecht,and she distrusted him,even when Yuna believed him.Yuna herself only barely resembles Braska.If Auron had a daughter indeed,then her mother could be the high priest’s daughter,who asked for Auron’s hand before Braska’s pilgrimage…the one he refused most likely because he associated it with an easy promotion or because he would have to sacrifice some of his beliefs,I don’t know.Lol,doing that actually doomed his career as a warrior monk.

    I imagine they had met before…with Auron not knowing initially who she was…they fell in love,had a romance…got her pregnant without knowing,and her proposing to Auron was both an act to clean her mess,restore her reputation with the Yevon high Hierarchy,with her family,and out of love…and them left her for his pilgrimage after having refused her hand…and she could have been banished from the Yevon high Hierarchy and from her family as a punishment.As to why she didn’t told him,she most likely didn’t have the courage or the appropriate moment to tell him.

    It wouldn’t be unbelievable,since even in the 21th century,there are still many families that do this to women who “dishonor” the family name,by getting pregnant with a “low life” or some such thing.lol.And announcing a inconveniently pregnancy to the family and to the father of the future baby usually requires courage that most don’t have…they wait till the grown belly denounces them Well,Auron kept many secrets,so playing it on this angle would be the safest they could do.

    aside for that,there are many interesting points,such as when Tidus wondered in X-2 if he was real or still a dream.Well,we will finally find out,although some can say it is useless information.

  • Tyrahnon

    I honestly think Yuna breaking up with him is a ruse. Given what we know of her character she is hard-headed in protecting the people she loves. Lulu further reinforces this with what she says (You should know her well enough by now.) She is trying to protect him from disappearing or dieing or whatever since that’s essentially what happened the first time and she doesn’t want anything to happen to him again.

  • Sophia

    You’re right.
    U are totally right :-)

  • Mateus.E

    only way to guarantee that the spiral of death is over,and that there can’t be another sequel,is to put a wall or something in the farplane and seal it for all eternity,so that the dead can’t get out of there…and do some shenanigan to ensure that no unsent can remain on spira.

  • comedousedinmud

    Yuna wasn’t annoyingly perky in X-2, she was trying to move on and enjoy her life after saving the world once.

  • oneheart5037

    This pisses me off! FFX-2’s entire storyline is based on the notion that Yuna and Tidus have an undying love for each other and even though Tidus is “gone” after the calm, Yuna did not give up looking for him – that was what kept me playing through FFX and FFX-2. And now the producers are going to end their love? Even if it is just rumor – that’s serious pathetic. And if the rumors are true that Tidus will keep “aiding” Yuna in her journey in the next sequel, then that’s really sad (for Tidus of course). That would definitely crush all Tidus-fans because it would seem Tidus would become less significant and that FFX, which is the beginning and start of all their journey, is a mistake.

  • Sophia

    Maybe no one will read this, but you’re right, it pissed me off too (i got pissier with the novella, dont read the novella, and if you already read it, then im sorry you had to read it, its the worst)
    They were supposed to be lovers until the end, and now, i wonder what crazy stuff they are planning to do, and i know how u feel, and it feels like their love vanished, and its really depresing, sad, and horrible.

  • Any

    If you know anything about anything you would see it is clearly discernible that niether Yuna’s nor Tidus’s love has faltered. However the new Fayth problem is clearly affecting tidus as seen when Chuami shakes his hand. With this in mind Yuna is doing what she always does, something she thinks will protect her loved ones. By lying that she has someone else and telling tidus to be with his friend she, in her way is trying to protect Tidus from something she has figured out that we do not know yet. If they’re relationship was done why would tidus say something like i promised id be with her together. I dont know if there is going to be a sequel or not but if there is rest assured that most likely they will end up together forever.

  • Guest

    X-2 didnt have an ending that was open to a sequel, you’re right there, but then they make that audio drama, and everything changed, they just cant leave the game like this, they totally ruin the story with that. Probably dosent need to be a X-3, but something to fix the horrible mistake they make with the audio drama.

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