Square Enix still has no plans for Final Fantasy XII HD, says fans need to demand it By Erren Van Duine on February 13, 2014 at 10:06 AM

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD was released nearly two months ago to resounding success in Japan, but that doesn’t mean Square Enix is ready to commit to a remaster of XII just yet.

Speaking with SG Cafe, series producer Shinji Hashimoto explained, when quizzed about Yoshinori Kitase’s previous desire to work on a potential FFXII remaster, “At this moment, we do not have any plans [to release a HD remastered version of Final Fantasy XII]. But as Kitase-san has mentioned, if there are a lot of requests from the fans for a HD remastered version of Final Fantasy XII, we might consider it.

“But with that said, at this moment there are no plans to do so.”

Hashimoto also shot down the idea of a Final Fantasy X-3, saying “Since we’re revisiting Final Fantasy X and X-2, which were released about 10 years ago, the series’ scenario writer Kazushige Nojima and character designer Tetsuya Nomura had a discussion and thought that the HD Remaster release would be a good opportunity for them to include this additional story episode [and expand upon the univese a little further]. But the audio episode’s inclusion wasn’t because we have any plans to develop a Final Fantasy X-3.”

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster will release overseas this March for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. To date, the game has sold well over 400K copies in Japan alone.

  • haladtjh

    the enviroments were so cool in XII, but man the characters and battle system left a lot to be desired.

  • Billy Michener

    Let me get this straight, SE is saying that we need to demand for a 12 remaster for them to do it. And yet the fans have been begging for a 6 and 7 remake for years and still nothing on that. Wow, what an asshole move on their part.

  • Lavitz

    A remake takes a whole lot more work than an HD remaster, remember that

  • Gio

    I would love that. FFXII is on top of my list.

  • Lavitz

    FFXII is my second favorite next to IX so I’d like to see this happen. Anyone care to start Operation Ivalice? 😛

  • Jean Paiva

    Best gameplay in the series, my body need this.

  • Franllant

    Didn’t they say the same about ffxiii-3 or even ffxiii-2? That they had no plan to expand to more sequels but later they said they couldn’t make the story in just 1 game?
    I think ff x-3 is coming lol.

  • Robert Stukenbroeker

    I wish they would at least put FF XII in the PSN Store. I never got to play it because my PS2 died right after I got it 🙁

  • Billy Michener

    I understand a remake is a lot more work than a remaster. But it still
    bugs me. Mostly because of a statement they made quite some time ago,
    something along the lines of “We would want to use the ideas we have for
    future final fantasy games before
    we tackle a remake of VI or VII” Too lazy to find exact article. Mind
    you, it was a statement made before they even announced a remaster for
    X/X-2. So I suppose its because of that, that this bugs me more than it

  • World_is_Square

    Were can we demand it? it’s there any website or forum that is doing it? i would love to play ffxii all over again!

  • John D.

    Are they stupid? We’ve been requesting it since FFX HD Remaster was confirmed.

  • Master Keeper

    As I understood, they canceled the idea of FFX-3 but they are planning to add more to the HD itself? and what is the “episode” that they were talking about?

  • Mateus.E

    that is called throwing a smokescreen.He is clearly pullin our legs.Well,still need to see the audio…but it definetly has a loose end to a sequel…and i don’t think it will be another novel.

  • Ryuukishi

    It’s inevitable. But I hope it happens sooner rather than later. XII is my favorite Final Fantasy game.

  • Slickyrider

    1-6 are fine as they are, considering how many ports and remakes they’ve received. Admittedly, the only games that terribly need remakes are 7-9 and 12. Of course, 7 being the most wanted, while 12 is more of a concomitant desire – needless to say, 7 badly needs to be remade. I’ve put hours of thought into what I would like an HD remake of VII to be like, but as they said, they won’t consider it until they make a game of greater quality.

    Thank god X-3 was officially turned down, though.

  • Daniel Masterson

    Ok guys lets get real loud and start getting this made! please make FF XII HD remaster mega awesome zodiac international edition and I will never ask Santa/Jesus for anything ever again!

  • Daniel Masterson

    Yup XII is also my favorite. Every time I go through it again it just gets better. I might go home and play it again for maybe the 16th or 17th time! haha

  • Master Keeper

    Umm, so it is not a game or a dlc or any of that?

  • Storm

    I demand it.

  • atumarrozado

    Sooo, should we do a petition and gather signatures or something? BECAUSE I WANT THIS. I NEED FF12 ON MY PS3.

  • Caliburn

    I agree, its basically Final Fantasy: Star Wars edition. The game would have been a masterpiece in my eyes if they only had switched out Vaan and Penelope. They didn’t seem to have much relevance. Actually they can be in the game just make Balthier the main character and almost every problem I have with the characters goes away.

  • Caliburn

    I will sign it, I don’t care enough to make the petition myself though.

  • Daniel Masterson

    I actually like all the characters, to me having Vaan and Penelo* (pretty sure its not penelope) as part of the cast made it more relevant to Rabanastres struggle for freedom from the empire as they had lost family in the war and getting caught up in the struggle made me root for them even more.

  • Daniel Masterson

    Hopefully they release it for PS3 and 4!

  • atumarrozado

    As long as they release it for the PS3 too, I’m all for it! 🙂

  • atumarrozado

    I’m doing it right now 🙂 I also just asked the guys at this website if they care to promote it

  • Daniel Masterson

    Just show me where to sign!

  • atumarrozado
  • atumarrozado

    Hey guys! Here’s the petition! Please spread the word to everywhere you can think of! 🙂


  • Daniel Masterson

    Just signed it! now lets advertise to the world! go to all the sites you know and get the word out!

  • atumarrozado

    Hell yeah!!!

  • SkyBladeCloud

    Wow, hasn’t the successful release of FFX|X-2 been enough to do it? Geez what else do they want us to do? :/ Also I find it hard to believe they didn’t have a FFX-3 in mind when recording the audio drama. It feels like they wanted to force and opened ending in the saga just in case :/

  • Daniel Masterson

    Watch out peeps! We got a down voter troll up in here!

  • ElAbuelo69

    I demand it too.

  • NikkiCola

    You know, I’m not even a fan of 12 and even I can tell fans have been begging for a remaster for like ever. Come on Square Enix, give the people what they want.

  • Sophia

    If they never had an intention of doing a X-3, why the hell are they messing up X’s story!? LEAVE THE X/X-2 STORY AS IT IS! And stop playing with fans’ feelings, Kitase said it, that XII was the next in the list, now you have to do it! And you shocked fans with X-3 also, if you’re not going to do it, dont make speculations SE

  • Daniel Masterson

    Totally off topic but I think a super sweet name for a band would be Locke and the gang! eh eh?

  • FinalFantisiac

    I demand it!

  • Dave Mailloux

    Played through the game a few times, never took down Yiazmat. Nothing would inspire me more than updated HD visuals, beautiful remastered audio, and the promise of a platinum trophy.


    Easy, just get someone to dress as Vaan & send them to Square Enix headquarters & have them scream “IM CAPTAIN BASCH FON ROSENBERG OF DALMASCA!!!!!”

    Thatd send them a message.
    I loved the hunting sidequests in the game & would love to play the international version in HD.

  • Wazi the pa

    “We might consider it?” HELL, PLEASE REMASTER IT! This game has an incredible combat and exploration system and it would be a dream to play it again in glorious HD.

  • Wazi the pa

    The battle begins….. If any of you guys has made a petition, please provide a link so that I may sign the HELL out of it.

  • atumarrozado
  • Wazi the pa

    Thank you. I shall begin raising awareness.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    I loved the story, however disliked the battle system some. Id definitely pick it up though if it were remastered!

  • Sothe Zephyr

    You sir/miss. Have made my day. Which is hard to do. Today. Very well done. -applauds-

  • str8mjed


  • Syul


    They want people to request it? They´ll have A LOT of people demanding in after reading this, I bet my very own hands that they´ll end up doing it… xDDDD

    And they certainly should… I played FFXII but never ended it. Why? Because, when I was playing it years ago, I think I… well, you know, I was younger and I didn´t understand very well some things, because in FFXII they talk a lot about matters such as politics, war, etc, but I think that now that I´m really conscious about this, I would certainly enjoy it a lot more… even more if it would be in HD and for PS3… xD

    So, Square-Enix, DO IT >_> … But first, please, FFXV out for winter 2014, international launch, or at least, that date for Japan and little months after, the rest of the world xDDD

    Ok, well, forgetting FFXV for a little while… Seriously, FFXII needs an HD and for more people to be able to play it, like the people that is new to the FF franchise, or people that couldn´t buy it before or that doesn´t have a PS2 or they have a broken PS2 (for some examples, but I´m sure they would be other cases) D:

    P.D.: I would mention KHIII, but they seem to be a little overwhelmed about what they can do with it, what they should do, etc, and FFXV is in an advanced state by now xD

    P.D.2: Rasler… T-T *goes to cry to a corner* I cried with that SO MUCH… Damn Square-Enix… xD

  • mariip

    hey, maybe if we record a lot of FFXII fans around the world saying this and put it on a video montage we might get some SE support =D”

  • Mateus.E

    Who knows.DLC they wouldn’t pull something like that.

  • FinalFantisiac

    It must be done.

  • Wazi the pa

    Square can’t declare making remakes as of this moment. They must first ensure that Final Fantasy XV is made well and also Kingdom Hearts III. Fans should declare remakes once Square is done with their major projects.

  • i definitely will want a FFXII remaster! gimme the international version with the zodiac system!!!

  • Darwin Manalaysay

    My favourite FF has got to be FFXII. Would be cool if they make the HD remaster.

  • Somber

    X|X-2 met success because of its fame and love theme, I believe. I guess they are unsure about XII. It was less famous the former titles.

  • Somber

    IT MUST BE! I’ve never played XII but my faith in FF is so strong that I would want to play every FF so bad!

  • orgnumber1

    This is BS. “No plans for X-3”? They pretty much undid everything we worked for in the first 2 games with a freaking audio drama, and they have no plans to make a third game? That cannot stand. Unfortunately, I know a ploy when I see one. Due to the recent flop in sales of mainstream FF titles (i.e. Lightning Returns) and the success of remastered games (i.e. Kingdom Hearts 1.5), Square has found a need to return to one its biggest successes. They can’t remake FFVII because they already said they wouldn’t, so they decide to do a sequel to X. However, based on the reaction to other FF sequels (i.e. X-2, XIII-2, etc) they realized there would be major outcry among fans against such action. Therefore, they commission an audio drama for X/X-2 HD which completely destroys the world the fans have spent so much time and effort to achieve, while at the same time setting up a new game as a potential fix. This has the polarizing effect among fans simply announcing X-3 would cause, except now the fans actually have a reason to return to Spira, albeit a cheap, lazy, nonsensical one. They have now created the buzz they need to put the game into production, but the overall opinion is still too negative. Therefore, the producer states in an interview that the company currently has no plans to pursue a sequel. Fans are now faced with a choice: Either A) Except the 2.5 audio drama as the last piece of the FFX story and leave a gaping hole full of unknowns in the canon, or B) Petition Square to begin production on a sequel to resolve the conflict. In short, they don’t just want to make a sequel, and by extension tons of money, they want the fans to BEG them for one! That’s low, Square. Real low.

  • Sapientia

    FFXII HD remaster.
    Pls, Square.

  • Wazi the pa

    A special message to them….. They’ll understand it.

  • Angel Donovan Perez

    This would just be crazy if they didn’t do the international version.. It’s wanted pretty bad.

  • NoctX85

    me too


    Glad you all agree & if it didnt work then Square Enix obviously believes in Ondores lies.

    Okay i’ll stop now lol.

  • Sol Malus

    I know a lot of people really disliked the combat, but I LOVED it. I loved having to find most of the espers in side quests, the bounty quests, the amazing storyline. Dat Fran! ~

  • Twilight Odin

    SE pls, I need to swoon over Basch and Balthier in their HD glory.

  • NoctX85

    I want one too…..so my question is…..they say we have to domand it…..ok where?????

  • Someone needs to start a petition– something, ANYTHING. I want that XII remake.

  • atumarrozado

    thanks!! 🙂

  • Daniel Masterson
  • Daniel Masterson

    downvote for to long of a rant. upvote for passion.

  • Roger Seychell

    I would definitely buy FFXII. It had great gameplay, great storyline and great graphics for the PS2. I would definitely buy it the same day of it’s release. Square enix would make a hit with this rerelease!

  • Sophia


  • Well, it hasn’t been release overeseas yet, so maybe they’re waiting for that to confirm a worldwide release.

  • Elleiza Nox

    Square E. Onegai FF12. arigatou

  • K4K71

    everyone has been wanting ff12 izjs. this would be a perfect opportunity.

  • Neil Riley

    FFXII is my favorite FF game post VII hands down. Great musical score as well. If SQENIX HD’d it I would buy it in a heart beat, I’m less interested in FFX to be honest although I understand it is many people’s favorite.

  • Kevp

    FFX/X-2 HD has sold almost 600k copies now according to Famitsu and Media create(both vita and ps3). I guess they are waiting on how the remasters will do in the west and I hope it sells really well in it before deciding whether to start the development for FF12 HD.

  • Sonny Doin’it Sidhu

    Where do I demand it? I want a remaster so bad!

  • JSYK

    or just ignore the audio drama like it was a bad “dream”.

  • Dakan45

    ahhaha the order sub 1080p on ps4, hahahha pwned.

    But hey its da cinematic feelz and they did it cuz its cinematic, moronic sony ponym what a joker.

  • Aoi Tsuki

    The amount of people in this comment section that want a XII remaster is extremely surprising… In a good way. Bring on the remaster! 😀

  • tilo0530

    I for one, am buying the PS vita and PS3 versions of FFX and X-2. But I never was able to play FFXII and would love to play it on my PS3 or Vita. Meaning I would buy it, yes Squee.

  • Ader Bez Fontana
  • eww32

    There are no longer plans for FFXII HD anymore or any further. Lest it be ruled out and scrapped.

  • Kevin

    I spent countless hours completing EVERYTHING in the original ff12. Everything from whooping the

    Esper’s to a 8 hour Yiazmat pummeling fest. I would definitely play this game again if it is remade for the ps3!!!

  • Leandro Viscardi

    I waiting for FFXII remaster a lot of time ago, so I will love a FFXII HD.
    My favorite game! Please do this remaster game;


    yes please!!!

  • Commedes

    I would so buy it if its released… pls listen to my plea

  • rtuko

    how do we tell them? and if any of the comments on the game in PSN mean anything, I’d say there is a demand for it

  • Krijn van Alten

    You could start a petition yourself.

  • Nick Griffin

    i would love the remastered bersion but i not then i will not buy the ps3

  • Louis MacKenzie

    Get PCSX2 emulator and set resolution to 3x Native (on a fast computer and dedicated graphics) and you will see that PS2 version of Final Fantasy XII EXCEEDS many others in graphics department. The PS2 resolution does not make justice for the detailed textures in it.
    Use of progressive models is evident in the higher resolution picture. This game puts the FFX graphics on PS2 some what of a pale by comparison in texture details.

  • Fabricio Medeiros

    Some folks are trying to force the remake. Perhaps if a lot of peaplo sign, it will happen.

  • The Truth

    Of course they aren’t going to do it. It’s what their customers want.

  • Cody

    FF12 on vita would be great. I would buy it the day it came out. That game was great I would love to play it again.