Famitsu editor teases something related to Lightning in next issue, is not a new game By Erren Van Duine on June 5, 2014 at 8:54 AM

Famitsu Editor in Chief Katsuhiko Hayashi is teasing something special for Lightning fans in next weeks issue – but it’s not a new game. Included with the original tweet was this picture, which clearly shows Lightning’s model and an outfit from Lightning Returns.


While Hayashi specifies that this isn’t new game related, he does hint at there being some surprises. A subsequent tweet tells us that it will simply be an article related to the FFXIII series, while the official Lightning Returns Twitter confirms this is some sort of extra surprise for fans – Lightning’s story remains completed.

  • GS

    Thank God. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  • William Trengove

    Of course this isn’t a game, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was the last one in the ‘Trilogy’, it’ll probably be a movie or something of that nature.

  • Haith

    Going to bet that it’s something big in DLC for Lightning Returns. Hope it is, wanted to see something big in DLC besides outfits.

  • Wazi the pa

    It looks like a new or existing garment from Lightning Returns. I didn’t finish the game, couldn’t bear it.

  • At least they already stated that it’s not a new game, but I wouldn’t complain if it’s a movie or something like that (Square-Enix CGI scenes are never enough for me).

  • Ryuukishi

    I have a feeling it’s too late for more LR13 DLC at this point. Maybe it’s some kind of new artbook or other non-game product? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  • FFFan


  • Krijn van Alten

    ‘something special for Lightning fans’. Lighting fans became extinct after LR.

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    Whilst the XIII series is my favourite I was happy to see it end…I must say i was surprised at how excited I felt seeing this lol. Wonder if it’s something to do with the epilogue

  • Billy Jackson

    They’re finally compiling all of FFXIII’s cutscenes into a movie?

  • Alleo

    Cool can´t wait to hear what this is about. I really hope it something like a movie. (Maybe a short one about their life on the new planet?) And yes I´m still a big Lightning fan even after LR ;P

  • Samsara09

    Square Enix should remake the final fantasy XIII trilogy later on.Not remake as in “ah,let’s put it in with better graphics”,but re-imagine it.Do the trilogy from scratch,while reusing characters and the concepts….but do them better,without rushing and all that shit.There was no need to make this a trilogy,for starters.2 games would have sufficed.
    Honestly,if it were to do this,people would see why the trilogy is good,but has a lot of wasted potential,which is why I think it is so unjustly hated.

  • LukesAlike

    I wonder.

  • Skye

    Final Fantasy XIII PS4 Remaster?

  • Felix117

    Completely agree! If they used the FFXV battle system?……holy crap that’d be awesome.

  • DarmusXIII

    serahs and snows wedding ? oh please a cutscene that actually finishes the story good.

  • Alleo

    But why should they do that? There will be always people who don´t like the game even if it´s completely remade. Which voice should they listen to. The ones that likes a action battle system or the ones that want the old system with the turn based back? I believe that the company did produce it like how they wanted it, so why should they change it? I know that fans are really important for the future of a company but this should not mean that they have to listen to them 100%. I like companies that may listen a little to their fan base but still create the game like they wanted it.

    And in the end the real haters will still hate it even if they change a lot that´s how some of them are..

  • Samsara09

    I really doubt they will do this too.
    I believe the companies should do the games as they want to.Also,you probably know this,but XIII suffered from quite a development hell.

  • ConkerBFD

    Amen to that!

  • GhostReverie

    This is probably wishful thinking, but maybe Lightening will make an appearance in KH3. The background of that picture kind of looks like the beach on Destiny Island.

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    No we wanted Final Fantasy 7 Remake over 13 Games remaster

  • Twilight Odin

    I love Lightning as much as the next guy, but I seriously don’t want to see her starring in another canon XIII game.

  • I really wish that they’d make a full CG movie that was centered on the XIII characters and mythology. That would be awesome.

  • I think it’s something related to an appearance in a game. Maybe Final Fantasy Theatrythm… Too early to talk about the characters that we will see in Kingdom Hearts III.

  • Noctis Caelum

    – the 3 (for free) costumes of the contest, like in FFXIII-2 free outfit for serah or…
    – Lightning is a guest character in FF XV or…
    – it’s completely something else.

  • Don’t tease me! >_<

  • Ooo!

    Put lightning returns battle system in all 3 games and i’d get it

  • is that a collective we? lol

  • Seriously. I love XIII. But loving it so much just makes a lot of its flaws stand out in my mind. If they are doing anything like a remake, they need to take the time and not cut corners. Just one full game stringing the events of XIII-LR together in a way thats more uniform than the original 3 game format

  • Its funny how the Demo for FF XIII is more fun than the full game only because they hadnt locked the battle system with paradigms! Also the demo’s battle system is way more like lightning returns.

    I actually enjoy knocking enemies in the air and unleashing fire on them.

  • I think a movie will do her better than a game. Only because fans are still bitter for some reason. And also, Was that planet Earth? My BF keeps telling me they land on earth cause of the continental shaping and the train. ?><?

  • Yeah, but then lightning will be compared to cloud even more since he’s the only ff character with a full length movie lol.
    Buta movie in THAT outfit…

  • Noctis Caelum
  • Alleo

    We sadly have no real answer if this is our earth or just something earth-like. They did ask someone from square enix but the answer was very vague. So until they tell us straight what they thought we can choose it ourself. They did flew past something like mars and the moon so it really looks like our earth (but at the same time some say that the continents differ a little). In my headcanon it´s just something earth-like 😉 so that I can still imagine some chocobos and other fantasy beings living with them. In the end a movie of their life would be a perfect way to answer that question :).

    Sadly some people are really hating a lot. I´m someone that just ignores the games that I don´t like but some need to tell the world their hate over and over again. (But hey as long as I enjoy a game I don´t really care for all those haters 😉 and I really mean haters not someone who only dislike it)

  • Alleo

    This was also posted on mognetcentral and they wrote that it´s fake. (The logos are inconsistent)

  • I would live a movie or game lol. I enjoyed the games as well though.

  • Alleo

    I loved the game too so every new information about the saga is very welcomed.

  • Brenden

    Yeah, all the LR fans play in the dark now. They no longer like lighting.