Kingdom Hearts the animated series almost happened By Spencer Pressly on July 8, 2014 at 7:41 PM

When Kingdom Hearts released in 2002 it was immediately clear to Square and Disney that they had a hit on their hands. In that same year Disney started work on a pilot based off the first game that would hopefully lead to a television series. While this project had been heavily rumored for over ten years it was Seth Kearsley who was heavily involved with this project that proved it’s existence when he uploaded a story board he drew for the pilot on his Deviantart page.

This story board is from an episode that would feature Sora, Donald, and Goofy visiting Agrabah. Riku is also visiting this world at the same time on a mission for Maleficent. Seth played through the entire first game when he started the project and his love for the game really shows in these few boards he drew. Also since he was working with Disney at the time he was allowed to use the original art used in the movie Aladdin for backgrounds.

While the pilot tested extremely well, the project was cancelled before anything else could come from it. This was due to the fact Square had already started planning more titles in the Kingdom Hearts series and the creators of the series thought that the animated series might confuse the audience. This story board may also be the most we ever see about this project since Disney isn’t known for releasing their unfinished pilots.

This news comes from the Kingdom Hearts Union podcast who interviewed Seth and talked about the history of this project. Be sure to listen to it here to hear more interesting details from Seth’s time working on the project as well as what he would do with it now if the opportunity came again.

How would you feel about a Kingdom Hearts animated series coming back and how would you like them to do it? Let us know your ideas for a Kingdom Hearts animated series in the comments below


  • G.

    Lame excuse. A SHOW STILL COULD HAVE BEEN DONE! How many movies and TV shows have games and games have movies and TV shows?

  • Spencer Pressly

    Maybe we can use this story as an excuse to show Disney that we would love to see a show in 2014!

  • ShinGundam

    Looks bad :<

  • Iceygames

    I think the more important thing here is if it did happen who would you want to make it?
    Do you want a cartoon series from Disney or an anime from Square overseen by Tetsuya..

  • Wazi the pa

    I am actually glad that this didn’t happen. Some things are better experienced through the interactivity of games rather than simply watching.

  • G.

    Anime. But Disney wouldn’t have let that happen. I doubt it.

  • LukesAlike


  • Caliburn

    I would love it, but personally I would prefer it to be an anime made (or overlooked) by Square and not Disney, then again Disney is also great and I would definitely take their version of it rather than nothing. Actually, I want BOTH! AHA

  • Well, something done by Disney is something we should be worried. Yeah, they are good in what they do but I would be afraid of seen them making something too childish… But an anime under the overlook of the Square… I would pay to see that 😀

  • Iceygames

    Exactly, and it would have been cause of that the characters would have felt really different from how they are in the game.

  • After seeing Disney take down one of the most incredible Spider Man series (Spectacular) and replace it with a childish, crass joke every 5 seconds version with huge wasted fanservice (Ultimate), I’d say maybe it’s a good thing this never came to light.