A look at the Eidolons of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD By Erren Van Duine on March 4, 2015 at 2:14 PM

Square Enix has released the next video in their “Let’s Play” style series of videos, focusing on the game’s version of the Eidolons.

UK Community Manager Dan Seto is once again at the helm here as he guides viewers through the unique aspects of each summon, how they play and their unique abilities in battle. You’ll recognize classic faces such as Ifrit, Odin, Diablos, Shiva and more as players much sacrifice their current selves to take advantage of their powers. Check it out below.

  • If summons cost a life of an ally and they stay outta the mission from there on…. How do I evenly train my party members? Summons need to be leveled up so I have to train them and use them often. But if I use them and they drop an ally, that ally gets no EXP. So basically in missions that require a summon you have to except that a class member is gonna be drastically out of the EXP loop for that mission. Or is there a way around it?

  • lookwhostartedtocare

    don’t worry. Rem has a pre-raise ability that affects the whole party but only for some time. you can also find other pre-raise stat items in the game but they come at a later point. guess that’s the only thing i hated about the game tho. i wish they just had timers instead of having to sacrifice a member.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Play the game and find out :3 No but there is PLENTY of opportunity to train all members equally and seeing as how you are forced at times to use other members (if one dies for good in that mission) they will all pretty much get the EXP they need. The overworld helps with that issue 😛 (Also you COULD pick one classmate to completely sideline like Cinque whom i hated using….) Also, the Eidolons shouldn’t be treated so much as “party members” they should really be a ‘last resort’.

  • I heard that if you don’t train the summons they never get stronger and won’t be much help at the end. Also the reason why I’m compelled to train my party members even is due to a hard lesson taught to me in FF6 thru 9. Where out of no where at key moments they force you to do boss battles with cast members you might not like. For example, like you hated Cinque, I hated Quina (worst Blue Mage ever, and hard to get new skills for unlike the best blue mage, Khimari). And I didn’t like using her. On Terra in FF9, spoiler alert (LOL) you have to use her a lot. Same with how the last battles with Ultimecia in FF8 the cast that fights her starting line up is random. Or how in FF7 you have to split the group and do separate battles of Sephiroth or separate paths from the crater. Same in FF6’s last dungeons. Now I’m stuck with a sense of dread. I hate certain characters but if I don’t use them I feel like late in the game I’ll have to pay for it and there won’t be time or a place to make it right.

  • Yeah, I wish that too. But pre-raise helps. Not bad. I thought the raise thing was something on in the demos they were showing of the game or some spell only at the end. Are there key moments when the party is set in stone and if those three don’t win it’s game over even if the rest of the cast is alive?

  • Odin is always such a badass. 🙂

  • Sothe Zephyr

    I don’t think you understand how many missions there are in this game :$ I played through type-0 just fine only using Eidolons a little in main missions and training them whenever i felt like it. This game has tons of opportunity to train everyone, don’t fret.

  • lookwhostartedtocare

    if i recall correctly, there was never a moment like that. it only happens during missions. especially if it’s a hard mission, the game forces you to use only one character until you complete the mission. quite challenging but a lvl 99 character of your choice with proper setup gets the job done. phoenix downs, phoenix pinions, and candles of life are the pre-raise items so watch out for those.

  • Will do.