Final Fantasy XV outdoor goods collaboration with Coleman announced By Erren Van Duine on March 12, 2015 at 11:38 PM

Square Enix has announced its collaboration with Coleman, with various products set to appear in Final Fantasy XV. In Final Fantasy XV camping has become an important element to the hero’s journey and so came about the adoption of Coleman branded camping equipment.

In the game itself, camping allows the player to do activities such as eat meals for bonuses and level up with their accumulated experience points. According to Square Enix, it’s become one of the most important foundations now to the game. To boost this activity, Square Enix has adopted the Coleman brand, who is well known for manufacturing outdoor goods. Coleman’s products include the party’s tent, the table and chairs and even the dishes are a product of the real world. Establishing this collaboration was decided in order to give a compelling view of a fantasy based on reality.


With the release of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae next week fans will be able to experience their first look at the game, and enjoy a variety of systems including camping.

  • Caelum

    Tent and Cottage were very useful in the old titles, its nice how they bring back all the FF elements but in a completely realistic way.

    I wonder how many collaborations will be in the game (Roen was the first confirmed).

  • Nasrul E-yo

    lets hope there is 5 costume of every character, if customization its gonna take a lot of space, but there is always dlc to solve it πŸ˜›

  • CΓ©sar H. Sandoval

    Didn’t even know Coleman still existed lol, been a long time since I went camping

  • Catoblepas

    Yay for breaking the forth wall!

  • Tom

    It’s fantasy based on reality.

  • Not a fan of breaking the fourth wall. And at a certain point isn’t this advertising. Same with the Roen clothes. I think it’s time to call it. Enough is enough.

  • Adam Hedquist

    It’s advertising, but it does not affect the gameplay or the overall experience in the game so I really couldn’t care less. If I see a brand from any real life company in the game I will be like ”hmpf….” and move on. You would make you yourself a disservice if you would let this affect you.

  • thecontact

    Advertisement pays.

    And its not the first time we see this. Crisis Core, Before Crisis and Advent Children had a Samsung cellphone in them that was extremely publicized in japan at that time.
    MGS 4 had apple computers and things from other brands. And there are other games that advertise products that I don’t remember. I think its acceptable in this game to have brands in the products since their theme in reality in a fantasy game. If this happened in FF 14 for example, I think that would be out of place

  • Phelan

    The real reason is that product placement is easy way to make profit. And they need money because FF XV is in production for 10 years already, and that means it’s not earning on itself.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    This camping better not get as annoying as i think it will be >:l

  • AndrΓ© Maske

    Absolutely loved it. This is one of those cases when product placement actually helps setting the lore and story. Really helps the immersion.

    When I go shopping for camping goods, Coleman will be the first brand I think of.

    I hope they strike more deals like these. Maybe Marriott hotels. πŸ˜›

  • HalfLucan

    Yeah the product placement doesn’t really bother me. The way I see it, either they make their own unbranded model of something or they take something that already exists. I can’t imagine a person at SE being an expert in camping utensils, so if they designed it themselves, it would be a poor imitation.

    In this case, Coleman will be paying them for an accurate presentation of their products – it means they can work on this relatively important part of the game without cutting into their budget.
    The same with Roen and the physics gone into the character models.

  • HalfLucan

    You will camp about as often as you will need to save.
    If you want to do a dungeon, you can camp, turn the game off, sleep, and when you wake up the next morning all your characters will have leveled and have a fresh status. It’s smart of them to make experience a past thing.

  • Caelum

    you dont need even to camp if you want, since you can sleep on trailers and hotels.

  • Djkarl

    It’s Product placement. Fourth wall breaking is when the characters start talking to the player/viewers.

  • Next thing you know there’s going to be a collab with BVLGARI where you can actually smell the party’s fragrances through the Dualshock 4 controller.

  • alexis

    hahah thats kinda adorable somehow

  • I don’t need to see products in a game. If they had Samsung in other stuff too, that was wrong IMO. It feel like selling out. Hopefully in future games they’ll stop this and stick to fantasy products.

  • Catoblepas

    Thanks for correcting me. I don’t mind product placement as long as it’s not in your face with pop up ads. Coleman makes awesome products!

  • To me video games, especially RPGs, aren’t a place to wave someone’s products in my face. That’s why I use Ad Blockers when I on the net. Do I need that for my games now too?

  • How hard is it to google camping supplies and products and create alternate version of them in sketch form, then make 3D models of those sketches. They could’ve easily made their own. This is a bad road to go down.

  • HalfLucan

    You make it sound like the camping mechanic was invented just so they could use product placement – that’s a bad road to go down, and some movies dedicate whole scenes to it.

    In this case tho, it’s used more like The Fast and the Furious. Camping is camping, the brand is there, but it’s to facilitate the camping, not to be of service of the brand, even tho symbiotically it is. Again, if they want to see how lighting is going to reflect off a certain material, they can just buy the item rather than running the simulation through a supercomputer.

    Also, if you’re hardcore you don’t even need to camp at all. You can complete the game at Lv1 if you wanted to. (Kingdom Herts players will be familiar with the 0 exp ability)

  • HalfLucan

    Considering the price Roen clothes, you would expect to be made out of crystal…

    With the Crisis Core placements, I never noticed. Square Enix is pretty good, they do “reverse” product placements. They will have something in game and draw no attention to it, then through marketing, you then find that it’s something that actually exists.

    Because I’m not japanese, I don’t even find out through marketing – I find out from fan sites, and my reaction is usually “I want one”. Let’s face it, the reason why people cosplay (and make their own) is because accurate representations of their characters uniform doesn’t already exist?

  • I’m gonna camp because I like having powerful characters with their best moves. I try not to beat a RPG without at least hitting 50. I know there’s not gonna be scenes with Ignis laughing about how hard he’d have it if he didn’t have his specialize Coleman products. But I just hope this isn’t a byproduct of Square losing so much money in the past that now they’ve turned to using their games a billboard ads. I’m afraid they’ll just sell out in that way. As long as the story, mechanics, and characters are cool, fine. But it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • John Sotomayor

    Really? The blend of fantasy and reality that this game has been promoting is exactly what I’ve been looking forward to, and the fact that I can go out and buy the same exact camping supplies that my favorite characters use is just a bonus. =)

  • Adam Hedquist

    You’re really over reacting. It’s just a small brand in the game. It’s not gonna block your whole screen saying ”BUY OUR PRODUCTS!!!!”. Cmon now….It’s not gonna be like TV-SHOP like ”Hey Bill! What u got there!?” ”Oh, let me tell you Dora. It’s a brand new cutting board! Chef CO has advanced their technology for cutting boards that won’t be available for the common guy for the next 100 years!” Seriously though…..Relax. Are you really comparing the ads on the internet with the ones in XV?

  • You’re right it’s not that bad. But I don’t want to to end up that way down the line. This is how it could start.

  • If you say so. Sounds like the precursor to something even more commercial.

  • Caelum

    what if is more commercial? what impact do you think it will have on the game’s quality?

  • thecontact

    Well, games are becoming big blockbusters, and thinking about the costs of production getting higher every generation plus the fact that every year there are more players, turns a videogame a good mechanism for advertisment.

    Im not saying its nice to have the Mc Donalds logo stamped in a store in a FF game, but I think eventually we will get there in some way, specially if companies are in need for money to produce their games. I cannot imagine how much money square already buried in FF 15 and its not finished yet.

    But I share the same feeling as you, I would prefer everything would be fantasy products.

  • thecontact

    I have to apologize, actually the Cellphone is a Panasonic.
    I should have noticed, samsung being a korean brand it could no be possible to be included in a FF game.

    Panasonic FOMA P900iV is the model


  • James Stine

    What about Roen’s clothing design? Or the fact that the party’s car is basically a Cadillac Ciel? Both of those have been in place long before the rebranding under XV, and no one has seemed to have a problem with those so far.

    It’s just a company, it means nothing at all.

  • James Stine

    Except that would NEVER happen and you know full well it would never happen.

  • As long as the product placement doesn’t interfere with the flow or mood of the scene, it should be fine. For example, on The Walking Dead (the t.v. series), it makes absolutely no sense for whatever car company paid to put their cars in a couple of episodes, but those cars were sparkling clean and brand new without a trace of dirt on them. I understand why they did that, but it makes absolutely no sense in their world. Also, the product placement has to be subtle… if it’s completely in your face, like Noctis stopping to say “hey guys, this Coleman equipment is the BEST!” or something to that effect, THAT would be crossing the line. πŸ™‚

  • How can you tell me what I know? I don’t know that would never happen. If someone told me year ago THIS was gonna happen I wouldn’t have believe them. Yet here we are. Lot of choices people make come out of nowhere to a person outside looking in.

  • I didn’t know about the car one. But I though when I heard about the Roen clothes that was suppose to be the end of it.

  • Thank you. Even if you don’t agree. At least you’re not like everyone else who either thinks because it’s Square everything’s fine no matter what. Or they jump down my throat like I just want to start an argument. I legit don’t like this. I just hope the game is fun and the story deep. If it is, I’ll just ignore the product placement.

  • Hard to say. I hope no impact. But I remember years of watching movies with my mother and she would point out all the product placement in movies. Even in the old black and white ones. Selling out is never a good thing in my eyes. And I’m a big Square RPG fan. I can let stuff slide but you gotta know when to tell someone or something you love they’re going down a dark path. IMO that’s what this is looking like.

  • James Stine

    Supposed to? Since when?

  • thecontact

    I guess its the same as in Gran Turismo, I dont know about the last one, but some years ago they could not add crashing to the cars because of the brand license. In other words it would be bad publicity if for example, a Jaguar would break with a crash, and this was order from the advertiser. Every brand wants to give an idea of security and transmit something fresh and new. would you buy a car if they gave you an idea of what that car would look like if you didnt touch it for a period of time? πŸ˜›

  • thecontact

    do you remember FF 7 wall market scene where Cloud had to gather perfume, wig and dress?
    Dont give square more ideas, or they will make Noctis gather materials ( like perfume ) for some meeting with Luna / Stella πŸ˜›

  • That’s what I thought, I thought it was suppose to be just the one brand. I didn’t know they’d put lots of real life brands in the game. If they stop this after 15, fine. Hopefully FF16 will be a whole new fantasy world where have real brands won’t make since.

  • HalfLucan

    But this is the thing i don’t get… If you don’t notice it why does it matter?

    It seems that you’re annoyed with it for ideological reasons rather than practical, even tho the practical reasons actually are of the benefit of the game.

    I would totally understand if you played the demo and there was a camera shot that slowly panned until you saw the Coleman logo, and then that created some form of dissonance.

    But for you, product placement is selling out regardless – its bad in all contexts.

    The only thing i can really say to that is, don’t let it change your perception until you play it, and if your opinion is still the same after, thats fine, but unless you’re already expecting to not like the game, it seems to be a rather strong opinion to have about it considering we can play it in 7 days.

  • HalfLucan

    I dont think we will get that far, ever since E3 people are a lot more cautious about screwing their customers over.
    Out of all types of media, Gamers are the most informed about what they buy, Its also why metacritic matters

  • stevenm281

    its not about selling out, there is no way FF15 can make a profit on its sales alone after 10 years of development, which is why these partnerships are necessary.

    Anyway, its good for both companies, Coleman pays Square Enix for putting their products in their game and then gamers will buy Coleman products to go camping, if they ever go that is.

  • stevenm281

    Its simply to make the theme Fantasy based on Reality stronger, nothing more, nothing less, get over it.

  • Noctis

    you can`t beat the game on level 1 loooool, it`s way to hard pls use your brain dude

  • Next time you feel passionately about something. Make sure you tell yourself to get over it. People always tell people who they dont agree with to get over it. But when they feel like voicing their opinion on something they suddenly forget that phrase.

  • I’m not going to buy something just because it was in a game. It has to be a good product.

  • I’m betting I’ll love the game. And I intend to play it. But if the characters start talking about the products like their spokesmen I’m gonna have to let it go. Sometimes ads in something can be subtle. Others they’ll blatantly do it. I hope the NPCs advertising isn’t thing either. If it never happens good. But if it does then this is a bad road.

  • stevenm281

    well Coleman are known to be good products, so the product placement is just a plus!

  • HalfLucan

    Who are you?
    I’ve completed Birth by Sleep’s Terra story on critical mode lv1 (the no exp ability is only available on critical) the battle system is inspired by Kingdom hearts so it’s not a hard jump to make…
    Use your brain dude…

  • HalfLucan

    Yeah, I absolutely agree with that

  • Noctis

    Stop talking nonsense and give us a proof, give us a proof that you can beat ffxv with level 1 (demo). And dont compare this game to kingdom hearts.

  • HalfLucan

    I don’t need to prove anything to you!
    You’re just some prick for whatever reason likes to troll my comments.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered that you pay so much attention to me but get a new hobby…

  • HalfLucan

    I do remember this with Forza. They give you like a damage diagram instead, if certain parts of the car fail, the race ends. Burnout capitalised on the opposite by making their own variants, then just destroying them.

  • HalfLucan

    Yep xD, all to please a pimp… The pimp got a shock. Its weird how we know almost nothing about the other characters in the game, but dis gun be gud

  • John Sotomayor

    I’ve been learning, especially lately, to not preoccupy myself with the maybes and the what-ifs. It’s best to worry about what’s right in front of you instead of focusing on the implications and the possibilities.

    When games start introducing ads that deliberately interrupt the gameplay, that is when you start voicing your concerns. But this is just using real products to heighten the “reality” aspect that the game has been advertising for years now. =)

  • Justin Carrasco Lopez

    the summon is Ramuh <3

  • Justice V

    Product placement generally two ways. 1 a company really needs the extra money so they call out and ask certain product companies to give them money and they’ll use their products in their videos/games/movies/music/etc. (that’s not a bad thing, and it’s pretty smart business wise if you need the extra money, items, or time that small thing gives you). 2. A company rep calls up the other company offering to pay them or give them free items to use in their production for promotional purposes. (which also isn’t a bad thing and also can be used smartly).

    The deal with Roen clothing company I think was Nomura’s idea just because he really liked Roen’s clothing. I think it probably had to do with them custom making Genesis’s clothes in real life in Crisis Core. Personally I wasn’t a fan of the Roen deal, but mainly just because I don’t like the wardrobe they made for Noctis. Everyone else looks good, I just dislike his shorts and rain boots really heh. The Colemans thing I thought was kinda cute when I noticed it in the trailer/video. If there are other things I’d probably feel the same. It’s kind of subtle, but obvious. If they start getting calls from Coke, or the company they get to make their Potion drinks in the real world and tie those in too along with car brands or anything else kind of significant then yeah I’d agree. But for now 1-2 brands being thrown in aren’t all that big a deal. Gets them more money to do more things, and works within the game enough that it shouldn’t really bother or offend anyone really.

  • daveguitar

    I already knew that but you’re kinda a prick for posting this like that spoiling people.

  • thecontact

    No problem. I love square games and I’m a FF fan, I played and tried all of them. I am also a critic. If I think its not OK I will say it, I don’t follow anyone blindly, even my favourite FF has flaws and I know how to point them.

    Of course, many of these things are opinions and preferences, some people like the brand advertisement, some people don’t, some people like yellow Chocobos, others like black, in the end its only opinions and personal taste and that should be respected since everyone is different.

    I am also hoping this game ( FF 15 ) surprises me, specially story wise since its the element that I feel has been lacking in the most recent ones, but since the game is directed by Tabata now, and knowing the story of Type-0, I have good expectations. We will see at the end of this year or the beginning of the next ( I hope the secret scene at the end of the demo its a trailer with the release date )

  • Noctis

    lol yeah whatever

  • Noctis

    how do you know that?

  • Well said. And thats my aim too. I’m not here to verbally battle people I just wanted to voice my thoughts on what is going on. But I’ll drop it unless things get worst. Hours from now we’ll be playing the demo and see whats what. I think start of next yr could be a sure thing . I think the story will at least be as good as ffx.

  • Fine. Whats done is done. I’ll drop it till it gets worst. If it gets worst.

  • Justin Carrasco Lopez

    they show a new images

  • Justin Carrasco Lopez

    lol sorry dude i forgot that lol

  • stevenm281

    from a Dengeki or Jump scan

  • Noctis

    I don`t want to spoil so don`t click it if you want to wait.

    Here is the summon:


    enjoy πŸ˜€

  • Noctis

    everyone is playing the game how do i contain myself till friday, i live in europe

  • Syed Aliahsan

    Hey guys check out my channel, i cover final fantasy xv and here is the ultimate breakdown of the Episode Duscae Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOy4O_5t4WY&feature=youtu.be