Square Enix confirms co-development and Tactics representation for Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade By Alex Donaldson on April 10, 2015 at 6:11 AM

Dissidia Final Fantasy for arcade will feature Final Fantasy Tactics representation for the first time and is being co-developed by Tecmo Koei, Square Enix announced at a special conference themed around the game today.

FF Tactics’ much-loved protagonist Ramza Beoulve was revealed with a new take on his design by Tetsuya Nomura. He’s the first major new addition to the Dissidia cast to be revealed – but there are many more to come.

Newly-announced co-developers Tecmo Koei are perhaps best-known for fighting series Dead or Alive, and will bring both genre and arcade experience to the title’s development. While they’ll be handling much of the heavy lifting, Square Enix staff remain in charge at the top level of production, with Ichiro Hazama (Dissidia, Theatrhythm, All the Bravest) Producing, Takeo Kujiraoka (FF13, Dissidia) Directing, Takeharu Ishimoto (Dissidia, Crisis Core, Type-0) Composing and, as previously mentioned, Tetsuya Nomura handling character design.

Also significant was the announcement that the arcade cabinet for Dissidia’s Arcade adventure is powered on modified PlayStation 4 hardware developed in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment. This makes a console version extremely likely – though Square Enix also took the time to note the game will be exclusive to arcades for at least a full year before they consider a home version of the title. The arcade cabinet even features a specific control scheme that evokes PlayStation controllers and uses PlayStation buttons.

The arcade version will be updated continuously via the internet, with intended updates including new music, playable characters, summon monsters and equipment. The ultimate aim is to have over fifty playable characters – in the region of double that available on the PSP versions of the game when the full version is out this Fall in Japan.

Also confirmed during the event was Ifrit as a summon, while FF7’s Mako Reactor and FF13’s Cocoon join the original FF’s Cornelia Plains as in-game stages.

Square Enix will be holding a location test for the game starting on April 17th at the following locations:

April 17 to 19 (10:00 to 24:00)

  • HEY (Akihabara, Tokyo)
  • Sendai Leisurelan Ichibansho Store (Sendai, Miyagi)
  • Nagoya Leisurelan Sasashima Store (Nagoya, Aichi)

April 24 to 26 (10:00 to 24:00)

  • Sega Ikebukuro GiGO (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)
  • Round One Stadium Sennichimae Store (Sennichimae, Osaka)
  • Taito Station Fukuoka Tenjin Store (Tenjin, Fukuoka)

Check out the latest in-game screenshots and images from the event below.

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  • Wazi the pa

    A year of exclusivity to arcade systems, huh? Heh heh heh…. Well…… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Damn, at least we know there is a definite chance that it is coming to the PS4. I’m hoping FFXV arrives before Dissidia so I won’t have time to complain all the waiting for Dissidia.

  • Shami

    This is madness
    This will sell like hotcakes and looks gorgeous to boot

  • Adam Hedquist

    Great news! All I need now is FFXII HD + IZJS HD, hopefully at E3 2015! With type-0 HD in my collection, FFX HD for my ps4 soon, FFXV on the way, this new Dissidia game on the horizon, and a possible FFXII HD announcement(hopefully) I love being a FF fan again!

  • Gorgeous! *_*

  • Guys. I found new video. It’s on the official website.


  • Noctis Pendragon

    And FF Type-1 after FF XV .

  • Noctis Pendragon

    They are going to balance , upadate and improve it during the Arcade version , it is all good for us PS gamers .
    And we have a lot of chances to see Noctis in FF Dissidia now.

  • MHDRem

    i hope they make XII HD its my favourite

  • I do really hope when they launch this game for the Ps4 that you can switch skin before the game begins. Would be nice with FF7AC’s version of Cloud with the Tsurugi!

  • Noctis Caelum

    are there any hd screenshots?

  • Cael

    Girly Ramza makes my pants dance.


  • Both of these things. ^

  • alexis


  • Protosin

    Looks awesome. I doubt we’ll be seeing this on consoles any time soon though…

  • Ale

    Why no for PSVITA why!!!!

  • Well that’s it for turn-based rpgs. It was good while it Lasted. But I like action rpgs too so I can still enjoy the new games. But as far as fighters go…. naw. I tried both dissidia games and beat the first. I prefer adventure and leveling up and playing for hours. Arcade and fight games arent for me. That said this looks insanely fun. Wow.

  • Syed Aliahsan

    Im hype for this game honestly…anything with an hd cloud will get me hype lol

  • Nick Greeley


  • Oh! I forgot! Thank you!

  • Noctis Pendragon

    If FF XVI is turn based i may cry , no joke. … can’t go back.

  • AphroditeBoy

    I have faith in Team Ninja to deliver a quality final product. All jiggle physic jokes aside, DOA5 still has some of the smoothest combat of any recent fighting game, and the graphics are second only to the Soul Calibur series in my opinion. I like that the character designs of this Dissidia are more akin to Amano’s artwork than the typical Nomura style we see in Final Fantasy games.

  • I want turn based rpg. I. Glad for person. A whole genre shouldn’t be wiped out. We can still make it good. Action rpgs are good but best tactics imo come from turn based rpgs. And also you can control everything.

  • Noctis Pendragon

    I know i also like turn based rpgs but i don’t see why they would waste good graphics and animations for a turn based game .

  • I’m not a big fan of atelier games but from what I saw from shallie and logy games the battles were fast heated and you have lots of team attack specials finishers and you control EVERYONE the only thing setting back gust is they refuse to raise the sakes of the suspense in the game stories.

  • Justice V

    That was the best part of DIssidia 1 and 0 though. Days and days of leveling up, getting items, doing all the story missions and unlocking more and more stuff was great. The first one had a pretty good system, but Duodecim improved upon it by a ton with the controlling the player between matches and running around finding things.

  • Justice V

    I’m glad about the increase in the amount of playable characters. I really hope they include crisis core characters Zack Angeal and Genesis, Vincent, the rabbit girl from XII, Lulu, Snow, Vivi, Locke and some others I can’t think of right now. Though Zack is my favorite so I really hope he gets thrown in there. And a 3 person team with Angeal, Sephiroth and Genesis would be pretty awesome.

  • Caliburn

    “The rabbit girl from XII” – That’s Fran, and if we have her, Balthier is a must. But I agree Zack is the best. Have you seen my profile pic 🙂