GC 2015: Final Fantasy XV will ship with English/Japanese voices only, more text translations planned By André Mackowiak on August 5, 2015 at 9:32 PM

In the last years, Square Enix has localized major games like Hitman, Tomb Raider and Deus Ex for multiple markets, including voice tracks in languages like French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. While English and Japanese voice casts have been shared for Final Fantasy XV already, Square Enix so far remained silent on whether more languages will be supported with dubbing voices or not.

During our interview with Hajime Tabata, the game’s Director confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will ship with Japanese or English voices only.

About additional dubbings as a DLC after release, Tabata said:” We are positively looking into the idea of expanding the voice support for the game after release or as DLC, also if we bring the game to other platforms in the future. We very much like expanding languages on that, as well”.

Tabata noted the cots and time that need to be invested in further voice supports, but also mentioned a new localization focus:

“So when it comes to localization and our priorities, we think that before we want to introduce French, German or other languages’ voices, we want to expand the number of text-supported languages. Traditionally, Final Fantasy is only translated into Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. It has been just those five languages, but it is just a small amount compared to games that other companies are doing…It’s probably a higher priority to get more people to play the game before we enhance the experience for certain languages.”

  • Sora96

    “Traditionally, Final Fantasy is only translated into Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.” They haven’t done that since XII. Lol.

  • Martian Wong

    But will the localized version has Japanese dubs?

  • It wasn’t mentioned during our interview, but in previous interviews Tabata mentioned his wish to get both voice tracks on the disc. Other solution (my opinion) could be a DLC maybe, if the data won’t fit anymore

  • Martian Wong

    At first I was like our interviews then I saw the name…A staff replied to me, awesome! I don’t mind paying some extra bucks for that DLC. They do need to hire the VAs.

  • MistwalkerKilyK

    Latin American Spanish! That would make me happy o.o

  • Octavio Valdez

    With the cast of Dragon Ball Z or Saint Seiya doing the dubs? that would be boss

  • cloud

    “Other platforms”…. Is he talking about NX?

  • Fábio Henrique Arosti

    Brazilian Portuguese, please. All the big games are coming with it.

  • Michieie


  • Socrates186

    YES, oh yeah.

  • Octavio Valdez

    Jesus Barrero as Noctis (Seiya from Saint Seiya), Rene Garcia as Ignis (Vegeta from DBZ), Eduardo Garza as Prompto (Older Krillin in DBZ), Carlos Segundo as Gladiolus (Piccolo from DBZ)

  • Xoranios Fellheart

    The English voices are not impressive to say the least. Only Gladio & Ignis sound “okay-ish”, as for Noctis & Prompto…

    I usually tend to play games with English voice casts preferably, but this game is an exception, I don’t know why, they just fit much better (probably because these voices have been around for so long) and the acting is of higher quality.

  • Heide

    Probably Pc.

  • mared

    i want Arabic

  • MistwalkerKilyK

    A mix.


    So Japanese voice officially confirmed for full version? YES!!! That is what Ive been waiting for.

  • MistwalkerKilyK

    It wasn’t until XII that us in Latin America received a new FF game with Spanish subtitles. Before that, you had to play the NA English version or get the European Spanish one (which could only be played on modded consoles). Luckily some of us learned English since a young age o.o

  • lulzprime

    FFXIII-3 had Jap voices as DLC on the NA version. If anything, I expect the same with XV.

  • Mihel

    Is latin american spanish so different from regular spanish that it needs a whole other translation?

  • Mihel

    They are not talking about dubbing, they’re talking about text translation.

  • Mihel

    Why would they ship the english version to hispanophone countries instead of the spanish one? That’s a stupid marketing move.

  • MistwalkerKilyK

    I’ve been wondering the same myself since I was a kid. Think about this, we started receiving games on our language (in a legal manner, I mean) with the 7th Generation. Before that, the only way to play something in Spanish was burning a disc into a modded console or using emulators. And we are talking European Spanish, from Spain (that Spanish is completely understandable in other Spanish-speaking countries, but it has a lot of differences, specially when talking; it sounds very, very weird for a Latin American Spanish speaker and you must get used to it –a fun fact? Look on the internet for the battle against the LA dubbing of Dragon Ball and the Spaniard one. It’s a Holy War). Because before it was unthinkable to receive something with a Latin American translation or dubbing, everything came from Spain. You got used to it with time.

    And we started receiving games with Latin American Spanish dubbing at the start of this 8th Generation (yep, 2014). We had received some before (Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us), but they were exceptions. Right now when a game gets released there’s a high chance it’ll have a Latin American Spanish track, and even a European Spanish track (like Assassin’s Creed: Unity, were you can choose both).

    Just imagine what it was like growing up in a world where every game (since the Atari ones to the PS2 ones) you played them in a foreign language you could understand nothing of. As I said before, I was lucky enough to learn English at a very young age, so I didn’t have the problem. But I was also an exception in that sense.

  • Mihel

    I didn’t know there was such a demand for LA spanish specifically. I don’t see that often in anglophone and francophone countries, who have the same “problem” of having different variants of the same language.
    Like an australian movie doesn’t need to be redubbed for South Africa, England or USA. A french movie doesn’t need to be redubbed for Belgium or Canada.

  • Please brazillian portuguese!

  • AlexNexuS

    Russian, please!

  • MHDRem


  • MHDRem


  • Mahdi Mahdi

    Persian (Farsi) , Please 🙁