GC 2015: First details for second Final Fantasy XIV expansion already decided By André Mackowiak on August 8, 2015 at 12:05 PM

During our exclusive interview with Naoki Yoshida at Gamescom 2015, the Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV confirmed that he is already working on the next expansion and that the first major decisions were already made.

Naoki Yoshida: “The team already fixed what world it’s going to be and what the special feature or focus will be. The first task for 4.0 is to draw the storyboard for the next opening scene. You maybe still remember the opening scene of 3.0 with the dragon. I have written the concept for this storyboard a year and a half before launch. Right now I have time for the next one and the end of the 3.x scenario is already fixed, too.”

Based on Yoshi-P’s answer, we can only assume that the next expansion is again one year and a half away.

What kind of game world or big features do you want to see? Tell us in the comments below.

The full Final Fantasy XIV interview article will be released in the following days.

  • Starlord

    Yoshi-p for 3.0 said he had a hard time deciding whether to put in Swimming or Flying. In the end he pick flying. So now 4.0 will most likely be Swimming since that was he’s other option.

  • Tony Garsow


  • I personally would love to see swimming and diving. Underwater cities and fights on the ground of the ocean could be fun.

    Another alternative for me would be the desert.

  • Aulix Indragonz

    swimming and boat in 4.0 will be nice

  • James Stine

    I imagine we’re going to liberate Ala Mhigo, it’s about time as well. The patch of the Monk will be exciting (as I main Monk). It will also mean we will get to see the Garleans closer to their home turf as up until now they’ve just came in and invaded us, it would be interesting to see a town infested and invaded by Garlean forces and leading into us liberating them.

    People mention the whole swimming thing, it would be nice but I’m not sure if that’s really what’s coming next. Yoshida mentioned the challenges with swimming before but we will see, I think it would be cool, plus they could add Blitzball to the game, lol.

  • Krijn van Alten

    I like something like what happend in real life Europa from the 4th until the 8th century, the large migration period of diffent races. About this:

    On the east side of the Garlean lands on some day many, and I mean millions of people from an unknow race appear. They are all fleeing for a dark ‘something’, posibliy Zodiark related, which hunts then. The Garleans try to protect there land, but there are simply to much, and they keep comming. So they all flee, into Eorzea. The grant Alliance first tries to battle then, but when they discover that it has nothing to do with war, but with a great danger which is slowly comming to Eorzea, they decide for a mass emigration. As much peope aboad ships, all sailing through the Indigo deep to the land of Doma, where hopefully they can find a new home. But being there the Doma’s appear to be quite hostile, so the Garleans and Eorzeans the people of the new race have to stay side by side to survive and find a new place to live.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Doma is no more dude…

  • Ferrick

    except that Garleans are invaders who conquered Doma, they will never side with us because they’re more interested in expanding their empire, by destroying every other nations that stands in their path

  • Krijn van Alten

    I have to say, I missed that piece of information. But, Well, it does not need to be Doma, it was just an example. You can fill in any other state. What about Thravania, from the Thravnian mist we need for our relic quest?

  • Krijn van Alten

    Well, it does not need to be Doma, it was just an example. You can fill in any other state. What about Thravania, from the Thravnian mist we need for our relic quest?

  • Matthew Barnes

    Big Airship battles against huge mobs.

  • Starr Robertson

    The first expansion opened up the sky, with flying mounts and airships. Next one should open up the sea, with ability to swim underwater and build sea ships. In FFXI, they did Sky, then Sea zones.
    Opening the Sea would make sense for setting up leaving Eorzea, which is just a logical inevitability. This would be perfect theme to introduce Blitz Ball too. Could maybe even make one of the new jobs blitz baller. Say, Samurai tank, redmage healer, blitzballer dps, or bluemage dps. It seems like the Garlean are being built up to be focus on 4.0, so maybe you have a huge epic battle on the sea with ships in the water and air, and once you finally be them for good, that would setup going to Garlean homeland in 5.0. I don’t know, that my guess. Cant wait to see how they try to top HW, cuz it was so awesome.
    Eventually I would like to see a storyline expansion that takes us to the moon, like FF4. But that should be saved for like when were lv90-100 or sumthing.

  • -Pankration: monster captured used for fights added to the casino or other area.

    -elemental damages, like seriusly is in the profile and stats but there is zero value of elemental damage right now.

    – Ammo: Yes consumable craftable fukin ammo fuk that infinite skills TP use, give me ammo.

    – high level mobs in the field: I mean now most mobs are passive and won’t kill u if u just run. I want areas were u just can not pass by alone, that makes exploring or walking around more interesting.

    – STOP the shallow jobs unlocking: seriusly DRK a girl is in the floor u wake her up and she is like thanks now you are my disciple here is a DRk soul and ill show u all my secrets WTF?

    – more medicine: u get X potion is like u got nothing and takes forever to use again, ad better medicines.

    – i want specific crafters gear. a Weaver SHOULND’T look like a BLACKSMITH fix that, No we don’t care to meld all gears with materia each DOH or DOL

    work on that thanks

  • Steven A Varga

    Blitzball has already been mentioned as a possible future addition a few months ago. Flying challenges were also impossible previously but those are coming to the Gold saucer for it’s next update. 😉

  • Scott Kinsey

    Samurai class/job. DPS preferably. We got a range dps last expac, time to add.melee.DPS again, 😛

  • Zider

    I agree with everything except the crafter materia gear. We might not care for it, but I think it’s important to keep crafter gear hard to get maxed.

  • Wil Lobach

    Since we’re being asked for our wishlists: Costa Del Sol / Tropical island / water/beach themed please! No more drab stones and cold snow.

  • niwaar

    I want a larger “raid”. I want more than 4 bosses a tier.
    I also want more content outside of these raids.
    I want a Hierarchy Pop NM system that was the core of XI’s end game for a decade.

  • Andrew William Watson

    Samurai class. Make it like ARC which brances out into SCH (HEALER) and SMN (DPS)
    except with Samurai, do a branch of DPS and TANK. That way, everyone is happy.

  • Mike Nieto

    Red Mages, Blue Mages, Samurai, Puppetmaster.

    Going to Garlemald.

  • Ryan Mcguire

    I see people asking for Samurai, which would be nice, but I find extremely unlikely. They have an oriental based class already (NINJA) but the nail in the coffin is the fact that Samurai wouldn’t be given a two-handed sword because Dark Knight has that, and samurai never used 1 handed weapons only, and Paladin has that too. What weapon would they use then?

  • R.R.

    although the current system is differentiated by the way weapons are wield, there is still the possibility for weapons to also be categorized by its type e.g a 2-handed Katana that is SAM specific

  • Zakarn

    It could easily be the difference between Great Swords and Tachi or Odachi (Big sword and Big Big sword) Look at the SMN and SCH, they both use books. Or the White and Black mages, both use staves and rods Some two handed others one handed with only minor identifying differences in the naming conventions. Don’t count out SAM on a tiny technicality that can easily be adjusted.

  • Aditya Novianto

    i hope they will implement aerial combat too XD… battle with their flying mount. or new area with underwater exploration… seems legit 😀

  • Rebecca Kohl

    Yeah, except NOBODY is happy with the Scholar/Summoner branching off since you have to play a gimped scholar, a gimped summoner, or you have to buy a stat re-allocater every time you want to switch. I think Yoshi knows that and will never do that again.

  • Rebecca Kohl

    No! We have too many deserts already! Q_Q

  • haftarun8

    Please Please Please let 4.0 be the end of PS3 support so the game can use more than 512mb of RAM. Once you do that you can more easily implement:

    Seamless zone transitions with no loading screens, higher-res textures, more flexible inventory/currency options, many additional animations and more advanced physics that can actually affect gameplay, etc.

    Also, this game needs real anti-aliasing options (SMAA 4x, TXAA, MSAA+TrSSAA, In-game SSAA). Like really really needs them. Like the game is ugly without them and will be drop-dead gorgeous with them.

  • As a dedicated Summoner, I would like to see more summons, please. 🙂

  • Ryan Mcguire

    I never thought of BLM and WHM weapons being similar. I thought of. SMN and SCH, but they are branch of ACN so it’s okay. You brought up a good point

  • Dwayne Custer

    Maybe add in jecht (Aeon form) as a trail

  • Krijn van Alten

    i think the drop of the PS3 will indeed come with 4.0. They already hinted to this multiple times, although nothing is officially confirmed yet.

  • Roy Davis

    I think they already specifically stated the game wouldn’t have Blue Mages. Least that’s what I keep hearing. Of course, that could always change or could have been a lie.

  • Roy Davis

    There’s the AF gear for each DOH and DOL to make them look unique. Plus, without expanding the armory chest, having a lot of unique stuff will clutter up the chest real fast.

  • Roy Davis

    I’d like to FINALLY go help the Ala Mhigan(sp?) folks. It seems like we are gearing up for a nice big showdown with the Garleans and Ala Mhigo is literally smack dab in the middle. If we skirt around them and go right to Garlemand, we’ll be attacked in the back. Plus I just feel really bad for those guys. SURE they attacked Grid about 80 something years ago but still…

  • Starr Robertson

    I would like to see new classes in 4.0. Maybe like 2 new classes and one new advanced job. They need to deepen the cross-class system. Say, when to hit lv70, you unlock a 3rd class that you can pull from, but leave maximum slots at 5, so that you cant have all the good one at one time. The cross-class system is a good one, it just lacks options. Shit, maybe even unlock all jobs, full freedom.
    I thought of a class I would like to see. Duelist: a casting class that uses dual rapiers, that cast at range but has enfeebling abils that have to be applied with melee. So they would have to be good at moving in and out, this could be like a positional based casting class, which would be unique. And this class would turn into Red mage(healer), with job abils like haste, which will help make up for the down time from running in and out. This class could also turn in Blue mage(dps)…haha!

  • Shirou

    You got to be fu*** shitting me… 3.0 came out like 1,5 month ago and they already have first details on next epxansion… when do they plan to milk more money than they should from me? Next month?

  • Shirou

    and raise system requirements to i7 with GTX 980, {Thanks for the offer but ill have to pass}

  • haftarun8

    Other than needing more system RAM and more VRAM on your gpu (which you likely already have plenty of if you have a machine capable of playing xiv on PC in the first place), seamless zones shouldn’t increase system requirements beyond what they already are for 3.0. I dont think people realize just how outdated the PS3 hardware is at this point. Any $400 pc from the past 5 years could wipe the floor with it if the system builder budgeted appropriately. Also, adding more anti aliasing choices would be an option in the graphics settings. You wouldn’t have to use them if you didn’t want to. Trust me there are many many people who would use them and still run at 60fps.

  • Ken Lanouette

    if you read it say’s a year and a half dumb fuck

  • Josh Lindberg

    A magic tanking class

  • John Lee Saenz


  • GrandMyth

    I think they need to finish up on making a expansion job on more than just the gladiator, conjurer and archer. maybe the pug and rogue can make a samurai.

  • GrandMyth

    It would be a whole other type of 2 handed weapon, and it isnt for a tank class, a samurai would be a dps class. Just because it is a 2 handed weapon doesn’t mean anything. The fact that it could be a job that can be created from classes other than the ones used in heavensward is the real goal. What you just stated does not apply because if that was the case they would not have made a pug and a rogue, those both are dual wielders, this did not stop them from choosing that.

  • GrandMyth

    A samurai is not a tank, it is a assassin. They do not fight to take damage, they fight to counter. which is much like a pugilist and rogue.

  • GrandMyth

    A Puppetmaster does sound cool but do you honestly want something that seems just like the summoner?

  • GrandMyth

    I agree, if they can use Ifrit, they should be able to use jecht’s too! I mean hello, that form was epic and not to mention it would be a great boss fight.

  • GrandMyth

    Blitzball would be a great addition, and it would be something that would be easy to make compatible towards multiplayer. It would be a good pass time/ way to make money in the game.

  • Uncle Bob

    Job classes i would like to see in game. 1.Red Mage 2. Dancer 3. Ranger 4.Samurai My next request would be to introduce true NM and HNM to the zones. More dangerous areas from the main areas that have coffer and treasure chest spawns similar to XI.

  • Luis Fontanez

    A part of the other new classes it should be good to have more space in retainer inventory or give a 3rd retainer XD too many items because of extra job clases jeje , but i would love to use samurai as dps

  • Ellixana Silvercrow

    SAM as dps yessss!!! also need to give more ranks to the grand companies we can earn. Job classes besides SAM i would like to see is Dancer. Also some NM’s or HNM’s like in FFXI.

  • Chad

    You say that but look at ffxi thing still had ps2 in its ass holding it back

  • Chad

    On top of that the real place Sam shines was tp building and chaining weapon skills so xiv’a combat system doesn’t really do a thing for them, meaning playing them would be come generic and boring most likely.

  • Krijn van Alten

    First: they say it, I only repeat. It’s not that I have any influence in their decision making.

    Second: XIV does not follow the same path as XI did. XIV got remade, XI not, XIV is now also playable on a next gen (or more current gen to be exact), XI never made the step to a new generation. And yes, I know that the 360 is a next gen compared with the PS2, but my point is that they are not in the same ‘line’ (playstation line, xbox line).

    So, you better buy a PS4 before the XIV 4.0 release.

  • Eren

    I would definitely like to see a class have the HASTE ability. Would help a bunch. great for cross class as well.

  • Marcquise Nomadiccrab Mclemore

    More dps magic jobs please

  • Raild Jonson

    Add a new feature called fusion jobs that give slightly more powerful abilities than a regular job.. Astrologian+black mage = time mage. White mage + black mage = illusionist. . Pld+ warrior = Paragon. Dark knight + pld = templar. Nin + monk = assassin. Mch + nin = gunblade. Just to name a few. You can make it something new to spice it up a notch SE, I have faith. It would add an entire new level of additional content without spreading out the job base too much to the point where it is saturated with too many jobs. Please take my idea square enix you can have it for free

  • Gio Luna

    Add SAM, RDM, and BLU plz!!!!

  • Samuel Ross

    BEASTMASTER PLEASE we need a melee dps pet class

  • Samuel Ross

    More races too PLEASE Fix PVP

  • Bengalsfan

    I would love to see NM and HNM in 4.0. I beg you square enix put NM and HNM in 4.0 or in an upcoming patch

  • Jay

    Blitz baller, gun blade, samurai (tank), beast tamer. New character beast like kimahri, dog or wing being type

  • Krijn van Alten

    Haveva visit to the diadem.

  • Bengalsfan

    Thanks for the tip I’ll give it a go

  • Tim Gaudet

    Dear Square Enix,

    Forget all what people said here about adding new jobs and please, I mean PLEASE, work on the class mechanics to make them ORIGINAL, UNIQUE and ENTERTAINING. The reason why people still play World of Warcraft even if the game is old and ugl its because the MECHANICS are actually fun to play and not always the same boring combo that all class have. (DPS hit + DPS over time + defence bonus + dmg bonus + extras)

  • herp derperson

    why ?

  • El Tigre

    You can stay behind with your weak outdated system but it’s not fair for those like me that invested heavily into our PC’s to enjoy the best quality, especially now that Black Desert will be coming online in NA soon. So either move on with the times or be left behind, no one will miss you and your old weak outdated system.

  • Shirou

    Fug you >.> Just repaying insult with an insult, since you ware a dick to reply to me with what you wrote and how you wrote it I can be a dick as well about it.

  • El Tigre

    So just because I told you to move on, that’s an insult? I’m giving you a reality check and that it’s unfair to be held back by nearly 10 year old hardware (PS3). Also, you can adjust the graphic settings like it has been done for over 30 years now, this isn’t a new feature……. So if you can’t counter my argument with constructive criticism, then you can kiss my ass and stuff a cactus up your ass for all I care.

  • Shirou

    “You can stay behind with your weak outdated system… So either move on with the times or be left behind, >> no one will miss you and your old weak outdated system. <<"

    This is while adding also "it's not fair for those like me that invested heavily into our PC's to enjoy the best quality" elitism means an Indirect "F you" so I just returned the favor, there is millions way you could say it, consider many possibilities, be polite and think it though that someone cannot afford either small or full upgrade. Instead YOU have shown how entitled you are and how important you are like a spoiled rich kid and also have shown how you cannot put yourself in a position of other human being that lives in completely different society than your little world you are living in. I've ended the topic, move on with your life I will move with mine.

  • El Tigre

    Hahahaha, I work hard for my toys as a trucker, what do you do for a living if you think I’m some sort of rich spoiled kid when I’m a man in my late 20’s and a career professional? Also, I’m saying that it’s not fair to be held back by 10 year old hardware, how difficult is that to understand with the PS3’s tiny 256mb of RAM and such is shit for today’s games? The PS3 is holding this game back and with Black Desert about be go online, it will cause more people to migrate away from this game because it looks better and has updated visuals, physics engine and such and it’s not held back by 10 year old obsolete hardware. If you want to stay where you are, then that’s your choice but then don’t bitch about being left out when your hardware is obsolete, the world keeps on turning without you, that’s all. Now where did I rub it in your face huh? Where did I say I was wealthy? Where did I proclaim I was a PC elitist? I know what it’s like to live in the 3rd world, I lived in the 2nd poorest nation in the western hemisphere in Nicaragua, so don’t tell me shit about being in a little world when you don’ know shit about me. So go eat a bag of dicks kid, I laugh at whiny entitled losers like you that won’t work for your toys but think everything should be handed down to you hahahaha. I’m not going to lose any sleep over your pathetic insults and I will indeed move on with my life without looking back at you 😉

  • Krijn van Alten

    Correction: ‘you need’

  • Although I would like to see new classes/jobs, the below are my priorities:

    -embellish the theme of existing classes, which in some cases is lacking, e.g. BLM has no really distinctive theme by the time you get to 50 and its mechanics feel tacked on. This is compounded by spells, such as Time spells, Gravity and Shadow Flare going to other classes.
    -in addition to the above, try and vary the classes a little more rotationally and keep what is absolutely necessary across all classes as cross-class and PVP skills. They really do need some love, some thought as to what abilities could be consolidated or removed and more thought as to their mechanics.
    -It’s touted that Samurai, Blue Mage and Red Mage will be the new jobs. If so, I would very much like to see the Red Mage functioning like the traditional Sorcerer, i.e. a melee fighter who augments their attacks with magic, along the lines of Steiner in FFIX, with his combos with Vivi.
    -Garleans as a playable hyur racial branch. A new race, perhaps one that departs more significantly from the human-like appearance of the current races. Viera would also be welcome.

  • Perry Davis

    Personally, I’d love to see more Final Fantasy X references. Several little easter eggs have popped up for the other games but nothing really on X.

    I’d also love to see new summons for the Summoner job. Perhaps make a pet that’s more of a support type. Not quite like Scholar, perhaps a pet that focuses more on DPS but does heal the Summoner as well from time to time. Shiva would be great for that given her backstory in this game. I’d also love to see a new attack similar to Death Flare but with Alexander. Perhaps Divine Judgement? Honestly I just want more diversity with Summoner.

    It gets a little monotonous after a while of using the same attacks over and over again with no real strategy to it. There is one combination that works and that’s all we do. Make it more complex, give us more options to choose from and let us have fun figuring it out. There’s literally no reason to use Ifrit right now, make him a legit choice again.

    I’d also love to see a Ronin or Samurai job. Blue Mage would be great as well, though Red Mage probably wouldn’t do very well in an MMO considering the nature of that job.

    Some new areas would be cool but not necessary considering the massive maps we have now. Also, more mini games for the Golden Saucer would be neat.

    More Hildebrand is also 100% necessary. I need at least 50 missions for that.

  • Perry Davis

    we have that, it’s called Summoner. what they need to do is give us more pets and make ifrit a legit choice for summoning again. They don’t even really have to be super diverse but they can add in a few mechanics to give them a little unique flavor. Let Ramuh use stun attacks since he’s lightning based and let everyone else get attacks that work based on their element. Ifrit could inflict burns that add another DOT to the enemy. little things like that could make summoner way more fun to play.

  • Perry Davis

    Haha this just shows that they’re good in the business and they’re being smart about it. An MMO is meant to milk money for the company. It’s a consistent source of income and Square is dedicated to making this game good and keeping new content flowing. They’ve probably got a basic outline for what they want to do for the next 5 years. Don’t worry though, they’re going to give everyone ample time to complete Heavensward. The intervals between expansions will likely be the same as it was between A Realm Reborn and Heavensward.

  • Perry Davis

    dear God yes.

  • Sharon Ramsay

    Three things I would love to see:
    1. A class that can fly; either fly while attacking or just fly from place to place instead of using a mount.
    2. Beasts that you can capture and have them fight with you, as was the case with Final Fantasy
    3. The ability to have large farms, so I can grow a whole field of lalas.

  • Kevin DeWitt

    Summoner is neither mele nor a pet class. its a summoning class. Beastmaster (I’m assuming this is what op imagines) would be more of a taming class. Tame the beasts in the game and have them fight with you. Probably’ll end up being a job for archer if added

  • Kevin DeWitt

    Why do so many people want the redmage to be a healer and the samurai to be a tank. They’re both dps. I mean a redmage’s whole deal is that it can use magic and mele attacks. sure it can use healing spells but that’s outweighed by the fact that it can use black magic and mele attacks. And in what world is a samurai a tank? That just doesn’t make sense to me. That being said I’d love to see redmage be added as dps as well as beastmaster. It’d also be cool to get a non magic healing class and a magic oriented tank. Maybe like a potions user and a spellsword just as an idea. Also, since I main smn I agree with the people who’d like to see more summons available. We need more diversity in that class

  • true but there’s no set rule that nothing can change.. in almost every RPG ever made Dark Knight was a job that had very strong attack but low defense, and in FFXIV it’s a tank, which is just about the exact opposite, but I agree, Red Mage is better off as a support DPS/buffing kind of job.

  • seriously, Beastmaster in FFXI was a coma-inducing level of boredom… lol

  • Kevin DeWitt

    Yeah there can be changes but I think the dark Knight as a tank still keeps the feel of being a dark Knight. At the end of the day it’s still a Knight which can easily be seen as a tank. If they made redmage a tank it would take away from the whole feel of it. At least that’s my opinion anyway ╮(╯_╰)╭

  • Krijn van Alten

    As long as you realise that that is nothing more than your opinion, it’s fine with me.

  • I was mostly joking around lol.. I did find the job dull but yes, I can’t speak for anyone else obviously 🙂

  • true, it’s more just the opposite, not really a dramatic change I guess.

  • Just these two things:
    * Ability to fly in all open locations and right when you get there.
    * Viera race.

  • FF14 lacks diversity in tanks and healers in comparison with DPS. Right now we have 3 healers (WHM, SCH, Astrologian) and 3 tanks (WAR, PLD, Dark Knight). And 7 DPS (SMN, BLM, DRG, NIN, MNK, BRD, Machinist). Do we really need two more DPS classes and wait in the Duty Finder queue even longer due to constant lack of healers and tanks?

    BTW, samurai in full armor is more a tank rather than a DPS. Especially if we look at the helmet which usually protects the whole head includint the face. They even used plate armor. Look at the photos here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samurai

    And the Red Mage is jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none class, so it doesn’t really matter will it be listed as a DPS or a healer. He will do both anyway. BTW, being able to use melee attacks in combination with magic is not they main point. In some of FF games they wasn’t even able to use melee attacks. They are more about buffs and debuffs in combination with both white and black magic. Even in FFXI they were mostly oriented as healers/buffs rather than damage dealers. Not really good healers, but probably the best buffs in the game.

  • Kevin DeWitt

    First of all I do very much agree that the game needs more healer and tank options to balance out the duty finder if nothing else.

    Samurai has traditionally been a very damage oriented class focusing mostly on burst damage and debuffs. I can’t really speak from the FFXI perspective but from what i’ve seen it looks like a dps specializing in quickly executing lots of attacks. You do have a point about their armor but that doesn’t make it set in stone that it the class has to be a tank (of course that also applies to everything i’m saying).

    Red mage is a jack of all trades master of none class but the point of the class (again traditionally speaking) definitely is the ability to use mele and magic precisely because of its jack of all trades nature. FF, FFIII, FFXII and even Bravely Default all see the Red mage as a complementary class able to deal extra mele and magic damage as well as help with healing (with very sub par heals) and buffs if need be. It became more focused on buffs in FFXI which I dont disagree with in any way. I think, if implemented it should still be a support type class but I think it should fall under the dps category because it’s diversity gives it enormus attacking potential. Personally I felt let down by the Bard (I was hoping they’d be more of a support class but they only have 2 buffs and 1 debuff. Talk about wasted potential) so I think if they added red mage as dps with the buffing capability that was apparently expressed in FFXI that’d be perfectly fine.

    The reasons why it does matter if it’s listed as healer as opposed to dps are:
    A) it has too much damage dealing potential to be classified as a healer. If it becomes the healer then you’d have to build it more for mind which would hamper it’s other capabilities which are already lower than most…Now that I think about it there is cleric stance but that doesn’t account for the strength issue. (Then again as dps would you build it for strength or intelligence?)
    B) Since it’s healing capabilities would naturally be lower don’t you think it’d be better to have a buffer in your dps as well as an actual healer?
    C) Having the red mage as a healer seems like it would end up being the equivalent of having an acn spam psysick when the healer leaves in a low level dungeon.

  • Well, we already have ninjas with damage coming from agility instead of strength and since recently tanks can put all their points into vitality for the very same purpose (besides some extra HP) instead of spending part of the points on strength. Also, as I know, in at least one game (was it FF11 again?) Red Mages were capable to switch their HP and MP pools around, so if here will be a similar mechanic, but including all stats too, then it may work. To make them true jack of all trades they should gain damage boost from average value of magic and int in magic stance and from strength with vitality in melee stance.

    However, I do agree that most likely they will be mediocre healers and it may be better to have them in DPS. On the other hand their buffs may offset their lack in healing power. For example SCH is not that great healer job either, especially with Selene as active fairy, but they can add a lot of extra health with Adloquium and Succor on top of healed one, and do some DPS from the dots on the way. Actually, quite a lot of DPS in fights with groups of enemies. BTW, if you see one like this in a high-level dungeon without a second healer – kill it with fire, please, cause they usually doesn’t even bother to heal and think they are yet another DPS. Tank dies? Meh, who cares… WIPE.

    I also do agree that samurais could be both DPS and tank, but, as I told, we already have too many DPS classes and in some FF games they have ability like Armor Break which better fits a tank class. Also, if new classes will be added then most likely there will be all 3 kinds in the list, same as in the Heavensward. I seriously doubt the possibility of more than 1 DPS job in the update. In FF11 Samurais are oddballs since they was originally designed as parrying tanks and their gear fits tank job better, but they are mainly used as DPS since it’s rather hard to rise their parry high enough to make it useful (possible, but…) and due to massive damage from skillchains. So, they may end up as DPS here, but in such case red mage will end up as a healer for sure. However, most likely they will end up as parry tanks once again if they will be implemented.

  • ink_knight

    In FFXI the Samurai originally was supposed to be a tank, an evasion tank. People played it as a DD though, and Yoshi said he wouldn’t bother it, and let people play it as such. RDM Will probably definitely be DD.. I really wish the game kept more like XI, with how jobs were played, and just the different things you could do with gear/weapons.. Everything in XIV feels way too theme park-ish, and everything just kinda feels the same.. Its gotten boring to me so quickly because of this.

  • Kaiba Yoshiteru

    What if Samurai and Red mage were the first two jobs that could be two roles? Samurai, since they’re depicted wearing armor and sometimes the traditional gi(correct me if i’m wrong). I can see samurai wearing the body armor and queuing in the df as a tank, but if he wears the gi, he is queued as dps. I guess it could be more challenging to make, since if you want a samurai tank, he’d have to have a bunch of abilities that are fit for a tank, and vice versa for a dps samurai.

    Red mage could be healer, or dps. I can imagine it having a buckler maybe and a rapier as it’s weapons, and it can switch between healing and dps, kind of like the White mage’s Cleric Stance. Just a thought ^^.

  • Batosai

    First and foremost, we need to be able to fly in all locations and they need to open up West Shroud and the rest of Mor Dhona. I would also like to see the transition screens disappear and just have one big open world (transitions take away from realism and at this point technologically make zero sense; even the PS3 has the capability). If they add entirely new locations, Othard would be the best choice.

    Personally, I’d like to see a new Disciple of the Land class since we only have 3.

  • Matthee

    @Batosai No we should not be able to fly in every zone, that’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard

  • Justin Kelly

    redmage was one of the strongest classes in the last Final Fantasy MMO. just saying.

  • Vrenna

    We actually need some proper original/unusual stuff.

    Any new class that comes now takes the risk of being more of the same, not only when compared to other games, but also inside the very game. People are saying how Samurai should be either DPS or Tank. What is the difference when compared to the stuff we already have? Samurai can either be a very fast melee dps or an evasion tank. For fast melee dps we already have Monk and Ninja, Ninja being a more magical variant, so this slot is filled already.

    What is left is Evasion Tank. Because Warrior is the HP Leech Tank, Paladin is the High Defense Tank, and Dark Knight is the Magical Tank. So Evasion Tank is all that is left. So it is either this or… Melee Healer.

    Yes, you heard me right, Melee healer. That may sound ridiculous, but there are a few instances of Melee Healers in MMOs: Captains in Lord of the Rings Online, Monks in Ragnarok Online, Warriors in Guild Wars 2 (any class can actually), and probably other unknown cases.

    Using of shouts, banners, leeching attacks, interrupt blocks, all sorts of ways to lower damage and heal. And I honestly want this to happen, because FF14 should have new and interesting stuff going on.

    Now, for Melee Healer I believe we could have Dancer instead. And… For evasion tank we could have Dancer instead too. Considered I want something original, I’d rather have Dancer as Evasion Tank and Samurai as Melee Healer. Just for the sake of originality. Because if it is to get some Sword wielding Tank, we already have Dark Knights, Paladins, and the rest of the entire MMO roster.

  • Shane Firth

    I’d love Red Mage to have its abilities split in to two categories 1) ranged abilities that debuff and enfeeble enemies, pluf buffs for other players and 2) melee attacks that benefit from its debuffs. Have it so you have to be a minimum distance from the target before casting the buffs so you are dancing in and out of melee range…