TGS 2015: New Final Fantasy XV story beats, chocobos, fishing and more in latest ATR By Wazi the pa on September 19, 2015 at 3:44 AM

We learned a little more about Final Fantasy XV tonight during Tokyo Game Show, when director Hajime Tabata took the stage once again to fill fans in on the latest scoops during yet another outing in the Active Time Report. We’ve gathered up all the important bits right here – all the details and a brief recap and be seen below.

Beginning the event, Tabata took some time to re-cap the last several weeks of ATR coverage, including Gamescom and PAX Prime. We also caught another look at the Dawn 2.0 trailer, which hit the internet a couple days ago.

The conflict with Niflheim

FFXV Niflheim and Lucis TGS 2015 ATR
ATR concept

The Niflheim Empire has achieved world domination — except for the Kingdom of Lucis, who has defied them with the crystal’s power.


FFXV Concept

King Regis is the crystal’s current guardian, and he too can wield weapons from thin air. In his youth he fought beside Cid and General Cor.

FFXV Concept 2

Wondering why Regis has aged so dramatically? It lies in the need of his energy to maintain the shield around Lucis.


FFXV Concept 1

Luna is a highly revered “oracle,” with the ability to talk to the gods. She is the youngest oracle ever.

Also, what’s that double-sided spear Luna is holding?

Luna lives in Tenebrae, a city under Niflheim control that has some autonomy thanks to her role as oracle. She is courageous—unfazed, even when surrounded by the Niflheim soldiers, as she possesses extreme inner strength.

FFXV Noctis and Luna (childhood) concept

Luna and Noctis made a promise as children. Square Enix isn’t saying what yet, but it connects to the story.

The black-haired woman

FFXV Gen concept

In the new artwork of Luna, there is a “black haired woman” behind Luna. Her name is Gentiana and she plays an important role.

New Gameplay Footage

Chocobos can be rented in gil for up to 30 days, and called at any time. While riding chocobos, you can press the jump button again to make it try to stay airborne. When you get off a chocobo, it will follow you for a while. You cannot raise or bread chocobos. And you can catch fish of all sizes in bodies of water, using various different rods, to cook up back at camp.

Q&A Section

  • They’re considering adding Gilgamesh and others into the game via DLC.
  • Chocobos can be called with a whistle, so you won’t always have to go to the Chocobo Post to get them. They will be rentals and can be rented out for several days.
  • The Chocobo will follow you around when you’re not riding on them, but will leave after a while. But no worries, they’ll come back if you blow the whistle.
  • There won’t be any double jumps in Final Fantasy XV, but there will be aerial combos.
  • Final Fantasy XV will feature various mini-games, called “Activities,” such as fishing, Chocobo racing against NPCs, and more.
  • There won’t be a Chocobo raising/breeding system like in Final Fantasy VII, but there will be a way to track which Chocobo you’ve been riding, along with special buffs such as increased speed.
  • Hajime Tabata said that if they’re able to add things into Final Fantasy XV, they will—even if it means having to do so through DLC.
  • If they are to add airships through DLC, it will be a free download.
  • There will be a variety of familiar magic for Final Fantasy XV, and one brand new “main” magic.
  • Guns won’t have combos similar to regular weapons, but they will have rapid fire shots, and will require reloads. Think of them as traditional gameplay with guns in other games.
  • There will be a variety of lures for fishing, and Square Enix are considering adding special rods that you might be able to get from certain NPCs.
  • Hajime Tabata says that Final Fantasy XVs CERO rating will be at around CERO B or C, around ages 12 and up.
  • There will be a variety of foods that you can cook up, along with cooking skills.
  • You’ll get something for defeating Archaeans (Summoned Beasts,) as in something to prove that you beat them, and will sometimes get to “borrow” their power after doing so.
  • There are plans to have other languages (voicing) to be available via DLC.
  • There will be scenes that show Lunafreya fighting, but that’s all they were able to say for now.
  • Players won’t be able to equip sub-weapons, but other party members will be able to. For example, Gladio can equip a shield. Players can rotate through various weapons, but party members will switch through their sub-weapons.
  • The Black Chocobo isn’t just a regular Chocobo.
  • You won’t be able to go inside all of the buildings, but there are plenty you will get to enter.
  • Tabata would like to add stuff like background stories of when the characters were in high school, and other similar episodes. He’d like for fans to be able to see more of the characters from when they were younger, so they can get to know them better, rather than just from what’s going on in the current story.
  • “Cidney” is the Japanese name. “Cindy” is the English name. Tabata calls her Cindy while speaking to the Western media, and vice versa
  • There will be more music and changes to the game. For example, you’ll get a different song while dashing on a Chocobo.
  • After a long while of consideration, Square Enix dropped the idea of having Moogle in Final Fantasy XV; however, if there’s enough demand for it, they’ll find a way to put them in the game.
  • There won’t be any Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII in the game, but there will be something similar.
  • When fields are connected, there won’t be any required loading time while traveling. There will, however, be some when the story moves you from place to place.
  • More details on Final Fantasy XV, such as character or monster profiles, will be revealed periodically before March, when they’re expected to announce the release date of the game.


To read up on what happened at Gamescom, see here. The same goes for PAX Prime 2015 – you can read up all the juicy details right here. Finally, for those who have yet to watch the Dawn 2.0 trailer, head over here.

The next Active Time Report will happen closer to the end of the year – or perhaps into early 2016. Square Enix has uploaded a short video recapping today’s reveals as well.

Also, Square Enix has now uploaded the Active Time Report (separately from their TGS 2015 day 3 stream).

Via: Siliconera.

  • Xervath

    Some really intriguing answers in the Q&A section there. This gaming is shaping up to be more and more interesting with each passing…ATR, if anything.

    Also: Where do I sign the Moogle-petition?

  • James Stine

    Great confirmations of things I was already thinking! Confirmation of aerial combat just as I suspected, nice to hear. Hunts also great, they references FFXII in the question as well. DLC being free for adding these contents that cannot make it into the game is great.

  • I agree that Moogles do not belong in this game.

    Such a shame that we have to wait till December at the very least to learn anything new but this was becoming a bit spoiler-y. We could use a break. Maybe next time they could show us some more towns or something…

  • Jesus Christ

    “The Niflheim Empire has achieved world domination — except for the Kingdom of Lucis, who has defied them with the crystal’s power.” – Sound like Sailor moon to me.

    “The Black Chocobo isn’t just a regular Chocobo.” – I’m calling the NAACP if I see any blackface chocobos.

  • “Should they add content to the game via DLC, it will always be for free.”

    YES!!! Oh, how I wish that all game developers would follow suit.

  • Mehmed

    It might be the greatest Final Fantasy of all times.
    But somehow Versus game more.
    Won’t we be able to see the old story somehow?
    Movie? Book? Nomura talking very very long?
    What about all the old videos cgi and inengine which were made but haven’t been shown and the characters changed. Won’t we get them somehow? In a Special Edition? Or are they gonna end in the trash?

  • highsky00

    Finally we can take a break after all those ATR ,now they can fully focus on developing and polishing the game for greater things .I will wait patiently until all XV staff proudly release trailers .

  • InconvenientWalrus

    Moogles weren’t in FF7 in any significant capacity either if I remeber correctly, except for the Mog house mini-game/choco-mog summon/and Cait Sith. But all of those were more like nods to moogles rather than actual moogles.

  • Mark

    NO MOOGLES?? No good kupo! u.u’

  • Billy Jackson

    Makes sense tbh. It doesn’t look like there are any other intelligent races besides humans in this world, so if they added moogles they’d have to act like some kind of pet or w/e Serah’s bow in XIII-2 was. I can’t picture ‘one of the boys’ rocking a moogle as an offsider.

  • vishmarx

    you missed quite a bit.
    costumes, certain parts of monsters getting cut..

  • Jesus Christ

    It’s a fantasy world, it doesn’t have to make sense. You have a dinosaur like monster with elephant nose… in place. Magic, flying swords, in place. Moogles… out of place.

    Having a moogle village is OK. I bet you if Nomura said there would be one before all of this is said, fan boys will be nodding their head yes yes yes make sense.

  • stevenm281

    everything Versus XIII has been scrapped when they moved to new gen and rebuild everything, some assets were given to LR as mentioned by Kitase/Toriyama back during LR promo.

  • stevenm281

    tweet them

  • Noctis

    Sorry for my language but i can’t help my hype is rising up to the stars. What a ficking great time to be alive!!

  • Catoblepas

    Engrish transrashion puh-rease!

  • Allan

    So, we have a nice art showing Regis, Cor (awesome army beret) and maybe Cid’s back & someone who looks a lot like Gladiolus?

  • vishmarx

    uh, i just noticed the list didnt talk about costumes being in game as well as dlc.
    and that you could cut certain parts off of monsters like the behemoths horn.
    also the things about manual real time switching weapon decks .shuffling b/w 4 decks. so theres still no real time switching of weapons. but decks you customise.
    think kh recom. but with deck switching mid battle

  • Matthew Barnes

    Ummm to be honest? The monsters living outside the cities make perfect sense, indigenous wildlife living outside the city. Fantasy worlds don’t “HAVE” to make sense, but when the creators / authors WANT to make them make sense and they do? You get damn good results. I.E. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

  • Matthew Barnes

    Jesus fucking Christ………

  • Please let it have brazillian va!

  • SNK

    I know exactly why you’re saying that! Hahaha!

  • SNK

    I think they mean out of place because of the story, not because it’s fantasy based on reality. The same way FF4, FF7 and FF 10 didn’t have moogles. They’re not part of the story, but there are cameos of them in 7 and 10.

  • The best news I could ever hope for.

  • grapes9h5

    def his dad right

  • grapes9h5

    I like Moogles and would be happy to see them, but this would not be the first FF to downplay them.

  • Jesus Christ

    The bullet point above doesn’t specify whether or not moogles will be a part of the story or cameos. But either way, I say it wouldn’t matter, cameos or not serious or not.

    I stand firm, this is a fantasy world. If you want to make it work, you can just make a plot for it. All you have to do is “make believe” woola! Also, moogles don’t have to look like moogles we know from the past. FFXIII one looks very cartoonish and cute. They can always redesign the moogles.

    Nomura: Moogles will be a part of the FFXV story.
    Fanboys: clap clap clap clap

    Me: mhm, right, yes. Moving on.

  • Lightning

    For Christ’s sake, when I see your comment I laughed more than I should here xD

  • SNK

    Jesus, no disrespect to your sanctity, but it’s not that they can’t find a way to squeeze them in, but… if they have to find a way to put them in, it’s because while creating the story moogles were not important to it.
    Like Legolas in The Hobbit. They found a way to put him in, but he was not part of the original story. So putting something just for the sake of it could harm the story, I think.
    Not that I don’t want to see moogles, on the contrary, I really want to see them! But now I know if they appear, it’ll be forced. I also know they’re not part of the story.
    Just to make it clear: I don’t think they meant they don’t fit this specific fantasy setting because it’s FANTASY BASED ON REALITY, I think they meant they don’t fit the story.

  • António Bernardo

    Do you mean “portuguese” va?

  • He’s wielding the same weapon so maybe Gladio’s sword is passed down?

  • Billy Jackson

    There is a different between what can and what should be done.

    Personally I wouldn’t be clapping, I would feel like they were selling out if they added Moogles as an after thought from fan demand…

    The developers aren’t sure if they should put them in for a reason, it’s not like someone at SE just forgot Moogles existed.

    Sure Moogles are cool, it would be nice to have some good story with Moogles in it. But if I’m getting the right vibe from XV, Noctis and the gang just arriving at a Moogle village seems a little jarring for their brotrip. I feel like any asides from the main plot put into this game would be more like teenage boy mischief… Rather than playing around with, hanging with or saving a bunch of random Moogles they stumble upon in a forest or something.

  • Jesus Christ

    The points that I’ve made is to say that whether or not moogles appear in the game with an important or cameo role, at the end of the day, it can be made to fit the game in any way (story, side quest, heck, a picture on the wall). All the developer has to do is think of it up because it’s a “Fantasy”.. first, then based on reality.

    I never say anything about moogles village. If there’s a conensus within the development team thinking that won’t work with the “story”. OK, I get that. That role of moogles in this game would not work for “them”. And if all moogles appearance get is a mention because of mythology or used in a side quest in some dungeon. I say it it wouldn’t matter. I really believe this is all perception and subjective.

  • Jesus Christ

    SNK, I think we share a lot of similiar here. I don’t disagree with most of your points. I believe the disconnect here is that you continue to believe what I meant with my points is that if they were to add moogles in, it has to be important, that it as to be because of “story”. I never state that, if you read above i said “serious or not, cameo or not”. I’m just say if they are added in the game (in whatever form and capacity), it would be valid because this is a fantasy world (first), based on reality. There are fantasy elements everywhere and I also see reality elements too.

    Just as there are people who doesn’t find dinosaur elephant nose fitting to the same, honestly, if you look hard enough, you will find some who think it’s “unfitting”. There was one old walkthrough video in which Noctis and co explored the forest at night and they encountered this big snake with PINK body, big head with humand-like features. I personally find this monster very cartoonish and unfitting in the location it was shown, but hey, it’s a fantasy, it’s game. If I ask around enough people, some of them would disagree with me. They probably wouldn’t mind at all.

    If at the end of the day moogles don’t show up at all, then they dont show up. Not mad, doesn’t bother me. I just stand by what I say, you can bring anything into this game, serious or not, cameo or not, just make it up, boom, done.

    Kindly and respectfully #nosade #nosarcasm

  • kfart

    That bandage on young Noctis’ arm really intrigues me. It’s the same arm that’s covered by his bike glove I believe.. so what is it hiding?

  • Billy Jackson

    A more serious Moogle? : http://www.gameranx.com/img/13-Apr/kupo-moogle-finalfantasyix.jpg

    A picture on a wall, stuffed toy or even a fictional TV series, playing on screens, in the game about Moogles works fine for me. Heck even a portal to a completely different world with some Moogles kind of works fine for me. But it just wouldn’t gel if I found out that The Empire of Niflheim has been working with the Moogles to take over Lucis or the of Lucis has been fighting to protect a Moogle villege on their boarder or anything like that. Even in another world though I still think our characters fit in all the best with a bunch of Moogles.

  • SNK

    “Brazilian va” isn’t incorrect if he means “Brazilian Voice Actors”.
    But, cool! At last somebody who knows we speak Portuguese, lol!

  • SNK

    I remember that video, but I think that monster (Naga) was there as a placeholder. It probably will be inside an evil place or something like that. If it’s just there in that place where we saw it, then I agree that it would be unfitting. But I really doubt this time they will pay attention to where they put monsters so they may leave it there. Who knows.

    Man, I think I didn’t make myself clear when I mentioned the story. I was not talking about it being fantasy or being reality, but… hmm, imagine this: Where would you put moogles in the story of Final Fantasy IV? Final Fantasy VII? Final Fantasy X?
    Those games don’t have moogles not because of the setting or the concept, but because they couldn’t see a point the story where they could put them (at last that’s what I think).
    But, yeah, doesn’t bother me as well. I just think people misunderstood what they said about not putting them in because of the setting/concept.

    I’d add moogles in the great glacier. Maybe a small village of them where you could receive Alexander from them as a gift for killing the snow white!

  • Jesus Christ

    I guarantee you that there will be people split on certain things when this game is finalized. And moogles may easily be one of them.

  • Jesus Christ

    Hmm.. I don’t want to misspeak here, but I find it interesting that you give benefit of the doubt to things to make convenient to your POV. For example, Naga snake, we both aren’t sure if it’s a placeholder, yet you assume “I think that monster (Naga) was there as a placeholder. It probably will be inside an evil place or something like that.” What interview says it may or may not be a place holder? And if it’s not a place holder, honestly, some people might not even be bothered by it XD. And the other example is the one with the bullet point about moogles, it says the development team is not sure, but with enough demands, they will find a way to put it in. Yet, you jump ahead and assume it has to be with “story”. I don’t know, maybe I’m not articulating this properly, but this is interesting to me.

    “Where would you put moogles in the story of Final Fantasy IV? Final Fantasy VII? Final Fantasy X?”
    Well, again, I’m not bothered if moogles doesn’t show up in the story one way or another. And even if it will be in the story, we all have to give in to the fact that the plot was make up out of thin air… like the rest of the plot. A story can have nonsensical elements. LOL. We did see Moogles in form of weapon plushie with lulu in FFX. Moogles can be in IV and VII, and again, I stand firm, all you have to do is imagine. Boom. Done. Now, whether or not this moogle input in the game will be received by the “fans” overall is another story. we just have to wait and play the game and make our own individual subjective judgement.

    “I just think people misunderstood what they said about not putting them in because of the setting/concept.” Ok, lets just wait and see if they will clarify in future interviews.

  • Noctis

    Hey didn’t tought about this but you might be right

  • Tempest Ryuno

    No, the glove is on his left hand.

  • Tempest Ryuno

    No double jump :,(

  • Mehmed

    What’s LR? Lightning Returns?

  • One of the best ATRs in a long time.
    Now a release date in March to cap this off and when can get the game 2016 and finally see if they’ll do something FF16-ish with Agni.

  • Homosexual Advance Wars

    Gentiana? Well it’s not a name I’ve seen in a game before, I’ll give them that. Definitely excited about seeing Luna get into some fights though. Goodness, I do wonder where her story will go… Makes more sense now why Luna and Noctis would be arranged for marriage, and why Niflheim would spread the lie that she had been killed during the attack on Lucis. If she’s so beloved and her people are enjoying more freedom from the empire due to her presence, it would only make sense to try and get rid of her.

  • Does anybody here remember a little game called “Final Fantasy VIII”? That game had no moogles, very little chocobos (like you had to go out of your way to find them) and the only “cartoonish” element were the moombas (damn, I miss’em!). The game did not suffer at all. In fact, I doubt anyone even noticed.

  • I actually had a conversation about this with a member of the SQEN Europe community and I was told that there wasn’t really all that much created of Versus XIII. In fact, it was pretty much just those scenes we saw in the trailers they released. And the reason for that was that they were developing the engine (yes, it took them 5 years and they didn’t even finish it!). Then around 2011 they ditched the “Versus” idea and hopped on the “next-gen” train to XV-ville.

  • Yes.

  • NO! I cannot believe that it’s been 7 years (because XV was started in 2011 and before that it was Versus -yadda yadda-) and they STILL need more time to develop things that they say “OK, well we’ll have to add it in as DLC since we won’t have enought time for it.” 7 YEARS!!! And you still can’t add in a damn airship?! That’s insulting, someone should be out of business for that.

  • Mehmed

    Thanks, i wish they just used Unreal Engine or something else.
    If they are going to release a Final Fantasy on a PS5 they really should use Unreal Engine 5 😀 (a far distant future)

  • D.3ND

    there’s bandages on his right knee also

  • InconvenientWalrus

    I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to disagree with you. I worked in the game industry, and a 3+ year development time is not uncommon. A lot of games today (like uncharted, for example) take about 3-4 years of development for 10-12 hours of game-play. Now consider that Final Fantasy XV is most likely going to be a game with a huge open world (possibly much bigger than the Witcher 3’s world [1]), with 40 hours of just main story game-play. You essentially have the length of three full video games packaged as one. If we split Final Fantasy XV into 10 hour game-play chunks and consider most games take about 3 years for 10 hours (of in depth game-play), suddenly a 7-9 year development time makes sense. Final Fantasy XII was about 6 years in development, and I can assure you XV will definitely be a bigger, more complex game.

    I think Square Enix kind of shot themselves in the foot by showing
    Versus XIII in 2006. I get the feeling they didn’t have much of anything
    to show for it when they first announced the game. I always tell people
    that Square Enix should wait until they have a considerable amount of
    the game finished before they actually announce anything to the public
    (Like what Bethesda did for Fallout 4 [2]). Imagine a world where they never announced Versus XIII in 2006, and suddenly at e3 2013 They announced XV, and then told you that the game would come out in 2016. you’d be left wondering how they made such a huge game in — what seemed — to be such a short amount of time, when in reality it was secretly in development 6 years prior.

    [1] http://www.dualshockers.com/2015/09/01/final-fantasy-xv-map-size-potentially-revealed-its-roughly-an-enormous-780-square-miles/

    [2] https://youtu.be/D5esyZPt5Jo?t=2m27s

  • Yes, I meant that, but I was lazy to explain

  • SNK

    I said Naga was a placeholder because the first time they showed footage of Duscae it appeared and then when I played the demo it wasn’t there anymore, so that’s why I said it was a placeholder.
    Again, I was never talking about the setting. There’s no setting in a fantasy world where you cannot add whatever you want. It’s not like they’re adding moogles to a CoD.
    And, yes, the plot is always made out of the thin air, but they didn’t find THE NEED to add moogles in it when they were writing it, not because of realism, but with everything they created they didn’t fit anywhere. I understood it as if they added them it’d be forced (and if they add by fan demand then it’ll definitely be forced as it is super clear now that moogles weren’t in their original plans).
    You still think I’m saying that because of realism, but I’m not. I never understood that “Fantasy based on reality” was “Oh, it’s going to be so real they won’t add fantasy stuff!”. It’s just another Final Fantasy VIII but with more things from the real world.
    But I don’t want to bother you with that anymore, Jesus! Hahaha!

    And we’re all conjecturing here, right?

  • SNK

    That’s interesting, man. So all they had was pretty much what we saw in trailers?

  • Jesus Christ

    Yes, this is conjecture until the game is finalized. But, we still can discuss!

    “I said Naga was a placeholder because the first time they showed footage of Duscae it appeared and then when I played the demo it wasn’t there anymore, so that’s why I said it was a placeholder.” – Oh Ok, but, then again, a demo released at that time wouldn’t be the best indicator of what is finalized to be in the game. Maybe they didn’t want to show all the monsters available and “maybe” saving the rest of the excitement when the product is finished. I have to say, though, if Naga is moved to any other location, the look of itself just look cartoonish for me, it would be out of place anyway. And… well, I could live with that. 🙂

    “Again, I was never talking about the setting.” Sure, but for me, I’m talking about in any form or capacity moogles can appear in game. It could appear as a tattoo for all I care. Tattoo that on Noctis’s face. 🙂

    “It’s not like they’re adding moogles to a CoD” – well,you know, they could if you wanted to. Loooooooooooooooooooool XD *run away*

    “but they didn’t find THE NEED to add moogles in it when they were writing it, not because of realism, but with everything they created they didn’t fit anywhere.” – Sure, maybe this is so. NEED may be a priority, but, for me, having creativity in a game of this franchise, a simple “want” or “desire” would suffice. And whether or not something may or may not fit into the game in terms of a creature is going to be to each their own from developers and fans. I really believe this.

    “You still think I’m saying that because of realism, but I’m not.” Well, well, no SNK, please look above on the replies you made, you repeated said “story” as your point of contention. Story and realism are to different components in the game. We can both agree that FFXV story has a blend of fantasy and realism. And like any other FF game, I strongly believe that there are almost always more fantasy elements than realism. Realism tend to be more evident on architecture and physical body and facial features minus the games in PS1 and older of course b/c the graphics didn’t work like that then LOL.

    “I never understood that “Fantasy based on reality” was “Oh, it’s going to be so real they won’t add fantasy stuff!”” No no, I never thought you understood it like that either. I don’t see any comments of you anywhere else taking issues with a giant levianthian destroy the city, or giant Ramuh spawn in the final moments before dying, or gods and oracle, or flying swords and… MAGIC. lol

    “But I don’t want to bother you with that anymore, Jesus! Hahaha!” I like talking to you though.

  • Jesus Christ

    Well, well, now, Alex Sam Anif, if you take a look at Final Fantasy wikia and a simple YouTube search, you can find out that moogle did appear in that game.


  • Even if he did (which I don’t remember even though I’ve finished the game and the side quests more than two or three times) the role was so insignificant that people hardly remember it. And you get my main point. It was still a fine game.

  • Yeah and that was it. I was pretty amazed myself and questioned him about the fact that it took them so long and they made so little and he responded that people don’t realize how much time and effort goes into creating a game engine.

  • Jesus Christ

    FFVIII was the first FF game I ever played. It’s very dear to me. It has a special spot in my heart.

  • Mad Scientist

    I use your tears to lubricate my long hard throbbing cock when I masturbate Alex.