Moogles to be “present” in Final Fantasy XV, says Tabata By Wazi the pa on November 9, 2015 at 10:15 AM

After a recent poll put up by the official Final Fantasy XV twitter account, director Hajime Tabata responded to fans today – thanking them for taking part in the voting and confirmed Moogles will indeed be in the game…. but they may not be exactly what you expect.

According to Tabata:

I will think of a fun little way to feature Moogles in Final Fantasy XV… It won’t be a very chatty Moogle, but will be done with a suitably light level of development work as a fun little #FFXV extra.

To clarify, Tabata has also made it clear that the implementation of Moogles will not disrupt the overall development of Final Fantasy XV as he will “not be making a trade off with the other work remaining in order to fit them in.”

  • MarioLazor

    Something’s better than nothing.

  • MarioLazor

    It’d be cool if it were a well hidden eater egg that you had to find.

  • Wazi the pa

    That’s the feeling I got from his response to all of this. It sounds like an Easter Egg to me.

  • I truly hope that the ”it won’t be a chatty one” means that it won’t be that disgusting annoying thing from FFXIII-2. I’m glad we are having them in the game! They deserve a little village or some tasks for us to apply.

  • stevenm281

    How about a myth from the Kingdom of Lucis about a little group of Moogles, whom would be dressed as Mafia (similar to the people protecting Regis at the signing ceremony), vaguely based on the Turks, that deal crimes or against crimes, whatever.

    Whether or not the group can meet them is one thing, but they could have a few cutscenes.

  • Billy Jackson

    A village feels kind of out of place and clichéd though…

  • Dick

    I’d like to see something referencing the randomness of the Moogles. They’re very esoteric in nature and design so a more oblique reference would suit them.

  • Xervath

    Moogles are in, I am happy. I’m okay with them being less “prominent” as they might have been in other titles.
    Like someone else stated already: as long as they don’t pull a FFX-2 with it, I’m good.


    Hahaha! Moogle mafia! Cool idea!


    Moogles and chocobos should be always in the FF series so its great we will see them in FFXV too.

  • Jesus Christ

    Who was the guy that said Moogles wont show up in FFXV?


    I told you. Jesus always knows. Jesus is right.

  • Wazi the pa

    To be honest, Moogles were already in the game but not living and breathing…. Just dolls.

  • Jesus Christ

    As I stated before, Moogles can show in any form or capacity. Dolls? Perfect. Point still stands.

    Bless Myself.

  • Krijn van Alten

    Thanks God you are not maling this game.

  • Billy Jackson

    Yeah… How dare I aspire for something new and exciting. There shouldn’t be any creativity and progression with this franchise. SE just need to follow a formula and release the same predictable stuff every year. Who cares how it fits with the world and story that’s been created, they just need to include all of the puzzle pieces, in the most familar way possible, or they’ve failed. /s

  • Krijn van Alten

    That is more like it. And I am not even joking.

  • Not this game but i want future FFs to have Moogles be serious and fight again like in FFTactics Advanced.

  • Billy Jackson

    “As they are now”? What exactly is a Final Fantasy game and what’s so special about now? Should they be sticking with the design used for the XIII games? But even that’s been changing from title to title… Do you just want Lightning Returns again with the Moogle village from that or do you really want another traditional style FF game one that harkens back to those days like IX? While I would love to see another game following the IX philosophy. Already XV isn’t any of these things, it’s something new that’s breaking new ground and helping SE find their feet for future releases. It would almost feel like a waste if they just tried to make it a classic game again. They have VII remake and Bravely Default to find out about that.

  • Billy Jackson

    Jesus Christ aren’t you full of yourself!!

  • Krijn van Alten

    Why does it need to be special to be fun?

  • Please don’t insult Mog that way. He might have not heard you but I have and I’m already crying.

  • Jesus Christ

    For a second, I thought you said full of ….. shoot. LOLOL

    well, anyway, thank you. Bless myself. and bless your heart