CyberConnect 2 assisting development of Final Fantasy VII Remake By Red Makuzawa on December 7, 2015 at 12:44 AM

In a new Famitsu interview with Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase, the pair confirmed that CyberConnect 2 will be among others assisting the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

CyberConnect2 is well known for their work on previous titles including .hack, Naruto and Square Enix’s own Final Fantasy VII G-Bike. Their inclusion is not too surprising following comments from CC2’s own Hiroshi Matsuyama last year during the promotional run for the mobile title.

In an older interview Matsuyama proclaimed, “For now I’m really dedicated to adaptations of Naruto and JJBA. Working on a new project requires more time as was the case. The .Hacks came out of the minds of teams at CyberConnect2. However, if I have to work on another project I’d like to work on a possible remake of Final Fantasy VII.”

The full 8 page interview will be available later this week. We will update you once we have some additional translations. Stay tuned.

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  • thetrooper1989

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  • Ricardo Fernandes

    Now they are going to outsource the game?!?!
    Cut the game and send another to do their job!
    SquareSoft is revolving in its grave!

  • flower234

    Well…at least I still have my health.

  • You know you don’t have to buy it. Just play your original, PC port with mods or your discounted PS4 version with trophy support. Don’t spread your venom around when you have other options.

  • thetrooper1989

    Square Enix is going to take that too and sell it to you in episodic format.

  • John Mark

    And why can’t we voice our displeasure? For years now everyone has just been begging Square Enix to remake the game in a current-gen engine. Basically give us FFVII with FFXIII graphics.

    What do we get instead? An episodic outsourced game with the horrible Kingdom Hearts hack-and-slash gameplay.

  • Beggars can’t choosers. Be happy you’re even getting one.

  • Ha! Have you even played Crisis Core?

  • You can mod your PC version if you wanted the very same game with upgraded graphics, you know…

  • Budgiecat

    what does Crisis Core have to do with this?

  • John Mark

    I don’t play on PC.

  • It’s like practically similar gameplay… You watch the trailer?

  • Who’s fault is that? Ain’t Square Enix’s problem.

  • Wazi the pa

    Before you guys start abandoning ship, Cyber Connect 2 are pretty talented. Give them a great design concept and they’ll execute well. And with Nomura helming the project, it’ll grow into a beast.

  • Budgiecat

    haha really?

    check this out man:

    Some translations from the Famitsu article

    “Cloud’s appearance has to partially to do with the lighting and his pale skin. Nojima had said Cloud’s sickly appearance is brilliant.”

    “Cross-dressing scene will be included. Nomura has yet to work on the design, however.”

    “NMR: VIIR is completely different from Crisis Core’s battle system. Not as actiony as Dissidia Arcade or KH but closer to that style.”

    “NMR: VIIR has ATB, but it’s not the type where you wait for the gauge to fill up and then attack. It is connected with the action system.”

    “NMR: 3-party members, all interchangeable and playable. You don’t have to change characters if you don’t want.”

  • Ricardo Fernandes

    i wont buy it! I´m fine with the new gameplay but cutting a story in pieces is not right.
    If you don´t like my opinion its your problem.
    I´m not spreading poison i’m just giving my opinion
    I never asked for a remake!

  • As if they couldn’t have used it as a base. Again, have you seen the trailer? It looks pretty similar, technicalities aside. It’s not like you can understand Japanese, having to rely on a translation and all. And I’m not a man.

  • thetrooper1989

    You’re complete right young man. Cutting up a game that was originally released together is bad. Episodic releases should be reserved for small titles or narrative games like TWD or Life is Strange.

  • Then don’t buy it. They won’t cry over your money. And the Life is Strange episodic series is getting a physical release with all the episodes included like, next month or so. Maybe they’ll do the same for this game. You don’t HAVE to buy games right away, obviously.

  • John Mark

    I guess every developer should just make their games with PS1 quality graphics then, and then tell the PC modding community to make the game look like it was released in 2015. Or maybe make every game PC exclusive, then say “it’s not our fault you play on PS4 or Xbox One”.

  • xanderglz

    They’re no Level-5 though, much less a TriAce to put an example, so based on their current curriculum, you’ll understand people having their doubts about them.

  • Again, Life is Strange is getting a physical release with all the eps combined. Technically FFVII had 3 discs which are like episodes… What if they did it for that reason?

  • thetrooper1989

    I don’t understand. Is Cyber Connect 2 doing all of the work with Tetsuya and the higher ups supervising?

  • Well, I got a PS4 and PC so… Just get games for both if you can. Who said you had to buy the games right away? Get what your money can buy whenever you can. Again, don’t want don’t buy. And make sure you don’t feel “Left out” when everyone else finds out it’s way better than they expected. People always have negative comments before something is released. You never even gave it a chance.

  • “CyberConnect 2 will be among others assisting the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake” There will be other companies working too, I guess.

  • Pinwheel

    Assisting in development isn’t the same thing as outsourcing you hyperbolic jackass.

  • thetrooper1989


    Hey young man, you were complete right. I rushed to judgement, this sounds actually freaking awesome. I”m back on the hype train


  • You know it would probably be the best if they were able to combine everything to one disc after they’re finished and maybe add extra features later on or something. Heck, I’d buy it twice just for that. But it makes a lot of sense why they made it into episodes… Hmm, sounds kinda like their original space limitations on the PS1 version, huh?

  • Budgiecat

    everyones a man on the internet until proof is provided

    the trailer briefly showed gameplay. I’ll take their actual words over your inference

  • Tristan (Chili1)

    Level 5 is much weaker than CC2 game development wise, I personally think.

  • I actually enjoy the Naruto games and am looking forward to Storm 4… CC2 does great work and I think it’s a good thing they’ll be working on the VIIR!

  • I’m not showing you my tits you pervert. Nice try.

    And I said they LOOK alike. I’m not “inferring” anything. Much like how Final Fantasy X and the rpg Megaman X: Command Mission look almost exactly the same in terms of gameplay, save for a few functions. That doesn’t mean it’s the exact same engine, though. Do you know what that game is? Or is that too “niche” for ya.

  • Budgiecat

    Who said I wanted to see some man boobs? :p

    Your name sounds like an STD and your avatar looks like a xenomorph vagina! I’m sorry I didnt pick up earlier you were some type of female! Okay can we move on now? :3

    It doesnt matter what you said. The devs said its nothing like it. End of story lol

  • LOL! Now we’re being childish and resulting to insults with that big black PUSSY on your icon? THAT’S RICH.

    Anyway, they look similar to me, you casual noob. Arguing for the sake of arguing. I’m officially done with you. 🙂

  • TalesOtaku21

    First off, assisting with development is not the same as outsourced.

    Second, this gameplay looks closer to FF15 over KH.

    Third, while some games still use turn base, SE has been moving away from turn base because it was losing popularity.

    Fourth, the episodic thing is stupid, you’re right.

  • TalesOtaku21

    hur dur im sexist bc on the internet i dont have to answer to my immaturity

    I didn’t realize so many children were excited for this old ass game getting a remake. Wow I must be really old. ;P

  • Budgiecat

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  • Budgiecat

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  • Budgiecat

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  • Zazon Zenzy

    “FFVII Remake will be multi-part” ~ SE

    “Cyber Connect 2 is co-developing FFVII Remake” ~ this article and others

    How did they treat their .hack games again? Uh, what did they call? Voluming? Or episodic? And yet everyone only remember Telltale games.


    I played some Naruto games. Only demos but that game is really mashing!!!!
    So how FFVIIremake can be tactical? If they wanted to work with some companies why they didnt choose Capcom? Devil May cry is the best slasher game ever! So if You want to make an action rpg game ask Capcom how to make it tactical, fun, hard and awesome. If I had money like Square I would work with Capcom.

  • misterArk

    lol that pic :3

  • misterArk

    the remake looks like crisis core? you nuts???! looks rather like ff15 since it uses the same engine I guess. but crisis core no way this game won’T use such a silly 3-card slot limittech BS and you walk with a group not alone – so much similarities with crisis core <_< actually you're one of the only one i heard this shit , read it somewhere else too but that was one voice out of thousands so stop flaming them re-using CC-s assets its not visible. oh and fuck CC2 what are they famous for than Naruto and .hack games?! .hack-games were badly localized all around the world and naruto-games are a buggy mess which needs patches/updates to work properly – SE shouldn't count on such slacks – rather intensify the work with avalanche

  • Excuse me? I didn’t say it looked like CC exactly to the T. I was mainly talking about the format with the list of commands, the ability to walk around yourself and attack enemies and whatever. It does look like a combination of some aspects of Crisis Core and FF15. Also you do know Square Enix worked with CC2 on a FFVII relatef game before this one, right? They never said they were using the same fighting engine as naruto and .hack or Saint Seiya and Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure. Also CC2 is one of the OTHER companies working on the game. Don’t just single them out. Have you ever heard of a collaboration? Or are you just that daft?