Final Fantasy XV: Our new year’s giveaway By André Mackowiak on January 18, 2016 at 5:35 PM

As we are heading closer to the Final Fantasy XV release, it is time to complete 2015 with all its major events – including Gamescom 2015.

Though the presence of Final Fantasy XV wasn’t as huge as many fans expected, we all gained new insights and details. Visitors at the Gamescom booth also had the chance to get in touch with Director Hajime Tabata, Art Director Isamu Kamikokuryo, Concept Artist Yuki Matsuzawa and Composer Yoko Shimomura.

We have met all of them and got autographs signed for you with artwork cards we prepared in advance.

Now it is your chance to win one of the following prizes (1. or 2.):

  1. Signed autograph card + Large sized German Gamescom Final Fantasy XV shirt
  2. Signed autograph card + Final Fantasy XV wristband

Who is allowed to enter?

Any Final Fantasy fan around the world! Nova Crystallis staff members are not allowed to enter, though.

What do you need to do?

Help us reach more than 10.101 followers on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Nova_Crystallis) and post your biggest wish for Final Fantasy XV in the comments below this article. What do you hope to see in the final game? What is still missing in your point of view?

After we reached 10.101 twitter followers, we will pick two random commentors from this article as the winners. No matter how many comments you post, you can only enter once.

When does the giveaway end?

Saturday, February 6th 2016, 12:00 a.m. EST.

Good luck!

  • Rin

    Thanks for doing this competition! I’m sure many fans around the world would love to score one of these prize packs.

    Anyway, my biggest wish for XV is a magic flying car(pet). 😉

    Cheers to the entrants! Hope we all have fun playing FINAL FANTASY XV when it comes out.

  • Noctis

    I really wish it is just a really fun and unique game that will make Final Fantasy even bigger and better than before

  • Matthew Powell

    My wish is for Noctis’ father to be evil.

  • Wazi the pa

    I’m just here to cry…….

  • desocietas

    I hope to see some fun interactions with the chocobos and maybe some moogles.

  • jommyjom

    My biggest wish is that Stella is somehow still in the game!


    my biggest wish is for the main bad guy or girl to be as badass as Noctis, and maybe around the same age. aside from niflheim.., and of course for it to have new features that we dont know about , final fantasy is about the surprise!

  • Ricardo Rebollo

    I’d like to see a good enemy -like Kefka or Sephiroth. I really miss an enemy with charm.

    Thanks for the giveaway, good luck everyone 🙂

  • Caitlin

    I just hope it’s worth the wait ^^. I’d love to have a great, immersive story that I don’t want to put down and by the looks of it, that’s what we’ll get. We’ve been waiting years for this and it can’t come any faster 🙂 Some great scenes between the group and other characters such as Luna would be enjoyable and an emotional story are what I hope for. I’d also like to see other summons in the game and how the scene with Leviathan plays out. I can’t wait!

  • Red Makuzawa

    I don’t have any of this stuff and as it mentions about, us editors can not enter this competition (obviously). ;(

    I would like to wish everyone here the very best and thank you for the amazing support you have given us. 🙂

  • RekiWylls

    My biggest wish is to have an (optional) fight against Gilgamesh, who might be guarding/using some phantom swords!

  • Karysonson

    My biggest wish for XV is that Altissia is fully explorable. That place looks huge and full of exploring corners and I can only imagine how beautiful it would look like at night with the lights from the buildings reflecting off of the water.


  • flower234

    My biggest wish for Final Fantasy XV is a deep and fun combat system. Fights in Episode Duscae weren’t entirely too exciting and were relatively easy. So I’m really hoping with the ATR later this month they’ll show that it’s been revamped and a lot better.

  • Wazi the pa
  • MellotheCaro

    Wow! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!
    I have to say that this game looks absolutely amazing so far. What I wish to see in the full game is more to the uniqueness it has shown so far! Please don’t change the battle system! :3

  • Wazi the pa

    My man. :3

  • I want to see an amazing story, the likes of which has never been told in a FF game. That’s the most important aspect of a FF game to me because it helps the player form a bond with the characters. I want to look back after I’ve completed this game and think “hey, it was totally worth the wait!”

  • Lester

    I’m hoping the story doesn’t take 12 hours or less to beat. I’m looking forward to the battle system. Hopefully were able to control which ever character we want to 🙂 that’d be neat

  • Wazi the pa

    Don’t we all? :3

  • Alex Kraus

    I am hoping for a huge world that I will want to spend lots of time in, exploring hidden nooks and secrets.

  • My only wish is for a great story, just like Type-0. I’m a simple man 🙂

  • Well, maybe some just like the gameplay and skip the cutscenes 😛

  • Luke Bannister

    My biggest wish for final fantasy xv is that the game gives you that magical feeling that arises when you feel completely involved with the world and characters, and when you genuinely care about the characters and what happens in the story. I want to feel connected and immersed within final fantasy xv 🙂

  • Matthew Barnes

    Type-0’s story and characters were bad tho……..

  • alexis

    Been a while since I commented here :'( My biggest wish for Final Fantasy XV is for Luna and Noctis’s relationship to be interesting and compelling, whether or not they’re romantically involved. I just don’t want your average “I’ve known you since I was a kid and therefore we’re made for each other” love story.

  • Jack Luu

    So far my two wishes is for an amazing Journey/story that I’ve been waiting a long time for. Hopefully we get a collections edition in NA.

  • daveguitar

    I hope to see the Final fantasy feeling on it. And for what I’ve seen I really think I will.
    Still missing in my point of view… nothing. 😀

    Can’t wait to play it!

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Wazi the pa

    Not a bad wish at all! Character development and all that…. I’m eager to see that too! :3

  • Shadow Yuk

    More than everything, I want back the magic. I’m not referring to spells, but to the atmosphere, that in old episodes made you say:” Oh, it’s like I’m actually in a tale!”

  • Ikki

    My biggest wish is because this game really take a long time to finish (start as FFXII Versus then changed to FFXV that take years) i hope the game can satisfy many people with its new gameplay system, characters and the story.
    And of course, i’m also hoping this game can take about 40 hours or more to complete.

  • Leon K

    I’ll hope with the hardships of the dev team effort will be the game of the year & bringing up the fame for the final fantasy series.

  • Croesys

    My biggest wish for FFXV is to see Altissia. Every since I saw the 2013 E3 trailer, I’ve been dreaming about walking through those beautiful waterways.

  • Wazi the pa

    Yeah, having the lore of magic in FFXV to be an integral part to the world. I like that. :3

  • My biggest wish for Final Fantasy XV is for it to give me a sense of wonder that I’ve missed for a long time.

  • Shizeki

    I wish for a great gameplay and game mechanics. 😀 FF XV has a lot of potential!

  • Zephyr

    One of my biggest wishes is for Lunafreya to be a playable character; even if she is a temporary playable character. I’d love to see her fight with her weapon.

  • Wazi the pa

    As far it goes, Noctis is the only playable character in the game. There are confirmations from SE that she will be a “guest” party member and she’ll fight along side Noctis & Co.

    It ain’t all so bad, eh?

  • Rin

    See her fight, or fight as her?

  • Zephyr

    Fight as her but I suppose as a guest party member works as well.

  • Zephyr

    Yeah that would be the idea as well.

  • sh1ku

    Thanks for this, Nova Crystallis ^^

    The game already looks so good, It’s hard to think about something I’d want to see, that we don’t know yet. I guess I’ll talk about the combat system and design.

    The combat system seems complex but smooth. You can’t be that guy that just spams a button, but it doesn’t seem too skill demanding either. I want to have a combat system as fun as KH2’s one, but expanded. Talking about spamming buttons, huh? I know, I know… But KH2 had really fun combat mechanics if mastered well. So, shortcuts, combos, well managed invincibility frames, smart use of the gamepad controls… And a lot more.
    They already have done a good job with the ED’s system, but it’s definitely not quick, and doesn’t give you too many options. I know they already moved on and heard players’ feedback. From what I’ve read, the combat system looks promising, let’s see!

    Also, a good (boss) fight design. What I would want to avoid, is that bosses could be “looped” based on his HP, dmg input, and so. Bosses shouldn’t be entirely random, but neither 100% statistics based. People seems to like that, bosses that you can control in every moment, but I think that takes off all the fun. I know that helps speedrunners, but if they asked me, I’d answer that. Also, looks like some fights will be “scripted”. If they don’t abuse that, I’m ok with it.


  • Wazi the pa

    Call it a “close win” scenario and you’ll head home happy. :3

  • Sango Dango

    I want a story without a huge focus on a romantic relationship between any of the characters. I also feel we’re missing a female strong party member, even if we might get one as a guest I feel like there should have been at least one in the group.

  • Zak Lyons

    I want the main characters to all have a chance in the spotlight, and learn about all of their personal stories; not just Noctis and Lunafreya. Character depth is a huge deal for me, and often times my least favorite FF games are my least favorite BECAUSE of a weak cast.

  • Ray Muñoz

    My biggest wish is that the story and characters connect with me the way my favorite previous final fantasy games have. I don’t know if it is still missing, but I hope the car isn’t just a way to get from point A to point B. Also, There needs to be a lot of activities to do. I don’t want this to be a huge map with little to do.

  • André Maske

    This is the best FF related site. I simply love it. 😀

  • Mateus Maurício

    I really want some badass bosses, great exploration and of course, awesome characters and plot.
    I guess Ignis is my favorite one up until now. And I hope they will be able to implement the airship before the release of the final game!

  • Mafalda mendes

    First of all, thanks for this giveaway ^^

    And my biggest wish is for Final Fantasy XV to be an amazing and successful game. After all this years, I know many have high expectations for this game and I know this game has everything to surprises is. I wish for the story to be entertaining and make us hold on to the edge of our seats and hold on to our controllers. I wish for this game to have a plot twist that’ll just blew our minds. And I want to see the characters’ development, how will they face their hardships.
    FFXV has the potential to be one of the most popular FF games in the series, it already has a great gameplay and beautiful graphics. Now we just need to know if the story will be just as good.

  • AmonLau

    I just hope they do some justice to it, after all these years of work and not mess it up… :3

  • YaCoVv

    I hope to see more control of the buddies in combat in the final game & What is still missing in my point of view is the use of magic.

  • Danny Ruiz

    Mi mayor deseo para es conocer los summons y magias existentes en el juego, y el jefe final, algo que siempre es importante para cada final fantasy y el otro deseo es que su historia sea excelente y me sumerja en el juego

  • reesie

    One of my biggest wish for FFXV is for it to have a story and gameplay that will really capture its players and have a lasting, memorable impression. Not just for old fans of the franchise, but for newer fans as well. A game that will connect, and not divide.

  • Christofu

    My biggest wish is to see some awesome plot twists!

  • Milyc

    I wish for Lightning to be present in some form.

    Just kidding… I also hope for some female playable characters to be playable at least as guests and then be available for end-game purposes a la FFIV Advance.

  • Judar

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    My biggest wish, hmmm. Well I’ve actually been trying to keep away from a lot of the gameplay footage to not spoil the whole experience. So I’ll go with something I don’t think has been shown yet.

    Alternate costumes – perhaps even iconic costumes from other characters in the FF series too, all for fun. Perhaps implemented as a reward for completing side quests, that would be cool. The variety of costume designs in Lighting Returns was awesome, maybe something like that.

  • stevenm281

    My biggest wish is to play the game on my birthday on April 12.

    What do I want in the game that is still missing? One can dream but, character switching! (Even if not possible during combat)

  • My biggest wish for FFXV is play it. This game is Awesome perfect game for me.

  • LoneWolfTifa

    My biggest wish is that the game is successful and we all get to play it in all its glory!

  • Carlos Lopez

    What I truly want from Final Fantasy XV is a memorable tale to remember. As much as I want to hear Shimomura’s music, and as much I want to admire the graphics and playability, my biggest interest lies within getting a heightened sense of storytelling. I trust that whatever Nomura started and Tabata finished, will be a product worth remembering.

  • Death Penalty

    What I most want from Final Fantasy XV is a battle system that’s engaging and deep from top-to-bottom. Whatever happens with any other element, if the game is just downright fun to play in moment-to-moment gameplay it will be a game I can call worth the wait.

  • James Stine

    My biggest wish for this game is for it to be everything I’ve imagined for ages now and I’m pretty sure it will deliver.

    Ever since Versus XIII was first announced I was excited for the possibility. Many people have lost hope or have had change of heart, but all the things that excited me about Versus XIII still live on today. The action style battle system, the expansive world, the new take on story direction, etc. I remember going for two years without any information, I always would hold out hope that we would get news, I never gave up in this game.

    I remember that day on E3 in 2013 when the first Final Fantasy XV trailer was shown. I couldn’t contain myself, I was crying tears of joy I was overwhelmed at how exciting it looked. Ever since first laying eyes on Accordo I wanted to visit it, fast forward to recent news where the developers have explained how massive the city is and how you will be able to explore it all, it really excites me.

    Final Fantasy VII in my heart has always been my favorite game, but I have been waiting for XV to take that place. VII was my first Final Fantasy game, I remember one day my older brother coming over on a whim and asking if I wanted two games he got for his PS1 that he doesn’t play. Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid, two very important games to me.

    I will stop ranting now before this stretches on for many more paragraphs, I’m looking forward to XV in a way I cannot describe here, I can’t wait until the big information release in March and finally getting the release date… it will be surreal.

  • Iwakura

    I wish we could get a true magic system. Swords are fun but it would be great to see all the particle effects from Firaga, Blizzaga, etc.

  • TheValeyard

    My biggest wish for FFXV is for it to have a deep magic system where you could combine more than one magic type together, or you could multiply magic and cause a whole field change to occur. So like, multiply fire to make a huge dessert area so that you have more fire damage. Or even combo magic and weapons so that your weapons can passively inflict or cast a lesser version of said magic. What is missing at the moment from the game is confirmation of how magic and summoning will work. Even if the magic is not as in depth as I just said, I will be happy just know how it works, and if it works well.

  • Nick Greeley

    I just hope it lives up to expectations, however, I loved even XIII, so that won’t be hard to accomplish in my eyes. lol

  • Michieie

    My biggest wish for FFXV is to play it and be absorbed by the scenery, the music, the plot and the characters.

  • sg

    One of my biggest wishes might be dual-audio. I’d love to play along with Japanese voices..! Of course, more than anything, I want to play a Final Fantasy that I fal lin love with again, something that makes me really care about what happens to the characters.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    My biggest wish for FFXV is to be taken on an unforgettable journey through breath-taking environments that are interesting to explore, filled with action-packed set-pieces perfectly woven into the battle system.

    I want to care about the characters, and the plot to be rich, coherent and emotional. I want it to have that FF epicness, like what we saw in the E3 2013 trailer.

    Not specific enough? I want to be taken through – and what I considered so great about previous FF’s – a visual showcase with brilliant cinematography, animations that will boggle my mind and a vivid yet grounded art design, perfectly complimented with an intricate level design.

    Still not specific enough? I want GILGAMESH God damnit.

  • Nick Greeley

    This. ED was very, very fun, but combat was hands down, the least enjoyable part.

  • Nick Greeley

    You’re in luck; Tababta said some time ago that they were aiming for the standard 40 hours, but couldn’t keep it that short due to the size of the world!

    It would be such a piss-off, though, if we had been waiting for this game for so long and it only ended up being 10-15 hours xD.

  • Justin Carrasco Lopez

    Wow, this was great, one wish is the fauna and flora became unique, the summons Archeans became great and epic in his artwork and the battles with them became to hard to get it, the game have dual audio like lighting returns that allowed to download the japanese audio, the artwork of the cities, weapons and monsters became just great, the music created by Yoko Shimomura became one of the greatest OST in the franchise because he is so talented and special person, and finally the game grants a excelent critics from fans and the press, and specially have excellent sells, and became goty of 2016

  • Rafael Alaffa

    As a huge fan of the ‘Final Fantasy’ franchise since I first played it back when I was a 5 years old, I wish this game provides an incredible journey with breathtaking scenery, great cast of characters, and an amazing plot that will provide an experience that will last a lifetime. I have felt this way primarily about Final Fantasy VII and X. Part VII was my very first role playing game and pretty much provided an unforgettable experience that no other game at the time did and that is precisely what I want this new installment to provide. Part X, however, really nailed the feeling of traveling to another world with its AMAZING world, music, and story. It’s hard to decide one one key element of making a good game since a true Final Fantasy game has all of the aforementioned qualities to provide an experience like no other. With all of that aside, my one critique that I shall reserve for when I actually play the game, is to see if the game has that unique charm that the Trailer debuted back in 2006 when it was announced as ‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII’. The trailer had a beautiful song–‘Somnus’ performed by Yoko Shimomura–resonated as the dark scenery perfectly blended with that dark mood in the game as Noctis mowed down the squadron of soldiers that were invading his territory. What captivated me the most, was just how unique the feel was compared to the previous games. It was very intriguing; from the unique crystal powers, to an opening quote of William Shakespeare perhaps foreshadowing the plot of the game about how “there is no right or wrong but thinking makes it so”. Perhaps some dark moral conflict in the game? then, to be met with a woman, Stella, with the same powers as Noctis, yet they appear to fight each other in later trailers as well as have a friendly conversation. Friends? Enemies? Perhaps another nod to William Shakespeare with a similar plot to Romeo & Juliet where perhaps Noctis and Stella are potential lovers, yet torn apart by circumstances and feuding families. Back to my concern, I noticed that after the game was re-branded ‘Final Fantasy XV’ and the new director had taken over, they said they applied many changes and they even went as far to take away Stella only to be replaced by an identical person named Luna Freya. Despite the similar appearance, we do not know much about her or whether or not she would otherwise serve the same role she would’ve in the original ‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII’ directed by Tetsuya Nomura. Based on the most recent trailers, we see very little about Luna. Could this perhaps be kept under tight lips to hide some form of large secret about her? What worries me, is that Stella appeared as a strong character that would serve as a friend/rival. Although, Luna does not appear to fight in any of the trailers and what little we do see of her, she appears to be in some form of danger; almost as if Luna can’t fight for her own. This slightly bothers me and might be my worries since I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announced back when i was in 6th grade (I am now going to be a junior in college) and yet I want to see that trailer that blurred the lines of realism. A world that showed a conflict between families, the struggle for power, the longing for peace amongst the characters Noctis and Stella, as well as the dark world surrounding this plot. It gave off a vibe that this game wasn’t afraid to retire the more bright and colorful world of Gran Pulse in ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ in favor of a more “realistic” and darker Final Fantasy. This really peaked my interest and I could not wait to find out more, yet here we are, nearly 10 years later. Hopefully this game truly lives up to be a game I shall cherish and treasure as much as the previous Final Fantasy adventures from my childhood. As they said in the trailer back in E3 2013, “The legend meets its match” (referencing the prominent standing of ‘Final Fantasy VII’ amongst long-time fans and how this game shall seek to rival that game in terms of experience). Hopefully, they succeed.

  • Róbert Orri


  • SNK

    Type-0 characters and story were great.

  • Billy Jackson

    I just want classic FF music on the radio to complete this ultimate road trip experience!

  • DarmusXIII

    I would love there to be character switching although I’m sure that won’t be happening at all that and multiple main villains would be pretty cool haha

  • Erica H

    My biggest wish is to finally be able to play the game. I’ve been waiting since it was first announced back in 2006 I believe.

    What I want to see is some more summons. Using Ramuh in Episode Duscae was awesome. So I would want to see Shiva, she’s one of my favorite summons. I would also like for there to be costumes for everyone. Maybe based on how they used to look back in the Versus days.

  • Martian Wong

    What I wanted from FFXV is touching story like FFX, breath taking scenery that I can get to visit. But that is not all, I would like to enjoy the battle system that will be in the game from battle gigantic bosses to aerial battles and the freedom to explore. Ever since watching the Advent Children, I was hoping that one day they can make a game similar to the FFAC. And now here it is, years and years of waiting, finally it will be released in 2016. While this is not related to gameplay, I am looking forward to their collector edition. I am hoping that it will give us a documentary disc containing the major development points from the beginning to the release day, an artbook, soundtrack CD, Noctis Playart if I am not asking for too much, and a special cook book that tell us how to cook those wonderful meals that Ignis prepared for the group and a wallpaper of FFXV.

  • Bilal sq1

    Hi. I think that what FF15 needs to be a perfect FF is a great story. We have seen alot of footage talk about scale, open world, graphics and engine. But the story is something that is still in limbo. We know the story has been changed since FFversus13. So my wish is that we have a great FF story like the golden days. Something that makes me love the franchise again. I was very disappointed with FF13 and they continued to make that again and again. Now they have a chance to win me back and make an old fan with grey hair happy again. Heres to a great Final Fantasy.

  • Wolfpup Rios

    What I want the most is to be able to interact with chocobos, such as able to attack while riding on them, and possibly able to give them their own names in the game so you can call them out and they will respond by coming towards you. That’ll be really cool

  • Tiffany Chern

    I would really like to see the moogles return, either as an NPC/ally/shopkeeper/summon or like a doll (Easter egg type). Also I think it would interesting to be able to breed chocobo’s. My wish is also that their will be a piece of music that is just as iconic as FFX’s To Zanarkand.
    Though somewhat minor, I think it would interesting to add in other vehicles that we the player could control (besides the car or the possible airship). Maybe a bike or something similar. There isn’t to much that seems to be missing in my point of view.

  • Nick

    I know I will very much enjoy however ff15 turns out based on everything we know so far and after playing the demo but I do miss being able to have characters that use the more typical class-based weapons such as staves, bows, etc instead of just swords and guns. I would like to see a magic wielder to have magic-based weapons equipped for example. I also hope for a lot of character customization and development as far as talent trees and different ways to improve each character. I could go on but these are the first things that come to mind.

    *my 30th bday is Feb 6th so this would be an awesome bday gift! Haha

  • Paul

    Hmm, I say my biggest wish is for Luna have some of that Stella flair even though they’re different now. The biggest thing missing so far is NPC interaction. While we know of Cindy, I want to know more about the different NPCs that are secondary or tertiary characters…. Of course, time will tell

  • Nick

    That sounds amazing

  • TheMushroomXIII

    My biggest wish is that the mighty GILGAMESH will make a dramatic appearance in this game. Anytime he makes an appearance in a game, I always feel pure joy in fighting one of the most iconic figures in the franchise. Not to mention his battle theme is amazing *O*

  • DragonWarrior

    My biggest wish is for Final Fantasy XV to be filled with fun side quests/mini games as well as memorable characters/towns/music.

  • SergeArni

    Hope it brings the series back to main stream greatness, also want some great side quests that give awesome rewards.

  • If this doesn’t help Square rise back up, it’s over. Even if FF7R is good people will see them as failures are any new ideas they try and see them as just lazy rehashers. COME ON XV! Please be good! No! Great!

  • Patrick

    Everything I’ve seen of XV has been so great so far, and the feedback on Episode Duscae proves Tabata and co. have been listening. I suppose my biggest wish is that we get a female character who will permanently join our party. Even if it’s not until post-end (who knows, maybe one of our four leads will pass away..?).
    While I’m not a huge fan of Cindy’s design, it would be super badass to have her, or Lunafreya or Gentiana to join your party.
    My other wish is for the rest of the XV soundtrack to be as incredible as the stuff from Episode Duscae. I was already a huge Shimomura fan but some of those tunes (the nighttime battle music in particular) just blew me away.

    Also, uh, it would be great to win this draw. 🙂

  • Franggio Hogland

    Seriously… You want my OTP? 🙂 You’re not ready for my OTP 😀

    But seriously, my wish is easy. I want the game to come out in July-august. Work is usually very dull for me then and I can fully dedicate myself and just chill while I mull things over. Also we need to see more of Gladio, perhaps playing beach volleyball in the correct sportswear for BV?

  • Pleasance13

    More than anything I think I just hope to see a great villain. It’s been a while since we’ve had a truly great one. Probably since Kuja, at least in my opinion. There were some okay villains after him, but none quite as memorable from the PS2 era onward.

    Apart from that, I just want to play the game and have the same feeling I did when that first Versus XIII trailer was released. Although, part of me thinks I’ll have a better chance of that when VII Remake comes around. It seems to show a lot of Nomura’s original ideas – at least gameplay-wise – that were cut in the transition to XV.

  • i387

    I just hope for FFXV to have a solid story. And that the way to deliver that story is actually played rather than told in some encyclopedia-datalog-wall-of-text style (cf FF13).

    Regarding the game engine, I seriously hope Duscae is severly outdated, because it’s very very pale in comparison to, say, MGS5. I would be very happy with less detailed graphics and the game running at 1080p/60fps..

    On the technical side, I also would like above all else the inclusion of the Japanese dub on disc, and a localization as faithful as possible to the original Japanese, meaning no name changes, no age changes; etc..

    Let’s wait and see!

  • kfart

    I want FFXV to be have an amazing story. One thing that draws me from lengthy rpgs like Tales of and even FFXIII is that even when i put the controller down, I was still anxious to know what happens next! That, in combination with Shimomura’s soundtrack will elevate the game from great, to shockingly great.

  • Nick Greeley

    There won’t be enough room on the disc for both languages, but Tabata has mentioned in the past that he would like to put up the Japanese voices/FMVs and lip-sync data as DLC (like they did for Lightning Returns)!

  • Subrata Candra

    i hope it has great story and much better battle control from the demo, i personally think it still can be improved especially in the combo system with other player. And really hoping for great mini games just like chocobo raising and gold saucer (FF 7)

  • Nick Greeley

    Veiled in Black is definitely one of her best compositions lately; I really hope that the rest follows suit (though, the normal/day battle theme sounds more like field music than anything. lol)

  • Nick Greeley

    I’d looooove to hear a Shimomura rendition of his battle theme!

  • Nick Greeley

    Moogles are confirmed already :)!

  • CallMeGod

    My biggest wish for FFXV would be for it to be release this spring so that I can finally get my hand on it and play the game.

  • Sephy Angel

    I have waited……it’s almost 10, right? 9 1/2 years for this game. Through rain, sleet, snow, tornado, earthquake, tsunami, whatever you can throw at me, I will make it to be there for when it is finally released and a dream realized. I’ve been ensnared by this game since its first debut trailer when it was stil Versus XIII. With Hajime’s recent passing down the flame of taking over XV, the same mastermind behind Type-0 and Crisis Core, I really want to see what’s brought to the table with XV and its so many game changes over the years.

    And come this event in March where we’ll see it in true form will we know Final Fantasy.

  • Tsakane

    My biggest wish for FFXV is it turns out to be amazing and makes all the naysayers look like idiots for doubting it.

  • Cris Ferreira

    Oh, I rly want to see the most classic summons/GF in action! And, if it not ask too much… Some easter eggs making reference to FFX, my favorite in the series.

  • Anna-Serena Lee

    My biggest wish for FFXV is this game come out this year, with that beautiful graphics and have an amazing story.
    If possible, have the option to the change audio to the original – with the Japanese voice actor.
    I can’t wait for this game to come out. %^^%

  • Gala

    I wait nine years for this game!! Now…in a few months to know its release date, I’m very happy!! I’ll finally know the history of this game that both wait,each trailer that was released impacted me the story,the characters,the mucis all …is beautiful. I Hope more of story Noctis and Luna, the family ties, The party 🙂

    and my biggest wish for FFXV:that many people love this game, feel the same emotion that the characters and it turns out to be amazing for all 🙂

  • Claudai

    My biggest wish for FFXV is that This game will have amazing story which will made me cry and that I won’t forget about it for many years.

  • Dennis Gurkis Johansson

    My wish is that Tabata-san and his team make the greatest and most emotional journey in the history of Final Fantasy.

  • Brittney Hepp

    My wish for FFXV is too find out more about our main boys, and see the backstories to each of them. Also, lots of tears.

  • Yoko51

    My biggest wish for FFXV is for it to have a great story. Possibly one that can make me cry. haha I want a story that I can talk about years down the line (for good reasons).

    I’m really excited to see how the magic system will work in this game.

  • Merriam

    Hello there. I dont speak English Very well, just a heads up if my commant gets any awkward.

    Im a huge fan of Final Fantasy since i first started to play video games. After playing FF XIII series, i was really disapointed. it did not meet my expectations. The graphic was very good. However, i didnt feel engaged to the story. The fighting system was a complete disaster. I usually recommend games to friends, but FF XIII never been in my recommendation list. Even the soundtrack is not successful compared to FF X, VII etc.

    When FF XV demo released, i was so excited. Unfortunately, i was broken at that time, i couldnt buy my own copy till a friend of mine send my the demo code as a gift, I love you Orix. I tried the demo and i love everything from the beginning. I think this game will be a big deal for RPG fans. I notice that each character has it’s own unique characteristics and language. XV quiet different than the previous once. I feel its more realistic, which is a good thing of course. I love the soundtracks. They english voice cast has done a very good job, despite we dont know who’s behind each character voice yet. I notice in the compact, all the characters fight as if they were one body, helping and fighting in harmony. I hope they develop combat system more. Usually searching for special items in RPG games take a lot of time, which kills the fun, i hope they make it more reasonable in this point.
    overall, this game will be incredibly amazing, i know it.


  • Nox Atra

    My wish for FFXV is for the game to fulfill the hype that made me go crazy all over it. It’s FFXV’s fault that I’m now working my ass off to save for a PS4. :p

  • Winsa

    My biggest wish for XV is it really will overcome VII in overall. Because they said that they will make the VII Remake if there is a FF game that can overcome the original VII, and I believe that’s XV. So my faith will be always with XV no matter what.

  • Shadow Yuk

    Glad to hear that I’m not the only one 🙂

  • Danel Eder

    My biggest wish for Final Fantasy XV is for it to have memorable characters, a compelling story and a truly magical Final Fantasy vibe, unlike the dreadful XIII trilogy (I tried, I really did). It does look amazingly promising I have to say, but then again, so did FFXIII. So I’m trying to tone down my expectations

    On an unrelated note, the perfect FF for me would have IX’s characters and atmosphere, X’s battle system, VII’s story, XII’s scope and VIII’s music.

  • Hyosuke

    I hope FFXV be the biggest Final Fantasy ever! 🙂

  • Sanips

    In the final game I hope to see a complete and polished game that fans like me make us to be proud about SE and FF franchise. After all the material we have seen I’m missing more fantasy, I mean there isn’t too much equilibrium between reality and fantasy. I hope to get wrong about that.

  • Adrian

    Lucky for you, they announced they will be releasing the game with dual audio. So you will be able change their voices to their original Japanese voice actors (I know I will!)

  • Adam Hedquist

    In the final game I hope to see a huge world to explore, big cities, big towns, large caves and in all of these I could get lost in, a world I can fly around with an airship in. I hope to see romance, a story that could me cry. And what I think is missing in FFXV that would truly make it the game of my dreams is character switching.

  • TheCandyGiraffe

    My biggest wish is for it to be a true odyssey into the fantastical and the unknown. Not only in location, but also in history and mythology. I can’t wait to find out more about the world itself and how the kingdoms were all founded.

  • Nile

    I really want to see a gambit type of system to control the other party members! That would be the perfect way to have your action and strategy too. Besides that, I’m hyped beyond reason!

  • Dongmatteezzy

    I hope that FFXV will appear in the HISTORY OF AWESOME GAMES like FFVII. The only missing part in this game is Character Switching and I don’t know if Noctis and Luna will fight each other just like Noctis and Stella before.

    Sorry for my english

  • stevenm281

    its confirmed that the difference between Luna and Stella is that Stella was an enemy while Luna is an ally and will be a guest party member.

  • Dongmatteezzy

    Ooooh~~ okay! too bad we can’t use her tho—- 🙁

  • Wazi the pa

    Doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing for the game! Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. :3

  • GS

    Let’s hope it lives up to the hype.

  • calliopium .

    My biggest wish for FFXV is that it’ll have an engaging story, and that we’ll see a lot of Luna! She looks great from what I’ve seen of her so far and I’d love for her to get a lot of screen time. In general, though, I just hope it’s as successful as Square-Enix is aiming for it to be; after its turbulent development, I want it to go well for them!

  • Miguelin Trúlala

    I want to see Diabolos in this game, it would be fantastic!!

  • Ene

    Tonberries, Moogles and Cactuars! They belong into a Final Fantasy game just as much as Chocobos, summons etc.

  • Awato

    My biggest wish for Final Fantasy XV is to make me feel something with the story TT w TT

  • My wish for FFXV is that it will turn out better than the expectations of a long time FF fans, something that gets every fans heart flutter when they play the game.

  • Victor Petersson

    My wish For Final Fantasy is to get captivated by the story. I also want something after finishing the game, like special weapons, new bosses and side quests

  • Noct

    I hope we’ll get the Shakespearean story that we were promised, one that of love, revenge, betrayal and tragedy. I remember taking quite an interest in all of the parallels between FFXV and “Hamlet”. Hopefully FFXV will deliver a story that will change the view of the newer generation towards JRPGs as a whole.
    So far it’s looking pretty great from what we’ve seen, what is seems to be lacking is only more information.

  • Lu Yukihara

    Oh, my… thanks for the oportunity, guys!
    My biggest wish for FFXV is some female playabe character and great story! To see awesome magic, background and game design. I know this game has taken many years and Square Enix has been careful to make it great and awesome but… we really hope it worth <3.

  • boktai1000

    My wish is for a captivating soundtrack to go along with the epic storyline. Something that I will listen to when I am away from the game, and think about the next time I will get to immerse myself in it again and imagine myself playing it as I’m listening.

  • jamurjamban

    I just wish this game will have a lot of great side missions, hidden Archaeans, hidden places to explore, and a fun mini games. It’s Tabata’s game, so I won’t worry about story so much.

    oh one thing, I hope I can afford to buy PS4 before this game released, lol.

  • okami29

    I hope we will have secret bosses, a good endgame content and aerial combos as fast as Kingdom Hearts 3 combat system!

  • Dibbs

    My biggest wish for Final Fantasy XV is simply for it to be released and receive a great deal of long term support similar to Splatoon and the witcher 3.

  • Skryfallen

    My biggest wish for Final Fantasy XV is that we all can enjoy the game when it comes out without worrying if it’s good or bad.

  • The Turbanator

    TBH my biggest wish is that we get a demo for FFVIIR.

  • NurRayArt

    I hope Final Fantasy XV delivers a memorable gaming experience and it’s anti-war messages should be taken seriously, too.

  • Erdras

    My biggest wish would probably be that they keep the character interactions light-hearted like they were in Episode Duscae.

  • D.3ND

    How about getting the demo as a bonus when buying first copies of XV?

  • Nik

    I hope the open-world atmosphere doesn’t get in the way of good storytelling. Immersion is also something I’m hoping isn’t broken too often.

  • stevenm281

    either first releases like Type-0 HD did, or maybe with the collector’s edition

  • Orin

    My hope is that the experience is engaging and reverberates long after it’s over.

  • neon2142

    My biggest wish would be awesome storytelling with great moments. What is missing or not just published yet ( or I have just missed that completely ), is some sort of mini game with chocobo, not only racing but something like in Final Fantasy IX. In my point of view that would be something to add later or sooner.

  • ミカを大好き

    It may sound corny, but my biggest wish for Final Fantasy to have interesting plot, exciting fights, and that the game could pay off for developers

  • My wish is that the main cast is not only likable, but relatable to a degree in the end.

  • 9999damage

    I wish that Final Fantasy XV will be the game of the year!! Hopefully, the latest installment will have an epic story and enjoyable gameplay. The things that remain missing are the airship and the worldmap. Originally, we were told that they were going to be present in the game but unfortunately these plans have changed.

  • Braegh

    My biggest wish is that the game goes off without a hitch. And of course to experience those epic Final Fantasy cutscenes and moments of discovery.

  • Rebellionzx

    Platinum FF15 within a month without using any help/walkthrough

  • Tom

    I hope the game will be great. I’d love to see some nice magic, especially elemental magic interacting with the surroundings.

  • Massimo

    I hope the game will have an awesome story!

  • Joyce Barros

    I’ve been waiting for FFXV since 2006, so my biggest wish is to enjoy every bit of it!

  • Staci Toner

    Is there anywhere I can just buy that wristband from, its cool

  • M_Night

    In the final game I hope to see narrative climaxes on par with some of the original VersusXIII trailers. Especially the DKSK13WHATEVERITSCALLED trailer!

    In my point of view, what the game is still lacking is stylistic magic that Nomura’s project had. Whether that’s a content thing, or a market presentation problem with the current game…they need to reach those heights again. If they could present the game in that style again then many people are going to be excited for this game. 🙂

  • Kissy Harumi

    My biggest wish is to see people sharing the same feelings of pleasure and happiness from the ‘fantasy’ possibility of reality that this game provides, recognizing all the emotions involved on this creation.

  • Noxen IV

    My biggest wish for Final Fantasy XV is for it to not only be a great Final Fantasy game, but for it to be my favorite Final Fantasy.

  • Nefelíbata

    My only wish for Final Fantasy XV is that excites me, that makes me feel a lot of things, I want it to make me laugh, to cry, tension, amazing battles and characters that brings you to that amazing world. At last, all that Final Fantasy means.

  • Rodrigo Portella

    My wish is to see in FFXV all the features that made me fall in love for the franchise along the years, no Final Fantasy ever disappointed me, and I’m sure XV won’t be the first to do so.

  • eternaleon

    My hope for Final Fantasy XV is for it to be one of the greatest RPG’s ever made, to live up to the fans expectations, especially for those who have waited a long time. I’m sure it won’t disappoint, FFXV will be amazing.

  • Marcus Chen

    I wish for FFXV to be the game that Square Enix wanted it to turn out in the end( NOT ffversus13), and that fans all over the world can fall in love for this game , both new and old fans. It has been a long time since its announcement back in versus , I’m sure they’ve come a long way too. I have high hopes its going to turn out great

  • Axel Ravenheart

    I want it to come out in September for my birthday lol and hopefully sephiroth or cloud come out as secret bosses or something

  • Bobby Jennings/GodlessChaos

    My biggest wish for XV is that the combat is heavily improved upon from the demo we’ve gotten. That’s the only thing I feel is missing other than some FPS tweaks but yeah. Improve the combat as much as possible!

    Finally, I hope it sells tons!

  • John Nye

    My biggest hope for Final Fantasy 15 is that we get gigantic boss battles where it takes us a long time to defeat the boss so that you can’t just willy Billy go in and just fight u have to level up get the right abilities and technics and a sound strategy for these fights as well I hope that they really do a good job of working in the air battles from the e3 2013 trailer and you travel through buildings and across airships while fighting enemies and all while dodging leviathan and his attacks something like that would probably be my biggest hope for this game alongside great gameplay mechanics.

  • Lorenzo Fanfani

    I hope to see Carbuncle, not sure how it could fit in but yeah that would be great. And a great villain also.

  • Blerim Kamberi

    I Hope this will be a The FF Iv been dreaming of since 06 I want this to be the Most epic emotional Story from start to finish I want to be Hooked in so hard I’ll end up doing all nighters to find out what happens next and when I’m not playing I’m crying to get back on that’s My Wish but for a personally request of what I Hope to see a Bahamut since his my fave of the Summons and Noctis with his fathers Sword and armour.

  • Naho RoPi

    My biggest Wish for FF XV would be… Bring back all the feelings and happiness old FF games made my feel during my childhood. I don’t think they will disappoint me because so far the game looks amazing and beatiful!! I hope to see not just awesome battles and effects but deep and complicated characters and the strong bonds between them.

  • Sunkoru

    My biggest wish right now is being able to play and experience the full game this year. I know they’ve already made it clear that the game will release this year. But I still can’t believe it after almost 10 years of waiting! ^^

  • WalnutAssassin

    My biggest wish is that they figure out how to put airships into the game. With the graphics that good (and the world that big) piloting one would be awesome.

  • •december

    My biggest wish for Final Fantasy is that it’s March 2016 already and we get a release date

  • Bousf

    At the moment, my biggest wish is a wider display of environments. Show off some staggering art direction, showcase the blending between fantasy and reality and I will certainly dive in for hours and hours and hours!

    Now, I am confident about its 2016 release, but part of me wishes greatly that they are able to meet schedule!! ^^

  • nonsense2596

    My biggest wish for FFXV would be a PC port (preferably in this year).

  • Myriam

    I hope it will have an interesting storyline

  • Catoblepas

    I love your username! 😀

  • NaëloSpawn

    I hope to see much more ability and weapon customization as in previous FFs!!

  • Catoblepas

    With magic, I would LOVE to see something like Suntory’s live action FFXII Potion commercial. Look at how magic affects the gas station. LOL. https://youtu.be/y-PGVdEjmiw

  • Ratsuki

    I wish I can do that whole “Kids, I’m gonna tell you about this game called FFVersus/XV…” meme for real in the future, but not only because of the development hullabaloo, but because this game would be good enough for me to appreciate and remember for another 10 years to come. And I hope none of main characters dies (ugh I setting myself for heartbreak here ain’t I. sobs).

    In game, I hope there’s gonna be impactful big villain whose ass I can pleasantly kick. Having another big character with sassy, awesome asshole personality(my favorite~) gonna be nice too.

  • gloriac141

    My biggest wish for FFXV is that is lives up to the hype. I and so many fans have waited for almost a decade for this game. I want this to be a game that can live up to par with their old games and give me as much feels as they did. I want Square Enix to go back to its roots and I’m hoping FFXV will be the start of a whole new legacy of games.

  • Rapha

    I just hope they release it with a friggin awesome bundle so I can buy a hella good looking ps4 to play this gem

  • Billy Jackson

    Chocobo racing would be amazing to see in FFXV!

  • 2Shea

    I really hope we get a good collectors edition. I love the artwork of XV and I truly hope it comes with an art book!

  • Luis Tovar

    If I can feel the same as when I watched the final sequence of Final Fantasy X, then Final Fantasy XV would have succeeded in my book. My biggest wish is that, whatever they do, I want it to leave me with that special feeling.

  • IconnC

    My wish is that FFXV be grand in every sense (cinematics, storyline, plot twists, characters, gameplay) to be considered one of the top games of 2016 and be recognized as one of the best Final Fantasy and/or JRPGs ever made

  • Tanner Waterland

    Honestly I hope that Final Fantasy XV has an amazing story that I can attach myself to emotionally. I’m also hoping this new combat system is fun, based on the demo I can already see it’s going in that direction!

  • Walter Serrano

    What I hope for most is an engaging story with really good characters! Also hoping for a huge map that will take a long time to explore and fantastic boss battles!

  • Little Princess Prom

    I really hope for a happy end that satisfies the built up hopes throughout the game, that would really be nice xD I secondly hope for many many secrets and a big map to explore. And I also really hope for many many funny interactions between the boys while walking and fighting because it is very funny sometimes to just watch them and see how naturally everything seems. But all in all FFXV will and should be awesome ^-^
    But i believe in you guys FIGHTING!

  • Jesse

    I hope to see a large category of magic with spells like ultima, holy, gravity, quake, and meteor. As for what i think is missing is controllable summons but its too early to tell if they are missing in my pov. But other than that I really love episode duscae and i still play it alot.

  • oNionKnight08

    – I hope for an immersive ff experience.
    – It’s still missing a specific release date :p

  • CM14

    I hope that the world feels lived in. That we come across lots of memorable NPCs who feel like they are at the location for a reason and aren’t just their to fill the area up.
    Maybe do it the way Dark Souls does it, you speak to somebody at all different locations and complete their quest line.

  • J2MRaiden

    -What I hope to see: spectacular magic and a fun combat system!
    -Missing: dragoon lady! <3

  • TalesRevenant

    What I’m most excited to see regarding Final Fantasy XV are the massive cities and towns the game promises. I can’t wait to get lost in Altissia. What is still missing… is the release date! Need it already!

  • Tulvai Chimen

    I wish the game will succeed on critics reviews, financially and most important to be an instant classic to us fans. Almost there…

  • Morgan

    I wish for this game to have a deep, incredible story and the most immersive gameplay we’ve ever experienced. I wish for this game to be remembered as the greatest Final Fantasy ever.

  • Fangs Of Despair

    I wish to see a very deep and intriguing story, breathtaking landscapes and awesome music!
    I don’t really think it misses something but, I wonder if there will be a Golden Saucer kind of place.
    After 10 years, It would be great if the game could come out this year…

  • 9999damage

    Cheers 😉

  • Patrick Kueser

    I just want the game to be great. However they reach that is up to them.

  • SirGuille

    I wish to have the game tomorrow !

  • Vicky

    For me, the two most important things a game has to have is a captivating story and a great soundtrack. Now, the Final fantasy games have the most beautiful soundtracks out there, but xiii’s soundtrack really disappointed me and i really hope they’ll step up their game and makes something as great as vii and x had.

    Secondly, we already know that the story is going to be different from previous final fantasy games, but i hope they won’t lose the atmosphere the other ff games have. I want the story to have a deep meaning that really makes you think, and not just be one of those stories where you don’t even bother to read the conversations. We’ve all been looking forward to xv for so long and i really hope they make this game memorable.

  • Wazi the pa

    FFX’s Luca theme ftw.

  • Lady Dono

    I hope to see moogle ” kupo kupo ”
    And a female charcter in the group for a long time .
    I know the group only guys . But i really hope to see one Female charcter in the group .
    And something a little dreamy .. I hope they surprise us and stella appear
    In the game ..
    lets see , a charcter wearing a hoodie ” like the one who is wearing as an assassin ”
    and later we discover She is stella <3
    Thank you for this Awesome Giveaway .. It's so generous from you all .

  • Regina Budianto Sutrisno

    I want to be embraced by the soundtrack with a great storyline 😀

  • Blzstorm

    I’m fine with anything in the game, but don’t want to see gods as an enemy. I want to see something different, like someone attaining power, and as a final boss, using all your skills to defeat this one boss.

  • Wong Kok Wai

    Chocobo, thats all.

  • Leanne

    The thing I most want for FFXV is a tragic storyline. I want to see the characters grow due to their hardships. Oh, and I want SE to include Moogles 🙂

  • Sweetbabyray

    I want to see many animations and kinds of magick. ff has always produced gorgeous visual effects. Also lots of different mini bosses please.

  • Illusion

    I want to see a world that is engaging and interactive. Maybe work some of the side quests or mini games in with the environment

  • lina1562

    I would like it to be so imersive that I can forget about the trophies,and only look at is astill a story that needs to be played.Like the older Ps one and ps2 days. Make me forget about trophie hunting,and make the story consume a player into wanting more. Ithat’s what I saw in the demo. I can’t wait for hours on end,getting trampled by wildlife! ^ ^

  • I have waited for this game since the first trailer of the (versus xiii) version,
    I was charmed by Noctis, how he looks, his fighting and the aspect of him being a PRINCE!
    Year after year, after Nomura-san comes Tabata-san and I become more and more excited.
    The best thing that happened to me in 2015 is playing the demo, followed by the confirmation of the game being released in 2016.
    What I look forward most is of course the story and sharing the journey with the young prince to reclaim his crown as king.
    I want to experience a new Final Fantasy, a one that captivates my heart and soul, and I am sure that XV will do.
    From a more technical perspective, the combat system was a downside for me, I did not like the idea of a Final Fantasy game to have an action approach, yet the news of the addition of more magic choices made it better.
    Plus, I do understand that the staff and the company are aiming at new audience, XV will be the new era and I am glad I am here to witness.
    Thinking about it now, it is perfect (adding moogles made it 10/10 XD JK), and I would not pay any attention to any statistics or reviews whether it is positive or negative, this game has already gained its place.
    I have faith in SE and Tabata-san/XVteam in creating a game that will meet more than what I expect.
    I can not wait to see noctis as … King Noctis Lucis Caelum.

  • y0d499_1337

    Aww yeahh! I’d love to win this. I never win anything! My biggest wish for this game is kinda dumb… but uhh…. I really want it to be comfy and if the demo and what the director has said is anything to go by, my wish will come true. I also hope there are several segments in Insomnia, as it’s modern Tokyo visuals are really cool and something I’d love to see used to it’s fullest extent.

  • Charli

    I wish for good graphics and interactive, explorable landscapes (but most of all, we all wish for a truly bromantic road trip). atm all that’s missing is the dramatic double-cross by one of the main cast members. <3

  • I’ve been waiting for this game since 2006, and fell in love with the theme, setting and Shakespearean dramatic inspiration. I wish for an epic, dark themed story with *real* drama and superb storytelling. Which are standards for classic FF titles 🙂

  • LunaellaXV

    I hope to see my fantasy become reality 😀

  • Miira Estallum

    I was hoping for the best to ffxv game. Hoping that the game will make a great–higher expectation than our first thought(??). I cannot wait for the storyline, (more importantly) the fire magic, the characters (cor is the most anticipated characters if i must say idk), the regalia, travelling altissia, lestallum, etc., fISHING, anD CHOCOBO. I cannot wait for the DLC too. And i need playstation 4 to play this ;_; (sorry for my bad english;english is not my mother language tho)

  • Billy Jackson

    I wish FFXV can takeover all of the limelight again. Like FF’s of old. 🙂

  • Errorochi

    All I want is for Prompto to be the goofy cinnamon roll how we know and love him and not the hooded man/ villain 🙁

  • Adam Mallard

    I want FFXV to be a very memorable experience with a great story, music, and gameplay. I want to fall in love with the game just like I did with FFIX and FFVI. Chocobos and moogles are always welcome, too!

  • brains

    i’m most interested in ffxv’s story – and how our main four characters are going to unravel it. i want it to be dark and engaging and deeply personal, while being elegantly poignant and not pretentious. it would be cool if the game’s mechanics, it’s more technical side, could facilitate the story nicely, so that the player, regardless of their previous experience with gaming, or the final fantasy series, or even just video games in general, can feel super involved with everything and can really feel connected to the characters. another thing i really look forward to is good voice acting – that would seriously affect pretty much the whole game so i’m worried but also excited. i really love ffxv’s setting so far, as well as the character backstories – they sound so cool and interesting and perfect! also, we’ve been waiting for like 8 years, so i’m sure it will go beyond any and all expectations and change the way people think of the final fantasy series altogether.

    i really want ffxv to be unlike any other story i’ve heard before and so far, i think it really is going to be everything i’ve ever wanted from a story involving this many good-looking guys!

    (although, one thing – i REALLY miss prompto’s old design! it was so much better, why did square enix have to change it ;_; !)

  • Twililord

    I want FFXV to be the greatest game ever made.

  • – ̗̀GFI ̖́- Korra

    Game looks way different from what i imagined it would be like as a kid, but looks great, and continues to look better each time they show more. Would love it if they did include at least some female guest characters.

  • Lulu Mae Yeul

    I truly mean it, Final Fantasy means the world to me. I have been a fan since I was 7 years old and now I am 19. I remember the day back in 2006 where I was announced along with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy “Agito”, its an overwhelming journey to realize that very soon Final Fantasy XV will be in my hands. It brings me to tears with the thought.

    What I would like to see in Final Fantasy XV is a game with teamwork and love and with beautiful bonds of friendship. Though this happens in ever FF game so Im pretty sure it will happen in XV! haha, *thinks* I really hope the English voice actors are going to be very good. I am impressed with the Japanese (Miyano Mamoru), so I truly hope the English can be amazing as well! I always prefer to play in English. NO MATTER WHAT THOUGH, I will ALWAYS have faith in Square Enix, because I have never been disappointed, not once! I truly love this series with all my heart and if I were to win, First I would cry again tears of joy, but I would also treasure it completely for all my life <3

    I'll love Final Fantasy Forever! //crosses fingers

  • Iván García Moncayo

    After watching the last trailer i hope incredible boss battles and awesome music

  • Isabella C. Lopes

    I want a epic fight with the dragoon lady

  • Iltapalanyymi

    ohhh i so want that

  • John Nguyen

    After seeing the latest footage at Taipei Game Show 2016! I am satisfied about everything that the game has to offer.

  • Harmain Rafi

    What I’m really excited to see in XV has to be cat camera. It’s something small compared to everything else but it’s also so novel! The idea is really cute and something I’ve never seen before. That’s only if I HAD to pick one thing though 😉
    The story still has yet to be revealed in greater detail so I’m looking forward to a complex plot and epic music from Yoko Shimamura ^_^

  • Liljor

    Frankly, what I’ve seen so far has me pretty assured that I’ll be able to enjoy the game. The art direction and visual design is very well conceived and coherent with Final Fantasy’s previous achievements in world building. I like most of the characters that we’ve seen so far and the atmosphere when camping under the night sky in the wilderness with your friends. The music is simply amazingly beautiful and implemented in, at least Episode Duscae, a fluid manner. (dem Ramuh summon chills).

    However, what I’m not completely sold on yet is the consoles’ ability to give us a “smooth enough” experience graphically. It is something that could possibly dampen and hinder my enjoyment of the game as a whole. When playing Episode Duscae, both before the patch and after, I felt and witnessed considerable slowdowns in battles to the point of controller inputs feeling sluggish and unresponsive. I hope they can tighten up the technical part and provide us with a stable framerate in time for the release of the full game. But I’m sure that they’re continually optimising both the game-specific engine as well as the Luminous Studio right up until launch.

  • Sonata K

    I am excited to play FFXV after all these years. I am hoping for a some kind of plot twist like one of the main characters is a traitor!

  • kluck

    I’m still holding out for stylish party attacks where they each take turns, passing the enemy off to the next person

  • Tsukiko

    I’m looking forward to seeing the story unfold, and the bond between the lads grow and get stronger. The latest footage in the ATR has got me even more hyped!

  • Final Fantasy XV

    My biggest wish is for them to gather again all the old school-story-telling spirit.

  • Jaime Mrtnez

    I just hope they wrote a good script.

  • ninjasquare

    I want it to be the best Final Fantasy ever made. That includes having a mindblowing story as well as amazing and innovative gameplay/mechanics. Like, for example, people would say FFXV would be better than say FFVI or FFVII. Tabata said he wanted this to happen so I’m incredibly hopeful that this game will blow us away and be an inspiration to future video games/RPGs, like how FFVI and FFVII has influenced games made today.

    Furthermore, Square Enix said previously that they only wanted to remake FFVII if they feel a new FF game has exceeded the quality of FFVII. Although FFVII is not in my top three FF games, it’s still pretty amazing even for today, so if Square Enix is remaking FFVII, then it must mean FFXV will be amazing.

    Also, another wish I have is bring funny moments in this game. This game has a very dark mood towards it but to me Final Fantasy games should have quirky moments. For example, like in FFVI, the part where Terra uses Magic the first game and Locke and Edgar jump around the screen in shock and happiness. Ultros is another FFVI example I have. More examples would be FFVII’s cross dressing scene and many FFIX moments.

    In summary, my wish is to have Final Fantasy to be mindblowing like it was before with many Final Fantasy elements. I’m really looking forward to Final Fantasy XV.

  • Zerox20

    I better win!

  • Khold

    I want this to be one of the best final fantasy ever! It’s been so long after the first reveal, we deserve a good a game T_T

  • GigCac

    My biggest wish for Final Fantasy Xv is that you can get drunk and go bowling with your cousin

  • GigCac

    I want FFXV be one of those games that whenever I think about it, it will bring a smile to my face.

  • SaveTheDay


  • Wazi the pa

    ….. Welcome to the club then? lol

  • iMkh

    Honestly, my biggest wish is simply for XV to be a good game.
    Playing Episode Duscae and the 2.0 update, we knew that the game was far from the final build. The camera, fighting and framerate were pretty bad, but the world looked absolutely amazing. The music is REALLY good too, but we knew that since the Versus XIII days.
    So yeah, let’s just hope Tabata and his team managed to pull out all the potential that this game has since we all fell in love with it almost 10 years ago!

  • Hachii85

    I does not hope for the best game ever but a great story. I feel that FFXV will be a very emotional one. Hope my 10 years of wait worth it.

  • Zoe

    I want a strong story that moves at a steady pace with minimal grinding.

  • Essepi

    I hope it will be a game that will make new generation fall in love with final fantasy saga as the old ones made us as well. They are not common games, they are part of our life. For example I played FFX when I was at primary school, and I was astonished how a game could make me cry because I became a part I of the game itself. So every time I play it I will always remember my childhood.
    P. S. : keep going! You guys are awesome! A big hug from Italy

  • Red Makuzawa

    The competition is officially over. Thank you to everyone who has commented here and good luck.