Second “Talking Hitman” video released By André Mackowiak on February 2, 2016 at 5:30 PM

IO-Interactive released the second video in the “Talking Hitman” video series, covering the looks of Agent 47.

Through the history of the Hitman series Agent 47 has faced slightly different design decisions.  While the master assassin had e.g. a more grown man appearance in Hitman: Absolution, he is obviously younger in the latest Hitman installment.

In the new game, traveling the world for missions is key, but IO-Interactive also wanted to go back to Agent 47’s golden days, “being on the climax of his career”, as Hannes Seifert told Nova Crystallis at Gamescom. The bald man is in now great shape, too.

The new episodic release strategy allows the developers to react on fan feedback more quickly. Thus, 47’s face has even slightly changed since its announcement last summer, based on fan critics.

The first episode of the game, also known as the Intro Pack, ships on March 11 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One for just 15$. Each new location will cost 10$. Alternatively, players can buy the Full Experience up front for $60.


  • Luke Watts

    Does anyone even plan to buy this? Would love for this game to be made an example of, and make them think twice about the FF7 release structure (That is if they plan to make it episodic as well)

  • Yuntu

    Many people do, but this is not a site where those people usually are. Hitman is a beloved franchise of course people will check it out, and if it’s a good game people will buy it even more. It’s simple.

  • We will write a preview based on the beta and a review of the “intro Pack” 🙂