Final Fantasy XV features a “Stand By Me” cover by Florence & The Machine By Tony Garsow on March 31, 2016 at 12:43 AM

Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine will be doing a cover of “Stand By Me” for Final Fantasy XV, originally performed by Ben E King back in 1961. Florence talks about her discovery of classical music in video games and how she was inspired to lend her voice to a song for one.

Get a look at how the song was recorded in the video below.


  • alexis

    It’s so beautiful! I’ve loved Florence and the Machine since “Dog Days”. Florence’s voice gives the song such a pretty soul that fits well with the boys’ happy friendship 🙂

  • grapes9h5

    Always loved her. Having her do this for XV is awesome.

  • You and I are pretty common!

  • Randy Marsh

    Love this version of the song, I’ve listened to the trailer so many times. But am I the only one upset that this is now the main theme for FFXV instead of Somnus?


    Where is that nefastus god song? Is this FF turned dumb?


    No it doesn’t. Stand by me is not about happy friendship.

  • Jesus Christ

    It’s probably in the OST.

  • Jesus Christ

    So, is this song gonna be sung in Japanese too? I think this is the first time a nonoriginal song is used for a new FF title albeit a unique rendition for the title.

    I feel like it has the bro to bro bromance feel to it, not the typical grand feeling. I don’t know how to properly describe it.


    So fuck Somnus, right? Well fuck you too asshole, what should’ve been this game’s main theme is now a faggot ass song, how pathetic

  • Daniel

    at least the instrumental version is still in both demos title menu, both versions of somnus will probably find their way into the final game(I hope so)

  • Randy Marsh

    It will most likely stay in ENG for Jpn, since its being used in the actual Japanese trailers atm. Besides, most Japanese audiences love English music for it being an exotic thing.

  • I prefer Lana del Rey

  • alexis

    I never said the song was about friendship. I said Florence’s singing gave it a soul that matches.

  • alexis

    Somnus is still the theme, you whiny twat. The game has two.

  • alexis

    Yes, it is. It was playing on repeat at the event (the vocal version). Probably wouldn’t have played if it was no longer in the game.

  • alexis

    Somnus is still the theme of the game. The same way the English version of XIII had “My Hands” by Leona Lewis AND “The Promise” (aka the menu theme that replaced the Prelude).

  • karasuKumo

    I feel that No Light, No Light would have fit better but I suppose that is rather old now.

  • Randy Marsh

    Yeah pretty much, that’s what my friend and I were discussing on the way back from the event. Its more of the “theme” of the game, similar to yeah the Promise, Cloud’s Theme, the Dalmasca Estersands; to name a few. However, it is not the game’s “main theme song” anymore. Also, what most likely lead to the replacement of the theme song, is the overall shift from VXIII to XV. Somnus was made for Versus XIII, which was terribly unfocused in concept and early in development when the song was made, so the tone might not entirely match to be the theme song to Final Fantasy XV. But still idc too much to the point where I would yell about it being changed, Stand by Me is a really good song. Still better than Kimi ga Iru Kara and My Hands as a FF theme, but I digress.

  • Adrian

    This song suuuucks. Oh well. They usually have at least one cringy English song in Final Fantasy games nowadays. The rest of the soundtrack sounds great. I’ll just pretend this never happened.

  • I absolutely loved The Promise but nothing should replace Prelude.


    It’d better, cause we both know Somnus its still the better, more mature theme..

  • stevenm281

    Somnus is the song that plays at the Title Screen, while Stand by Me is probably the ending song.

    Similar to FF13, The Promise song plays at the Title Screen, but My Hands is the ending song.


    I see, it’ll be better that way, much better