Final Fantasy XV’s main story upped to 50 hours, airship implementation determined By Red Makuzawa on March 24, 2016 at 10:35 AM

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata let loose some new details in a NicoNico interview just ahead of the Uncovered event on March 30th.

Originally, the team had planned for players to complete the game’s main scenario in 40 hours – but now it will take you 50 hours. Tabata mentioned that while game doesn’t run at a stable 30 frames per second at the moment, they will continue working on the framerate until the end of the game’s development.

Airships will be implemented in the game, and the team has now determined how that will be done. Cactuars will also appear, and are said to be very powerful – they can even dodge Noctis’ souped up Shift Break (warp) abilities.

Tabata calls fishing “battling with fish,” and the activity will feel fairly realistic. Noctis is a prince so he hasn’t gone fishing before, but in XV he’ll go fishing for the first time and gradually, over the course of the game, get really into it. In that sense fishing isn’t just a mini-game but also part of the game’s story. Noctis’ age will also be revealed at a later point.

On the subject of cooking, the staff made real food and then scanned it into the game. There are many ingredients for cooking players can explore. The team is currently in the midst of balancing the content game, and while they’re not quite done yet, Tabata shares there will be more content than originally planned.

Looking forward to Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV, Tabata says that there will be many surprises. He reaffirmed that the game’s release date will be announced there, as well as Japanese version of the new trailer. They’ll also detail the free, playable tech demo at the event and discuss specifications such as the game’s resolution. A Final Fantasy XV edition PlayStation 4 console is also in the works.

The PV prepared for Uncovered will be a “full specification” trailer with things like story and battle scenes rather than a teaser like the Dawn ones were. Tabata says that during last year’s Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, he prioritized continuing development over revealing footage. He said that making full trailers is costly since taking various parts of development and putting them together are required; the development team also have deadlines to meet at the same time, but he also understands fans’ requests for a full trailer.

You can watch the entire interview below (starting at 26:56):

Final Fantasy XV will release some time in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more on our Final Fantasy XV coverage, click here.

  • Starlord

    Well, yeah they don’t have it at a stable 30 FPS yet. We are still in the middle of optimization. By E3 I feel they will reach that mark.

  • Cody Hansen

    I’m impressed they’re getting airships in. Isn’t this the first time they’ve actually said for sure? I know they started working on it because of requests from fans. I thought for sure it’d be an expansion of some sort. Keep hearing good news about this game, not sure how I can keep handling this!

  • Red Makuzawa

    Will add more information later if I come across anything interesting.

  • Mehmed

    We can be happy because the 7th core of the ps4 is now free to use for developers since like 2 month or something like that. I think that will help stabilizing the framerate.

  • Red Makuzawa

    Before they just said they will try to get it in either towards the end of the development or later as DLC. They weren’t very sure when they said that.

  • Starlord

    Why would Sony limit the potential of the PS4 in the first place?

  • Umar

    I have faith they’ll get the game running at a stable framerate. Hot damn, I hope there’s gonna be a plethora of side quest. 50 hour is more or less on par with most RPGs these days as even Witcher 3 took about 50-60 hours

  • WTGHookshot

    The Witcher III’s main story did NOT take 50-60 hours…it took around 40. The side quests and general exploring, however, expanded that significantly.

  • WTGHookshot

    It was used for back-up processes for the PS4’s OS, in case they needed it to run additional features on the PS4. If they allowed developers access, it would limit the potential of the PS4 in other ways.

  • SiliconNooB

    I hope they hold off release until they get the game right.

  • Umar

    Well, yeah, which was the point I was trying to make lol It’s round a bout that time. The side quests pushed it into the 100s of hours. So I’m hoping it will be the same here with a ton of super bosses and secrets.

  • I dunno how I feel about that 50 hour mark. I mean, most main line FF’s or most RPG’s in general take around that long to complete, I just had a higher expectation due to the immense amount of time they took to create this game. I wanna experience this story for as long as possible. But, oh well… As long as it’s a good story and side quests to keep you hooked even after it’s over, I guess it should be alright.

  • Cody Hansen

    I appreciate this website a ton guys! Definitely my go-to source for Square Enix (most importantly Final Fantasy) news. 🙂

  • Lulcielid

    FF4 &6 can be completed in 25-30 hs. FF7, 8 and 9 can be completed (story) in less than 35hs and FFX can be completed in less than 25hs.

  • Adam

    Yeah the only ones that could really rival it in length are XII and XIII. 50 hours is really respectable. This is also not taking into account sidequests, minigames, and exploring.

  • Really?? That all? Wow, then this is gonna be a really big game then! I underestimated them 50 hours!

  • Larxene howar

    This pleases me…..

  • Starlord

    Well, I assume for the avg player it will take that long. I am unsure if they tested it in a speedrun environment (doubt it).

    Speed runners will surely beat it within the margin of 5-10 hour difference.


    50 Hours to beat is balanced enough, but keep it at that, kay? I mean, I was so obsessed with XII and it took me like 70+ hours to beat and same with XIII but these were exceptions in my case, most people could get bored and the story could drag, XV would take of course much more hrs to beat quests, missions and such but a 50 hour story mode is perfect…

  • PJ

    “The way Airships are going to be implemented in the game has now been determined” sounds great. Now waiting hów it wil be implemented…

  • Mehmed

    its the same with xbox… of the the 8 cores just 6 were for development and 2 for the system. but thanks to optimization 1 core was enough for the system.

  • stevenm281

    It always takes me more time than what they say it requires, so if they say 50 hours, I’m happy, 40 seemed decent but after ten years of waiting, it would have felt short.

  • Xervath

    I’m gonna buy some clean shorts, anyone else need a fresh pair? (Since I’m headed there anyways…)

  • Ricardo Fernandes

    buy me a few, and if pass by a toilet vendor bring me one toilet because im going to sit in the living room for a while when the game comes out.

  • AMAZING INFO! I think I’m gonna save money for this PS4 special edition.

  • Tony Garsow

    Slight correction (as I was editing): they mention Shift Break which refers to the warping – not the Armiger. Apologies for the mistake.

  • Greg

    I hope airships don’t supersede the car, it would be shame to put that much work into the world at ground level and then just fly over it.

  • Xervath

    Noted. I’ll keep an eye out.

  • Daniel Heslop

    Thing is as well, the side content will probably make it last a lot longer too, especially if they have a lot of hidden stuff. This is gonna be huge!

  • KingNigma

    drive the car then

  • stevenm281

    airship always come late-game in FF games.

    Expect to travel the world continent by car at first, then get an airship so you can access other islands or whatever and fly back to the main continent.

  • Alexandria Ellison

    Well shit, I beat XIII-2 in two weeks at about 52 hours, and that was when I was either working or in school. Now that I have all the time in the world, it’s gonna feel even shorter….

  • Alexandria Ellison

    That is, when I actually get a next-gen console. *lol*

  • Yuntu

    Keep in mind, Tabata already blowed up CC and Type-0 with tons of content – and those where only spin-offs without nearly the money and manpower they have behind this project, this game is gonna be huge.

  • Yuntu

    Keep in mind he is just taking the main story into account and not any side-activities you may do while playing through the story.

  • PhoenixAutomatic

    >A Final Fantasy XV edition PlayStation 4 console is also in the works.

  • Vartio Artel

    25-30? Speedrunners want to talk to you about your gross insult of their average runtimes. Lol.

  • KashIsKlay

    Will be my first JRPG in years

  • To be fair, Final Fantasy is notorious for that.

  • *Discards Key Item ‘CAR KEYS’

  • mcnichoj

    I imagine they did a engine change at one point (and basically had to redo the entire game) as they did platform changes. Was originally a PS3 game, now it’s on PS4/Xbox One.
    PS3 was a massive pain to code for and now they’re working on at least two versions of the game, possibly a PC version which given the string of AAA release problems on Steam since forever that must be a nightmare.

  • WTGHookshot

    Look at the side content in all the other Final Fantasy games… It will add up to a lot of extra time.

  • Think I might need one for Uncovered…

  • highsky00

    I hope side quests, side activities will push the total amount of play time of FFXV significantly .Just like The Witcher 3 .

  • TheFlawedGoblin

    I just hope they don’t overwhelm the game with an onslaught of never ending repetitive side quests. There should be no more than 5 side quests per area you are in and they should add something to the overall story rather than mindless grinding. Just putting an overwhelming amount of uninspired content into a game to make it 300 hours does not make it fun or give it more quality. Less is more in modern day RPGs otherwise it just becomes a stale waste of time. How many “go collect thes” and “defeat x number ofs” can you do before they all just become the same quest in different locations? My main desire for FFXV is for this series to return to the level of epic story telling it used to be known for. Screw the side quests just make sure the main quest is meaningful.

  • Starlord

    Full specification trailer? Sounds like a 6 min trailer 3 min of story 3 min of battle.

  • stevenm281

    I hope so! I’ll scream of excitement so loud!

  • stevenm281

    nobody forces you to complete all the side stuff, I understand you’d rather better quality sidequests which would be great, but I’d still rather get more content for my money than less, whether the sidequests are stupid or not, as long as the story is solid.

  • Artemis Polara

    I’d have to disagree to an extent. I do say as long as it doesn’t impact the story, do as much optional content as you like. It’s a vast open world, if there wasn’t much to do outside of the story, that world would feel pretty empty. Besides you’re never required to do the optional stuff so you can just ignore it.
    Now I agree the side quests shouldn’t be repetitive but I’d like a bunch to do outside of the main story.

  • Xervath

    Done. Any specifics? (Boxers, briefs; black, white, coloured, motif, print…?)
    Might need an extra set for that event as well…and depending on the release date a pack of tissues (for better or worse)

  • TheFlawedGoblin

    I know that but doing all of that extra unnecessary stuff makes it take years longer than it should to develop games. I get the whole “you don’t have to” argument but I counter that with the simple fact that this extra content takes up a lot of memory and doesn’t really add anything. Its just mindless. They could probably have better frame rates and cut the development time in half to get rid of a lot of the filler and a lot of story telling suffers because of it.

    Considering that not a lot of game play is unique anymore in any genre, good story telling and character development make or break games. When devs try to do everything in one game the overall quality suffers for the most part. There are exceptions but most devs just don’t have the creativity to do anything but make 500 side quests that are identical to one another and that is a waste of time and resources imo.

    If SE had cut the BS filler in FFXV maybe they would have more time for a Chrono Game, or to bring back some of the dead series like Mana and Xenogears that fans would love to see revitalized. That is my main issue with all these devs trying to make every RPG into a 500 hour epic. Its time that could be better used on more games both franchise and unique. Of coarse, this is just what I think. To each their own.

  • Starlord

    More content, the better. The 2 things in the game that they have mentioned ( Fishing/Cooking) Seem to have a lot of depth to it. If they can give like 2-3 more Quality things to do, then They can put all the “mindless” quests they want.

    All RPGs do have mindless quests, you can’t get away from em.

    It doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers you.

  • stevenm281

    Will we get a glimpse of airships at Uncovered?
    That would be amazing!!

    Thanks to Avalanche Studios!

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    “I do say as long as it doesn’t impact the story, do as much optional content as you like.”

    “Besides you’re never required to do the optional stuff so you can just ignore it.”

    Yeah, but the very fact that lots of repetitive side-quests would be there would detract from other parts of the game indirectly, even if you simply ignore them because that means that time and resources have went into making something that you’re not going to do, whereas it could be put into making the main scenario better.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    “More content, the better”

    That reasoning is silly. See my comment above.

  • Krijn van Alten

    We will know the answer to that within a week.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Your point? FFXV could probably be completed in those times too. SE always over-state their play times.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    The way I read your article I was assuming that’s what they meant by how it’ll be “implemented”. So you think it’s in the base game then?

  • stevenm281


  • stevenm281

    funny how it always takes me longer than the amount of time they say, by approximately 10-12 hours.

  • Yuntu

    Thing is, majority of people actually buying games doesn’t think that way. It’s sad but that’s what most people want, apparantly. Either people want more of the same (CoD, Fifa) or as much content as possible. Only rare games like Witcher 3 actually break free from that, but they probably needed to sacrifice some things in order to get the game where it was on release.

  • Wazi the pa

    To the dungeons you go! 😉

  • Wazi the pa

    You gotta take account that you won’t just be playing the main story in FFXV.

  • Starlord

    And if you read my comment I basically said, I want a few solid side content that can be played throughout the game ( Card game/Fishing game etc), that will break up the monotony ( that’s the quality part I am after). If they want to do Trash quests ( Kill X mobs/Go to this location to bring something) etc. By all means.

    Now, does that mean I don’t want them to all quality content? No, I do want them too, but I am sure as hell not going to complain about it, as long as I get a few quality content to break up the monotony, I am good.

    I am also easy to please, so it a good trait to play RPGs with!

  • Wazi the pa

    All you need to know for now is that it’ll be in the game.

  • stevenm281

    13-2 is a sequel, therefore, not as long as a mainline new number.

    In terms of story length: 13 > 13-2 > LR.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    I read your comment, my point still stands.

    I’m pointing out that your reasoning that “whatever, as long as there’s some quality content all that other junk doesn’t bother me” logic is flawed.

    Like the other guy tried to explain to you, all that other “junk” does, indirectly, detract from the overall experience.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    That’s not the point. The very fact that the (assumedly bad) side stuff is there is cause for concern because it indirectly effects the whole experience. Would you rather lots of rubbish content, or a solid main scenario?

  • stevenm281

    I just wrote that as long as the scenario is solid, I really don’t mind if the side stuff is silly, as they are not meant to be taken seriously, they’re side activities that can be totally avoided if the player wants.

    On the other hand, if the players want to experience some additional funny moments, they can through those as they don’t impact the main scenario in any way.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    I think us humans naturally crave wonder. Like if you actually knew what content you were in for in say an ES game you would maybe not care for it as much, but it’s the wondrous mind we have that wants to believe that all this unbeknownst content is good.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    I know that. You also wrote that “nobody forces you to complete all the side stuff”, and “I’d still rather get more content for my money than less”, which is what I was responding to.

    And it’s not really that you don’t mind this content that matters, or the fact that they’re avoidable, the point is – like I said – that this silly side-stuff detracts from the entire experience.

    >they can through those as they don’t impact the main scenario in any way.

    Like I’m trying to explain to you – they do. At least indirectly. See my post above for details.

  • Starlord

    I play a lot of games that have trash quests ( repeating itself over and over) and it doesn’t take away from the Main story or overall game in anyway.

    I either do it or don’t. simple choice. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.

    Your logic is “flawed” by saying ” Game must be bad since the side content has all these trash quests!” ( Just ignore them). Side content is a choice anyways, you don’t HAVE to do them.

    Your logic and my logic are just 2 different ways of thinking and 2 different tastes in games. it doesn’t make either person “flawed”.

    Personal taste doesn’t equal flawed. I don’t mind if most of the side content is just extra fluff. That is my personal taste.

  • Wazi the pa

    Guys, any excitement, worry or confusion you have with the info stated here, hold it in until after the end of the Uncovered event. You’ll have a better picture of the game by then. Trust me.

    Also, play nice in the comment section. We’re here to discuss, not brutally murder each other. Thanks in advance.

  • stevenm281

    How I love when people say we’re flawed for not thinking like them, haha.

  • Starlord

    Of Course I want SE to make exciting side content. However, if there is trash quests, I either choose to do it, or don’t.

    I do understand to a degree, what they mean. They seem to be the type that is after “Quality”. That’s fine, that is their tastes in things. The Main Story/gameplay is where I want them to focus on Quality. Side Content is just extra crap anyways, Quality or no. You still choose whether you want to do it or not.

    Not sure what is so “flawed” about that. It’s not like we are discussing something factual.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    >I play a lot of games that have trash quests ( repeating itself over and over) and it doesn’t take away from the Main story or overall game in anyway.

    *sigh* I don’t think you understand. The side-quests don’t DIRECTLY effect your experience of the main scenario, but they do INDIRECTLY.

    Time, resources, man-power, etc. are all needed to create these (assumedly bad) additional content that could be used to create meaningful content, i.e. the main scenario. This is how it effects the game as a whole.

    “Your logic is “flawed” by saying ” Game must be bad since the side content has all these trash quests!” ( Just ignore them). Side content is a choice anyways, you don’t HAVE to do them.”

    First off, I never said the whole game was bad due to these side-quests, I said that bad side-quests are detracting from other parts of the game. I’ve responded many times to the “just ignore them” ideology so I won’t continue to harbour ignorance.

  • Yuntu

    Exactly, that wonder in games is probably best showcased through the hype people developed before a game launches. I think it’s also something along the lines of justifying you spending money on something.

  • Starlord

    … Indirectly?

    If it doesn’t affect me directly why the flip should I care? If I don’t notice it, why should I care? The Money and time they spent on it has absolutely nothing to do with how the game is played. If I play the game and enjoyed the game, why should I care about the little things? ( side content?) It’s pointless to discuss.

    How are bad sidequests other parts of the game? When I can simply choose to not do them?

    I will keep bringing it up because it’s the truth, “Just ignore them”. Naturally, they should make better content if they are “bad”. If they are there, just ignore them.

    Feel free to ignore my comment, if you feel I am not worth your time. 😉

  • stevenm281

    I do get what he means by “Time, resources, man-power, etc.”, however, how Square Enix allocate their resources is totally up to them, my main interest is my experience of the game, and if they reallocate those resources to another game, well that lowers my overall experience of the game as I’ll spend less time within its universe.

    Anyway, each project is handled by a different division and it takes a lot more than the sidequests developpers to develop an entire new game, so by the time they’re done with their “crap” sidequests, another division is building the groundup of the next big project and the sidequests artists will join them at the right time, as usual.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    >If it doesn’t affect me directly why the flip should I care?

    Well, do you care about more time, resources and man-power being put into content that you like?

    >If I don’t notice it, why should I care?

    That’s an absurd way of thinking.

    >The Money and time they spent on it has absolutely nothing to do with how the game is played

    Uh, what? How? Are you saying the game would not benefit from additional time and resources?

    >If I play the game and enjoyed the game, why should I care about the little things?

    I’m not saying you can’t enjoy the game, but I’m pointing out your reasoning that “whatever, as long as there’s some quality content all that other junk doesn’t bother me” is flawed. I means sure, you might enjoy the game, but to assert that the game would not benefit from scrapping all this junk is absurd.

  • Artemis_Polara

    That’s a matter of opinion. And if it was only about story then we might as well make it a linear corridor again. Or a movie since it’s just for a story at that point.
    I’m going to say if it’s bad optional content, then it’s bad and that sucks but I don’t want to have to only focus on the main story. Optional stuff only adds to a game (if the game itself is done well), not detracts. And as stated since you wanted to quote me: “as long as it doesn’t impact the story, do as much optional content as you like.” Emphasize the “DOESN’T IMPACT THE STORY” part by the way.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    >how Square Enix allocate their resources is totally up to them, my main interest is my experience of the game,

    If your interest is the experience of the game, then would you not agree that spending time on things you do like rather than on things you don’t like is a good way to heighten the experience of the game? And I don’t get your point; I’m not asserting how SE should allocate their resources, I’m just pointing out what would be in the best interest of the consumer.

  • Starlord

    Same, I do get to a degree about “Time/Resources/Man-power and the like”, but at the same time, It’s their choice in how it is used. The only thing that side content affects in the game is well.. side content. That is it. The world is going to look exactly the same, the Main story will be exactly the same. etc.

    I do understand to a point that if they can help it to not put non-quality content in the game. Make the game better as best as you can.

    However, if they can’t get quality content in their, then I DO want something to fill in the gap, even if it is trash quests.

    At the end of the day, the game will get release how they want to release it, people will complain either way, people will enjoy it. etc.

    To make it clearer, yes there will be mistakes every game has them, I am just am optimistic person to go head first into issues, I want to enjoy the game and talk about what was wrong about the game.

    There are quite a few people that are doing just that XD.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    >That’s a matter of opinion

    What is exactly? Or are you saying the game would not benefit from additional time and resources?

    >And if it was only about story then we might as well make it a linear corridor again

    No, I never said that. I’m talking about assumedly bad optional content that people don’t want, versus good content that people want, and countering the ideology that this bad content can simply be ignored and is not indirectly impacting that good content that is wanted.

    I’m not saying a game shouldn’t have optional stuff. But if that optional stuff is “bad” in the mind of the beholder, then would that holder not rather the content be gone so that the time and resources allocated to said “stuff” is better spent making content that they like?

  • stevenm281

    No content can please everyone, so the more stuff in, the more chance each player will find something in there he likes.

  • Artemis_Polara

    Content that we actually like is again a matter of opinion. More content improves the chances of variety. Some side quests I might like while others hate them.
    Also if some quests suck, well then they suck. We can’t assume everything will be good. And we can only judge those sorts of things in hindsight. Not before we’ve even had the chance to play it. I have waited for this game since 2006 and want to spend as much time doing stuff in this game from main quests to side quests. But I won’t know if I like them or not if they’re ejected simply because some people don’t like those sorts of quests.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Your comment is strangely ironic because you can’t please everyone, you’re right, but that’s exactly what your comment ascertains; that the game would be better off with as much content as possible, trying to please everyone.
    And I don’t think you understand; I’m talking about assumedly bad side-content, not content that people might enjoy.

  • Cory W

    I think something that would be perfect for FFXV would be the Monster Hunting mini-game from FFX. This would add so much replayability to the game(if there’s not a lot already) and would be really cool to battle giant freakish creations with new gen graphics.

  • Cory W

    I definitely wouldn’t count on it. This game is about a road trip pretty much lol. Guessing the airship will be late game and across vast distances only or something.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    >Content that we actually like is again a matter of opinion

    Of course it is, what’s your point?

    You guys aren’t grasping a very simple point: content that one does not like, DOES, indirectly, impact the parts that you do like, whatever that may be – optional, main content, whatever.

  • stevenm281

    It’s not because it can’t please everyone that it shouldn’t try from satisfying as much people as possible.

  • Starlord

    This is alledged, but Tabata said Fishing mingame is tied into the lore of the game ( Directly involves Noctis.) and they want to make it feel as realistic as possible.

    In fact, Tabata wants this game to feel real. Which gives off the vibe that all content will have this very same feel. I don’t think we will get “bad” side content anyways.

    Even if there is ( and there will be something someone hates.) Just let it go and do something else in the game.

    I mean They could make the game better. but if you sat there trying to solve the Hardest Rubix cube you could be there all day.

  • stevenm281

    You do realize that the artists working on sidequests arent the same persons that are working on the story or on the battle mechanics or the sounds, etc., so therefore they don’t impact those parts of development.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Those two are one and the same. Trying to “please everyone” and trying to “satisfy as many people as possible” are synonymous with each-other, so I don’t understand the point you’re making.

    It should definitely not do either of those things. Try to please everybody, end up pleasing nobody.

  • Artemis_Polara

    That’s fine and all but that doesn’t change the fact that we have varying tastes. They’re trying to appeal to the widest audience, not just me.
    Also, does that matter if it indirectly impacts parts we do like? If there’s lots of content, and I find some I don’t like, I’ll just move on to something else I do like. You’re talking like any bad content may impact the experience enough to ruin the whole game, else you wouldn’t care enough to even bring this sort of thing up.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Incorrect, and that’s assumptious. Even if the artists are different their time could be better spent working on things that you do like.

  • Starlord

    And if you focus on 1 type of gamer, You will ultimately lose sales by focusing on the a small section.

    More options= People will come. People love options.

    ( People will come anyways, it’s a FF game)

  • Artemis_Polara

    Exactly! That’s why I feel XIII failed because it gave no real options

  • stevenm281

    but what I like may differ from what you like, therefore everything they work on will please someone somewhere. At the end, everything they will have crafted will have found an audience. But each work might not have the same audience.

  • Starlord

    “You” assuming talking to 1 person, isn’t going to drive in the money. I don’t want them to focus on me.

    I want them to focus on making a game we like ( good and the bad). If you try to focus on 1 side, you will piss off another.

  • stevenm281

    while I did enjoy the 13 saga, I agree that the first game didnt offer many options.

  • Starlord

    Agreed, I do like FFXIII, don’t get me wrong, but there was very little in terms of side content. I did however, love what they offered, but left me wanting more.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    I’ve never once claimed that people don’t have varying tastes, so I don’t know why you bring that up.

    I’m not trying to say what SE should or should not do to claim a wider audience, I’m pointing out that poor content DOES detract from better content that you like.

    “Also, does that matter if it indirectly impacts parts we do like? If there’s lots of content, and I find some I don’t like, I’ll just move on to something else I do like.”

    Well would you not rather more time and resources were spent on things you do like?

  • Artemis_Polara

    That’s fair. I played the first and second and started the third.
    XIII- Too linear and the story, characters, and gameplay didn’t make up for it to me. (beat it eventually)
    XIII-2- much better but the gameplay eventually made it dull. Good villain though. (Beat it eventually)
    XIII-3- Didn’t finish it since I got sick of Lightning

  • Artemis_Polara

    It’s not a perfect world. I’m not the one controlling where it goes. The game isn’t being tailor made for just ME. I’m fine with some disappointments in my games, are you?

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Wow, only on this site do I encounter these alien ideologies.

    XIII, was trying to appeal to the COD, mainstream crowd. This is a fact. To ascertain that it was appealing to one type of gamer is hideously false.

  • Starlord

    I like to focus on this 1 question here:

    “Well would you not rather more time and resources were spent on things you do like?”

    If I was selfish, yes I would want them too. But there are more people who want to play this game and have there share of fun.

    If all they did was cater to me, not only would I feel like a dick for hogging it all, but a lot of people will miss out because I thought to think for only myself.

    So no, I rather them NOT focus on what I want, but instead make a game without my personal interest in mind.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    Sorry, my linear logic is controversial to your audience, it appears.

  • Artemis_Polara

    I view it as an interesting debate about how the content is catered to its audience. Should it be made for a very very certain crowd? Or be for a wider audience?

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    But see, that wasn’t my argument at all. I was simply pointing out that optional content DOES effect other parts of the game.

  • stevenm281

    They weren’t aiming at the COD crowd, they thought that the cinematic approach of the CoD style seemed like a great way to deliver a great story-driven game which FF is known for.

    Their mistakes was the limitations of the game due to story progression.
    They wanted to innovate and change things up, like with every installments.

    FF was/is/and will always be aimed at JRPGs fans first, but yes they do try to put features that will attract other gamers as well to increase the fanbase.

  • Artemis_Polara

    XIII was only brought up by me after that point was made.

  • Artemis_Polara

    But your point was it detracts. Which is not a universal thing. It’s an opinion. It sort of evolved into what I said in how that sort of content is added to the game and who it should appeal to. Me, personally? I want more optional content. Whether it’s good or bad doesn’t matter since if there’s a bunch, I’ll likely find some I do like amidst it all.

  • Starlord

    Right, whether it “detracts” or not is left to the person who is playing it. It obviously affects Cowboy, but it certainly doesn’t affect me when I play. ( And you clearly.).

    So you see, it’s not objective as Cowboy makes it out to be.

  • Monster hunting would be amazing, tbh. It would give me a reason to grind for levels and play hard-as-fuck sidequests to get the best equipment so I can take down 99 million HP beasts.

  • D.3ND

    monster hunting might be in since if you haven’t play the demo.

  • stevenm281

    monster hunting has always been present in FF since FF10. in some form or another.

  • I wish they put out this new demo world wide after this new coverage and release date was done. That’d be sweet.
    Glad to hear about a longer game, because short games that cost 60$ aren’t worth it to me, sidequests or not. Cactaurs suck, but I’ll end them with fire if need be. Be sweet to have add fire to attacks or mix them into a combo. Imagine diving outta the air, slamming on a foe, flipping off and tossing fire down on them still as you land. Too ill!
    Airships will like be available halfway or at the end of the game. They didn’t do all that work on the car for you not to fucking use it.

    More guest characters, more uniques skills per character, more limit breaks (stop removing them from games).

  • *Noctis and crew in the car speeding down the highway running from Nebelheim*
    Noctis: Ball so hard mother fucka wanna fine me!

  • Monster hunting is kinda in some FFs. Like 12, the Marks, dangerous foes you hunt down for the good of the people. Same thing was in Rogue Galaxy.

  • Like the marks in FF12.

  • stevenm281

    and the Cie’th stones missions in FF13

  • stevenm281

    I love Rogue Galaxy! Recently discovered it on the PS Store.

  • Yeah those. Trying to think if there were any in side FFs. I think maybe in Crisis Core.

  • TheFlawedGoblin

    So we agree to disagree. No big deal. I mean in the end its probably going to be an enjoyable game anyways. I think my gripe with the over use of extra content is that the over all story telling suffers and that is what I look forward to in an RPG even more than the game play itself sometimes. This just goes to show that we all love games for different reasons.

  • C.Day

    Played it back when it released in 2007 ish. I preordered it after coming off of LEVEL 5’s other PS2 rpg using the same game engine: Dragon Quest VIII – utter masterpiece. Rogue Galaxy wasn’t nearly as good, but it’s still a brilliant game in it’s own right.

  • C.Day

    The cast is the weak point of this game thus far. Noctis seems to fit the stoic silent protagonist most the PS1 era FF’s employed – but the others seem abit one-dimensional too. That’s fine for the main character since they balance as a npc AND the player avatar. But these young emo groopies that fllow Noctis around muttering oneliners and small talk: they pale in comparison to past party members (especially FFVI, FFIX and XIII). I’ve put maybe 30 hours into the demo (just replaying it over and over), and I straightup neither like them, connect to them, care for them, or relate to them (too young, too angsty hipster). They are a far cry from Vivi, Steiner or Sazh. I’m okay with Noctis, as he kinda reminds me of squall.

  • Amelia C.

    Wow, are you saying that 50 hours isn’t long enough just to complete the main story? I guess it’s because at this point, the only games I’ve completed were on the PS2, but 50 hours seems like a dream to me for just the main story. It seems so long! Granted, I’ll probably sink at least twice that (conservatively) before the end of the game with sidequests, mini-games, grinding and exploring, but I’ve never experienced a 50 hour story before. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Amelia C.

    A FFXV PS4 edition? I hope it’s either just a bundle with a normal PS4 console and the game, or a Japan exclusive, because otherwise I’m going to just be sad that I jumped the gun and already bought a PS4.

    Otherwise, this article is pretty great! 50 plus hours for the main story and the other tidbits. Six more days!

  • LancerB.XVIITH

    Well, we’re fucked :DD

  • Wiccan

    It’s curious you would label them emo/goth when Noctis is the only one exhibiting traits one associates with those cliques. (sullen, cynical, anti social.) Unless your reasoning is simply that they’re all wearing black, in which case i take a look at your avatar and scratch my head. As for their age, only Noctis and Prompto feel on the younger side of 20. Gladio and Ignis seem late 20’s, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ignis was 30~.

    It’s also strange that you consider them all alike when they all stand out quite a bit from each other. Prompto is playful, outgoing, energetic, a bit whiny and doesn’t act very seriously. He doesn’t feel as experienced as Gladio or Ignis.

    Gladio is responsible (makes the plans, executes the plans) easy going, a little awkward and quite protective, feels like a mentor for Noctis in life and informal situations.

    Ignis is composed, mature, sociable but uptight, dry with his humor. He seems like a peace keeper. As characters, they are more enigmatic and human than a LOT of FF characters, the only thing is, we aren’t seeing much being done with them because SE is keeping so much hidden.

    The 30 hours thing is irrelevant, theres a finite amount of story and exposition in the demo and i think one thing that really highlights perhaps WHY you feel the way you do is because we are not experiencing their individual arcs (entrance, motivation beyond duty, exposition) and information about them is, much like everything else, extremely tight lipped. It’s no surprise that you connect to Noctis more since Noctis is the only one that’s had his life and motivations revealed to us in a more detailed fashion. What makes the characters you listed compelling is adversity and a sense of growth, something the demo just happened not to highlight. It wasnt a very narrative driven segment and felt like we caught the guys on their downtime.

    Theres also a lack of connectivity gameplay wise since we can not issue them AI commands or customize them in any way, so they definitely do feel more like NPCs than party members. Your feelings are totally understandable, your reasons however, not so much.

  • •december

    I’m hyped for this game and will await THE FACTS in 6 days time…

  • andy

    Oh thank god, I really needed this reconfirmed over 6 years later http://www.destructoid.com/world-map-airships-confirmed-for-ff-versus-xiii-168113.phtml
    Soooooo HYPED…………..oh wait, no, no I am not.

  • Yuntu

    Well we have literally so no character development, the game isn’t out yet – of course we don’t know where the characters are going to be at the end, of course they seem a bit flat. Because we don’t know them for real outside of trailers.

  • Aulix Indragonz

    i am confused at this part
    ” Final Fantasy XV edition PlayStation 4 console is also in the works.”

  • Alex13111

    There will be a special edition ps4 made for the game. Like the COD one

  • Wazi the pa

    This interview came straight out of Japan so it’s likely the FFXV PS4 edition Tabata mentioned is exclusive to the country. However, it doesn’t rule out for FFXV themed PS4s to be announced and sold internationally.

  • Amelia C.

    There haven’t been too many bundles that come out of Japan, so if it’s from Japan, chances are we won’t see it. Of course, I think SE is starting to try to better market their products, and bundles and editions are very popular right now. They’d be foolish not to offer something, both within Japan and to the western market. Just what that something is, and whether or not I can afford it, remains to be seen. But still, I think I’d be so disappointed if they offered a themed PS4 to the western market and I just couldn’t partake because I already have one.

  • H J

    it means ps4 console and controllers printed with noctis’ picture + the game.

  • H J

    isn’t it already in the demo? quest in bulletin board to hunt monsters for money. i’m not sure if it’s repeatable or not tho since i only watched it in demo

  • grapes9h5

    AIRSHIPS CONFRIMED!!!!!!!!!!!! I can rest much easier now.

  • Erebos Tenebris

    I can totally imagine them adding in a super boss you have to fish up SAO style. Even more so since Tabata compared fishing to battling with fish.

  • Momiji

    “From 40..to 50” Well I guess that’s okay, it’ll be 10 hours longer than Kingdom Hearts II’s main scenario. Games from PS3 days are just TOO, DAMN, LONG! Playing Resonance of Fate and Xenoblade Chronicles is a bitch. They were so long that I gave up near the end even though I’m 3 quarters finished. Whoever’s idea that was needs to be shot.

  • Brohan

    Xenoblade only took me 50hrs….

  • Allignitus

    Pissed that I just bought a ps4 3 months ago. I wanted the special edition ps4.. Oh well.. guess I’ll just get the collectors edition of the game.

  • Alexandria Ellison

    That makes sense. Although I did end up spending like, 134 hours on LR because I ended up having to play through the thing 3 times. *twitch*

  • stevenm281

    LR is my favorite PS3 game.

    I played it many times already.

  • Justice V

    ffvii took me around 70, and I was around 80 when I went to space in VIII (never finished it because I had put way too much time to only be like 1/2 way through).

  • Average Afro

    So I read through a lot of comments and I didn’t quite see anyone mention that if there’s plenty of side stuff and the story is now 50 hours, the the enimies in the story missions level to the same as that of your party. I’d hate to have to limit myself on the side stuff so that I can still have a challanging story mission.

    Saying this however I think what they’ll do is have a recommended level for each story mission, which will keep you doing the story and not spending to long doing other things, and as you advance the gap between recommended levels for each mission will grow meaning you may HAVE to go out and do side stuff to stay at the right level.

    Either of these instances I would enjoy. In fact I think i’d enjoy the second one the most. This means if I want to do a pure story run through it may be slightly more challenging. (Ala KH lvl1 challange)

  • Jordan

    awwww I was hoping it would be way longer than that…Still hype for it though:)

  • Greg

    Car is airship-crisis averted.

  • John Smith

    Oh another lie huh? Why not just call it MISLEADING Fantasy? That would have been more honest!
    Let’s review the biggest lies about this game and the main reasons MOST of the fans were interested in this garbage to begin with.
    NOTE: Not literal quotes (since they are japanese and stuff so translation might be off or different but nonetheless you can find ALL of these promises within a few minutes with Google.)

    – “This game is going based on REALITY more than the Fantasy.”

    .. Do I even need a comment about this? There was NOTHING in this game that would mirror our reality. Like really. None.
    Or if there was something it was cut along with the whole VERSUS and Nomura’s dreams.

    – “We had to cut corners but we wanted to be very respectful for Nomura’s vision and want to keep the main theme and the main story of VERSUS.”

    There was LITERALLY NOTHING which was remained form VERSUS. They have completely lied about this as well. They changed everything in the story, everything about the characters and EVEN CUT most of the things out and they also cut out MULTIPLE MAIN ANTAGONIST!!!!!!!!!!
    But this is STILL ok I STILL wouldn’t blame them, after all even the director was replaced (thanks Square!!!).

    – “This is going to be the saddest, darkest, most TRAGIC Final Fantasy game ever made. We will concentrate on the HUMAN side of the characters and they will make decisions that might seem immoral to the player. IT’s going to be a SHAKESPEAREAN tragedy.”

    This is THE BIGGEST lie about this game! This is DOWNRIGHT DISGUSTING!!!! They have been promised and repeat this promise FOR YEARS!!! Even in the OMEN trailer they were made it seem like the game is going to be very dark and very sad.
    But what we REALLY got is a bunch of cardboard cutout cliche characters with BARELY any personality.
    Immoral decisions? WHERE??? They were just like EVERY OTHER GODDAMN HEROES from ANY OTHER STORIES!!!!!!!!

    – “Yes the game will include PLENTY of BLOOD. It’s going to be VERY realistic in that way.”

    Really, I cannot even say anything to this lie. Just nothing.. Square Enix is the most disgusting liars I’ve ever seen. Not only there is NOT ONE DROP OF BLOOD in this game but they also CENSORED EVERYTHING TO THE GROUND!!!!!

    How dare you do this with the people who made you the company you are today? How could you make SUCH A HUGE lies EVEN A MONTH BEFORE THE RELEASE???

    I personally done with this company. You could HARDLY find anyone who was such a fanboy for Square as I was but after this I will NEVER buy anything from Square anymore.

    Misleading the loyal fans like this is not only wrong but it’s downright cruel.
    I REALLY hope that Square will lost a HUGE AMOUNT of fans after what they have done!! They deserve to fail more than ANY OTHER VIDEO GAME COMPANY!!!!!