Report: Final Fantasy XV Releases September 30th; demo releases tomorrow By Tony Garsow on March 30, 2016 at 2:28 PM

Ahead of the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event, the release date for Final Fantasy XV has slipped. The release date for the highly anticipated RPG title is September 30th 2016. In addition to that, a demo featuring Young Noctis will be available tomorrow after the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event. You can see a snippet of that in the video below:

Square Enix is expected to announce the official release date and demo details at tonight’s Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event.



  • Nick Greeley

    I thought you guys weren’t reporting any leaks until the event was over?

  • Starlord

    I am skeptical, there is no new footage in the background, no new anything. Just claiming that the release date is September 30th. If they had info of this and made it “slip” you would think they would have new footage in the background.

    September 30th could be the real date, but I remain skeptical on this.

  • ElAbuelo69

    Nova Crystallis ‏@Nova_Crystallis 4h4 hours ago

    There have been certain FFXV leaks, but please note that they won’t be discussed or posted here prior to the Uncovered event. -RK


  • aww man. One day before my birthday.
    Well I’ll beat the demo and SO5 until 9/30 then.

  • Paul

    Not cool, bro

  • SquallStorm

    So hello birthday gift.

  • stevenm281

    Well, I am very surprised for the September 30 date as its not a Tuesday… I thought games had to be released on Tuesdays in North America…

    As for the demo, I can’t wait to play it!

  • lfanfan

    So this is how you DON’T discuss leaks, good to know.

  • Starlord

    To be fair, it is a worldwide release. So this makes releasing it different as each nation tends to release games mostly on a certain day.

    Since this is worldwide, they have to settle on a day. If September 30th holds, it lands on Europe’s day (Friday) when they tend to launch games.

  • –ZERO–

    Cool cool

  • eternaleon

    I’ll remain skeptical until the event, anything could change.

  • Starlord

    Yep until it comes out of the horses mouth I remain skeptical. All I am hearing are claims not facts. The event hasn’t even taken place yet.

  • trejon pearson

    I’m hoping that this leak was by square Enix to preserve the actual date

  • Allan

    Right in the title…. no way to escape the spoiler *sigh*

  • Frederick Badguy

    I can die in peace after that day … that if I do not have a heart attack then you are with the game in my hands 😉

  • Frederick Badguy

    hopefully by the effrontery SE does not announce the date for before September , just to shut GameSpot kkk Time to cross our fingers

  • I guess since it’s happening today, it’s not a leak to them.

  • Erebos Tenebris

    these are the same guys who started that rumor in the first place. unless I hear it from SE themselves I refuse to believe this.

  • I kinda agree. But after all these days the rumor hasn’t been shut down by Square. They have to know about this rumor by now.

  • Maybe this is just the date for the Europe and JPN players and Canada/US will have a longer wait. Worldwide releases are rare.

  • Starlord

    It will still be a good date regardless, I just don’t believe it till I see it ( Officially)!

  • Erebos Tenebris

    nah, they’ve been saying forever that they would do a simultaneous worldwide release. They wouldn’t go back on that now.

  • Then how and why did it get leaked? Gemastu talked like the source was okay with telling it. Like it was fine.

  • Xervath

    Indeed mildly disappointed to learn about it this way. I had plannen to go straight to the stream tomorrow (seeing as the actual even starts at 04:00 for me) and…now there’s the cold hard “spoiler” right here.

  • Erebos Tenebris

    I don’t know where or how this “leak” came out but if it is real there is no was it was sanctioned by square enix, as such a leak completely undermines both SE’s pride and would ruin the show at today’s event. even if it was accurate when it was first leaked there’s no way SE would keep it at that simply because they have such a big event which they were planning on announcing the release date on.

  • Erebos Tenebris

    there is no evidence this is real. I suggest going into the stream under the assumption that this date is wrong.

  • SMH This is why you never really know what’s going on with this stuff. The devs have they ways of doing things, as to the article writers, and sources, and then theres the advertisers. It all get jumbled up into a he said she said until it’s confirmed. Well i’ll just wait till the show then.

  • After we beat the Young Noctis Prologue can it unlock some battle attire in the game? Like the place holder clothes Noctis had in the Versus 13 days? Or maybe alter color scenes of his allies? Like maybe get Prompto to have checkered clothes or Ignis to where navy blue?

  • Tony Garsow


    We had been planning to report all major information regarding updates on Uncovered before, during, and after the event. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication (which I accept full responsibility for), one of our contributors mentioned that we would not be reporting on major details via our Twitter. That was incorrect.

    We will continue to provide you with the latest as it occurs, but you should definitely tune into the stream tonight – I don’t think you’ll be let down.

    Apologies for the confusion,

  • Xervath

    It WOULD be an amazing “joke” if they deliberately let this Sept. 30 date slip and announce then that the game will be out 1-2 months earlier. That would put them in good daylight for sure.

    …That said…time shall tell, I suppose.

  • Jordan

    Well that was unexpected… I was getting all excited for the stream and I go on here to check when it starts for the US….and then this happens… I really hope this is fake I’m suppose to be happy but I’m disappointed that it’s not going to be exciting watching the stream…

  • stevenm281

    it unlocks Carbuncle as a Summon in the game, and it’s the only way to acquire it.

  • Average Afro

    Remember all the other information you’re going to get about the game, not just the release date.

  • Okay. Respect. I can get behind that.
    Still I’d like some alternate non-DLC battle attire too if possible.

  • Mathias Jensen

    Please remove this article, so that at least some people wont get spoiled.

  • Ok, first of all, don’t go giving the guys at novacrystallis a hard time about some dick move another site pulled in breaking confidentiality just for a few clicks and some measly credits. The NC team are just re-reporting what has already been said about a gazillion times already and if you follow the game even a little, you’ll know that other websites jumped on the “release-the-info-from-the-leak” bandwagon way before these guys did! Second, I’m absolutely positive that the announcement of a release date and a demo is not what they arranged this entire event for. Be a little patient before you go trigger-happy.

  • Jordan

    I forgot all about that…thanks for reminding me 🙂

  • Jordan

    you right:)

  • TRUndercover

    Just speculating here, but it’s entirely possible that such attire could be attained as unlockables AS you play through the game. Story reasons, as a result of special boss battles….

  • I hope so. I dont like everyone’s clothes. Just Noctis and Prompto’s.

  • Mad Scientist

    Fuck you, and NC Alex.