New Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade character announcement coming next week By Erren Van Duine on April 6, 2016 at 12:07 PM

Square Enix will be presenting a brand new character for Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade very soon.

According to the game’s official Twitter, new updates will be featured in a live stream set for Niconico on April 13th at 20:00 Japan time. Previously, Square Enix teased the next character (following Ramza) would be from the Chaos side of the roster.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade launched back in November with 14 classic Final Fantasy heroes such as Cloud, Squall, Tina and Final Fantasy XIV’s Y’shtola in an updated 3 versus 3 setup. The game is currently restricted to Japan only but a console version is being considered possibly later this year.

  • Leonesaurus

    $100 bucks says it’s Noctis incoming.

  • alexis

    If they’re following what they said and it’s gonna be a chaos character then I can’t even begin to guess. So many antagonists to choose, I wonder if it will be new or returning

  • Daniel

    He will after FF XV Release. The Dev. Team already told Noctis will probably make his way to Dissidia

  • It’s Caius Ballad. There have been no XIII villains in any of the Dissidias. Or maybe it will be someone like Golbez or Exdeath.

  • VI Sice

    Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase let it be Kuja D;

  • Dongmatteezzy

    SEPHIROTH all the way!!!!

  • Vallen

    Noct or start adding some villains. And yes, please do a console version.

  • Nicolas Moraitis

    Do you guys even read the article, it cleary says CHAOS SIDE, I don’t remember Noctis being a villain.


  • D.3ND

    Could be anyone or someone new. But they introducing the warrior of chaos, they most likely will add Garland first.

  • EightBit ShadowGamer

    MOTHER! JENOVAH …. Works everytime…. I swear it better be Sephy!

  • Red Harlow

    multiplatform release please!

  • Roldão de Araújo

    Ultimecia…Ultimecia…. ULTIMECIA.

  • 4FFAN

    At this point they’ll only have the full 50 characters roster by 2020 lol