The new design for King Regis is modeled after actor Jon Campling By Erren Van Duine on April 1, 2016 at 2:31 PM

Back at Gamescom 2015 Square Enix gave us the “Dawn” trailer and with it the revelation that Final Fantasy XV character Regis Lucis Caelum had undergone some drastic changes.

At the time, director Hajime Tabata declined to explain why such a change had been made to Noctis’ father – despite having appeared in footage several months prior following his leadership. At Tokyo Game Show, Tabata revealed the change was made to facilitate the game’s story: Half of the reason is because the king uses his energy to maintain the magic shield. The other half was promised to be revealed in March.

According to Tabata, the second half of that promise has arrived in the form of Kingsglaive – the CGI movie set to release ahead of FFXV proper. Speaking with GameSpot he explained, “We changed his design up so we can really express his stature as the king, or his true nature in battle, and as a father. We wanted to hone in on that and up the expressive quality of that character. That was happening on the Kingsglaive side, and to draw on that kingly aspect of Regis we redesigned and tried to get that image of Regis in the game closer to what was in the movie.”

We learned today this new version of Regis comes from the likeness of British actor Jon Campling.

Over on Twitter, Campling confirmed his role as the “face and physical performance of King Regis.” The voice of Regis will be performed by Sean Bean, who will not be reprising his role in the game.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV showcases King Regis’ time as King of Lucis and will feature characters both familiar and never before seen in Final Fantasy XV. Some characters had to be redesigned to fit into the movie’s vision. The film is expected to release before September 2016 and will be available online and eventually on disc through the game’s various editions.

What do you think? Do you prefer the new design or was the original your favorite? Sound off in the comments below.

  • stevenm281

    I like this version better, now I wish they’ll do the same with Luna and make her design in the game reflect her movie counterpart, because at the moment, they almost seem like two different characters.

  • In before people complaining about luna, It is definitely cool that SE take all the steps necessary for them to make a better fully CGI better than ever. The lady that people kept saying is luna in the trailer, I would bet that it is not luna but maybe the previous oracles. the luna we see so far and from the concept art of luna is so different than the one in trailer in my opinion. I hope that we stop complaining until we have the movie out as uncovered raised even more questions for fans than ever before.

  • Mehmed

    I prefer the old Design.

  • Klayton Riley

    personally I think, if this woman in the movie is in fact Luna, then she looks awesome and way more realistic version of her. Honestly I still believe the ingame version and tis movie version have the same features(except the mouth) Its just that the final fantasy game stylizes her more, while the CGI version is the true version of her and all the characters. She looks good in bother versions of her design, including King Regis.

  • Klayton Riley

    Honestly I like both designs for different reasons. The old design made him look so slick and it would be considered my favorite if this new version hadn’t had such an awesome beard.

  • Frederick Badguy

    the previus no doubt! I understood why the change, I found quite understanding, but Nocti’s family concept, the royalty was based on the modern Yakuza but today it is unfortunately not anymore. In addition to the former Regis, in my opinion, he was as stylish as her son.

  • grapes9h5

    One thing that’s really been nagging me that’s been missing since 2013 and the story shake up, is the sinister Regis-look alike character that many were speculating might be his brother. This theory fit the idea that VersusXIII was drawing heavily from Hamlet, as supported by quotation references in the early trailers. The theory about the brother was that he was the Uncle Scar to Regis’s Mufasa, and that he betrays Regis and the kingdom at the treaty signing and aids Aldercept in the hostile take-over. Since the rebrand and shake-up, we’ve seen no further Hamlet references I’ve been aware of, and the Uncle Scar character has been missing, which I had been sadly taking to mean that the Hamlet or Lion King allusions had been cut. So I made a point to look for him in the Kingsglaive trailer, but yet I came up short, at least initially. Remembering that since Regis was heavily redesigned, I then started to look with a refreshed eye for a character who might be the equally re-designed royal brother/evil Uncle Scar. I found hope in the unidentified and never before seen silver buzz cut man seen several times near Regis at the head of the table or by the throne. While the character has lost much in the way of resemblance to his possible old self, or to even the new Regis, his position at his side suggests some hope. Initially I thought he was just a clerical or political advisor of some kind, and indeed maybe he is just that, but I cant help but hope he is our lost familial conspirator.

  • Jesus Christ

    I like the original design. He looks handsomer and mature. The newer one just look old and not as handsome. His body is probably hairy and gross looking too.

  • Phantom Sword

    They are both good designs.

  • Anam Hamid

    To be honest I like the old art more too and current one in the game don’t like movie cg kingglaive character design they all look so mature like adult it kind of freak me out when I found out that was Luna hardly recognize her I don’t like that art to much human realty felit like live action even ffviii has better cg compare to this

  • Umm…. I don’t really care.
    Give me more lore on him nothing else.

  • Anam Hamid

    I don’t like kingglaive movie art cg I would have been more happy if they showed us in original game design that I like stick to 3d plz square enix don’t go too much further in live action

  • Anam Hamid

    Btw love current game art awesome job at least that not too much of human

  • Kaizokugami

    I have nothing against his new design but I personally prefer the original.

  • Vallen

    Me too

  • Vallen

    The old design was a bit better. It was more believable as a modern king. The new design makes him look like something from Lord of the Rings but put into a downtown setting.

  • Amido

    dlc, old regis design xD

  • That’s too bad because the Yakuza concept was badass as fuck.


    RIP King Regis. May Stella guide you.

  • alexis

    I personally preferred the original. This new one looks too much like the righteous king stereotype. I’m not exactly fond of most characters so far looking like an archetype (the smart one, the big guy, etc.) so it just felt like an extra step in the wrong direction.

    I liked the last one because it gave a sense of mystery. He looked like a mafia character, but it was mentioned that there was an “act of love” from him. So was he a kind person? Cruel? Was he a good father? …It was a great suprise when I saw him playing with his little son with the “gross” soup, and it made me more curious of his other relationships and how he ruled his nation.

    But now he looks like the classic kind king and all of that mystery I had felt about him is lost because he looks “obvious”. The charm is lost, I guess. The design itself is pretty cool — I mean it makes me wish he was my dad, he looks so nice and loving; just think it’s too safe-looking.

  • alexis

    I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same character (the character I’m talking about looks kinda like Jeff Bridges), but if so, I always thought that character was Gladiolus’s father. It’s been so long that I can hardly remember what, but there was a feature of that character that I was able to match up with another screenshot — I believe it was something of Regis and his guards in that scene vs Iedolas. He looked like he was the leader of the bodyguards, and so naturally I assumed leader of bodyguard = member of Amicitia family.

  • James Allan Garcia

    yeah the mafia vibe to it…FFversusXIII days

  • Rob

    Original Regis was a badass looking character. He will be missed by me.

  • daveguitar
  • Adrian

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. This is exactly how I feel.

  • alexis

    Ok yes, that is the same one I am talking about

  • alef321

    the first one was already stuck with us since 2012’s trailer ,so to change him like this is just WHY, the new Regis looks like Noct’s grandpa ,not his father.

  • Zenobia Joyner

    i love this new design tons more better 🙂

  • Adrian

    I prefer the original. I feel like the change in King Regis’s design kind of symbolizes the change from versus 13 to FFXV pretty well. The old design made him look like a darker character, very mafia-esque. It made you wonder if he was actually a good person and blended very well with the rest of versus 13s sort of grim, tragic atmosphere. But FFXV is more focused on the journey with noct’s friends and what his father had passed down to him, story elements that were still planned in versus 13 but are seemingly more highlighted in FFXV. King Regis’s new design fits the lighter mood of FFXV pretty well; he looks like a more fatherly, kingly figure. I have no real problems with the new design but it doesn’t really reflect the game (concept) I fell in love with ~10 years ago. It just kind of reminds me that another element of that dark atmosphere I was so excited for is now gone.

    Of course this is mostly just speculation. I’m still excited for FFXV, but I was much more interested in the atmosphere of the old trailers, including Regis’s old design.

  • Adrian

    Has he been in any trailers? Besides his picture in the E3 2013 trailer I mean.

  • alexis

    Yes, but only in the background. He appears in the scenes where there was a standoff between Regis and his bodyguards, and Iedolas and his.

  • daveguitar

    I really would love it to happen.. Hamlet style. Would be great cause I love Hamlet also 😀

  • alexis

    Well there is already a reason given why he looks like a grandpa (the magic he uses to protect the city ages him and wears him out) but yeah

  • 4FFAN

    That kind of explains why Luna looks different in the game and in the movie. The mocap actress looked different but they didn’t bother to change her in-game model.

  • Mila

    Not really , all i see is a beard Christian Bale with the new King Regis

  • kfart

    I think this is spot on. With the old design, I feel he would’ve been a darker, more distant father to Noctis. But I don’t think the new design makes the game any lighter.. Regis actually looks like he went through a lot with his new look.

  • Adrian

    True, it does reflect the lore that we’ve heard so far a little more clearly than the old design.

  • AECE7

    It’s really bother me, just like how they replace Stella just because the way she look is no longer fit his role. Facial look can be a deceit. If you look at history of various leader, you can constantly say that their face doesn’t fit their position or power they handle. But when you start reading their biography watch their speeches, then you can really see the authority, the charismatic of that face. If Chaplin never created, you wouldn’t see Hitler mustache as a joke. It’s more about story. & this Regis looks very generic Hollywood Kings. Really, Tabata has done way too many changes to this project with the different look of Luna in the upcoming movie & other characters from the game. & really, why the hell you have a different animated look for a movie from the game that suppose to be the pre-story of that game? I really start losing the hype. Let’s hope it won’t slip away.

  • ajmrowland .

    Except they didn’t cut stella because of how she looks? They replaced her role with Lunas and then basically replaced her with Luna.

  • AECE7

    Well, if that was the case then she wouldn’t be replaced (the model & design), they can just change her role, because she is the heroine. & when i say in the previous post “her role” is the new heroine role.