World of Final Fantasy gets a new trailer, release date ahead of E3 2016 By Erren Van Duine on June 6, 2016 at 11:02 PM

Square Enix is kicking off E3 early this year with another reveal ahead of the show. The quirky RPG World of Final Fantasy is up with a new trailer.

Fans can catch a glimpse of famous Final Fantasy monsters and heroes as it expands the series universe for the new generation as well as providing a journey for long-time players to enjoy. The game is set to hit North America on October 25 on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and on October 27 and October 28 in Japan and Europe respectively.

Those who pre-order the Day One edition of the game can snag Final Fantasy VII‘s Sephiroth to summon in battle. Catch the trailer and some new screenshots below.

  • alexis

    Awwhhh that header is waaay too cute hahaha

  • This looks sweet and awesome but I think I’ll be way too busy with the XV universe to even notice it. I might pick it up eventually cause it does seem interesting and I like that they’ve kept all the original voice actors for Lightning, Yuna, Tidus and Cloud.

  • Nick Greeley

    I want to hate this game’s existence but it’s too goddamn cute!

  • Red Makuzawa

    I’m really looking forward to this. πŸ™‚

  • SuicideSancti

    Who else thinks they intend to release this game after FFXV so they can throw in some characters from XV into World of Final Fantasy, giving fans a chance to get acquanticed with them on their original game?

    Its a nice way for these dates to make sense to me, I would’ve sworn they would release this earlier!

    PS. I love you Square.

  • SuicideSancti

    Right? It would have been sweet for them to release this game earlier than XV.

  • seems odd for NA to get it first over JPN themselves. But I’ll try it. Day one.

  • Patriciabmiles4

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  • Vallen

    I may be wrong, but to me it seems this will bomb. I hope their expectations aren’t too high.

  • chosen105

    Square has been on a roll lately. Completely restored my faith in them. So much RPG goodness this year and alot of the bigger titles are from them with the exception of P5. This game in particular looks really fun, I know im gonna enjoy it.

  • If they get kh2.8 out this year that’d win for RPG devs everywhere.
    It’s not Even e3 yet and we know about SO5 this ffxv 12 and exist archive. Square. Getting back to basics.

  • It really might but in a world where most RPGs lack multiple towns and few party members who aren’t air controlled it might be a god send.

  • Yuntu

    Oh because you where curious, game is about the same scale of a normal FF. Here a little breakdown:

    – The game is currently in the polishing and balance adjustments phase. They’re doing the overall finishes.

    – Rather than have come from a different world, the Final Fantasy characters that appear in World of Final Fantasy have lived in the world of Grymoire from the very beginning. There are also some unexpected combinations of characters that are acquainted with
    each other.

    – The game is being made to be played relatively carefree. They’re implementing a system so that you can return to the town from within a dungeon at any time, as well as immediately return back to the dungeon.

    – Getting defeated in battle will only send you back home. You won’t lose money or any of the items you have. It’s being balanced so you can battle recklessly, more or less.

    – Leaving out Mirage training and side elements, the story alone is over 100 hours long.

    – The volume of the game is equivalent to a numbered Final Fantasy. There are full sub stories and events with Final Fantasy characters, too.

    – Event scenes can be fast-forwarded or skipped.

    – While you’re encouraged to bulldoze through battles early on, battles will become difficult from the middle of the game onward if you don’t consider attributes.

    – There are over 200 Mirages that appear in the game.

    – Since Mirages will get lonely if you don’t use them, they’re making adjustments to the
    game so that you can train all of them.

    – Square Enix wants to make figures based on World of Final Fantasy.

  • Dongmatteezzy

    Oooookay so Persona 5 western release date: February 14, 2017…..2017!!!! *sigh* before I can even play the game someone will expose me from spoilers—definitely. urgh I need to wait again…..FFXV September 30–so close yet so far, Word of Final Fantasy October 25—waiting again, FFVIIR??? KHIII??? (I really need these games right now……. πŸ™ )

  • Sephiroth is cool but not sure he fits in this game

  • Why can’t we have the characters as allies instead of monsters

  • I came when I read “over 100 hrs”.

  • Amelia C.

    Wait, what? NA is getting it before Japan!? Wow, SE, I never saw it coming! I wasn’t thinking of getting this before, but the new trailer really piqued my interest.