Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade introduces Ace, new Gods By Tony Garsow on August 27, 2016 at 6:25 AM

Final Fantasy Type-0 protagonist Ace is heading to Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade, Square Enix revealed today during a special live stream. As a newcomer to the series, Ace will launch alongside additional content titled “Battle of the Gods” which introduces two new gods named Spiritus (voice: Issei Takahashi) and Materia (Erina Mano).

  • 케빈

    what are gods in this game?

  • stevenm281

    He’s awesome!!!!

    Now it makes me want to see more Type-0 characters in action such as King or Seven.

  • Juan Pablo Gonzalez

    what happened to Cosmos ? … did she previously already died ?

  • Shin Verus

    She died at around the mid point of Dissidia and was confirmed dead at the end of it.

  • I always liked Ace. Im glad they added him.

  • 4FFAN

    Yesss!!!! Bring it to PS4!

  • Why not have 4 gods? Why get rid of Cosmos and Chaos? Why always make the female one good?

  • Is she the god of materia from ff7?

  • Thank the gods, I have been praying this character gets added to a future dissidia title after Type-0 was released. Now if they just add the right songs and secure Zero (bump of chicken) his inclusion will be just golden

  • Felix117

    Guys I’m actually crying. Is there anyway to play this game without flying to Japan? 🙁

  • Tony Garsow

    Probably disambiguated to represent “matter” or “the physical world” rather than FFVII explicitly. They sure do have a propensity for Latin, hehe.

  • Shin Verus

    That was Minerva.

  • Shin Verus

    Cause Cosmos died midway through the 13th cycle and Chaos literally exploded at the end of it?

  • And apperance-wise Cosmos is truly looking like a legit god unlike that fan-service bikini model.

  • I’m still hoping for Rem and Balthier. ;_;

  • Justice V

    Interesting with the gods being the spiritual and the material. People’s guesses were right with Ace. Makes sense. Nomura still doing all the designs for the characters in the game? Spiritus looks like a nomura design Materia not as obvious hehe.

  • Michieie


  • Michieie

    >implying bikini fanservice is bad

  • Oh snap.

  • Well I like bikini if it’s wore on beach or similar settings. With or without showing skin, a person can still be attractive. It gets gross when formal dress shows skin more than necessary.

  • It’s always going to be a personal opinion. But the artist can literally come up with ever they want. On the bright side at least she’s wearing something. Here clothes may be basically see through but at least it’s not really a bikini

  • Randy Marsh

    Nope only Japan only. There is a possible PS4 version coming after the yearly contract for arcade exclusivity expires this Fall. However, it has not been confirmed if the PS4 version will be made yet.

  • Mina-P

    Because cosmos(order) and chaos are opposites. Just like spiritus(spirit) and materia(matter).

    Usually in most mythologies ancient people tend to assign things like life, harmony and order to females(goddesses), and things like war and chaos as masculine. Don’t get too upset bout it though, the head God is usually male (Odin, Zeus, Jupiter, etc.)

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    Even if is confirmed , we would still needed to wait until PS4’s version release date.

  • I’m not mad I just wish they would break the mold sometimes.

  • Yeah. But at least she has some cool swords as wings. Glad they didn’t cop out and make her a mage.

  • I thought they said this was a reboot.

  • The one Genesis loved or wanted to meet.

  • I know right? I kinda like French and Spanis myself.

  • Randy Marsh

    Yep, that could be a longer time for a release date, since they could decide to wait for more characters to be announced for the arcade version to include in the game. Also fix the gameplay to match the PS4 version, up the quality of all the models, wait for the long localization of the game, etc. In other words, this game isn’t coming for a very long long time.

  • Shin Verus

    Considering how this story mode makes reference to the previous story, it clearly isn’t anymore.

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    I would not said a long time , but it will be only in the end of 2017 or in 2018.

  • Mina-P

    Yeah, I understand. FF needs a female antagonist, it’s been forever since Ultmecia/Edea… unless you count Yunalesca I guess but she was like third behind Jehct and Yevon. Or unless you count Kuja *hides*

  • Mina-P

    This is a reboot afaik, story isn’t connected to previous dissidia games

  • Mina-P

    let’s be honest, the real fashion sin here is that little hat!! like srsly, those went out of style at least 3 years ago.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Yes, that was Minerva.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Does anyone know what the voiceover in the trailer is saying?

  • Artemis Polara

    Sort of a step down from Cosmos and Chaos but it’s also good to not rehash them. I mean that story ended so I’ll let this one be its own thing.
    Though I guess we can’t say Warriors of Cosmos or Chaos anymore…

  • Well she wasn’t really more of an antagonist as Seymour who was sadistic.

  • Randy Marsh

    I would say Q3-Q4 2018. That’s still a long time for desperate people who want to play this game.

  • So when will they break the cycle I thought once Chaos died the cycle was suppose to be done.

  • Artemis Polara

    Probably is, this doesn’t mean that this isn’t another conflict and these gods didn’t just use the same formula as Cosmos and Chaos.

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    why so late?
    only thing actually take time is char creation and control adaptation , as SE is using a PS$ engine in the arcade version.

  • ITALOpkg ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

    Ace is one of the best charactes and have one of the best gameplay in Final Fantasy Type 0, it was amazing the fact that SE add him in the game.

  • Shin Verus

    The cycle is done and broken. This plot has not been shown to even be a cycle yet, only that it’s on World B.

  • Randy Marsh

    They’re not using the PlayStation 4 version’s engine, the arcade version is using a lower quality engine. Also, there’s the process of having to make it into a full game that needs more assets put into it, like new modes, extra menus, the full story that they’re barely revealing, the control adaptation, the upgrading of the engine, the prevention of bugs, glitches for both the environment and models being made when putting in said platform, constant checking of the game’s running speed, the implication of the dlc, etc. There’s a lot that needs to go into it. In addition localization of the project takes a good couple of months.

    Game design doesn’t work as easy as you think it does, it takes a lot of time and work. If this game gets ported and comes out any earlier, the PlayStation 4 version is announced by this year at either TGS, PSEXP, or JF.

  • Michael Mario

    Not sure. She was confirmed revived in the last Report in Duodecim, but Cosmos also stated that she intended to fade along with World B. Because Spiritus and Materia having kept that from happening, it’s possible Cosmos still lives… Though if she does, one wonders what she’s doing while these new gods are starting a new war.

  • Michael Mario

    Chaos died twice: once in the 13th cycle, and again as Feral Chaos in the nightmare dimension Shinryu trapped Cid in. While Cosmos might still be alive since she was resurrected by the 012 heroes’ crystals and got to see her creator off on his journey, her current status depends on how much World B had deteriorated before Spiritus and Materia showed up.

  • i thought the 2nd Dissidia was a prequel to Dissidia 1. so the problem was solved in 1 and they showed how some people were freed in 2.

  • as long as they done wipe the character’s memories like in dissidia.

  • Michael Mario

    Dissidia 012 contains both a prequel to the first game (Scenario 012) and a retelling of the 13th Cycle using the World Map system introduced in 012. In addition to those two, their is a third scenario detailing the fate of Cid of the Lufaine that takes place after the 13th cycle in a nightmarish hell dimension where Chaos remained undefeated and the cycles of war continued until Chaos went insane and became Feral Chaos. This is “Scenario 000”.

    At the end of it after you’ve defeated Feral Chaos and freed yourselves and Cid, you learn that the unmanifested crystals Lightning, Vaan, Laguna, Yuna, Tifa, and Kain had within them managed to restore the real Cosmos back to life after the real Chaos’s defeat at the end of the 13th. The Secret Ending with Cosmos and Cid takes place soon afterwards.

  • Mina-P

    Oh yeah duh mr. winnie the pooh voice. So.. she’s like 4th lol. Reaaaaly need a female evil lady I’m hoping ffxv will give that to us

  • I came up with calling it bikini as I don’t know how to describe that dress with a better name lol.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    “this story mode makes reference to the previous story”

    Is this from the Battle of the Gods trailer? Can you translate the Japanese?

  • Mina-P

    Makes sense. Now give me Celes, Seifer, Beatrix, Agrias, Vivi & Auron plz. This game needs more ladies and more heavy hitter types. Srsly if this game doesn’t have Celes I am going to be so pissed off. She ranked like #5 ahead of terra on that japanese fave female poll awhile back.

  • Shin Verus

    In short, to cut the fat out of the honestly way too generic dialogue of “pure goddess” Materia has, the world was dying (remember, World B was dying at the end of Dissidia) and now the gods took interest in it and are going to fight to have it (maintaing it’s existance in the process).

    I mean it’s only a 90 second trailer so most of it is left to interpertation, but it fitting in exactly where Dissidia left off in it’s final scene is a bit… obvious.

  • Justice V

    Maybe Nomura designed her 3 years ago? Heh.

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  • I hope so too with Arenea the dragoon lady. As long as they don’t make her dialogue all femme fatal sexual.

  • I didn’t know all that. And I played both games. Even beat parts of both and saw endings. I guess that was written lore.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Obvious? Isn’t it more likely it’s an unconnected world, since it’s shown having buildings and civilization at the start, which World B never had.

    Can you translate this page: http://www.jp.square-enix.com/DFFOO/story/