Final Fantasy XV officially delayed to November 29 By Erren Van Duine on August 15, 2016 at 3:01 AM

Following a weekend of rumors abound, Square Enix has officially confirmed a delay for Final Fantasy XV. The game will now launch on November 29 allowing the team further time for development.

“From the moment we joined this project, our vision was to create a level of freedom and realism previously unseen in the series. Regrettably, we need a little bit more time to deliver on this vision and are confident that this new release date will help us achieve this,” said director Hajime Tabata in a press release. “As the director and lead of this project, I wish to personally apologize for the additional wait. As a team, we want Final Fantasy XV to achieve a level of perfection that our fans deserve. We kindly ask for your understanding.”

Full comments from Tabata can be viewed in a video message below:

Square Enix is yet undecided if release dates for the disc versions of Kingsglaive and Brotherhood will remain unchanged. The digital version of Kingsglaive is still a go for August 30.

  • broadcast

    Well there it is. Anything about Kingsglaive, Mobile Games, Final Fantasy XV: A King`s Tale? Also delays? YouToube Video is japanese :-/

  • Antal Csánitz

    Just turn on the English subtitle in Youtube’s menu.

  • Karysonson

    Alright, to all you people who have been slandering, harassing, and attacking Erren and the members of NC…
    YOU owe them an apology. And don’t even try to come up with some bull shit to excuse the behavior you displayed.

  • NeoKorean

    This is kind of a disappointment regardless, because they were confident in the release date being September 30th, and delays for the past couple years for video games haven’t been doing to well in the slightest.

  • Esthermpollack

    <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il821r:….,….

  • GreedIsSin

    You can see the sadness in his eyes :/ Don’t worry Tabata-san ! I understand 🙂

  • Octavio Valdez

    Well Uncharted 4 did pretty well

  • MHDRem

    I didn’t see what happened, but I agree with you

  • Octavio Valdez

    I get the feeling there are still parts were the optimizing hasn´t been that great yet and they are still struggling with those. But hopefully they can get through it. If anything rather work like hell and get all the rough edges smoothed out than have the game release with a freaking 30 or 20 gb day one patch

  • Breathless

    Laughin’ my ass off. I mean, here’s to all the naysayers. ^^/ Personally, this makes things much less stressful for my bank account, so I don’t mind. I do wonder what the big additions could be – hope they’re gonna detail that later on. Till then: anyone else thinking of PS4 Neo related stuff?

  • Some Random Guy

    Damn it Erren, why did you delay the game!?

  • Octavio Valdez

    Yeah I think Neo stuff could be part of it too, Tabata seamed very interested in the upgraded console ideas, wouldn´t mind some improvements to frame rate. Wouldn´t be surprised if they are still struggling with it.

  • Noctis Pendragon

    I remember when NMS went gold and everyone was happy about that , we know how it ended .

  • Octavio Valdez

    NMS ain´t that bad, though I can´t speak for the PC version the PS4 overall doesn´t do a bad job, besides Nov 30 Holidays are coming up so maybe more time to dig into FFXV in earnest.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Even though I know the game will be better for it I’m still very sad about this. This game means so much to me and the feelings I felt when I thought the wait is soon over it gets delayed……I’m good at waiting….been doing that for 10 years now… however…this really hurt. I hope we’ll get something extra for this bc ye..I’m really sad.

  • Dennis Gurkis Johansson

    Been checking news frequently the last few days about the delay, partly worried, not about nov 29 but more that further delays might happen after all this time. Honestly the ammount of stupidity being flung back and fourth about this has been ridiculous, in the end this is their project, Tabata and his team have been putting their time and soul into this in a way we as fans probably can’t even imagine, it’s their vision and if they feel they come out all honest like this and want to further enforce the quality of their vision despite knowing how much they feel they are letting us down then i say more power to them! Oh and really lookin forward to tomorrow 🙂 master version preview go!

  • Randy Marsh

    In the words of the great Behemoth King

    Oh well, comes around for most people’s winter vacation to have fun with it. I can dig it.

  • •december


  • Wazi the pa

    And there you have it. It’s set in stone. To those who still feel disappointed in the delay, I understand completely but it’s for the best.

  • Codes McGodes

    March FFXV Event Leak: “Release date will be September 30th”
    Official March FFXV Event: “Release date will be November 30th!”
    Audience: “….wait what?”
    Official March FFXV Event: “Just kidding it’ll be September 30th!”
    Audience: “Woohoooooo!!”

    5 months later….

    Square Enix: “Actually November 30th was more accurate. It was intended as a joke. Oops.”

  • Xervath

    I won’t lie, I feel a little salty about this. I won’t start a war, but…yeah, it does sting a bit.
    I guess it’s because of the previously generated hype (what with the uncovered event and all)
    If they hadn’t done something that “large” with all the big announcements and all, perhaps this would not be so much of a disappointment.

  • This is a shame, but it does give me time to save up some money.

  • Noctis

    yeah i have time to buy me a dolby souround system^^

  • Deivid Verdugo Abad

    They (Tabata and team) have all my respect. It’s a game, half product and half piece of art, and they (and we) want the best results, so I understand they need more time. It feels there’s hard work, perfectionism ideals and hopes behind this title. This is not a matter of life, I can’t wait. Just two months, what’s that?

  • bevden117

    Disappointing to see a delay but two months isn’t all that bad! I don’t think Kingsglaive/Brotherhood should be delayed as well

  • Mina-P

    He looks a little bit more rested, that’s good last few times he did these kinda appearances he looked like hell. Poor Tabata sensei <3

    Don't even want to know what Nomura looks like RN between FFVIIR and KH3.

  • Mina-P

    Dude came off like some really creepy stalker that just wanted Erren senpai to notice him.

  • Mina-P

    I’m moving before sept. 30 and my new internet’s going to have a data cap. So… yeah i’m actually pretty happy I won’t have to use my most my monthly cap on one friggen patch

  • •december

    But I accept this trial.
    They could easily drop episode 4 of Brotherhood to make up for this setback.

  • Morgan

    Well, this is right before my wedding like DAYS before. So uh I’m not going to get to play this at all until mid-December. And I KNOW that everyone will be talking about this game so I’m going to have to unplug from everything right before it releases to avoid spoilers and reviews.

    It’s awful timing for me but it sounds like he deeply cares. And I really appreciate that. I want this game to be so amazing that all the nay sayers are shut up and all the fans are happy. This hurts my heart but your apology is excepted Tabata. I respect you for knowing when to make this call.

    Also, if possible someone needs to say how the gameplay feels at Gamescon. That Titan demo got such mixed reviews from people and it’s made me a little nervous.

  • Ricardo Fernandes

    i now want to see that 30 minute gameplay of the “master” version of the game to ease my soul…
    I understand they want to deliver a final product with minimal problems, but my sadistic side is burning!

  • Noctis

    Well they will this week

  • black ops

    I have been waiting since the game was suppose to release on the old gen consoles !!! and now i was so hyped but than this !!!!!! really ;-; but still my love with you !!! I believe the wait will be worth the while

  • Ian Cadete

    actually the day one patch would be 45 gb, in japan before the date change was announced they had the info that there would be a day one patch(needed ps4 space to be more precise), this news got out a couple of hours before this video, the timming is something to wonder. if the day one patch would really be 45 gb i say delay it to put this on the disk

  • Some Random Guy

    I know he said we will get the video tomorrow, but i still cant help but compulsively refresh the page.

  • Well damn, they did it boys. Harambe would have released the game on ti.e with all the DLC and patches included before he died. 🙁

  • And WoFF

  • Now that its on a Tuesday like most games there’s no way to skip work and play it as a 3day weekend. There’s also the chance that KH2.8 comes out during the beginning of December. So now I have to wait till I finish XV to do that. And once again with no birthday party on Oct 1st nothing else to do but watch Luke Cage and keep playing God Eater games.

    I guess the whoever this informant is not is gonna be seen as the word of god huh?

  • What’s NMS?

  • DairyQueen_DQ

    They should just release a collector’s edition. They have enough time making it now. I want everything that the ultimate edition has minus the play art figurine. That would be the best apologie ever! I actually don’t mind waiting ff15, kinda have a lot games to finish.

  • Noctis Pendragon

    No Man Sky .

  • Afaix

    hey, at least the event was kinda nice….right? lol.

  • Or give something extra dlc wise for the wait.

  • I just hope no one is being petty running from site to site saying “I told you so” while stroking their dick and patting themselves on the back.

  • stevenm281

    Well fuck my life

  • 4FFAN

    Right…but it looks kinda stupid now. Kinda. Of course we still had tons of reveals, but what we really were looking forward to was the release date so…

  • Omegataco

    That event was for much more than just the release date

  • Paulinho

    well that was a well delivered presentation, its sad its being delayed, put he put it in a way that we can expect the best of ff15 in the new date announced

  • Daniel Masterson

    Now I’ll have time to go through DQ VII. Two months is nothing.

  • Daniel Masterson


  • bitman

    Man, I’m really sad that it turned out to be true (even though the whole thing seemed really fishy) but nonetheless, I’m glad that they did it for all the right reasons. Both the game, the development team, the fans, everyone can get the best out of this game with this delay. I even read about some people that DO have problems with their internet connection, and the day 1 patch being 45 Gbs, I mean, that’s like 2 years of internet data for some people, and they don’t wanna wait that long to play the complete version, obviously. Besides, he also said that they’ll also add more content, and that’s great to make up for these 2 months. Also, don’t forget, there’s one game recently that got delayed a couple of months. And that baby got tenoutatens all over the map. I’m happy that they’re taking notes from NaughtyDog and not from Activision and EA that are all like “Whatever, release the thing, we’ll fix it a year later.” They want the best out of the whole thing, and I’m happy for it. Tabata is still one of my favorite Videogame directors of all time, and on November 29th, he’ll show it!

  • FFdiehardfan

    Release the damn Steam version SQUARE! Day1 buy! Watch MGSV PC… Amazing game.

  • Frederick Badguy

    Final Fantasy XVI will be launched BEFORE Final Fantasy XV. How much did you want to bet?

  • D.3ND

    Sooooooo, how’s your son-in-law doing Sol? 😀

  • D.3ND

    Still a Late birthday gift how I see it, plus with putting patch on disc to save download since some have not so great internet connection is a smart move. I better get a thank you letter just like Witcher 3 in the package.

  • Yuntu

    It`s already confirmed to come this week.

  • Yuntu

    Mobile game is still scheduled for August, King`s Tale may launch earlier (they did not specify anything as of now) and Kingsglaive launches as planned (maybe they delay the Bluray?).

  • dbclick

    He wants to make the game so amazing that “it would send other games running in panic.”

    This I can deal with.

  • Vallen

    Meh, all of October is exams for me, so the delay isn’t a biggie for me since I wouldn’t be able to play much anyways. I just hope the final product is polished.

    Plus P5 comes out earlier in the month in Japan, I love both series, so I’m glad they won’t get in the way of each other (not that the audience is the same, both cater to different demographics of gamers, but still)

  • Zach Hagler

    The strange thing with this, is that two days before I heard about this rumor I got an email from Square Enix online store telling me I could still pre-order the Ultimate Collectors Edition within a 48 hour period. I was under the impression they were completely sold out on those, then I come on here and read this and suddenly it makes a world of sense why I received that email. It was a foreshadowing!!! XD

  • stevenm281

    Because I was planning a whole week vacation to my best friend’s place with whom I always play a new FF first run with him, and I live 10 hours away by car.

    Also, due to my full-time job and part-time one, end of September, early October was the perfect time to schedule everything.

    Now, in late November, I most likely won’t be able to take a vacation during that time period as we already have the holidays off.

    I approve of delays because it improves the overall product, its just the new release date that fucks it all up, a Spring release would have been better then in my case.

    The game will be as great, its just the circumstances that will be very different.

    I wanted to do this like the in-game roadtrip, take pictures of the road ahead, the various products related to FF15, the meals my best friend would have cooked (like Ignis in the game with the meals screenshots), I was gonna listen to the various soundtracks while driving, etc.

    Now, I’ll just play the game on my own, at home, and it will definitely not be the same experience.

    I’ve been dreaming of this trip for the past 5 years so when they confirmed at Uncovered that I would be able to make it happen, I was so thrilled, and now, one month before the vacation, they announced this new date and it screws my plans and that hurts.

  • stevenm281

    They should release a new public demo to make up for the delay, like either the Titan’s demo, or the one for Gamescom.

  • Iwakura

    I suppose this means I won’t be charged the 300 for the Ultimate in Sep then at least?

  • Frederick Badguy

    That annoying blonde french? Everytime I see him with my daughter, I crush his face!! Damn you Ky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Starlord

    Yeah, that will most likely be delayed to the first week of November.

  • Iwakura

    When do they usually charge? If it’s on Nov 29th I suppose it would be best to drop the funds into my Paypal around the 1st to make sure it’s there to charge.

  • Justice V

    Most likely people cancelling their uce’s and your spot on the wait list came up.

  • Average Afro

    Kotaku basically did that.

  • Starlord

    From my experience roughly 3 weeks prior.

  • Justice V

    Oh yeah forgot about Luke Cage. Glad they aren’t conflicting anymore as that’s the main series I’ve been excited from Marvel. I was wondering if I’d spend 10 hours straight watching that or playing ffxv. Now no conflict heh.

    Oh yeah also with KH 2.8 I doubt I’d be playing it right away anyway. I bought 1.5 and 2.5 collectors day 1 and still haven’t beaten either one yet heh. Though probably play aqua’s quick part right away but I expect that part to last maybe 3 hours tops.

  • Iwakura

    Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind around the 1st then. This works out for me honestly giving me more time to take care of it as well as play some other stuff. Not too upset about the delay really. Destiny’s expansion was coming out 10 days prior to the original release.

  • Starlord

    Delay’s happen. I never believe in rumors because they aren’t facts. Now that it’s a fact, I am not bother by it, sure it’s sad to not get it next month, but just imagine the delay being worth it. 🙂

  • Justice V

    He’s probably tired but VIIR and KH3 aren’t in crunch time so he’s probably plenty reste heh. Though depending how many issues 2.8 is having that could be causing him to work lots of overtime, but that probably won’t kick into crunch time till near mid Sept.

  • LTweetsU

    The gamescom demo is the start of the game, i myself wouldn’t touch it, why would i want to be absolutely spoiled.

  • Iwakura

    That feeling when I can finally crack open one of the rarest and most expensive things in my FF collection and smell the newness, yeah totally worth the wait. Only thing I’m more proud of is the artbook I had Amano autograph. 15 is definitely worth every second.

  • stevenm281

    They can easily remove quests and story related scenes so that we can only fight monsters in the starting area, that way not spoiling anything, but we still get to try the up-to-date battle system.

  • Justice V

    Almost all places charge once it actually ships out from the warehouse. So you shouldn’t get charged till then.

  • Can someone break it down for me? Its done but it could be better and they don’t want to do the patch over the psn or net? So they need more time to fix the game on the disk and then they’ll still be a day one patch?

  • Justice V

    Kind of easily, but would add more time for a group of programmers and a team if testers to make sure the demo was good for mass release with doing that. After announcing a delay unless they’re pulling members from other teams just for the demo I don’t think it’d be a smart idea to do all that.

  • Justice V

    People here at least seem level headed but I can just imagine everywhere else with people being stupid.

  • Justice V

    Sems like? Even if there’s still a day one patch it would be much smaller than the 45gb one they’d be forced to use now though. Basically sounds like they just need a little bit more time to deliver upon the quality they promised which makes sense.

  • stevenm281

    No, with the new release you get:
    – Master version (version ready as of this moment)
    – Day One patch content (will be on disc rather than a download)
    – Bonus content

    While if they would release it on September 30, we would get:
    – Master version (version ready as of this moment)
    – Day One Patch (through download rather than on disc)
    – No bonus content would be available

  • Justice V

    Cool. Release dates aren’t something set in stone (until it actually releases), so I’m happy with this. Sure sucks gotta wait 2 more months, but would rather them create as goid a game as possible and not kill themselves trying to squeeze it out before it’s ready.

  • Exactly. I can’t stand a bully. Especially cyber bullies who like to harass people till the commit suicide.

  • Yeah its only a step up to 3 not long. I mainly just wanna play Dream Drop because when I watched it it reminded me of Inception.

  • Weak.

  • Starlord

    So basically, those 2 months is to give us more content… How is this a bad thing again? lol

  • •december

    Ok but I need it now lol

  • Höckernase

    First 12 minutes of Kingsglaive.. hey at least something after this sad day^^


  • Carlos Rojas

    Too much is never enough

  • stevenm281

    I never said the delay was a bad thing

  • NoctisStrife87

    Man it is so sad, but the game will come out complete at least and with some dlc to compensate the delay. I believe in Tabata’s work, i got sad but i can wait 2 months. Bring the game that will make other games run in panic haha.

  • Frostofthecwsw

    Doesn’t this also mean WOFF comes out BEFORE XV now?

  • Mina-P

    Yes 🙂

  • Frostofthecwsw

    That makes it extra disappointing. Announced after, Out before.

  • Frostofthecwsw

    Watch us get close to the new release and they postpone again. Too much time to fix it is never enough.

  • Mina-P

    Doesn’t bother me; I’ve seen two versions of FFXIV, two sequels to FFXIII, all three Dissidia games, and like four Kingdom Hearts games get released since XIII Versus was announced. What’s one more?

  • Frostofthecwsw

    Kind of a lot when the thing you’re waiting for is the only thing keeping you from sticking a knife in your femoral artery.

  • Jesus Christ


  • Jesus Christ

    Every time them ffxv gets their hearts broken I’m happy. Tripping over a month delay…. Pathetic AS IF they have NOT been let down for years by this game. Hung up by hype of images and trailer that tells you little of the game totally. I know this is a game and not a movie but y’all know what happened to batman v superman and suicide squad? All initial Dan reactions were unrealistic amazing until them movie actually get release and its trashed.

    Just saying. Lolololil I’m dying right now

  • Justice V

    True, though BvS was better than I was expecting, considering it had influence from Miler’s craptastic Dark Kinght Returns hehe.

  • Justice V

    Pretty much what I was gonna say haha.

  • Mina-P

    D: Idk if ur joking but if serious I’m rly sorry u feel that way and plz get someone to talk to; my cousin comitted suicide a year ago it was a terrible tragedy.

    I don’t think it’s sad or sucks that other games have come out since then. I don’t rly care for XIII and its sequels but FFXIV is amazing and the Dissidia games are fun. We got WoFF, Kingsglaive and the anime to tide us over those extra couple months, no biggie for me ^^

  • Frostofthecwsw

    No, I’m serious. This game is the only good thing in my life

  • Kaizokugami

    Sorry Tabata, but nothing you say carries any weight anymore. I’m fully expecting you to delay the game yet again come October/November.

    I don’t really mind the game getting delayed per se, but I’m just surprised Tabata can keep saying things like “we’re confident” with a straight face.

  • Kaizokugami

    I don’t know what’s troubling you to make you feel that way, but I hope you don’t do anything drastic. Whatever it is that’s troubling you find someone to talk to ASAP. The worst thing you can do is not talk about it and not seeking help. Coming from someone who has suffered from depression and attempted to commit suicide before. There is help available and all you need to do is reach out. It gets better.

  • Frostofthecwsw

    I’ve tried. I have been in facilities so many times I have nightmares about being stuck there. I’m autistic, and the fact of the matter is: there isn’t enough knowledge out there to help me. The thing that troubles me is me. I don’t want to be me anymore. I want out. I hate it here. And it doesn’t get better. I’ve been depressed since I was 9. I’m 25 now. 7 attempts. 5 hospitalizations. Nothing changes. I does not get better.

  • Artemis Polara

    Like many, I’m annoyed over this but I have waited since 2006 so another two months on top of it isn’t much. Plus their reasons are better than others.

  • Marc Balgro

    Nah Im fine with the delay since its not the end of the world, at least he has the decency to come forth in regards the delay instead of cowardly send a staff member to give the official notice, thats brave from his part, but still chill out, what ‘s 2 more months, at least we’ll have a much more polish game and Im fine with it, and now have a UCE pre-ordered since 2 weeks ago thanks to waiting list e-mail. yay.

    The man has taken a huge weigh on his shoulders since accepting being the director, still Nomura was kept from developing further the game after having working simultaneusly on the Kingdom Hearts series giving us 1.5 and 2.5 and now just like that unknown from him was given the weigh of now directing FF VII Remake and he’s still keeping us occupied now with 2.8, and by the way we dont have the right blame any game director cause they are doing their job, same for Tabata working of Type-0 HD and had to work from scratch a project that had been developed for 7 years and trying to work the best as possible as well optimizing the LuminusEngine for the game after leaving aside CrystalTools.

    Give the man a break, he doesnt owe us consumers anything like anybody and no way UNCOVERED was a waste since I enjoyed every bit of it and had been a much more better reveal than we had way before Episode Duscae that put the true development in motion, he’s just doing his job like any human being does for a living and is trying to give us the best quality as possible after being assigned a big project, I cant imagine being on his shoes right now, if anyone is upset or disapointed then everybody mind your buisness, at least every reveal has left my with awe and cant wait for more reveals at both Gamescom and TGS 2016. My expectation are not even higher.

    After all this really Tabata should take a big vacation.

  • Marc Balgro

    He has confirmed THERE will be DLC as compensation for the delay, hope many DLC skins for the Regalia like the Cindy and Gold Chocobo and some pre-order weapons from other retailers, and if possible the season pass a bit cheaper instead of the full 25 bucks or if possible inclued fully free, but that is already to much to ask.


    Bla bla bla, bla bla bla , (charlie brown’s teacher)
    My planned october vacation is over. Super duper.
    Nah Im fine with the delay too since this is not even
    capable of being something special like, undertale
    for an example

  • motorheadyoda

    they delayed it so Justice Monster 5 can be released before the actual game /s

    I’m ok with delaying to make sure the game is perfect, but why on a Tuesday….. i guess i’ll have to take off work >_>

  • Mina-P

    Lord why have you forsaken us in our time of trial?

  • Mina-P

    Poor Nomura. I almost wish he could’ve turned XV into his bahz luhrman musical lol. Love those movies.I wish fan ppl would give these dudes more a break. I remember Nomura saying in an interview awhile back that he hadn’t seen his family in months between working on XV and all the tons of KH games. THen I look at the comments and see ppl saying “who cares make KH3 u lazy bastard!” y ppl gotta be so mean :/

  • Justice V

    Tuesday is the normal game release day, at least in the US.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Then u should stay out of the gamefaqs forums. There are some people there who are just horrible to each other and many of them just spams their hate towards the game for no good reason. I’ve always liked nova crystallis bc it’s more of a adult atmosphere here and there has only been a couple of times where someone has been annoying or worse but the admins here are very good at giving people warnings and then go through with them if it becomes necessary. I go to this website many times every day, I love it!

  • I don’t go to Gamefaqs but thanks for the heads up. Nothing worst that when there’s so many trolls in one forum the MODs stop caring and just tell people to “suck it up”.
    I liked Nova too for those reasons. Some sites just rub me the wrong way. I can go there and talk to people with respect and still get treated like. That pisses me off and I eventually blow up. That’s why I gave up on Gematsu and basically exclusively come here (sometimes Siliconera just for non-Square RPG info, or RPGFan or RPGSite).

  • If I had to pick I’d like the free DLC be sidequests but if it’s clothes or costumes, I’d ask for the clothes designed by Nomura back in the Versus 13 days.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Um, oh k. U can criticize XV. The thing is, most of the people I come across that ”criticize” the game are doing that with a purist mindset, like ”everything has to be like it always has been, otherwise it’s not FF” and when it doesn’t fit their ideal FF it’s trash and their just hating on it without any constructive criticism. In their mind constructive means ”this is just hack n’ slash, go back to the old formula” u can argue that it is constructive, but it is that to the company, not the game. The game is what is is now therefore you should criticise it for what it is: An action rpg. So if there’s something we don’t like that we want improvement on we tell them and explain why. Bc just saying it’s trash, the characters are garbage etc and not saying why, that’s not constructive.. that’s just kinda childish actually.

    I am a huge XV fan. Even I have a long list I don’t like about the game. The difference between me and a guy that see things through nostalgia googles is that I can talk and see things from different angles where as the other guy is narrow minded and is impossible to have a discussion with. Not saying everyone is that way, but that’s my experience.

  • Jackieabautista3

    <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il192r:….,……

  • Jackieabautista3

    <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il192r:….,…….

  • Frostofthecwsw

    Why are you such a worthless, unrelenting douchefuck?

  • nextpkfr

    Did you actually listen to what he said? They COULD release the game on Sep 29th, but it would require a day one patch offline users wouldn’t be able to have. Why would you ‘fully expect’ another delay if they’ve already finished? And why does Tabata’s word not carry any weight anymore?

    Bitch, moan, bitch, moan, bitch, moan, bitch, moan…

  • Dennis Gurkis Johansson

    This delay is fully understandable. If i was to release the possibly greatest final fantasy ever to the biggest audience full of critics and nay sayers, I sure as hell wouldnt want it to be renowned for being the FF game that was saved by a band aid.

  • Jesus Christ

    LOL I found one. Here he is.

  • Jesus Christ

    I’ll save you

  • Jesus Christ

    So organized. Thanks.

  • Jesus Christ

    Tell that to the blind fanboys that got pissy and threw insults at Erren. She suggest that the game should get delayed and all hell broke lose. I had to use up all my holy water.

  • Dennis Gurkis Johansson

    Never knew Jesus Christ was such a lill whiney bitch, anyone got a cross layin around?

  • Jesus Christ

    Oh, I’m not sorry. Tell that to the pissy fanboys that cried and being petty first.

  • Jesus Christ

    Thank you for reply. I deem you’re legit so I’ll take the time to return the favor.

    Well, I won’t deny that those are your experiences with people. But I also have my experience as well. And to clarify, I know that we all “can criticize XV” as in physically having a tongue, vocal cords, and a complex mind to do it. What I imply with such a statement as “can’t criticize XV” is that some unreasonable fanboys get a knee jerk reaction and tries to stifle anyone who does. Now, that may not be your experience, but that’s mine and I’m not the only one. Say one bad thing, even if IT IS constructive, and you get insults. That, whatever you agree or not, is what I mean when I say you can’t criticize XV. That’s tribal mentality reeks in the FFXV fandom to some extent in my estimation and it reeks in politics too (but we aint getting into that). You either with us or without us.

    And to the trash comment. Please, if you reread my comment carefully and correctly, I’m not personally called it “trash” as if I know it’s trash now. If you don’t mind and rereading the entire context, you’ll see (hopefully, if you don’t that’s OK) that I was trying to call parallel to the recent DC movies of 2016. Everything is all hyped and fabulous from private fan screenining only to turn out for the worst (trash- in this sense) when the entire moviegoer population get a taste of it.

    I’ll say that none of us really know if this game is trash, there is a parallel thread in how I see XV fan treats this game before it is released like how DC fanboys treats BvS and Suicide Squad in private screening. Their praise is not a complete picture. So, again, I was trying to draw a parallel (whether you like it or not is another story and you can disagree if you like), but I was NOT trying to say the game is trash without playing it myself.

    Thanks Adam #Pride

  • Jesus Christ

    I wish Square Enix would delay the game to December 2016. Winter break, duh!



  • Jesus Christ

    I bet 1 bottle of Holy water. You can use it as a shampoo, facial cleanser, lubricant… anything!

    Love your sense of humor.

  • Jesus Christ

    LOL. Oh Steven. XD

  • Jesus Christ

    How about if it was release during winter break?

  • stevenm281

    The Holidays? can’t go down during that period, already got plans elsewhere.
    It was either September or Spring Break that would have been ideal for me.

    I explained my situation to my employers and they’ll try to accomodate me so that I can go, but I won’t be allowed to take a full week, but they might give me three days, I’m waiting for their approval of my request.

    That won’t be enough to go through the whole story and every sidequests, but its better than nothing I guess, I cross my fingers they are gonna accept.

  • Dennis Gurkis Johansson

    I find haters and fanboys equally annoying, that said there is nothing i have seen from XV I personally dislike. People hate on Luna vs Stella and honestly stella is gone..all she was was a blonde woman with a rapier and a mini skirt, that’s all we got to know and yet people hop on the luna hate train like stella was their soulmate. Fanboyism is silly but hating on incomplete impressions are just as bad.

  • Jesus Christ

    Uh… OK… what is it that I have said on this page that made you bring up Luna vs Stella as point of argument? I never made a comment about them. I don’t hate Stella or Luna.

    I think this is a perfect situation of someone judging Me on incomplete impression. If I am a hater, I wouldn’t have bought XV CE, but you don’t have to bleieve me. If you follow me on twitter I’ll tweet out the box when I get it in 2025 when it’s released. LOL

  • Jesus Christ

    I understand how your planning is all messed up. :/

    You give me that nostalgic feeling of traveling to play with childhood best friend. Awwww T_T something like inthe movies!?

  • Dennis Gurkis Johansson

    My point is that weither it’s the characters or developers people go crazy for absolutely nothing. Been playing ff since the day VII was released and squeenix was squaresoft and never felt that the games lacked quality, 13 was a bit dull and too linear sure, but the production quality was there in spades and quality has always been the stamp of the mainline ff games. And yet the community has so much hate and disbelief for XV basically for reasons that arent even remotely dignified. Play the game and if it sucks then it’s a shame but being an a-hole for no other reason than XV not being ur cup of tea because you were so horny for VS makes you one of the pissy fanboys ypu hate so much.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Thank you for your answer. Just one more thing. You must have misunderstood me. I never said that YOU said it’s trash. When I said ”you” I meant haters in general.

    I think we can agree on this: Being extreme on either side is terrible.

  • Jesus Christ

    Well, Dennis, you made a few good points.

    “And yet the community has so much hate and disbelief for XV basically for reasons that arent even remotely dignified.” Right, but let’s look at the other side of the coin, too Dennis. I’ve seen countless number of “fans” who are so sure this game is the best and with the belief that this game is their life and to some people are not “reasons that aren’t even remotely dignified”.

    “Play the game and if it sucks then it’s a shame but being an a-hole for no other reason than XV not being ur cup of tea because you were so horny for VS makes you one of the pissy fanboys ypu hate so much.”

    Right, I agree that we should play the game first. But, we can also “reasonable” judge the game’s content prelimarily based on interview and trailers and development news. The game can be deemed good or bad based on these and it’s bound to happen. It gets nasty when it’s out control or downright stupid.

  • Jesus Christ

    All, well thank you for the clarification. Without it, it can be tough to distinguish that.

    Have a good day handsome. LOL

    See, it’s all good. Adult, mature. End of story. I’m all smiles. I hope you are, too.

  • Daniel Bridgman

    wonder what’s wrong with it to have this delayed till november 29th, though this will be the strangest 37th birthday gift i got

  • Kaizokugami

    No, I didn’t listen. I read the captions since I don’t understand Japanese.

    So? The fact is that they AREN’T releasing it on Sep 29th, but on Nov 29th and for a stupid reason to boot. Anyway that’s beside the point. If you knew how to read you’d have seen I clearly stated I don’t mind the game getting delayed, whether I think it’s for a stupid reason or not, and that my issue is with something else entirely.
    Because that way I won’t be disappointed if it does get delayed again. Better to have no good expectations rather than be overhyped about something, which is why so many people are actually pissed; because they got overhyped. You’re directing your teen angst towards the wrong person. Good job completely misinterpreting my comment though.

    Why? Because Tabata has said a lot of things only for those things to change later on. It makes it hard to take him at face value after a while.

    Nice projecting. I’m not the one throwing a hissy fit over a random comment on the internet. Now, are we done here? Good. Now go throw a hissy fit somewhere else.

  • Kaizokugami

    Sorry for butting in.

    Judging from your past comments around here I find it hard to believe you’re not a hater, but I’ll take your word for it.

    Still, your comments are clearly meant to rile people up and you revel when they respond in the manner you want them to. Which makes you a troll. Although I guess the fault is also on them for actually taking the bait, but yeah.

  • Jesus Christ

    Oh, please, I own up to my first two comments are meant to ruffle some feathers, the blind fanboy feathers. My choice of words were clear. That, You can quote me on that.

    To ruffle somebody’s feather is not necessarily equate me as “troll’s/hater’s”. I can and willing to concede how you can perceive Me as such, but I’m not.

    Your “Sorry for buttin in” is like “I don’t mean to offend, but here’s me offending you by saying you’re a hater, but I don’t think you’re a hater, but I do think you’re a troll… sorry for butting in”

    Thanks. Anything else you wanna share? Cause I can guarantee you there’s plenty more people reading my comings later today. Remember, you chose to talk to me. I’m returning the favor.

  • Kaizokugami


    It kinda does when you do it on almost every article on this site.

    No, my “sorry for butting in” was meant as “sorry for jumping into this conversation even though it had nothing to do with me” but feel free to jump to assumptions about what I meant ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Not much else left to say at this point. I didn’t mean to offend you, but I can see you’re clearly way more sensitive than the fanboys you’re trying to trigger. Sorry I guess.

  • Jesus Christ

    ALMOST every article? That’s not your first and last lie.

    “feel free to jump to assumptions about what I meant ¯_(ツ)_/¯” Oh please honey you gave projection after projection about me, too. I guess we’re both even?

    Yes, you did offend and you backpedaling. I own up to my rile up comments. What say you?

    Good day.

  • Kaizokugami

    The articles on here prove otherwise.

    At least we got that you’re sensitive out of the way. Backpedaling? Not really. You’re the one who thought you knew what I meant and I just clarified. Not really my problem if you can’t deal with it.
    So you’re admitting to being a troll? Alright. That’s one more thing out of the way. We’re making progress here.

    Have a good one.

  • Jesus Christ

    “So you’re admitting to being a troll? Alright.” You clearly don’t read. LOL

    Nice meeting you.

  • Kaizokugami

    You clearly don’t even understand what you yourself are saying. “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument” <- definition of a troll. Which is what you do and admitted to doing by saying that you own up to riling people up.


  • nextpkfr

    Hahaha oh boy.

    How is making sure everyone receives a great experience regardless of internet connection “a stupid reason”?

    When did I say you minded that the game is delayed? Why are you accusing me of jumping to conclusions when your comment is defending something I never accused you of?

    “Because Tabata has said a lot of things only for those things to change later on.”

    Do you have examples? And like I said in my previous comment, why would you expect another delay if they’ve already confirmed they’re finished?

  • Kaizokugami

    You know what, you’re absolutely right. It is a good thing that they delayed the game, not that I minded it in the first place. I hate day one patches and if they get more time to work on it so they don’t have to do that, while also letting people with no internet connection play it day one as it was meant to be played, then it’s the best thing to do.

    I may have completely misinterpreted that part of your comment. “Why would you ‘fully expect’ another delay if they’ve already finished” <- this part. At the time it seemed like you were accusing me of minding the delay. I'd just been in a heated discussion with Jesus Christ so I might have been on edge and saw things that weren't really there. I apologize if I misinterpreted you.

    Let me rephrase. Rather than things "changing" Tabata has a tendency of not telling the whole truth. Not anything major, but enough to make me tilt my head.

    First he said he was working closely with Nomura, and staying true to his superior's original vision. Said they've been on the same page since 2012. Then he said they already decided BEFORE E3 2013 that switching characters was too "complicated".

    Yet, Nomura said this, AFTER the E3 trailers dropped:

    "Although we were promoting Final Fantasy as an action game, we didn't think about working on an FPS. We thought about getting rid of UI, throwing away the damage point display system of previous games, and making Noctis the only playable character. But if we were to do this we would risk making Final Fantasy just another action game. There was a big concern that we not forget that this is a Final Fantasy game.”

    “In terms of the battle system, Final Fantasy means using a party of characters to fight based on numeric point values. You manage things like hit points, damage points, and recovery points while battling. You consider the numbers. In Final Fantasy XV you will be able to control three different characters while fighting. In addition to your main party characters, we’re also implementing control over other characters you encounter.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not condemning Tabata. If Nomura was still working on the game it wouldn’t even be close to being finished. But he hasn’t been completely straight and narrow the whole way which makes me raise my eyebrow sometimes. Is this explanation satisfactory?

    Because in game development things change constantly and they can change at a moment’s notice. Unforeseeable circumstances that forces a game’s release to be pushed forward. That’s why I always expect the unlikely because that way I won’t be disappointed or angry when things like this happen, yet extremely happy if they don’t. It’s nothing personal against Tabata per se.
    I don’t know how to explain it better than this, but I hope you understand what I’m getting at.

    Oh and I apologize for any hostility in my previous comment. Like I said I had been in a heated discussion with Jesus Christ and I was tired to boot. I’m normally not nearly as aggressive as that in my comments. A bit blunt maybe, but not hostile like that.

  • Kaizokugami

    He says why in the video. At this point they’d have to release a day one patch for the game, and thus people who don’t have internet at that time won’t be able to experience the game as it’s supposed to be since they won’t have the day one patch. They’re pushing the release date forward so they can work on everything that needs to be polished until November 29th so there won’t be a need for a day one patch.

    It’s a good thing really. I can’t even remember the last time we actually got a complete game released without the need for a day one patch.