Increased safety measures for Gamescom 2016 visitors By André Mackowiak on August 14, 2016 at 9:08 AM

Due to the horrible and violent attacks in Europe and in the rest of the world the security level at Gamescom 2016 was increased.

These changes apply to normal visitors, business visitors and members of the press alike. Security checks will start each day on 07:00 a.m. and may lead to longer queues and waiting time.

Cosplayers are welcome at Gamescom, but weapon replicas or weapon-like items, regardless of shape, size or material are not allowed on the Gamescom booth area. Weapon-like items will be confiscated by the Gamescom staff at the entrance. Cosplayers are also asked not to use these items in public places in Cologne, because they may terrify the population.

Walking acts by the exhibitors make a return to Gamescom and during these official events, weapon replicas are allowed for the staff members. These items have been checked before the start of Gamescom and are labeled. They are not allowed to be used when the item has left the booth area after a security check.

To minimize waiting times the host suggests to leave backpacks at home, because they consume most of the time during security checks.

You can find the official safety measures via the links below:

Gamescom-Cologne.com: Increased safety measures for private visitors

Gamescom.de: Verstärkte Sicherheitsmaßnahmen für Privatbesucher

  • It’s sad that no matter the year no matter the day, somewhere in the world someone’s at war with someone else. I hope that at some point people all over get to at least have a year or peace.

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