New Final Fantasy XV CG character renders revealed By Erren Van Duine on August 17, 2016 at 8:38 AM

Square Enix and Famitsu have revealed a set of new Final Fantasy XV character renders ahead of Gamescom today, giving a fans a closer look at what to expect in the final game. Now some of these renders may contain spoilers, so use caution if you’re going in blind at this point.

The image with Regis seems to depict an aged Noctis. His features have become similar to his father and his eyes shine red. Another render shows us the modern day look of Noctis and friends. You can see the variations in their height in relation to each other.

Luna and Gentiana can be seen together in full renders for the first time. Luna is holding the ring of Lucii while Gentiana serves as her protector.

Ardyn’s motives remain unclear – as Niflheim’s chancellor he seems aloof. Another Niflheim character, Aranea Highwind, finally reveals her full face that wasn’t visible before behind her helmet.


    looks fresh. i hope we get a decent amount of cgi in XV. intro, outro,. some bits and reveals throughout. hopefully at least 20-30 min. tabata said there would be a bit less than usual but if ff13 had 45 minutes to an hour… (it had a few 5 minute ones through out the game, not just intro and outro). if 13 got that much, perhaps we will get a bit less as 20-30 minutes.

  • eijin_kiver

    who’s beside king regis?

  • Larxene howar

    A older version of Noctis

  • noctcaelum

    Lol that bearded noctis looks badass as hell! No more boyband huh?

  • Felix117

    Really really happy with Araneas Outfit. Showing less skin and more armor. Way more badass than the skimpy clothes that most female fighters wear in japanese fighting/RPG games.( any money she turns good 😀 ).

  • noctcaelum

    i don’t see the resemblance or is it just me?

  • arcnate

    older noctis looks so badass

  • Look at Lighting from Lightning Returns.

  • noctcaelum

    i see the clothes kinda seems like lightning’s. while her face seems kinder than lighning.

  • Crystal Power

    YES! I’ve been wanting this! I’m glad we just aren’t getting the head portraits, but full body character arts. They look amazing!

  • Morgan

    I love how world weary older Noctis looks. Also loving the red eyes. Can’t wait to see how this story plays out.

  • Vallen

    Something tells me Luna is gonna die and Noct becomes a rebel.

  • Lord Shiru

    Just look at “Older Noctis”… So badass !!
    Gentiana, Luna and Aranae <3

  • NewestType

    No. Look at Joey Fatone.

  • Pleasance13

    Funny how Aranea looks more like Stella than Luna does now.

  • Aranea Grande.

  • stevenm281

    please don’t say this, it’s gonna ruin the character for everyone.

  • Justice V

    Man I wish hehe.

  • Justice V

    Gentiana, Aranea, and older Noct look pretty great.

  • stevenm281

    Even Iris shares a similar clothing style to Stella.

  • She’s gotten more sexually explicit over the years but I doubt she can ruin this dragoon.

  • Paulinho

    why do i feel aranea is in reality bahamut mophed in human form !!!

  • BrianL

    The suit that older Noctis is wearing looks just like the suit from meeting Stella way back in Versus! Yes!!

  • Cody

    Forgive me for being dumb, but will FF15 still have cut scenes with graphics like these throughout the game? Similar to previous Final Fantasy titles?

  • Justice V

    No one (other than people working on it) know for certain. All we know is Tabata mentioned it would have less than the recent ff’s. Can take that be confirmation there will at least be a few, or could be that there’s not really any anymore. So far they haven’t shown any (except maybe that bit of Noctis walking out to the car with Regis).

  • Lan

    I don’t think thats older Noct. Think it’s a younger version of his dad. Unless there are pictures I am unable to see.

  • 4FFAN

    Meh…I like young Noct better. Older version seems unoriginal, still cool tho

  • 4FFAN

    No that’s older Noct, if you’ve watched the 50 minute gameplay video, it’s pretty obvious. Plus younger Regis looks like his versus XIII model as shown in the first minutes of Kingsglaive

  • Lan

    I dunno. was watching the movie trailer and it looked like his dad, younger version. i know it’s separate though.

  • Limbs4wings

    true, very perceptive of you!

  • Thaabiet Vermeulen

    Is there a way to enlarge the images?

  • She must not be forgotten. 😛

  • •december

    I love it

  • Justice V

    If you click on them they enlarge. If they’re not enlarging by clicking on them refresh the page and it should work. You can also right click on the bigger thumbnail and choose “open image in new tab/window” and you’ll get the full size image there.

  • Justice V

    Looks the same as Noctis from the beginning of the recent 50 minute trailer. Could be Regis, but has more of Noctis’ features than Regis’.

  • Justice V

    Maybe cuz she’s a dragoon? Hehe. Would be kinda cool. But I doubt it. Or at least I hope not, I kinda want them to keep the human formed Summons limited if more than half the female characters are summons that’d lessen the impact when you find out one of them is heh.

  • NoctisStrife87

    I think it’s Noctis too. Because Regis doesn’t have all those scars. Old Noctis has scars on his face and his hands, pay attention to it.

  • NoctisStrife87

    I think she will end up abandoning the empire and helping Noctis somehow. Just a guess.


  • Justice V

    Keep reading so many people complaining about old Noct not looking like his younger self. Or that they whitened him up too much and calling him a John Wick wannabe/clone…I guess not realizing that Keanu is Asian himself? The only thing that looks slightly off to me is his nose being much wider, but face shape, eye shape, jaw line, everything else looks pretty normal for a guy who is at least 10 years older (not to mention the magic probably having accelerated his aging like it did Regis). My own halfbreedy face/body has changed a lot from when I was 20 to me in my 30’s in a lot of the same ways his have. Not saying it’s a perfect progression, of course, but the complaints about it looking nothing alike are just kinda dumb.

    Sorry had to vent somewhere since I can’t post on the other sites I keep reading the hate hehe.

  • Dan0709

    are these the highest res sizes out there?…i really would like way bigger ones…

  • derf0007

    I wish the whole game was the 30 year old noctis. I think he looks badass. Plus 30 is not that old. I’m 28 and still feel and look like i’m 21.

  • stevenm281

    Welcome in the club, I’m 29, and feels like 19/20.