Dengeki PlayStation plays nearly an hour of Final Fantasy XV By Erren Van Duine on September 15, 2016 at 11:52 PM

The folks over at Dengeki PlayStation had a chance to play nearly an hour of Final Fantasy XV during a special live stream at Tokyo Game Show. Join Goro and Yoshikazu (Dengeki Online) as they make their way through the latest demo playable on the show floor featuring the opening hours of the game.

Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • Nick Greeley

    Cool, they’re playing with the Duscae controls!

  • Jesus Christ

    !1! Was that shiva at the end?

  • jamurjamban

    dat cute presenter tho..

  • •december

    I love these but at the same time
    I”m through with these, I just want to play
    the damn game now, no more bits of new information.
    September 30th would’ve been perfect for release damnit!

  • noctcaelum

    her voice is really cute too, she gives off an iris aura.

  • noctcaelum

    every time i see the trailer i get goosebumps, specially during that time when cid said that they’re not his bodyguards but his brothers so he needs to trust in them, and right after that the shift in music is perfect!

  • noctcaelum

    yep “they” are indeed

  • Patriciatwagner4

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  • Yeah. Seems like this time she’s like she was in Type 0 a little girl but also like 13 she’s split into two sisters.

  • I still say: if there is a gauge for stamina for running then why not have one for special attacks. That way MP could be for magic and some other currency for doing weapon arts. Unless they’re saying swinging a sword takes magic. LOL The only time weapon skills should cost magic is if they use warp to do them or they give off some kinda blast.

  • Aris.Riza95

    Special Arts is now pressing back on the analog stick while attacking, and doesn’t take up MP. Only thing that takes up MP is warping, defending (phasing through attacks), warp-dodges, hopping around mid-air, and using any of the Phantom Swords (not the Armiger ability in Episode Duscae where all floaty weapons appear, that has its own bar, this is using those floaty weapons individually).

  • Alice Campos

    Boy that guy sucks at videogames

  • noctcaelum

    there’s 5 of them

  • So if I hold backward while attacking I can do skills like dragoon jump? What about in the air? How do you do skills there?

  • D.3ND

    Obviously, he wasn’t even picking items as he progress through the dungeon.

  • So Shiva split herself into 5?! Crazy. I like to think all the summon hop from world to world and change form to fit the tasks of that world. Like managing the element.

  • Maybe he was told to only do the bare minimum to save time.

  • I think the controls from platinum demo are the fi all product. I think each weapon has on skill and you hit buttons to atk and then cast spells that you need to replenish from the planet.

  • D.3ND

    Yet he bother to get fire magic…

  • Guess he needed it for the bosses

  • D.3ND

    Damn shame he didn’t use it.

  • Aris.Riza95

    I believe the skill is set to a weapon, to encourage using a variety of weapons. And as far as I know you can’t use skills in mid air. But yeah, just hold back and attack. It’s like that in Platinum Demo, you use the great sword and hold back and attack and Noct will use Tempest. In the gameplay video this is commenting on, near the end against a fight with scorpians and sabertusks Noct uses a lance skill (can’t remember if it was Dragoon Jump or Full Thrust) and did not use any MP so I assume the final version also follows the Platinum Demo’s system.

  • noctcaelum

    i think of it this way, shiva’s skill is diamond dust right? if you look at a polished diamond it’s like a kaleidoscope and a kaleidoscope creates repeated reflections forming a pattern. reflection=multiple shiva’s so yeah maybe she can split into many shiva’s dealing multiple hits, that’s just an idea though.

  • I like that idea. If not that you could see it as lots of snowflakes.

  • But I saw Noctis use a charged atk too with great swords. Is that a secondary skill for that weapon?

  • Yuntu

    Each weapon type has different moves depending on your directional input. The Greatsword has a forward poke (which I assume you mean?) that should be forward + attack, can`t remember exactly.

    The Spears for example can take you easily in the air with a directional input. Some weapons (the relic weapons you collect for example) have special properties. For example there`s an Axe that when you Warpstrike does a overhead slash instead of your normal Warpstrike animation (that also affect the enemy in a different manner) or simple stuff like that hammer in the Platinum Demo with the holy explosions (only though that one is probably not in the game, but it gives you an idea of what I mean).

  • Yuntu

    In case you don`t know: They will have atleast 2 different button layouts. The Duscae one or the Platinum Demo one, they also think about putting in a third but they never said if they will do it or not.

  • Well the only difference was Duscae let you pick skills in a cycle menu and do them and the Platinum only have one skill per weapon that you only did when it was directly equip.

  • I guess if each weapon have just one skill to it then it’ll be a matter of leveling up Noctis and upgrading the weapons that decides if the moves get stronger or do more effects (like stun or poison, or sleep).

  • Yuntu

    Oh that`s not what I mean. I simply meant how the buttons where laid out.

    Some where tied to different buttons than they are in the PD.

  • Yuntu

    It isn`t really “each weapon” more like “each weapon type”. And each weapon type has multiple skills. Lance for example has that charge that Noctis charges up before going fast towards the enemy (forgot the name), the Jump and some other smaller details. Greatsword has a charge attack (the one that lets the weapon glow blueish), that forward poke and the Tempest ability where you whirl your sword around.

    Well and so on. Did that clarify it a bit how I meant it?

  • Nick Greeley

    It’s confirmed already to give you the option to choose between both control layouts 🙂

  • Annamvirgil1

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  • Aris.Riza95

    There are multiple ways of attacking with each weapon: press the attack button. Press the attack button while moving the analog stick to the side (either side does the same variation but mirrored). Hold forward while attacking. Hold back while attacking (does the skills in Episode Duscae). And lastly you tap the attack button, you let go of the attack button and when Noct begins to dismiss the weapon press the attack button again. The charge attack is the last one.

  • I did some of that is duscae but I still rather have triangle as the skill button.

  • Yeah. Its like the skills are there in the direction buttons and they are mixed into the combos instead of using mp.

  • 4FFAN

    Oh my gosh!! THANK YOU!! This looks SOO much better than the master version footage. Good job Square!

  • Jack Leon

    the guy was playing a high lvl dungeon at lvl 7 wtf…..it was obvious he’s gonna lose so why bother…
    the mini-map is buggy..
    lip-sync was out of sync..
    Noctis looks weird when running at full speed…
    they didn’t bother using summons…
    and they laughed too much at Prince Noct asking Cindy for money….
    either stfu or play the game, its annoying listening to both sides at the same time..