Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Review By André Mackowiak on September 4, 2016 at 1:02 PM

Final Fantasy and film-making have a long, storied history spanning back eleven years now. When Squaresoft penned their first film with Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, many were disappointed. How could something like this be considered “Final Fantasy“? A few years later, Square Enix decided to try their hand again – this time with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which was praised for its fan service but fell flat as a proper film.

2013 saw the conversion of Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV and later that year, director Takeshi Nozue and his team at Square Enix’s Visual Works moved forward with a film project that would end up being Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. It, along with the short anime Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV function as two pieces of media meant to shed light on initial backstory to the game – though Square Enix insists Kingsglaive can also work as a standalone movie.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV tells the story of the years long war between the kingdoms of Lucis and Niflheim. After scouring the world, Niflheim’s final goal is Lucis – which serves as the last line of defense and bearer of the world’s remaining crystal which protects the royal capital of Insomnia with a magical barrier held in place by its King, Regis Lucis Caelum.

XV_01After another unsuccessful offensive against Lucis, Niflheim’s Chancellor Ardyn Izunia steps in to suggest a peace treaty between the two nations. But while outwardly, everything appears in place for this long-sought for peace, Niflheim secretly forages their own dark plans to finally destroy Lucis and steal its coveted crystal. This threat comes to the attention of the Kingsglaive – King Regis’ royal guard – who are tasked to avert it with main protagonist Nyx Ulric thrown into the center of action.

First and foremost, the grand appearance of the film needs to be mentioned. It’s clear Visual Works continues to marvel, having not slept since the days of Advent Children back in 2005. To this day, the studio continues to churn out work for a number of Square Enix game titles including Final Fantasy, Deus Ex, Dragon Quest and even Hitman.

Joining their efforts, Square Enix contracted several external firms to help finish the project including Western 3D studios Digic Pictures, who have contributed to video to games like Assassin’s Creed, Warhammer, Darksiders and Mass Effect along with Image Engine – who worked on numerous film and series projects like Stargate, Game Of Thrones, Jurassic World and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

It’s a very complex process – the faces and bodies of the actors and models for Kingsglaive were digitally scanned and then a total of five weeks over the course of a year were used to shoot motion capture scenes.

The result is simply phenomenal. Never before have characters in a computer-generated film looked as lifelike – as detailed as they are in Kingsglaive. From the small wrinkles in the corner of Nyx’s eyes, to the small details in Lunafreya’s clothing and the individual hairs on the massive Behemoth – everything is truly photo-realistic.

XV_01“A fantasy based on reality” is the motto of Final Fantasy XV and the movie wears and sells it incredibly well. Huge monsters, magical spells and weapons mesh with a world that comes straight out of our own with things like cars, cell phones, clothing and architecture to create a contemporary fantasy similar to the likes of Harry Potter.

Visually speaking, the film isn’t just for non-gamers but of course for fans of the Final Fantasy series, as well. Square Enix has packed in loads of familiar nods through classic monsters such as Cerberus, Behemoth, Orthos and even Diamond Weapon from Final Fantasy VII. There’s just enough to let you know – hey, this is Final Fantasy.

The real meat of the movie is had in its action scenes which are fantastically staged and a joy to look at. Between dramatic war scenes, boss fights, car chases and some more personal battles – Kingsglaive has a bit of everything in breath-taking detail. The grand, brutal showdown at the climax of the film is especially one to look forward to. The downside here is most all of these scenes are obfuscated by faulty camera work, so while there’s plenty to see it’s sometimes hard to grasp the whole picture.

Unfortunately, it’s Kingsglaive‘s story that fails to keep up with its impressive visual flair. The first half of the movie was the most interesting to me from a story perspective as it set up the Kingsglaive crew and the nefarious plans of the Niflheim Empire. The plot surrounding the peace treaty and the characters there in particular were cleverly developed. The second half of the film is more action-heavy.

While the film is titled “Kingsglaive,” the members of the group are poorly outlined throughout the entire thing. We end up knowing too little about their backgrounds and motives – character development often quickly brushed over to the point the viewer is left stranded from any emotional connection with them. The main protagonist Nyx Ulric is a typical “I’ll do anything for others” hero who is nearly infallible. He’s joined by the more interesting supporting character Libertus Ostium, who has a small bit of development during the events of the movie as someone not quite happy with the status quo. It’s a shame but for a movie centered around the Kingsglaive characters they sure fell victim to plot, or really, the lack of it.


Of the characters that do standout though, King Regis and Lunafreya were at the top of my list. Regis, a perhaps selfish but fatherly king had several endearing moments. His banter with Niflheim boss Iedolas during the events of the treaty signing in particular were great. On the opposite end, Lunafreya succeeds with her calm personality and inner strength. It’s clear she wants to get things done, even if she appears stubborn at times.

You may be asking: Do I need to watch this movie before I play Final Fantasy XV? The short answer is – maybe. Kinsglaive offers a look at Niflheim’s motives, gives us a bit of backstory on King Regis and the story of Lunafreya’s family. These are interesting developments that set up FFXV‘s world but as a whole aren’t likely to be essential to enjoying the game.

On the sound side of things, John R. Graham and Yoko Shimomura did an excellent job. Graham knows how to accompany the excitement and action of the film and surprised me with some exotic sounds in the urban interiors of Insomnia. The biggest moment, however, was hearing Shimomura’s “Somnus” – a theme long-connected to the game and a reminder that yes, this is Final Fantasy XV.

Lead roles played by Aaron Paul, Sean Bean and Lena Heady afford a very convincing job as Nyx, King Regis and Lunafreya respectively. The secret star in all those though, has to be Darin De Paul who rises in his role as the mysterious and devious Ardyn Izunia wholeheartedly.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. It’s a visual feast with great action scenes and interesting twists. Takeshi Nozue and his team have hit the mark – creating a fitting prologue to Final Fantasy XV proper. Unfortunately, many characters in the film are never sufficiently worked out and the sympathy for them and the main hero Nyx certainly diminishes because of that. Overall though, the things that were there such as the invasion and outcomes attached to that leave me wanting for more. I really can’t wait to see what happens in the final game.

  • Kingsglaive was a really great film and I’m sure that we’ll appreciate it even more once the game comes out. But I wouldn’t ever put it on top of Advent Children. Because Cloud, Sephiroth, Zack, Vincent.

  • DimariaXV

    Nice reading, btw, how do you decide who reviews what? Rock-Paper-Scissor game?

  • Somnus92

    By the end of this film, I was convinced that it didn’t need the Kingsglaives at all. The amount of screen-time that was focused on the group could’ve been allocated to fleshing out the motives of Regis, Luna and Ravius.

  • nziab

    I believe André was avoiding spoilers, so it was fair he’d review it. That way you see the movie as anyone in the audience without any sort of bias, and test whether everything really makes sense the first time you see it, plot-wise.

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus Divine Judgement (with typos) of King’s Slaves

    We can all agree that the visual splendor of this movie is top-notch. The main characters appears to be hyper-realistic at any angle. And, oddly enough, the nice thing that Square Enix did for us is that a lot of the characters (at least in the Glaive) look like “real” human beings minus a few. What do I mean by this? I mean that the character we see are not perfect looking; that is, they have wrinkles, they have skin blotches, they don’t look like they had the perfect nose job (or born with it), and they don’t all have lavishly styled luscious hair. Take, Luna, for example, compared to her in-game CGI counterpart, initial reaction to her movie appearance was less than glowing. People would make claims that she’s “ugly” or “uglier”. Just do a search and you’ll find them. Her appearance in game is arguably more Barbie-like by prejudicial standards of beauty. Now, when I saw the movie in theater, what I did notice is that a few characters here and there does not look hyper-realistic at all, if anything, they look like CGI in a hyper-realistic setting. Overall, in terms of visual galore, I’d give it a 5/5, the minor setbacks can be overlooked really, at least for Me.

    Another positive, Libertus… that dude is so beautiful. I hope he’s single. LOL OK stop it moving on. His actor/VA just looks like him ^_^ Ahhhh so cute and his accent is so bomb!

    There are problems I have with the movie and to a large extent, I can agree with many movie critics. Anyone who don’t like me on this website, you are warned to look away. NOW.

    1) This movie is way too messy during the third act. It felt like a Michael Bay Transformer movie. It doesn’t necessarily make it bad unless you like this sort of thing. But by some movie standards that surely movie critics follow, how Square Enix chose to go with the action-heavy scene was just way too chaotic and confusing. Nxy put on this ring and cleverly got the trust of them old kings, and then these summons pop up (do the regular movie critics know who they even are?) And then the summons fight this diamond weapon.

    2) Diamond Weapon (or whatever weapon it is) is injected into the movie at the beginning and all moviegoers (not fans) and critics see is a big bad monster. And even the enemies from Nefleheim said “release the demon”. Who is this demon? How did they catch it? Why is it so strong? As a non-fan, you’d understandingly be left scratching your head and forced to accept that the enemy side just released a big bad monster and a big fight ensues. Thanks? This applies to Ultros scene as well. How did hell did it get where? What is it supposed to be? How did the enemies get control of these things? Another big bad monster.

    3) And then we have this sad sad Noctis dude that hardly ever shows up and non-fan movie goers and critics are forced to feel an importance of him. We’d here his name said many times during the movie and we hardly see the dude. We are told Luna has to marry the dude and he’s important and needed to save the world. OK, WHERE IS HE? Don’t tell us he’s important. SHOW US! And fact that they chose be so scarce in showing him only at the beginning and at the end is really bad movie planning. They doesn’t fare well with movie critics and I can see why. If this was a non-final Fantasy movie, you’d be so confused and honestly UNCONVINCED as to why Noctis is important and you keep hearing his name over and over. Clearly, as fans, we know we are supposed to play the game afterwards, but that’s not non-movie goer/critics job. They just want to watch the movie, is it coherent in these respect. NO!

    4) This movie suffers from having too many characters and how to manage them in a meaningful way. Like the reviewer above stated, many of them are not fleshed out as needed. We can’t really sympathize with them (well, unless you’re a real hard core fan, you are pleased with anything you get … >_> clearly not referring to you). There was like several subplots that fail to get my attention and I’m not the only one.

    5) Luna is like what I call an accidental or forced damnsel in distress kind of archetype in this movie. I mentioned this in another thread, but how I see it is that she has a lot of capabilities. She wants to do a lot of this, but SE and the characters in the movie treat her as if she needs to be saved. First we know she’s held captive by the enemies, then she has to be escorted to Lucis, then they lock her up, then Nyx has to save her. She wanted to jump off and not afraid of death, but Nxy has to be the hero and save her again. And also, where’s her power? In FFXV trailers recently, we see she deal with Levianthan. She’s literally talking and running in this movie.

    6) This movie (if you can even call it one) is clearly for the fans only. I think it was SMART on Square Enix part to only do a limited release. If they were to do a wide-release, they would be ridiculed at the box office. What was the budget for this movie?

    I take complaints Monday 9 AM. I have homework to do, I won’t respond to nasty comments until Monday. Thank you.

  • I wrote the movie preview based on the first 12 minutes, shown exclusively at Japan Expo in Paris back then before it was shared online. I watched Kingsglaive at the UK premier in London so I suggested to write the review, as well ;).

  • You are right that I wanted to write a spoiler-free review, though this was not the reason why I wrote the review

  • •december

    Why we didnt get this artwork before Kingsglaive is beyond me!!
    Great movie I say

  • alexis

    This movie made me fall for Regis. I was originally disappointed when his appearance changed from the “Mafia” look to this more typical “kingly” look, but he really stole my heart back. He had a strong gentleness to him, but also very clear streaks of stubbornness and could even be quite threatening. It’s almost a sense of him being unpredictable, which build off of in the game in some way. My only sadness is part of this beautiful potrayal of the character comes from Sean Bean’s amazing acting. Jim Pirri has a lot on his shoulders… but I’ve got a good feeling about him~

    But overall, it made me disappointed that he didn’t have the central role instead of Nyx (who I liked, but was less complex/interesting). I think a film lead by Regis and Luna would’ve been a much less convoluted plot. There wasn’t a real focus: they tried to tell Nyx’s, Libertus’s, Drautos’s, Regis’s, aaaaand Luna’s INDIVIDUAL PROBLEMS in 1 hour and 50 minutes — by trying to establish & tell complete so many plots in such a short time, they risked being unable to properly tell any of them properly. And really, not a single one was solved — it wasn’t even tied up appropriately so it can be revisited in FF15. It was just all left thrown about, like a child who forgot to put their toys back in the toybox for the next day. I could go more into this, but this is a spoiler-free review so I’ll keep my comment accordingly….

    It would’ve been better to tell a straight-up story about a King trying to protect his home from invasion alongside a princess defected from the invaders. The princess is an old friend of the King’s son and part of her motivation to help (aside from just being a decent person of course). It really could’ve been that simple — and with only 1 hour and 50 minutes, really that’s as complicated as it should ever have been.

    They tried to avoid involving Noctis to avoid connecting to the game, but I think w/ the underlying (but vital) importance he had they should have included him anyways (aside from the flashback scene). By not doing so, they’e relying on our prior knowledge about him — which doesn’t make sense if they’re going for “wide appeal”. Including him enough so we have an idea of how he’s gotten along would’ve provided a better base for the movie. The Kingsglaives would’ve been better side novel material to experience a different POV, rather than be the main POV, of the Invasion.

    As a fan, I’d honestly still give it 7.5/10. But looking at it from a non-fan, as much as I love FF15 and as much as I don’t want to call this movie less than perfect (because I’ve been looking forward to it since day one) there were a lot of reasons to give it a 5/10. It hurts just to say that, but honestly that’s just how I feel…

  • Jesus Christ

    Good review! I’m laughing because apparently I’m more generous for my fan score than you are LOL.

  • alexis

    But this movie toooootally made me fall for Regis. I was originally disappointed when his appearance changed, but he really stole my heart back. He had a strong gentleness to him, but also very clear streaks of stubbornness and could even be quite threatening. It’s almost a sense of him being unpredictable, which I hope they build off of in the game in some way.

    My only sadness is part of this beautiful potrayal of the character comes from Sean Bean’s amazing acting. Jim Pirri has a lot on his shoulders… but I’ve got a good feeling about him~

  • alexis

    Thanks… I was worried it was a bit wordy (which is why I separated my comment about Regis) hahah

  • Jesus Christ

    “as much as I love FF15 and as much as I don’t want to call this movie less than perfect (because I’ve been looking forward to it since day one) there were a lot of reasons to give it a 5/10. It hurts just to say that, but honestly that’s just how I feel…”

    See. I honestly dont think you need to even give this to the hardcore fans. You don’t have to say this stuff.

    It’s OK to not like this movie and think of it as the best thing there is. This movie can suck in certain aspects. It’s OK!

    Why is it that when I try to thumb up it doesn’t work anymore. I refresh the page and then it’s gone >_>

  • alexis

    I just can’t help it lol Even aside from rabid fans, it’s hard for me to have a strong opinion in one specific direction.

    I feel like I’m being “harsh”, because I think of all the people who worked on the movie and all the long hours they spent making it only for me to criticize it and say “You should have made it differently”… I know it’s something I need to get over, but I haven’t gotten there yet pffftt

  • Jesus Christ

    Actually, no. You don’t have to get over it. It’s OK to be critical. It’s OK to be harsh. It’s human nature. If everyone on here is saying nice things and positive and all glitter is gold.

    This website would be so fake and honestly so lopsided. Wake up and smell the Holy Water. This movie is not perfect and that’s OK! 🙂

    Good for you Alexis for speaking your mind. Now back to physics homework LOL

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    I loved Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within when it came out, but that’s because I was totally unfamiliar with the Final Fantasy franchise then. Hadn’t even really heard of the games. Now I’ll never be able to watch it with the same enjoyment. Sigh.

  • •december

    I enjoyed this much more than Advent Children.

  • XenoSilvano

    seeing as the article page where I had originally posted my critique of this film is nowhere to be found on the main page of this website, I thought it would only be fitting to re-post it along with my replies to other commenters right here, just in the case that anybody else is interested in debating against many of the flaws that I see in this movie: http://www.novacrystallis.com/2016/08/playstations-behind-the-scenes-with-kingsglaive-final-fantasy-xv/#comment-2871425437

    So, I watched Kingsglaive yesterday… what the #### did I just watch, that was garbage(!)

    very nice to look at but no substance.

    Being a fan of The Spirits Within, I put that and Advent Children on a higher pedestal than Kingsglaive, I am just being honest, that is just how I feel about it, that was trash, that was awful.

    I feel like they tried to tell far too much in too short a time. The plot of a story that is destined to be told in the time-span of a movie should be kept simple, something that can be describe in a paragraph, there were too many story elements that were brought up within the movie, many of which that were never give an appropriate resolution to, which leads me to surmise that this movie was made for people who have the intention of playing the game because it does not stand well on its own. Kingsglaive,in my opinion, should have been made into a game or some sort of series that would have allowed it’s board story to be told in the scope that it should have been.

    What do you expect? The title said it all, kingsglaive final fantasy xv. However story wise I think kingsglaive did a better job in explaining its plot than advent children. Kingsglaive is a decent stand alone film, as for advent children? I don’t think so, that film can easily confuse you if you haven’t played FF VII. The character drops here and there, if you don’t know them from the game that will confuse you. Kingsglaive could’ve done better but it’s definitely better than SW and AC

    You are right by pointing that out, I believe that it was mentioned in various interviews with the staff at Square-enix that the movie was destined to entice people into FINAL FANTASY who are not familiar with the franchise, that I do not buy for a second, Kingsglaive had a lot of FINAL FANTASY motifs, however I would not say that this film comes anywhere near an accurate representation of the FINAL FANTASY universe, this film was a convenient way for Square-enix to, like I had mentioned in my previous comment, cover an expansive story in the time-frame of a movie, and a way to hype the game up even more, I really feel like the same exact mistakes where made in Kingsglaive that made The Spirits Within such a flop,

    I guess this is why the title is stylised as Advent Children – FINAL FANTASY VII -, the film required the viewer to have an in-depth understanding of the game to better appreciate the film. In respect to Kingsglaive, I think that it was a good move for Square-enix to produce a film that took place at around the same time as the opening of the game rather than at the end of the game because I feel like the story could either be better wrapped up within the game or the film who be completely superfluous because if the most enticing part of the story had already been told and ended well, there would be no need to tell how things ended up afterward, if there were more of the story that the creators felt needed to be told by producing and ending movie, I think that the various story elements within the game will be far too much to properly tie up by in the time-span of a feature film, as was done in Advent Children.

    Ultimately, if Square-enix ever decides to do a movie in the future, I think that they should make it it’s own property with no other tie-ins to the FINAL FANTASY series, as much as the intricate story elements that branch off into different directions is a highly appealing aspect of the series, I think that they should keep the premise of the story as simple as reasonably possible and only explore into the story through an animated series, books, comic books, or small spin-off games that serve as extras to the story but that do not interfere much with the main story off the main feature.

    I disagree that this film work as a standalone feature, as I mentioned in my previous comment there were far too many story elements that were brought up that were never resolved, that left me wanting to know more, which is something that a film that stands on its own, should not require. I feel like the story elements that were brought up were very enticing, the execution of which however, fell way too short, I feel like this film can redeem itself if the story was given the proper devotion that it deserves, viewing this film was like what it feels like when you are watching a film that was based off of a book, too much of the story felt rushed and skipped.

    I am not going to pretend that this was a good movie just because I am a fan of the previous games in the FINAL FANTASY series, this film had a lot of flaws, this sort of thing can happen even to the very best of us, hopefully the staff a Square-enix will learn from the mistakes that were made so that they can use that understanding to create something even better in the future.

    Justice V:
    “which leads me to surmise that this movie was made for people who have the intention of playing the game”

    That’s exactly what it was made for. Just like Brotherhood. Brotherhood as a companion piece to the game is awesome. On it’s own as an anime series?
    Pretty lame. Kingsglaive as a part of the broader FFXV storytelling device pretty awesome. On it’s own as a standalone movie? Still decent, but not what it was intended for. Dunno what story elements you felt were too much as the story felt pretty simplistic and straight forward to me. Sure there were things left open, but again it’s supposed to be. Similar to (but sort of reverse) to how someone can’t really watch Advent Children without playing or at least knowing the general story of FFVII. It’s not meant to be viewed as an individual entity, but made in a way that it ‘should’ still be enjoyable. Sucks that you thought it was garbage, but hey that’s art for ya heh.

    “That’s exactly what it was made for.”

    that is not what was said in the interview that I have seen, despite how blatantly obvious that fact is though.

    “Dunno what story elements you felt were too much as the story felt pretty simplistic and straight forward to me”

    one of the biggest flaws in this story is the character development, it is hard to care about these character when so little about them is explored,

    Seeing as this story has to do with the urgency of how a King wants to protect the way of life of his people against an empire that seeks to subjugate it so as to acquire the crystal, I feel like more of the story should have been dedicated to the character development of Regis, unfortunately you can make a good action movie about an aging cripple.

    not enough is devoted in the story for the exploration of Nifelhime’s modus operandi, what are their motivations again?

    either to the motivation of the turncoat glaives that decided to defect to Nifelhime many of which are killed off as well, not enough is dedicated to the actually way of life and people of Insomnia to give the viewer a sense of why allowing the city to fall would be such a tragic loss.

    Reifus’ rancor towards the house of Lucius was never delved into either, we can theorise about it all we like but this process for becoming the way he did is never full elaborated on.

    the relationship between Crowe and Libertus, who see each other as siblings, they say it but it is never shown within the movie itself, there is no sense of that with in the movie, we are dropped into the middle of the lives of a bunch of random people right as the #### is about to hit the fan and we are supposed to care about them somehow(?) Nyx is another character that lacked development, what happened to him his town and his family, what
    is his relationship to the King(?)

    the death of one of the protagonist glaives was put there for the viewer to emathise with the motivations of he member of the glaive but due to the lack of character development it just came across as being nonsensical, what purpose was the kill-off for aside from simply killing the character off.

    I did not get a sense of the preciousness of the lives and relationship between Regis and his companions in the fight between the general, it just felt like another kill off to me, I am sure that these people have a long history together but this is never explain within the story, so why should the viewer care if they die.

    I know that more should be felt in respect to the kill offs within the movie, however it would come across as no surprise if the viewer feels indifferent to it all due to the lack development within the story

    and then some… the points that I brought up are some of the issues I felt the story of the film had in regards to the character development, ultimately all the aforementioned points about would be very difficult to delve into in the time-span of this film, this is what I meant when I mentioned that this
    story has too many story elements, it is for this reason that I do not feel like this story could stand well on its own, the story would have been a lot simpler had some of the less important elements been left out the story completely, they should have felt all that for the game, and based the story more on Regis, his companions (a la Kiros, Ward and Laguna), Iadolas, Adryn, and the struggle between the kingdom against the empire, aside from that there were also many more other issues within this movie as a whole that I could point out, the lip sync, the clicheness of events in the story, the way the story feels like a rushed cut and paste job, who ever claims that there is no ‘uncanny valley’ within the animation is lying, etc.

    there is some doubt in me that these issues will be resolved with the game itself, given that the focus of it is mainly between the relationship of a group of friends and their struggles to ‘reclaim the thrown’.

    What disappoints me is that this story had the potential of been far better than it winded up being, I think it should have focus more on the human aspect of the protagonist and reduced the action to critical lift and death moments in the story. It fell ‘far’ below the expectation that I had for it, it is kind of cringe worth in my opinion, I recommended this to film goers who are not fans of the series or gamers, I am really apprehensive about following up on that now that I have seen it.

    please excuse me for writing this up in such a rough fashion, had to do with as quick as I could based on some of the things that I could remember, I have other matters that require my attention.

    Please read some of the other replies that I made to the comments of other commentators, I do not want to repeat myself.

    Justice V:

    Very interesting. Seems like we got very different things from watching the movie. I felt Nyx, Libertus, and even Regis a bit have very interesting character arcs. Most everyone’s motivations (other than Ardyn’s) are pretty clear and straight forward. Agree they could have focused a bit more on the King and Clarus’ friemdship so Clarus’ death had more impact on the viewer and not just the King himself.

    They always said the movie could be seen on it’s own and enjoyed, but in order to feel like you got the whole experience you’d need to watch and play the game, so I don’t hold them at fault for living up to that either.

    Ravus talked about his desires and motivations and how he didn’t care about nifleheim or even Regis really, though he clearly hated or at least resented him for his mothers death. Considering there are flashbacks in the game as well as running into him again as what looks like an antagonist I’m guessing his presence is more of a tease for a future villain similar to how characters are set up in the first movie of a series.

    But ultimately my opinions and view of the story, characters, world building, plot, pacing, etc won’t change yours. It is nice to see such a drastically different view from mine though, so thanks for the long reply.

    “I felt Nyx, Libertus, and even Regis a bit have very interesting character arcs”

    would you care to go into specifically what it is that you are referring to? that is if you want to.

    “Most everyone’s motivations (other than Ardyn’s) are pretty clear and straight forward”

    people say what their motivations are but they do not show it, they cannot show it because they would have to expand the run-time of the film to do so.

    On a side note, I swear the Ardyn and Iodolas are related (despite their last names) they look alike.

    “It’s been a long time since I fought at your side, old friend.” this quote sums up the relationship development between King Regis and his companions… that is it, we as viewers are supposed to fill in the blanks by imagining the rest, felt as though if the the viewer had a conception of what sort of people they were so that the viewer could have become emotionally invested in them, would have made the viewer pity their death and hate Glauca even more, same for Regis, had people known his past then it would have made his death seem more emotionally poignant, make the viewer understand that this is not just some random nobody that died here. On a side note in regards to their relationship, I am somewhat disappointed that all we will get in respect to that is a 2D mobile beat-em-up, that is it(!)

    They said that the film could be viewed on it’s own but is that how viewers feel about it in practice though? Does kingsglaive really make the viewer think “yeah, that was a good whole film” like a good meal that does not make you want to raid the fridge for snacks later on?. Try this, show this film to someone who is not a gamer (preferably an adult) and ask them to tell you what they ‘honestly’ thought about the film, ask them what they liked about it, what they did not like, what they thought about the film as a whole, just to see what other people’s opinion about this film is. This is what I am planning to do.

    You know what, after you having explained that situation in respect to Ravus, I guess that his disposition makes better sense to me, I still feel like his presence in the film only serves a prelude to his presence in the game due to being a victim in the ambush, I do not feel like his presence in the film mattered aside from that, based on what I have seen in videos, he will most likely appear in the game which will allow for his character to be developed even further.

    I had not even read your comment up to the point where you mentioned essentially what I had written above, looks like we both arrived at the same conclusion.

    In Regards to the ambush, I personally think that Ravus is being a spoiled brat, how could he have expected for Regis could take on all those Nifelhime forces and protected the royal family Tenebrae all by himself given that he had already lost his wife, it was Tenebrae’s fault for not creating a secure rendezvous point in their own territory, even if Darutos or the others probably tipped them off.

    “But ultimately my opinions and view of the story, characters, world building, plot, pacing, etc won’t change yours.”
    and vice verse, this is just debating for the sake of debating.

    I really ‘believe’ in the notion of the FINAL FANTASY XV Universe story that is being told, I feel like it could have been much greater than what I think it is now, I feel like the original intentions for versus would have showcased this story in a better way than what has been done for XV, “a world of versus ‘epic'” not just a story about Noctis and his companions, or Regis and his companions, the Kingsglaive and whatever else, I feel like this story would have been better represented in their own respective volumes, I can understand the we live in a world where revenue comes before anything else and time is money, but it would have been nice if the creative minds behind this title could have been given the time necessary to make this story a true epic that spans several volumes so that those like me who felt like there was a lot wanting from volumes such as Kingsglaive could have been delved deeper into the broader story, I do not think that what they did with the smartphone game, anime, film was satisfactory enough.

    I am not going to give into this whole Hajime Tabata vs Tetsuya Nomura tomfoolery, however, I feel like this project would have been better if it had remained faithful to Nomura’s original vision in-spite of the long wait.

  • Jesus Christ

    You could’ve just place the link to the other website. LOL you just copied and paste the entire thang!

    I agree with you. This is NOT a standalone film. How can it be? It’s shoving so many FF motifs/themes down people’s throats and expect prior understanding and go with the flow. Try to ask that of general movie critics and clearly you get the side eyes and the bad reviews comes in.

    I’m glad you’re critical. Doesn’t it feel good? ahaha!

  • Jesus Christ

    Breaking News: Kingsglaive will not be nominated for an Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature.

    Source? Look at Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritics.

    You’re welcome.

  • XenoSilvano

    yeah that was a bit much and selfish, I figured that people would not be bothered enough to
    follow the link, now I doubt anyone would be interested in reading the
    comment due to it’s length.

    As much as we are all fans of this
    franchise, I want people to set aside their rose-tinted glasses for a moment and
    admit that this film has quite a number of flaws.

    It certainly does, I wish is was so much more than what it turned out to be.

  • Jesus Christ

    “As much as we are all fans of this
    franchise, I want people to set aside their rose-tinted glasses for a moment and
    admit that this film has quite a number of flaws.”

    First off, wow I never heard of this idiom “set aside their rose-tinted glasses” like so poetic! I think eventually more people will come out and point out flaws naturally. But you can’t simply ask that of the blind fanboys. That’s an impossibility! It’s wishful thinking.

    Second, speaking of Ravus. He’s the kind of character I felt nothing for. We saw him at the beginning young. Then he got older. Resentful. Then he tries to put on the ring. Dies. …. k! I felt no sense of meaningful build up to care that he really wanted the ring, that he should be taken seriously when he tries to get it. I felt nothing.

  • SuicideSancti

    Am I the only one who enjoyed Iedolas’ character and performance?
    And voice actor.

  • Jesus Christ

    I thought his character looks very realistic.

    HIs VA did a great job. Matches his lips and all that.

  • Justice V

    Never saw your reply. But wooo. Lots to reply on. I’m on my phone so I’ll write it all up as best I can and come back to post it here.

  • eijin_kiver

    wish for nominated best fashion 😀

  • Jesus Christ

    Who’s most fashionable in your eyes?

  • eijin_kiver

    I like Iedolas and Ravus costume 😀

  • Jesus Christ

    Who’s the best looking male and female? 😀

  • Jesus Christ

    I still get chills watching the opening of Kingsglaive. That fiery scenes gets me every time! That music. Omg One of the best scenes in the messy movie.

  • Justice V

    Ok think this is everything.

    “(I felt Nyx, Libertus, and even Regis a bit have very interesting character arcs) – would you care to go into specifically what it is that you are referring to?”

    Nyx/Libertus were similar to Regis/Luna. In that they’re almost mirrors of each other similar but different and their arcs were heavily intertwined.

    Nyx and Libertus obviously grew up together and went through similar circumstances. Both were bound by their heart and their duty, but they perceived the messages of those differently. Nyx started the movie as a soldier who had become a higher ranked glaive and a ‘hero’ (can tell by glaive uniforms his was slightly different than all the others. If you take real world soldiers they’d have pins or stars to classify their ranks, different positions might have different uniform parts, etc). Nyx started the movie as a soldier doing his duty as a glaive trying to pay back the king for saving him, even though he lost his sister/family and a lot of others from Gahlad didn’t make it. Heart leads him to do whatever he thinks is right regardless if it’s against the rules, which gets him in trouble, but also leads him along the right path usually. He wants to do all he can to make things better for everyone around him, to which Drautos calls him naive for. When Crowe dies he still sticks to duty as the right path. He questions his path a couple times though, mainly when he finds out the king probably knew the invasion would happen. Self doubt once he loses the kings power, but watching Luna helps him get some back. His duty changes in the end from just being about those around him and paying back the king to a willing sacrificial duty to protecting the whole world/future and hope for peace even if he doesn’t have a full grasp on what’s coming. Basically becoming and doing what he always wanted, even if it’s only briefly.

    Libertus is bound by his heart and duty to his people. He’s fighting to protect the freedom they’ve got. But he cares more about heritage and home than Nyx does, or at least he still clings to it. It’s brought up a few times, regarding the food vendor selling out to Insomnian’s tastes, upset at the possibility of surrender, upset about the peace signing, his devotion crowe and it being the last straw that breaks him. Then joining the rebels because he wants to stop the treaty in order to protect his people outside the wall. Realizing he was an idiot when he finds out the rebels were in with the empire all along. Even more once he realizes the rebels, some glaives and Glauca had betrayed Nyx and him and were with the Empire. Which brings about his resurgence of duty and heart, but in the proper direction. To his best friend, and then to the protection of Luna and essentially the future and the greater good and not just what he sees in front of him even if again he doesn’t really understand it. His arc was kind of circular in the sense he started out all about heart and those close, goes down a dark path willing to fight against friends and the government, then back to his heart and friends. I almost wish Luna hadn’t killed Luche so Libertus could have gotten his revenge heh. He also grows up, stops whining, stops being reliant on the pills, and even tries desperately to fight to protect Luna from his former leader in a power suit while he himself is with no powers. (Granted all that happens really fast, but I think at that point he’s both desperate to redeem himself and also live up to what he thinks Nyx’s expectations are of him.)

    Regis and Luna have varying story points because their stories take place over the course of 12 years.

    Luna is self sacrificing and again bound by duty (or fate in her case). Sacrificing herself as a kid to allow Regis to escape and theoretically stay with her brother. As an adult the first thing she tries is to run away because she knows what’s coming is bogus. Gets brought to Regis finds out that Noct is gone, knows it’s bogus but instead of fleeing again decides to stay in order to fulfill her duty and keep the focus there while Noct can get away. While you’re never meant to view her as just a self sacrificing type, once the rescue scene is over it’s clear she switches to a determined character focused on actively helping Regis/Noctis in whatever way possible. She goes on and does everything she can in order to fulfill her duty. Unlike Ravus who is stuck in the past she’s sorta stuck in the future and only focused on that. Getting the Ring to Noct becomes her new duty, rather than being the sacrificial hostage to draw attention away, and she opens up a bit and builds a friendship with Nyx. (He’s a likable guy after all). Something she seemed to be lacking in general. She even gets more deadly taking out an airship and a horde of monsters, tricking Luche into killing himself after seeing what happened to her brother, and trying to kill Drautos by grinding him against the wall with the car.

    Regis’s arc was pretty similar to Luna’s but kind of in reverse. He starts off literally doing what he can to actively protect and save Noctis. Then he’s created the glaive to fight, loses more than wins, and is forced into a dilemma. Again same central tones duty and heart. It appears as though his duty is to protect the people, and to an extent it is, but the greater duty is also tied with his heart needing to protect Noctis for the sake of the world. You can see he cares about helping his citizens and even chastises one of his advisors when he claims the people seem in favor of the treaty knowing it’s bad news. He’s focused on his duty but saddened by how Luna is focused on hers and deeply cares for her. Swaps places with Luna and becomes the self sacrificing one in order for her to protect Noct and the future. While his character overall doesn’t change much, the way you view his earlier actions are shed with a new light after you finish his journey with him. What could be perceived to be a selfish weak King signing a treaty to protect his little city/kingdom but damn the rest of his people is shown to be calculating and heavily burdened by all the death and destruction that was inevitable to come including his own death.

    So in that sense they had interesting arcs to me. Nothing spectacular, but still interesting and fun to watch.

    One thing I thought was an interesting choice was as old Regis he never sword fights. He only uses magic, and when he does draw the swords it’s for defense. It’s a pretty stark contrast to how they’ve shown Noctis in both the game and anime so far. It’s most likely back to him being old and weak and unable to fight effectively, but stylistically I like the difference between the two a lot.

    “people say what their motivations are but they do not show it, they cannot show it because they would have to expand the run-time of the film to do so.”

    It doesn’t have to be shown. Even one sentence is enough to explain a motivation. Take “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father prepare to die!” That’s it. That’s his entire motivation, you don’t need a long back exposition with scenes of him and his father to understand that he wants revenge and most everything he’s done in his life is for that purpose. Likewise pretty much everyone in the movie states their motivations at one point or another. Red haired glaive guy gives the back story on how the glaives were created while simultaneously explaining why he’d betray the king. Luche sums up why he and most likely the other traitor glaives switched sides. Ravus gives a couple examples of what his motivation is, almost just like above saying he doesn’t care about the crystal or the kingdom all he’s wanted all those years was power and the Ring was his goal. Regis and Luna both explain why they’re doing what they did a few times, but again especially in the elevator. Libertus constantly says why he’s doing what he’s doing as does Nyx heh. Drautos explains why he was actually Glauca and hated the king. (Though I have a feeling if they had done just a little more backstory on Drautos it might have eased a lot of people’s issues with his betrayal. Mostly just if it really was him who attacked 12 years ago or not. But pretty sure he’s in the game more than just during the intro so guessing it might be expanded upon there just like Ravus). Ideolas and Ardyn explain why they did what they did (though again Ardyn feels like there was more to it for him). The rebels explain why they sided with the empire. I can’t think of one character (or group) whose motivations weren’t clearly stated in the movie, maybe not to a great extent but they were all stated.

    Back on Drautos (this is speculation though), people have issue with him as a general as well as captain of the glaive. My guess is he was from one of the territories Niffleheim conquered and grew up to be a a soldier then general. The Glaive wasn’t formed until after the attack on Tenebrae (if the narration is to be believed). Red hair guy explains how the glaive members were hand picked from refugees when they saw who could use the kings power. Already being a skilled soldier, and using the Glauca magitek armour, he was probably sent in as a spy and rose up the ranks quick. Becoming the captain. He says in the end he was forced to fight and kill for a king he hated for years. Sounds like someone who was stuck undercover for a long time and finally got to come out. The yell during the killing of Regis felt like his relief of over a decade of frustration. But again that’s purely speculation based on the info given in the movie. If they never provide more info on the character it will probably be what I always go with as my interpretation heh. All they’d really have to do is explain if he was the original Glauca (or if it’s armour/rank is passed down), how he joined the glaive, or if he was always a spy or was turned at some point.

    In regards to Clarus and Regis’ friendship I would have liked a little more too. It was fine in the movie because Clarus is in almost every scene with him close to him until he dies, so even if you don’t know the expanded universe you would assume they’re somewhat close. Which is proven when Clarus is again the closest one to regis when fighting Glauca and the only one Regis calls out to when he’s killed. It’s not something that needed expanding upon, but would have been nice since we who know know it’s Gladio’s dad.

    “I do not think that what they did with the smartphone game, anime, film was satisfactory enough.”
    I can see how people would feel that way, but I can also understand SE’s stance on “no sequels”. As that’s what the vast majority of complaints about both Kingdom hearts and FFXIII have been for the past few years (since 09 probably if not before). I think once they decided 1 full story in one solitary game back in 2012/13, but then found a work around with a limited anime and movie it worked out well. Could the movie have been solely about Regis and Luna during the invasion? Sure. Would it have been better? Who knows, all we can be sure of is that it would be different. Could they have left it with the vs version where Noctis and Luna are both in the city during the invasion then he’s forced to flee? Probably, but then ending with his escape and the buddies would definitely feel incomplete as a to be continued story but only continued in the game. Bringing in Nyx makes it so the movie can be viewed all on it’s own because your main character has his arc and then ‘dies’ at the end. No need to play the game in order to see what happens to him next. Only need to play if you’re curious about all the auxiliary characters and the fate of the world, which is a big aspect but not always quite as important in movies as just the main characters stories.

    On the anime side in a lot of ways it could be different or better. But considering it’s entirely free, very well executed and acted, and so very short I feel they went an interesting route that I find appealing as decent/good introductions to these characters we’ll be seeing more of as well as slightly expanding on the lore and world without having to go too deep. Again as a companion piece I feel it succeeds. As a stand alone anime mini series? It’s pretty bad.

    Kingsglaive has it’s fair share of technical issues with lip sync, poor voice acting, various levels of animation/rendering, and interesting editing. Mostly it just felt like watching a Japanese/Asian film with white leads. As a movie with no ties to anything, for someone who accidentally stumbles upon it without any other knowledge it’s probably a 6/10, mostly losing points for the tech issues and because it does leave things open for the game and anime to inform and conclude for you. But like I said previously for what it was intended to be it feels like a solid 8-9/10 to me, giving leeway on some of the tech issues knowing it had a lower budget than it probably should have. I personally didn’t even care about all the fan-service stuff other than the chocobo delivery service, and marlboro cartoon because those were cool heh. I never would have thought of knights of the round until I read people calling it that, ultros was kind of just expected because of the genesis pic, and didn’t realize it was Diamond Weapon just that it was a Weapon type which was cool but didn’t elicit any positive or negative emotions just a “oh that’s kinda smart to use here.” Likewise the product placement didn’t distract or break immersion, in fact thinking about it after the fact I’m glad they had a lot because that probably helped in a lot of ways production wise.

  • It’s an OK movie on its own but I think people ignore how much this movie drops major hints for the games story.

    This is a 2 hour piece thing place a the beginning to a giant 80+ hour game. I see people asking for answers better left to the bigger game. Why? Enjoy it for what it is, and watch it again after you finish the game. I think people will be surprised.

    Think of it like lord of the rings and such, you could watch one movie and get an OK movie, but the real feature is watching them all.

  • eijin_kiver

    I don’t have an idea for female costume. Male is like i said above 😀

  • Justice V

    Yeah. One of the things I don’t understand is from the people who know it’s connected to the game but still want all the threads tied up in the movie. If everything was tied up in the movie there’d be even less purpose of having it. The threads are there specifically to be delved into deeper in the game. They might still fail misserably at tying them up in the game, but for now we don’t know that.

  • Justice V

    He was awesome. Probably my second favorite next to Regis.

  • Jesus Christ

    Look at you all smiling. Why are you so happy today? 😀

  • Justice V

    When spirits within came out I felt it almost perfectly embodied an FF type story in a realistic sc-fi human setting. It lacked the fan service of moogles, airships (though they were on a spaceship), royalty, national conflicts and swords. But storytelling wise it felt accurate.

  • Justice V

    I always loved Regis’ redesign more than his original design, but didn’t think I’d like his portrayal in the movie all that much. Motion actor and Sean Bean did great though and loved everything about him.

  • Justice V

    Nice review. I don’t personally agree with a lot of it, but I like how you broke it down and explained your points heh.

  • eijin_kiver

    At least i found someone in here that responds their costume design. Not like in other forum which is no respond 🙂

  • Jesus Christ

    OK so many things to read and spoilers Justice, Jesus! LOL

    Let me make myself an egg sandwich and read. 😀

  • Good action and morals. But it failed to build on the personality and quirks of the lead characters. It just boiled down to stubborn bitter people vs. hopeful compassionate people in the end.

  • Jesus Christ

    Oh and here’s another complaint (Oh God, Jesus complaining again… >_>)

    OK, now I got that out of the way.

    That gurl, what her name Crow? Crowe? Whatever. Her VA when I watch in theaters did not match her lip movement in a lot of scenes that she was in. This is just pure observation. Beautifully rendered character though. For an orphan she does look very super model like. Aint that interesting, Oh wait it’s Square Enix LOL

  • Justice V

    Good review. Don’t find anything offensive about it hehe. Just a couple points to comment on I guess.

    2. Think they tell you how Niffleheim controls the monsters with tech. Even if it’s not expressly mentioned You see the ‘mind control’ machines/nodes on almost all of the monsters. You can see it on Ultros and the Weapons. So no further explanation is needed. There were 4 Deamons (Diamond Weapons) at the end, so while insanely powerful they’re just another monster Niffleheim tamed through it’s magitek. Again no real need for further explanation. (Not even as an ff fan but just a sci-fi fan this isn’t a hard leap for viewers to take or understand). People who know the story know that they can only exist at night or in the darkness, which is why they’re always brought at night and covered in smoke at dusk and dawn, but that’s like knowing stuff from a book the movie doesn’t delve into explaining. Nice, but not neccissary.

    3. As a standalone solo movie that had no intention of sequels or companion pieces yeah never seeing Noctis except as a kid would be a fault. But the movie is not intended or made that way. It’s like the hobbit talking about Smaug, but all you see is his tail and some feet, and fire from 60 years prior. But in the sequel you meet this guy that people have been talking about constantly since the last movie. It’s set up for continuation.

    6. Well originally it wasn’t going to be released in theatres at all (except a tiny release in Japan). It was entirely for fans as they begged and pleaded for theatrical releases across the world. The budget for this was supposedly less than advent childrens, but don’t know if that is fact. The product placement money probably helped out a lot though. Having only 1 showing every day and usually close to 10 should deter non fans from seeing it in the first place.

    If it’s sold at best buys and stuff once the bluray is out is when I’ll realy wonder how it goes. Advent Children is almost entirely reliant on having played the game (again just like watching any sequel really is usually reliant on you having seen the first one). I wonder if people will buy this not knowing it’s tied to a larger universe and be frustrated or enjoy the story and spectacle. People used to say the same for Advent Children too actually. That it was clearly only for the fans. And in that case I agree even more than I do here. This one at least has a full story for the main character that begins and ends in the movie and you need look nowhere else for him. The side characters are present in other mediums, but casual viewers who fell for the main only don’t need to look elsewhere.

    I’ve gone to see it with quite a few people who had no prior ff knowledge and didn’t care about the game but after watching got really interested and started seeking out the anime and demo to get more of the story. So in those cases I feel it did it’s intention of grabbing people while also expanding the story for people who were already planning on playing.

    One thing I think that throws it off is that it’s essentially a cartoon. It’s hyper realist cg, but it’s still CG. Dreamworks does How To Train your Dragon, Pixars got Brave, Disney’s got Zootopia, etc etc. They’re all cartoons and while the nonsensical and randomness of the hyper stylized is generally easily accepted or overlooked SE is often critiscized for making cartoons with realistic (for the most part) looking characters and animations. Hollywood has only ever really done one realistic animated movie, that I can think of, Beowulf and I felt that got overly critisized compared to other cartoon movies as well.

  • Justice V

    It’s frustrating seeing her in the movie. She looks kinda like an white uglier version of a friend of mine who I don’t think is that great looking to begin with haha. But then when I see the voice actress they modelled her after in real life I think she’s super pretty and wonder where they went wrong heh. It’s probably the slack jaw lip movements not matching that makes her unnappealing though.

  • Justice V

    I figured since it was so long no one would read it so I’d be fine on the spoilers haha. But I’ll add em in.

  • Nancydconnelly4

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  • Jesus Christ

    You have a friend that looks like her? You’re friends with super model!? Sign me up.

    Well, thank you for agreeing with me. It was so odd because I’d think they would’ve noticed how off the lip movement is with the VA.

  • Jesus Christ

    OK did you just add more stuff to read. At first it was a college dissertation, now it’s The Holy Bible. Stop it Justice. Stop it.

    SO much reading, 1/3 done you write so well ugh my writing is more like unfiletered as i think of it typos after typos.

  • Jesus Christ

    Oh goodness, you wrote me a book here too. It’s like super late so I’ll answer tomorrow LOL XD

  • Justice V

    Mostly her lips and face shape. Body and hair aren’t even close as she’s a tiny viet girl heh. But especially at the bar scene and a bit on the motorcycle I kept seeing her in Crowe.

    The lip issues seemed to be more aparrent at the begining of the movie and crowe dies early on so I’m guessing that’s why hers stand out so much.

  • Justice V

    I only added “heh” at the end haha. Also the spoiler tags.

    Yeah honestly I never cared much or thought about half of those characters motivations until Xeno brought it up, because for the most part they’re all minor characters and just accepted them for what they were (even Luche is still essentially a minor character). Then I was just thinking only the main characters expressed their motivations…then I realized everyone did. Like literally pretty much every character who had lines haha. Hell even the cook explained his motivation for not cooking Gahlad food with traditional flavors heh.

    Agree though KISS is generally the best way to go in story telling. Especially when limited on space and time. But then at the same time I’m pretty sure people would just complain things were too simple and basic. People always gotta complain (mostly kidding) heh.

  • Codes McGodes

    SPOILERS (just in case someone is foolishly reading this review without having seen it)

    I ended up feeling pretty lukewarm about Kingsglaive. Mostly because I feel like a lot of Kingsglaive was conjured specifically for the movie, and wasn’t necessarily originally in the game. The whole [alleged] basis of Kingsglaive is that the Niflheim invasion was too big to keep in the game, and ended up being cut from the game and redone in film form in order to get the full story across. Now this may be true, but honestly the giant battle against the Diamond Weapon felt like pure spectacle. And as mentioned in the above review, the Kingsglaive itself felt extremely tacked on. Up until this movie, there had never been any hint or mention of the Kingsglaive, and during the course of the film, all but one member gets killed off (well, all but two including Glauca). It wouldn’t surprise me if the Glaive is never even mentioned in the final game, but I suspect we’ll run into Libertus at some point as an easter egg. I’d be interested in seeing what was originally planned for the Niflheim invasion though because, I dunno, this giant battle between Nyx and Glauca fighting atop the Diamond Weapon as its fending off giant statues…it just all felt terribly ingenuine. As if none of it was originally intended to be a part of the invasion and was only added into the movie to make it more exciting. But it just ended up being reeeeeally over the top. This is supposed to be a prequel to the game but they went and matched, if not topped the absurdity of Cloud and Sephiroth cutting buildings in half as they fight a mile up in the sky. The whole “Fantasy based on Reality” image was really lost on me during those moments because I feel like the original version just had Niflheim invading with their Magitek armies.

    To be honest, my favorite part of the movie was the signing ceremony. All of the plot surrounding Regis, Iedolas, Arydn, Ravus, Glauca, Luna, basically everyone who will definitely be appearing in FFXV definitely held my interest the longest and it’s probably partially because we’ve waited 10 years to see that scene. But it definitely didn’t disappoint me. The ensuing fight between Regis and Glauca was exciting, and heartbreaking. Even knowing Regis would die, I held out some hope that maybe he just faked his death in the final game. I wasn’t a huge fan of Luna though. She felt surprisingly useless. Like she know all of the intrigue going on, but just kind of went with it instead of trying to stop it. Maybe it’s partially because Lena Headey came off as a bit monotone and flat in her performance, but I hope Luna is more interesting in the final game. And as for the killed off characters, I don’t really miss any of them. Hell I don’t even remember half their names. None of them had any lasting development or impact, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if none of them are ever referenced in the final game. So at the end of the day, I enjoyed the first half of Kingsglaive. I think it really helped set the tone for Final Fantasy XV. Having finally seen the Signing Ceremony, and seeing many of its characters in action for the first time (Ravus, Glauca, etc), has me really excited for the full game. But the second half, ironically, in an over-the-top effort to make the movie more exciting, actually made it more boring once the events of the ceremony had fully concluded. The super shaky camera movement during those over the top scenes definitely didn’t help since it just made it one giant action packed blur. Definitely a better movie than Spirits Within and Advent Children, but still not quite the fully realized feature film Square-Enix keeps trying so hard to make.

  • Justice V

    Haha sorry. I saw the movie opening night. So I’ve been waiting weeks for people to finally start talking about it haha.

  • Justice V

    Can use If you want.

  • Justice V


    In regard to taking it out I think they meant when it was included with Noctis and the others still in the city during the invasion. Beats with Luna and Regis after the invasion started were probably about the same, just with Nyx replacing Noctis in scenes. But as a gameplay standpoint having an open world invasion of that scale and then another 40hour game after would probably have been insane. Overall probably made more sense to cut it completely rather than a hacked short version, or being stuck not being able to explore the city. Visual works started making a cutscene showing parts of it, then they decided to expand it and make a movie heh. Can’t say whether the glaive was in the story or not beforehand though. Most likely not as games rarely go into the different branches of the kingdoms military unless you’re playing a character in that military (zack in SOLDIER vs Cloud just an infantryman).

    They said someone(s) from the movie, other than the obvious ones, would be in the game and Nyx’s presence would be felt. Most likely both through Libertus. Gladio, Prompt and Ignis get Kingsglaive costumes at some point and that seems story related. Could be you just find it and put it on, but would make sense to at least reference them in game if you wear their clothes. Agree on Lena’s voice, but disagree on Luna’s character heh. Luche had the biggest impact on me from the Glaive. He was the only one I couldn’t read.

  • Dennis Gurkis Johansson

    Only thing that really bothered me about the movie was the constant transition cuts they made between almost every scene in the first half of the movie. Advent children had the same problem, though significantly more of it. Other than that I found the movie pretty exciting, alot more substance than i expected and alot of flash but not to the point where it took over the story. Though one thing to note is that this really shouldnt be seen as a movie, more like a really great 2 hour intro to FFXV and in that capacity it was awesome 🙂

  • Kaizokugami

    Unpopular opinion time.

    I found the movie underwhelming. Visually it was stunning, although I still can’t get over how weird Luna looked, but the rest? I honestly didn’t like it that much. The only saving graces of this movie was the “old wall” which was badass, Sean Bean’s voice acting and the well choreographed fights. Sean Bean especially because I really think he brought life into Regis. Here’s to hoping Jim Pirri can do the same.
    That and like others have said they could have used more time to flesh out Regis, Luna and Ravus instead of focusing so much on the Kingsglaive, but the movie was called Kingsglaive for a reason.

    Not something I’ll watch again any time soon, but it was decent as a setup movie for the game nonetheless.

  • Justice V

    Dunno I’d say that’s actually the popular opinion heh. Seen way more “It was bad” “It was boring.” “Horrible movie” etc than I have “it was amazing.

  • Kaizokugami

    Really? Huh. I haven’t read all the comments on this article. I wouldn’t go as far as say it was bad, boring or horrible. It kept me entertained for the entirety of it because if it hadn’t I’d have stopped watching. But it could have been better that’s for sure.

    Oh and something I forgot to mention in my comment above; I was disappointed about Crowe. It felt like they were setting her up to play a far bigger role than she did due to how powerful she was in terms of magic, so I was disappointed they had her die off screen. Is it safe to say that here? This is a review article so I assume everyone who comments or reads the comments here have watched the movie. Either way, that really bummed me out and affected what I thought of the movie a little.

  • Justice V

    Hmm maybe not the majority here. Here it seems almost equally mixed maybe. But all the other sites I’ve been to (ign, gamespot, ffforums, neogaf, etc) I feel has been majorily negative or just indifferent rather than positive.

    As for Crowe, yeah wish she had more impact. She was a plot device and catalyst for a lot of the movie. Wish they had shown her death, but showing Luche shoot her would have ruined the surprise at the end as well as the mystery of how did such a strong character die so easily? Also woulda ruined the easily seen twist of friends killing friends when they rescued the princess. But yeah still a waste heh.

  • alexis

    It was never a dislike of the design itself, really — he looks friendly, powerful, and quite attractive. My criticism was that they were making him very trope-y. He went from a “mafia”-looking king where you didn’t really know what to expect from him, to a character that clearly fits the caricature of a kind, faultless king and father.

    It erased all of the excitement I had built up about gradually getting to unravel the character, rather than have him “wear his personality on his sleeves”, as it were. I’m glad I was completely wrong about him, though.

  • Justice V

    Ah yeah that makes sense.

    The mafia look never did anything for me personally. I just saw young Al Pacino in him and took it as that. Though I also kinda grew up around mafia types so just felt boring and normal I guess heh. Then the eating scene joking with young Noctis I thought oh cool he’s not just typical anime/movie mafia boss type but a nice humourous dad too heh.

    With the redesign, outfit wise, I thought it was an awesome mix of pinstripe suit with asian accent/designs and then a bit of eroupean armor mixed in so it stood out as pretty unique to me so I liked it right away. Also with the explanation of him being older and a bit broken was a nice touch.

    I get why people liked the mafia look too though, pretty different for an FF game (other than FFVII). Mafia guys using swords against knights using guns, was definitely a cool contrast to think about though. Definitely glad the movie made him more than a stereotypical character in either direction though.

  • Mina-P

    So sad she died so quick, she was so gorgeous ;__;

  • Mina-P

    Yeah, but Final Fantasy has always been too ‘out there’ and anime like to get any kind of ‘serious’ critical consideration. You have knights with guns and ppl in cars shooting magic? Omg look at this japanese silliness! But a bunch of thirty something dudes running around in pajamas throwing shields at CG aliens? 95% best movie evar!

  • Mina-P

    Totally agree. I rewatch the trailer now where Regis tells Noctis “You are my son, hold your head up high.” and just start bawling ;__;

  • Jesus Christ

    Oh poor you. Here’s some tissue

    *hand Mina some tissue*

  • Jesus Christ

    Square Enix knows how to make their movie niche. If they accept that they wouldn’t have a New York premeire and have critics come in and watch as if it’s a “regular” movie. This “movie” is more like 2 hr and something set up CG cinematics for a game them critics will never have time to play.

  • Jesus Christ

    I searched up my old comment from a few months ago and I said. “Don’t be surprised if the only thing good about this movie is its visual.” Makes me laugh cause I think that stands true for a lot of people even now. Nobody deny the visual excellence. Then after commenting on how beautiful everything is, they go straight to issues they have.

    My Jesus vision was correct!

    Source: http://disq.us/p/18pnoj2

  • Mina-P

    Well, I loved it. Even if I was sad that I really wanted to play this part of the game in XV. I didn’t expect to like Nyx as much as I did, but now I really wish he was in the main game in some form. I totally disagree that the glaives had no characterization. Compared to Spirits Within and Advent Children I was really surprised how character driven this movie was. It was really a wasted opportunity that crowe died so early, but Libertus and Nyx both were really well developed. When I hear things like ppl saying ‘I didn’t get what was going on,” i have to wonder where their minds were at, everything made perfect sense to me. Nifleheim empire is taking over the world. They invade a bunch of countries to the point where only Lucis is left. King Regis takes in refugees from invaded countries and offers them jobs defending Lucis as part of the kingsglaive. Some glaives feel used and start to resent Lucis and Regis because of the racist anti-immigrant types (FFXV’s trump supporters! lol). Feeling rejected by Lucis, some of them betray Lucis to Nifelheim. Nifleheim comes to Lucis to sign peace treaty but it’s all just a fake to get inside the wall and jack their crystal and smoke the king. ez pz.Felt like a mix of FFVI & FFVIII to me.

    I also really loved Luna’s character and she’s up there with Celes as my fave ff heroine. She was strong in a way that didn’t require fighting. This movie really made the wait for the game unbearable… give it to me now!!;____; I give it XIII Versus / 10


    I get outsiders complaining about how weird and over the top this movie was at times, but Final Fantasy fans? Come on, FF has always been a weird mix of fantasy, real world and sci fi. I mean we’ve had stuff like Blitzball and the Honeybee inn.

  • Mina-P

    You are the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega, oh Lord. So tell us when FFVII remake and Kingdom hearts 3 is coming out.

  • Jesus Christ

    OK can anyone tell me why I can’t upvote anyone right now. I would upvote and it goes away when I refresh the page. That never happen like last month.

  • Jesus Christ

    spoiler alert. XD

  • Mina-P

    Idk I can upvote maybe servers are slow. Or maybe it’s just more persecution lord

  • Jesus Christ

    well for now amma just say upvote but this is so annoying. and unholy

  • Mina-P

    You can have all my upvotes lord. e nomine patris es fillete et spiritis sancti

  • Jesus Christ

    “When I hear things like ppl saying ‘I didn’t get what was going on,” i have to wonder where their minds were at, everything made perfect sense to me”

    Well, you need to take yourself out of the equation and look at the big picture. Not everyone can take in what you can take in. You probably are very familiar with the franchise lore and everything.

    But even with that being said, you can be a fan of FFXV and expert in lore, doesn’t make whatever SE chose to mix in the movie … makes it a “good” movie. To a lot of this movie was just an incoherent mess (that’s not to say EVERYTHING was incoherent and messy).

  • Jesus Christ

    If Square Enix can’t get it right with the critics for Kingsglaive, just imagine how Nomura would make a CG Kingdom Hearts movie, I guarantee you all 100% it would get panned so badly.

    All that convoluted plots and keyblades and look alike clones, only experts and crazy fans readers at KHinsider would appreciate. LOLOL Maybe this is a sign they should just make games? Nah!

  • XenoSilvano

    I think just about everyone disliked the way that Crowe was killed-off, what a way to go, she should have died honourably

  • XenoSilvano

    I though Crowe Altius was fine, I could be wrong but could have sworn that I saw the name of the characters face model listed somewhere in the credits, the woman had an Eastern European sounding name, the face model they based Luna off of seems Eastern European too, Luna’s eyes are not exaggerated in the slightest, the characters model has big eyes too.

    Oh I should mention that ‘I think’ her face model is not the same as the actress who portrayed her, not Andreea Tivador.

  • XenoSilvano

    lol, you should have seen my face when I read the part where you wrote “One of the things I don’t understand is for the people who know it’s connected to the
    game but still want all the threads tied up in the movie. If everything
    was tied up in the movie there’d be even less purpose of having it”, I was like Ah~hha, so the movie does not standalone on it’s own as a story.

  • XenoSilvano

    My last reply to your comment was actually something that I had written up but that I had not yet post, seeing as i could not find the article in the listings on the main page I decided to post it here, I figured you might read the re-post of the debate we had so… two birds with one stone.

  • XenoSilvano

    The teams that worked to make this movie certainly did so competently, you can definitely see that an effort was put into it, unfortunate the end result of all that hard work was sub par, I think they could have done a better job of it had they been given the time to iron the progression of the story better.

    In terms of a score, I would give it a passing grade of 7/10 or a C, a passing grade out of merit because I see the potential in work that I would otherwise give a lower score where there less potential, hopefully we will see better work next time round.

    How about yourself, what score would you give it?

  • Justice V

    While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all their movies so far, if they plan to make another movie for the mass public that is entirely stand alone then they should probably do some things differently. Firstly probably get an actual film/animation film director to direct it heh. Also make sure the story is simple enough that lay folk could understand but still deep enough that makes it interesting. Best bet would probably be to get one of the games writers to write a good story and then a good movie script writer to turn that story into a movie script. Or just continue with trial and error to get up to normal film studio quality after another couple tries.

  • Justice V

    Nice heh.

  • Justice V

    It does. But it has threads for a sequel. In the same sense harry potter 1 is a good stand alone movie but leaves a crap ton of threads open for the sequels. If there had never been sequels the first movie was still enjoyable and had a clear beginning middle and end, but it’s part of a small part of a larger story.

  • Jesus Christ

    By your standards, Kingsglaive is probably a solid standalone film. I just don’t see what you see XD.

    Square Enix is asking too much of us by showing us way too many things and then leaving too many things unanswered (understandable because we’re supposed to get the whole picture by playing – BUT not by watching a sequel feature film!). One of the prominent example is Noctis. We are forced to come to terms that he’s scarcely in the movie, that he’s super duper important, he and Luna needs to get married, he’s that person that saves the world. That’s all being told to us and that showed to us. I think that’s a poor choice of storytelling. This is what happened in Suicide Squad in which critics and fans a like call out on how David Ayer (director) chose to have Viola Davis character telling the squad members’ backstory at the beginning. I’m not saying such method won’t work every time, but it really didn’t for that movie and sure heck didn’t for Kingsglaive.

    I see you draw parallel with Harry Potter. But I think the difference is that fans and critics alike already know the book version and they were critically acclaimed and we already knew to expect sequels. Some of the moviegoers already read a few books ahead. They know what to expect. In contrast, Kingsglaive is just the movie and then expected the game. Aint nobody and their momma all of them is gonna wanna play the game and view it as a proper sequel to a movie.

    Square Enix might just rename the movie THe Mysterious Case of WHERE THE f#$% IS SKELETAL NOCTIS. At least with this name, we know we aint ever gonna see him. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I needa stop for reals

    Square Enix wanted us to “please be excited” again and now it back fired. Good!

  • Mina-P

    Yeah I kinda have been rewatching all the trailers for this on and off for…. 10 years oh god what is my life hwat am i even doi

  • Jesus Christ

    See yeah, I’m not that crazy and into it as you. All I have time is to give Square 3 hours of my life and watch th movie. The game comes out in November and I bought ultimate edition and won’t be playing it. Why? I’d be too busy studying for my exams and beginning december is prep for finals. How am I gonna play? LOL

  • Julieticarstens1

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  • Justice V

    Haha so much hate for Noctis. Once they said he was gone I kinda just put him out of my mind haha. Was more surprised when he showed back up heh.

    Hehe yeah after I wrote the Potter example I felt a better comparrison might probably have been Captain America 1. With it obviously being a prelude to Avengers (being called Captain America: The 1st Avenger and everything). As well as an obvious set up for Winter Soldier and way down the line Infinity War. At that time there was no garauntee that the Marvel movie franchise would work out, with only the two iron man movies under it’s belt at the time I believe. Had a bunch of threads set up that people who had been invested in the comics knew to look for but lay people just saw and went “huh ok.” Potter for me was more “what the hell is all this stuff they keep talking about? They expect there to be sequels to this?” when it first came out. I never read the books or had ever heard of it, just remember seeing some commercials about little kids going to magic school. And when I first saw the movie at the theatres I kinda hated it. Wasn’t till after the next 3 movies came out I could go back and enjoy this first one.

    I’ve said before Kingsglaive as a solo movie movie, if not connected to anything else, isn’t a great movie because it does have all those holes and technical issues. As a standalone movie, but still known to be part of a larger universe, I think it’s fine though. Mostly because of the fact it does heavily focus on a character who lives and dies in this single movie. While still doing it’s job of expanding world and lore. As a movie it’s enjoyable and has enough plot, tension, build up and conclussion (for nyx at least) that as a standalone entry it works. But yeah IF there was no anime or game auxillary components you’d be left with a “uh…cool? What happens to everyone else? Guess I’ll never know.” Even if you’re not a gamer at least you can wiki it after the game comes out, which is what I end up doing for a lot of failed series movies/shows. Ala legend of the seeker, star crossed, golden compass, Eragon, etc.

    I guess I just can’t see the fault in the movie successfully doing what it was intended to do hehe. Was it a great amazing movie? Technically and subjectively no. Did it give me an entertaining story to watch that was easily understood while also expanding characters, lore, enviornments, events that will be seen/mentioned/explored in the sequel/companion piece? Yeah pretty much. I also don’t think the movie was ever intended for mass market and shouldn’t be attacked because of that. Hence why it was announced along side the game, ultra limited theatrical release (that wasn’t even originally planned), digital first, never any actual commercials (just promo/trailers on their own channels). It ultimately wasn’t meant for mass market, and critics/reviewers often miss that part when critiquing it saying it fails because it does as intended. It was made to be enjoyable/understandable juuuust enough on it’s own if you have no interest in playing, but also always intended to be at it’s best as an expansion to the story of the game with the hope of maybe grabbing the attention of people who were undecided about the game.

    I feel like their claim about it being enjoyable on it’s own goes back to how reliant AC is on FFVII (which makes sense as a sequel). Characters and almost everything in that movie reference a 40+ hour game that came almost a decade before it. Characters are named but no relations are really ever explained, flashbacks occur randomly, and without knowing anything from the game the story is pretty confusing. Knowing the game and seeing it as a sequel it’s a pretty easy story to follow because all the set up was done in the game. Knowing the game story you know all the characters, you know their relationships, you know the laws of the world, you can understand it without needing too much explanation in the movie. But it completely alienates most people who don’t. KG on the other hand you can understand the story and all the characters and their relationships (with the exception of how Glauca became a double agent) all given right here in the movie. So everything here is self contained, while letting side characters and other aspects of it expand elsewhere. That’s all I think they meant by enjoyed on it’s own without having to play the game first or even at all. Not that it would make a great movie that ties up all loose ends and explains everything out for the viewer on it’s own.

    Soooo long response short heh. Depends how you look at it. As a solid stand alone film as it was presented and intended? Yeah. As a solid stand alone film meant to appease mass market movie goers who have no interest in the game, series, or anything connected to it in general expecting a lone completely self contained experience? No not really.

  • Justice V

    “Well, you need to take yourself out of the equation…”

    My ex used to get mad at me often for that. For when I’d be baffled why people didn’t know/understand/get the same things I did that felt obvious to me. She’d usually say something like not everyone has had the same experiences or sees things the same way so getting frustrated by it just makes me look like an ass hehe. But I try my best now to see as many things from others perspectives as possible for understanding. Doesn’t always happen, but hey I’m tryin heh.

  • Justice V

    Same. I never expected to like Nyx. Thought he looked ok enough, but having no clue who Aaron Paul was and knowing he probably wouldn’t be in the game I didn’t care about him. But the movie kinda made me fall for him. Also yeah story and action were pretty simple to follow. Twists were foreshadowed a lot, but still fun Luche was my only real surprise. Well and Crowe dying so early due to all her press. Looking forward to how/if it all ties into the game.

  • Jesus Christ

    and IF it doesn’t tie into the game, how would you respond?

  • Jesus Christ

    a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    I know you and Mina are very into FFXV so your affinity and absorption for information is like far greater, but I go on a whim and say you two are probably more lenient than others. You use “your” standards to allow the movie to satisfy your needs. I go and say your standards are more on the fan side than general public side.

  • Jesus Christ

    Omg, you wrote me a novel again. Justice, I can you’ve been itching to write your feelings for this movie LOL. You write and you write super duper long opinions. My goodness.

    ” Depends how you look at it. As a solid stand alone film as it was presented and intended? Yeah. As a solid stand alone film meant to appease mass market movie goers who have no interest in the game, series, or anything connected to it in general expecting a lone completely self contained experience? No not really.”

    I think this nicely illustrates the struggle I have when watching the movie. That’s why I gave it two scores. And I am glad you too are able to distinguish it and acknowledge it too. Personally, when I viewed it in theaters, the fan in me faded and more of the general viewer gain controlled and what would have been forgiven as a fan I see a issues for a “solo film”.

    The stand alone film thing, I can respectfully agree to disagree. I think we’ve reach that point already. 😀

  • Justice V

    Haha yeah.

  • Justice V

    Def agree with that. Also not being able to turn off my knowledge of a project hinders my critiquing of it. When I know things about a studio, writer, actor, their goals, struggles, intentions, etc it all influences my experience. Hard to turn that off. Same reason I liked Man of Steel and BvS (for the most part) heh.

  • Justice V

    If it doesn’t I’ll still enjoy the movie for what it is, but feel disappointed in the huge opportunity wasted.

  • ITALOpkg ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

    I really liked this movie, but it didn’t show too much about Luna. I know that they can’t spoil many things about her in this game for obvious reasons because the game itself didn’t come out yet. But in Kingslaive they made her more like a defenseless woman, she is very polite and have a strong personality but her intentions are stronger that her own strenght, in the movie she spent more time running here and there than preparing us to show what she is capable to do when the games comes out.

  • XenoSilvano

    The staring match between Nyx and that other glaive as they are sizing each other up looks so fake(!)
    They are not even looking at each other in the eye.

  • XenoSilvano

    I find it reassuring that we are all arriving at the same conclusions

  • Mina-P

    i been an ff fangirl since 97 it’s the only games I get excited about anymore, so it’s not like I got too much time on my hands (they are just trailers anyways). I haven’t even watched most the ffxv stuff cuz it’s just too much, but those old nomura versus trailers were so amazing *A*

    lol real life sucks. No school for me, I’m taking vacation time from work, ordering like 3 pizzas and hudding up with my partner for a week the day it comes out XD

  • Mina-P

    Ppl who think Luna is ‘uglier’ just because she looks more like a real human woman and not an anime doll need to get a life. In Kingsglaive, the characters are supposed to look as realistic as possible, and the characters resemble mostly european people with european features. FFXV the game would have a hard time pushing those graphics on a PS4 so they are abstracted down to an ‘anime version’ of themselves. They were lazy with the after credits scene and didn’t make seperate move designs, but if they were truly to put Noctis in Kingsglaive with a Kingsglaive design he would look different and less doll/anime like as well.

    I agree with you though the biggest failure of the movie is it can’t stand on its own at all. Noctis is the hero of FFXV, yet he’s barely even mentioned in Kingsglaive and shown only in the after credits thing. So instead we get Nyx as the main character and grow to like him, only to have him die at the end of the movie.(spoiler) Would it have killed them to put Noctis in for like… a few minutes? I mean damn they could’ve put in a flashback for the King like that scene from the one trailer with Regis telling kid Noctis to eat his green soup.

    I get that they had to like… make the Insomnia invasion into a movie instead of game in order to get the game done faster… but seriously… why did they even have to include all this crap about the glaives if they don’t matter in the game? Why not just make the movie about Noctis and his buddies escaping Insomnia? That would’ve been awesome! And we would’ve cared more about Noctis when we start the game. AND we woulda had the nice party scene with Noctis and Luna rawrrjlghalkd;fja

  • Shinobuden

    I liked the movie. It could have been better, but I still liked it. I didn’t think Libertus’ English voice suited him though. There was just something about it that felt so off…maybe it’s just me? Didn’t like how Crowe died so early either. I expected her to play a bigger role with the way they described her. A shame.

    As for visuals…simply amazing. My eyes orgasmed.

    So what I gathered about Ravus from this movie is that instead of hating the empire, who are directly responsible for his mother’s death, he for whatever reason blamed Regis for it? What? That just doesn’t make any sense to me. Besides, she got hit head on by a flamethrower and stabbed by a giant sword…I don’t think there was much Regis could have done. I feel like Ravus is just projecting his own guilt (due to his mother shielding him) onto Regis or something. I dunno. Hopefully the game fleshes him out more.

    Did not like how Luna looked.

    Sean Bean. Nuff said.

    7/10. Would watch again. For the Bean.

  • Jesus Christ

    Did you clean up your ejaculated tears? 😉

  • Shinobuden

    Working on it. It’s all over the walls D:

  • Jesus Christ

    You nasty son of a bleep bleep bleep! Tryna sully these Holy walls of Nova Crystallis. I denounce you in My Name.

    LOL your comment crack me up. You dumb as heck LOLOL

  • Shinobuden

    Pls no. Forgive me, O Lord, for I have sinned. I will not eye orgasm again…until XV comes out 😀

  • Jesus Christ

    “until XV comes out” is that another double entendre? Why are you so nasty?

  • Shinobuden

    Jesus pls. You were the one who started with the innuendos!

    Nice chatting with you too.

  • Carl Tee

    So we’ll never get a chance to explore Niflheim in the game? Makes me wonder how it looks like from the inside of the enemy’s empire.

    I give the film 8/10. It’s visually stunning and the story’s good enough to spark a hype for the final game.


  • Tom

    Okay, I finally ordered the special Amazon version of Kingsglaive which contains Brotherhood. I’m ready for FFXV.

  • Syul


    I really loved the movie!

    One of the bad things, however… Well, you know these TVs pre-HD that weighed a lot and were so big? That’s what we have in my house, so we couldn’t get all the details we could have with our Blu-Ray edition (got the one with Brotherhood, between that and the fancy steelcase that was too much for me to not buy), but if we had an HD TV… I think I would have been so much more in awe with the graphics, and I was in awe already xD A little tiny thing that I didn’t like was that, at some given times, Luna’s movement looked a bit robotic, but even so, it wasn’t that much of an issue, just a little thing.

    Said that, I have to say that I thought I wasn’t going to like much Nyx, but I did. And I did a lot. Same goes for almost all the character (let’s just exclude “some people”), but I would have loved much to see some more flashbacks or more information or developement for some of them. Oh, and I have to say that I’m just IN LOVE with Ardyn Izunia. I see him and I see like, as if he’s a bit like Kuja, and I loved Kuja, so I’m truly hyped about him. These kind of evil characters have something that attract me haha.

    Not gonna comment more about characters because I would probably have to mention some things yes or yes and I wouldn’t like to spoil somebody about the film on accident xD

    One thing that I specially liked was how the movie surprised me at some moments (I would have never imagined THAT about Glauco, for example), and I love plot twists, so, they’re very welcomed.

    Also I have to say that the Spanish voiceover surprised me in the good sense. I couldn’t find any information about it prior to seeing the film so I was disappointed and fearing it wouldn’t be good enough, but it was, and I enjoyed it a ton!

    Can’t wait to play the game >_< … Meanwhile, time to see again and again Kingsglaive, Brotherhood and the cool AMVs fans are doing xD

    P.D.: for the ones that may not know: after the credit's there's an extra scene!

    P.D.2: that Somnus scene… Ah, the feels…

  • XenoSilvano

    I think Ravus psychological state shows possible signs of Stockholm Syndrome

  • XenoSilvano

    “for heart and home” is an age old idiom but I think the way that Titus pronounces it incorrectly incorrectly as: “for hearth and home”, maybe this could be a subtle indication that he solely cares about avenging his nation rather than having the heart of doing the greater good

    I wonder if this has anything to do with Nyx mentioning that he followed his heart after rescuing Libertus during Niflheim’s invasion attempt at the beginning of the movie(?)