Final Fantasy XV “Crown Update” patch notes released By Erren Van Duine on November 23, 2016 at 2:50 AM

Square Enix has revealed the full list of changes set to go live with Final Fantasy XV‘s “Crown Update” – the game’s hefty day one patch. A new post on the official site has all the details:


  • Added actions inspired by the “Omen” trailer produced by Digic Pictures to the game:
    – “Shift (Warp) Drop Kick” (When daggers are equipped).
    – “Backward Shift (Warp) Magic” (Elemental Magic Activation within a short distance).
  • Below are examples of Wait Mode-exclusive abilities added to Ability Call to improve the Wait Mode experience:
    – Libra Speed Increase
    By using Libra you can obtain information more quickly.
    – Wait Gauge Recovery
    The Wait Gauge will recover upon defeating an enemy.
    – Surprise Attack Shift Break
    When Shift Breaking to an enemy that isn’t targeting you it’s easy to destroy the targeted part.
    – Final Blow Shift Break
    When Shift Breaking to an enemy with less than half HP, the damage multiplier will increase.
  • Additional battle screen effects added to make it easier for players to understand their HP status:
    – When HP is less than 25%, the whole screen will be covered by a light red filter.
    – When in a pinch, the whole screen will be covered by a dark red filter.
    – The Enemy Whistle will be available to use after downloading the patch. You can call monsters but they won’t always appear.
    – Movement taken at the time of a MP Burst is cancelled. Trying to shift in MP Burst will cause movements to fail.


  • You can now shift forward in the field outside of battle.
  • Music Player item has been added so that you can listen to your favorite songs while walking.


  • A gallery has been added to the main menu where you can see the dishes acquired by Ignis and the fish caught by Noctis.


  • Opening the menu during auto-drive will not halt driving.
  • Regalia Shop added that lets you shop while riding in the Regalia.


  • Event scenes from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and the “Omen” trailer were added as they exceeded the disc space capacity.

Additional Improvements

  • Various bug fixes.
  • Adjustments to gameplay comfort:
    – Camera adjusted in narrow areas.
    – Menu use improved.
    – Addition of other functions to enhance convenience.
  • Adjustments to improve the main scenario experience:
    – Changes to towns were made to fit the scenario.
    – Changes to the open world were made to fit the scenario.
  • Side-quests have been balanced, dish types added, added fish types and fishing locations.
  • Leviathan boss encounter and battle experience further improved.

Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 29 worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • Supeeerfresh

    It seems to me that this patch is different from the one those who already have the game have. Does anyone know something about this?

  • Somnus92

    “-“Shift Drop Kick” (When daggers are equipped).”

    Awesome! I’m planning to use daggers as my primary weapon. I like this One Day patch.

  • “Music Player item has been added so that you can listen to your favorite songs while walking.”

    Bless the fucking gods!

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    it’s free and it’s an apology for make this game delayed to november

  • Noctis

    WOW shit I`m getting hyped over 9999 ist this even possible?

  • Breathless

    Notably missing: implementation of SNS features? xD

  • 케빈

    i dont get this one:

    – “Backward Shift (Warp) Magic” (Elemental Magic Activation within a short distance).

  • lol. I don’t see it as an apology.

  • Randy

    I think it is a manuever that allows you to do a back warp while releasing a magic simultaenously

  • Ibrahim Sahin

    “You can now shift forward in the field outside of battle.”

    i was so disappointed in the demo that you couldnt warp freely(outside battles) whenever you wanted. you could only warp when you were in a battle, but thanks to this patch. its all fixed.

  • 케빈

    yeah sounds like that, which would be awesome

  • NewestType

    Umm. Not really. Some of the features are necessary.

  • •december

    Holy crap I’m liking this a lot,
    “added actions inspired by Omen trailer”
    So basically, Noctis isn’t just Sasuke anymore, he’s Ezio

  • LTweetsU

    think what the omen trailer showed you when he does the backflip jump and throws firaga. well its a warp strike instead 🙂

  • 케빈

    yeah really hope thats the case

  • jamurjamban

    “Music Player item has been added so that you can listen to your favorite songs while walking.”
    I’ll buy all chocobo themes from Final Fantasy IX even it cost 1 million gil each!

  • Yuntu

    it seems like the patch currently live isn´t everything but some of it

    for example that warping on the field doesn´t exist in the current patch, atleast that´s what I heard

  • Invictus

    LOL! Not bad eh? Warp-striking ala Auditore style!

  • alef321

    -Leviathan boss encounter and battle experience further improved.

    I guess they saw people playing the leaked game…

  • How did people get the game already?

  • That’s the best addition. Now they should add dual wielding and that flip spin dodge he did when his magic vanishes in the omen trailer.

  • stevenm281

    Peru broke the street date, putting the game on shelves last week.

    And some people whom ordered from Square Enix Online store received their shipment sooner than anticipated.

  • Invictus

    I was simply using youtube to jam to FF7 themes then suddenly a prick video showed a spoiler scene. Damn. I was just getting my dose of ff music then shit happened. 🙁

  • Noctis

    better avoid the internet trust me just go on sites you know nothing will be spoiled. I logged completely out from twitter and try toavoid youtube and other sites.

  • Invictus

    Yeahhh I should’ve just gone to spotify.


    I already read the entire ending of FFXV and its Final Boss

    And now, I direct my words towards the people who asked me to stop criticizing the game and to just simply wait until it was out so that my anger and hatred could be justified..

    But I just have something to say to all of you, today that is…

    Get ready

  • Silent Nyan

    Typical, you’re criticizing a game just by its final boss. You’re criticism is INVALID if you haven’t played the game “extensively” up until the end 🙂

    Go on folks, nothing to see here~


    I have also already seen varios videos and livestreams, I could criticize the game in many ways right now just for the facts they have shared to us up to this day


    Luna is among the worst FF characters

  • Silent Nyan

    INVALID response. 404 Gameplay Experience not found.


    An anticlimactic ending and its boss are enough to ruin an ”extensive” experience

    Hated the villain, and hated even more the fact that Tabata dared to say that he would surpass previous FF Villains

    I think even Vayne its better than fucking Ardyn, he wouldve been much much more better as an in-between, snake character that wouldnt have that much spotlight, he also didnt serve much as a villain

  • •december

    Silent, your responses are kiling me!
    Rock on dude lollll +1

  • Silent Nyan

    INVALID Response. 404 Full story of Ardyn not Experienced on hands.

  • Silent Nyan

    Said someone who haven’t even played the game. Nothing to see here folks~

  • Randy Marsh

    Oh look, a person already claiming the game sucks. Not a shocker, thus is requirement when a new Final Fantasy release. Been doing it since FFVI, still doing it today.

    Sounds like you’re just posting for attention, at least from how I can see. If you don’t like the game, that is good for you. However, being a brat and whining on a comment section full of people who are eager for the game is not a good place to cry of your dislike of the game. Might I suggest ye olde YouTube comment section? You may find like minded people there.

  • Randy Marsh

    Not an authority figure on this site or anything. However, I highly suggest you stop posting spoilers a bit. You may unintentionally get in trouble.



    Ardyn is a mythical being who just wants to destroy shit (if Kefka Palazzo wasnt in FF he would’ve worked) and since the beginning of FF he is your typical double spy who remains composed in almost every situation, the true Final Boss battle wasnt even himself, he had to summon a motherfucking Astral, Ifrit, to fight for him, it woulve been better if he transformed himself through some rutine, but no, he couldnt be a worthy boss himself

    And his final ”climactic” battle with Noctis felt re-used (Cloud vs Sephiroth) and it was pure shit

    As a result, Ardyn is a compilation of FF villains and used character types that cant quite attain original life on its own, how very disappointing

    I do fucking know my shit, so you stop with your corny ass ”responses”

  • Randy Marsh

    Flagged for spoilers. Highly suggest people on here block you also. 😛

  • Silent Nyan

    I have done my job here. I successfully pissed you off 🙂


    Did you not read the very first words of my post?


    Mission Failed, it takes more than that, and now your ”job” has been rendered useless since you revealed your plan to me

  • Silent Nyan

    Nothing to see here folks~ We just have a whiny pissed human being who doesn’t have first hand experience to the game itself to provide a meaningful criticism. 🙂


    I can answer just basing myself on the facts and from the leaked parts I have seen of the game

    Luna is your damsel in distress no matter how much ”inner” strength bullshit she has, if she can’t physically be capable enough to hold her own then shes useless, in Kingsglaive she didnt do even that, she summoned Leviathan but that just makes her a copy of Yuna from FFX, Lady Asche was an Oracle who could talk to the gods in FFXII, Luna cant distinct herself from previous FF heroines, which is lame AF

    Stella, on the other hand, was an equally polite woman with the ability to see the dead, because of the power she recieved from Etro, she had the same abilities as Noctis, could summon swords from thin air and ferociously fight with them

    And she had to face Noctis to the death, now thats a complicated relationship, in XV *SPOILERS* Luna is in love with Noctis but its just insecure he wont return his feelings, she gets to help him in his journey, Stella had to forcefully fight him to the death, now thats a standout character, a standout FF female

  • Artemis Polara

    Truly is. I’d say he’s just butthurt about the game not being Versus anymore (Based on a previous discussion I had with him)
    I’m avoiding spoilers about the game but odds are any end they do was probably the end of the versus trilogy (Since that’s what it originally was) was going for as well. Until the Ultimania guides come out, we can’t know for certain.

  • Artemis Polara

    No worries, I’ve blocked him to avoid any spoilers he may have read up on since clearly he doesn’t give enough shits to not ruin anything for himself.

  • TektosBasics

    Generic bullshit hater comment #749.

  • Shinobuden

    So…you’re admitting to basing your opinion on incomplete information and without context? You do realize how stupid that makes you look, right?

    Go back to the YouTube comment section. Maybe someone there will care about what you have to say.

  • •december

    I’m guessing they pulled this stunt out of the hat.
    Think about it, they planned showing OLD footage of Leviathan battle,
    at the London IGN event tuesday just passed.

    They’ve been worked on the Leviathan debut for weeks now they just
    wanted to show how it looked before so it could get peoples hype up

  • Shinobuden

    That’s the thing about reading up on spoilers; they’re not always accurate and to claim a random subjective opinion on the internet counts as a fact, which SOMEONEWHOSDISSAPOINTED did, is only something a fool does.

  • Why did Peru do that?

  • Jose

    I’m looking forward to playing this.

  • highsky00

    Nah it’s that one. The move Noct did in Omen trailer.

  • Randy Marsh

    Most likely incorrect distribution dates. Mainly of that idiocy in Peru, some of the Spanish copies are leaking into the United States now. I have friend of mine has a friend that works at a gaming press site who was bragging on Facebook holding a Spanish copy of the game he recently imported from Peru; which he wasn’t authorized to do. He took the pic down after I warned him of impending legal actions.

  • Noctis

    Oh come go fuck urself dude

  • Noctis Pendragon

    That update has been around for a while actually .


    so hype, cannot wait

  • After all this waiting we still end up being behind a lot of people. Sucks. They’re not even doing a midnight release at my GameStop.

  • stevenm281

    They aren’t doing one where I live either, and the store only opens at 9:30 am, by the time I get to my friend’s place, install the game, download/install the Crown Update, it will be almost noon! Half of the day wasted.

  • Vanquinn

    I totally agree. I’d rather romance Gentiana or Iris. But i’m assuming once i see the actual game and story i’ll like her more.

  • haha as always they don’t mention bugs in details..but i guess the scenes from the movie and omen trailer made the size that much……..
    still one hella day one patch..XD

  • Chances are same thing with me. Even if I use my lunch break at work to go get the game, I’d have to get home, install it and tell the PS4 to rest as it does the rest. THEN get home at 5pm and hope the internet signal didn’t go out mid-installation or path update.

  • Ty Brown

    Exceeded disc space capacity? Jesus, this game must be huge!

  • Adsa

    So does this mean when i purchase the game i have to download the patch via WiFi?

  • Adsa

    Another question, The game apparently needs 50GB to install, but needs a download of 6GB to start, so does that mean you need to use WiFi to download the 6 GB, total noob on ps4 right now?

  • Edgaras Vodeikis

    I really hope that there will be another patch which will add more control over summoning Astrals… Loads of reviewers mentioned that summoning is almost totally random and you have no control over it. This is a huge letdown… Of course I’m not saying that there should be no limit for using them, but if they just appear by themselves it’s a really disappointing mechanic for one of the best parts of FF games. Would have loved it if they were something like Overdrives in FFX (where you could choose how their “bar” will fill so you can summon, or every Astral would just have a different mode of filling).

  • Sheldon Lee Cooper

    there are some other improvements. Number of photos where player can select the best ones was increased from 10 to 15 and sharing functionality was added. Number of photos in gallery was raised from 100 to 150

  • KTO

    You’ll need wifi or a land cable. I believe thier will be a day one patch and also the December 1st patch but I could be wrong.

  • 50-60GB for a game is really not much at all.


    I now have, still HATE how weak and overplayed her character was, bullshit

  • Anime-NoireChan

    43.5 GB to be exact.

  • Wrong actually. 45GB, but way over 50 with the recent patches.

  • mickal9090

    You think this patch might let us pick more than one hunting missions? Also anyone notice that when Notice stands too close one of his teammates he does moves but half of hes body goes into an angle.