Final Fantasy XV gets another panel at GDC 2017 By Erren Van Duine on January 10, 2017 at 12:43 PM

Final Fantasy XV will headline another major panel at Game Developers Conference this year. Titled “Bringing Fantasy to Life in ‘Final Fantasy XV‘” attendees will be joined by lead writer and localization director Dan Inoue as he focuses on the concept of “a fantasy based on reality.”

While no date or time has been set for the session, this panel joins the growing list of Final Fantasy XV-focused features including a look behind the scenes at Prompto’s photography and interactive music.

GDC 2017 will take place from February 27 through March 3 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

  • •december

    Kinda wishing Bahamut would shove me in a crystal for like a year,
    when Final Fantasy XV has like tons of new content, the wait is killing me

  • alef321

    to show all the cut technology and brag about the crappy reflections ?

  • Noctis

    To talk how they had to replace Stella with Luna, how they had to remove the Insomnia fight and made that into Movie cuz it would cost to much to make that in ingame graphics..And How Tabata had to change Noctis character cuz he didn`t like him. and how they had to cut content and made them into dlc and let us pay cuz there was obviously no way around and 10 years its not enough.

  • Noctis Pendragon

    That amount of salt is amazing .

    And btw reflections don’t just concern seas and lakes .

    I have seen downscaled techs in FFXV but “cut” i haven’t (and even if there was it would be really far from the 1st or last game to do that ) .

  • Noctis Pendragon

    Looking forward to it like all their older panels .

  • Noctis

    thats life dude what did you expect flowers and sunshine?

  • Noctis Pendragon

    What did i complain about ?

  • Noctis

    ah no worries

  • •december


  • Noctis

    no time to dilly dally!

  • Odin

    Thank you

  • Tom

    True. If the tech wasn’t downgraded, they’d complain about the framerate and consoles being not powerful enough. You can’t win them all.

  • Odin

    I found the true ending to FFXV: spoilers below. Link

    You have to beat Adamantoise with the sniper rifle while wearing the thermal suit.

    SPOILERS: Noctis and friends crash land the regalia in a jungle and are immediately rounded up in nets by humanoid Chocobos who can speak.

    Treated as animals the Chocomen ride Noctis around while they pick up items.

    It’s only when a chocowoman accepts Noctis as an equal by kissing him on his gross human lips that they are able to escape, find the ruins of insomnia and realize that they time travelled far into the future.

    Those damned dirty birds.

  • •december

    Lmao this is click bait

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  • •december

    Ok, while we’re talking on the subject of Prompto.
    When tf did Ardyn swap bodies with Prompto in Chapter 11, In the Dark?
    I’m guessing this will explained in Episode Prompto, from Prompto’s perspective?

  • •december

    Ghorovas/Ghorovas Rift, Eusciello, Calcano, Pagla, Cartanica, Succarpe, Haulhex Armory.
    All these unexplorable places have names.
    This can’t be the end for Niflheim.

  • NewestType

    Noct is character is the same. Only difference is clothes. Tetsuya said a long time ago people will be surprised by noct’semeanor. Unless you’re joking?

  • aloysiustoh

    guys who are going to attend it… please roast them =x

  • Noctis

    the same?…..I think your joking