Yoshida wants to go all out for Final Fantasy XIV’s collaboration with FFXV By Erren Van Duine on January 13, 2017 at 7:33 PM

Final Fantasy XIV is no stranger to collaborating with other games – especially those nestled within the Final Fantasy series itself. Since the launch of A Realm Reborn fans have enjoyed events featuring Final Fantasy XI, XIII, and items from throughout the mainline series. So what about Final Fantasy XV?

Speaking with 4Gamer (via Gamer Escape), producer/director Naoki Yoshida shared a few words on how such a collaboration could work out.

“The development team had a rough time developing the game,” said Yoshida. “To that extent that they had to delay it. So I don’t really think it’s smart to barge in with a collaboration all of a sudden.

“Besides, when we do collaborations in FFXIV, we really do big events. We can put in Noctis’ costume in the game anytime, but if we were to do a collaboration, I think it would be best if we did a big one. And to do that, the planners have to play the game thoroughly to get the grasp of the characters, their habits, the scenario, and so on.”

With Final Fantasy XV‘s downloadable content on the way and the game having just released, Yoshida notes that now would be the best time to do a collaboration with the game – but he isn’t really considering it in that way. “It wouldn’t be fun if the characters don’t visit Eorzea in some way or the other like Lightning did. When we do the collaboration, we will go all out.”

  • Aulix Indragonz

    the only thing that i want FF XIV to get from XV is regalia
    other than that i don’t see anything good they should implement imo

  • Randy Marsh

    Its sadly kind of impossible for lore reasons in both games and because of server side issues in FFXIV.

  • Yuntu

    they could do a mini-regalia that looks like a go cart

    why not have some fun :p

  • D.3ND

    I want the Harpoon hoverbike that would be awesome mount.

  • Randy Marsh

    Actually a Mini-Regalia toy can actually work as a minion, since mechanic toys are indeed in Eorzea normally. I was referring to the mount mainly due to the fact the only friendly Garleans in Eorzea are not fully revealed until post level 40 main quest.

  • Breathless

    Well, he better mean fully voice-acted cutscenes and perfect modeling with this “all out” then. Because other than the XIII crossover, I really can’t think of any that was a “big event” – big FATE grind, maybe, but…. yeah. Even XIII had us doing FATEs but at least those were special-made for that event.
    I mean, I dunno, all this comes off to me as if it was some giant huge hurdle with impossible overseas communications and language differences and some major difficulties with licensing and obtaining the materials… just about everything. As if the game wasn’t freely available by now, as if both XIV and XV didn’t belong to SE. You know what I mean?
    I get that Tabata&co are in a turmoil to fix their mess, I get that Yoshi&co are busy with StormBlood – why can’t he just say that, though? “Guys, it will be coming, but all the devs are working on other things now, so please wait a little longer” – there, simple, understandable, acceptable.

  • NewestType

    I almost agree. But, for lore reasons? Lightning went to eorzea. And her tech is far advanced than anything in eorzea.

  • NewestType

    Honesty is king.

  • NoctLightCloud

    That is typical Japanese. You should already know that Japanese people tend to avoid the direct way of communication at all costs. As soon as it’s slightly negative (like “it will be released later, please have patience”), they’d rather take a philosophical approach or talk about what work they might do or will be doing. They love working. Direct? Not so much…

  • NoctLightCloud

    I’d love to wear Aranea’s costume in XIV or have the engine blade.

  • Randy Marsh

    The only technology she had was her Blazefire Saber and the in-game lore states her weapons are considered similar to the Garlean Empire weapons.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    I’d be all for King Regis/Noctis and Aranea outfits for male/female players alike o3o

    Idc about anything else event wise – never cared for the events. I mean come on, glamour is the real endgame >:3

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