Here’s what’s being added to Final Fantasy XV’s Chapter 13 By Erren Van Duine on March 13, 2017 at 6:32 PM

Final Fantasy XV‘s notorious Chapter 13 will see some changes this month. Along with balancing adjustments, the team at Square Enix has been at work on a number of other enhancements based on user feedback.

Speaking with Game Informer, producer Haruyoshi Sawatari gave a run down on what we can expect when the new patch launches on March 28.

“So before, obviously, it was just Noctis by himself, kind of alone without the powers of his weapon summoning abilities,” said Sawatari. “But what we’ve done for Chapter 13, is we’ve added a separate route for Gladio and Ignis after they get split off from Noctis, so you actually get to play as Gladio, and see what happened from their side of things until they reunited with Noctis.

“You’ll see some additional cutscenes [that] just show you what took place while Noctis was kind of on his own. You’ll get some actual gameplay with the party of Gladio and Ignis together. You’ll see what happened to Emperor Aldercapt and [Ravus], and where they ended up being during the whole time.

“These are just the supplementary scenes that were added into Chapter 13, and that’s just for Chapter 13. But aside from that, we’re overhauling the ring magic, so the three spells that you could use with the Ring of the Lucii – those are completely powerful now, like super powerful now.”

Sawatari also commented on the upcoming Episode Gladiolus DLC saying it should take players around two hours to complete the whole thing. Those who do complete it can dive into additional modes that offer more replay value and other challenges.

  • Stonespear

    Sounds cool.

  • oh really?? nice!!

  • Adam Hedquist

    Huh…this actually sounds kinda nice. I hope that the new scenes with Aldercapt and Ravus are not few and short.

  • Devil’s Luck

    I was kinda hoping the ring magic overhaul would add new spells as well, but I guess making the ring not useless outside of chapter 13 is a good compromise. I like that thing.

  • Jintae

    Cool! It would be great if we saw what happened to the boys while Noct fought with L. in Altissia too. But that’s probably saved for Ignis’s DLC.. (Or maybe not?)

    And ohh yes, give me more of that Ravus! His tragic story reminds me of Cid Raines from FF XIII.

  • Randy Marsh

    I’ll keep a small glimmer of hope we get a real iedolas boss battle and not just the normal mob fight that was just so happened to coincidentally be the Emperor. Then again, if they do that the strategy guide will be out of date…

  • Miqote

    Too little too late.

  • Luke Watts

    I scrolled down to write exactly this…
    And even if it WASN’T to little. If it was huge, if they got it 100% right – The fact that it was to late just trumps it 10 fold.

  • Eyoi

    Imagine writing a book and then after everyone has read it, you add a few pages and expect people to read the whole thing so they can get context on events that happened at the end of the book. It’s nice to see they’re trying to improve the game but it’s just way too late.

    I feel like 3 months after the games release people have moved on and are playing other games.

  • fish8100

    hmmm, I didn’t have too much of a problem with chapter 13 but these additions sound nice.

  • Yuntu

    I don´t think thats the case anymore with games.

    There is a reason GaaS is rising as the thing.

    that being said if they gonna update the game in droplets then they should add a chapter select

  • Andrew Brown

    So are they also going to fix other chapters in the story? Are we going to get new gameplay for other chapters as well? I don’t want Chapter 13 being the only one.

  • dreamowd

    That ring better work like it did in the movie!

  • •december

    OMG, how the Glaives used magic looked wicked

  • •december

    Short, vague answer: Yes.
    They was saying how they’re quote, “improving the scale of the latter half” of Final Fantasy XV. That includes chapter 13, and my guess other places, just give them time…

  • David Thornhill

    “You’ll see what happened to Emperor Aldercapt and [Ravus], and where they ended up being during the whole time.” FINALLY!!

  • stevenm281

    Nice changes!!!!

    Now add Episode Gladio to Chapter 7 for those who have access to the DLC, keep adding story scenes and playable moments here and there, and the game will become more and more like a full-fledge FF game!!!

  • Randy Marsh

    I hope they will go through the effort of making Chapter 11 longer with more fights inside and outside the train. It’s bloody criminal that Careening Into Danger got so little time playing in the damn game.

  • Aulix Indragonz

    nice changes, but in the future is there a possibility of us capable of exploring insomnia,niflheim and all other major countries in FF XV that currently only explorable through glitch?

  • Hime☆Sama★

    Hope they add a chapter select…I already beat the game twice…Don’t wanna do it again for some cutscene and Gladio…

  • •december

    This is long overdue!! We need to know!

  • •december

    This is great.
    Now, we might get playable scenes of Gladio and ignis, before the Leviathan battle, sometime in the future! (With Ignis as lead possibly)

  • •december

    YES!! When they said they’re improving the scale of the latter half of the game, All I imagine they should update is Chapter 9 (Altissia), 10, 11, 12 & 14. (we’re already getting chapter 13)
    Then I’d be happy. How will they implement this without it feeling forced is beyond me, but I’m gonna play it.


    As a long time Final Fantasy fan I replay them a bunch of times. I will wait until all the updates are release and then start new game plus. That will be the best option for most people.

  • Patrick Bateman

    no offence but kind of your own fault, the additions to chapter 13 were announced well into the first couple weeks of the game’s release since it was the one major thing everyone cried over…could’ve easily waited to do your second play-through, besides what other reason would there be to beat it twice in a row when nothing’s really unlocked or added in NG+ aside from what ever is carried over?

  • Patrick Bateman

    it was already OP haha on normal, don’t know why people thought it was too hard LOL i aint complaining though, I’m happy with the new additions, but i agree i had no problems with Chapter 13, even the people complaining it was too long, at least they gave us LOTS of save points..

  • Shane Firth

    They’l probably add this when Iggy’s episode comes out.

  • 2me

    still gonna chill at Duscae region, once every modification is done then I will try NG+

  • •december

    while this sounds incredibly mean, I agree Patrick.
    I waited to finish menace dungeons too, Then surprise! Level cap went higher to 120.
    Haven’t played from the beginning yet, new content is needed. A lot more! Hope cap goes up again tbh.

  • stevenm281

    I don’t see why someone shouldn’t keep on replaying it if they enjoyed it, whether the developers added things or not.

    I finished it in a rush for my first playthrough to have a sense of the story, then proceeded with NG+ to take my time, and I’ll keep on doing this until they confirmed that updates on the game are done, then I’ll restart from scratch.

  • Armorwing01

    Insomnia exploration will happen

  • Gabriel Hage

    I would like to control other characters in group! It should have a character switch button in tactical mode… I can see no difficulty in developing this.

  • Wazi the pa

    The additions all sound great….. If they were in the game the first time around.

  • Eyoi

    I get that. I do the same thing. The thing is that I’m more of a first impressions player. I don’t really want to wait a year after a games release to get all of the information I should have had in the first place. I want to play the game and get the full experience the first time around.

  • Actually Hime has a point regardless of how many times she beat it. I beat the game once I really don’t feel like going through the whole thing again just to get to that point and experience something that should have been there since launch (A common saying with this game) A chapter select isnt hard to do at all from the main menu by loading your save data.

  • Codes McGodes

    Chapter 13 was the only chapter they specified to be fixing, but likely because that chapter was the literal worst and everyone shit all over it (for good reason). They mentioned they’d be patching much more story content in though, and that could be added virtually anywhere. The whole game is bare bones in terms of story, but the latter half of the game suffers the most for it. I can only hope the whole game will be getting additional content.

  • Codes McGodes

    My issue with the ring is that it’s only OP on basic ass enemies. It’s virtually useless against anything even mildly formidable.

  • Codes McGodes

    While I’m inclined to agree with you, I would rather they fix it too late than never fix it at all. FFXV is a very dark mark on the series, and I enjoy replaying all of the games in the series. I would like to be able to eventually enjoy FFXV to its fullest. As it is now, I have no desire to ever play past Chapter 8 again.

  • Codes McGodes

    This is good. This is very good. This is an excellent start to the patchwork. Frankly they really need to revisit the entire game because the story is lacking from start to finish, but it’s at its worst in the second half. If they keep adding major story content like this over the course of the next year or so, this game might actually be salvageable.

    Things I’d still like to see:
    -Noctis’ childhood with his father
    -Noctis’ relationship with Luna
    -More of Regis in general (the Omen, Kingsglaive and Dawn material)
    -Kingsglaive integrated into the story properly (it really would not be difficult to include the signing ceremony and the Insomnia invasion woven into the first chapter)
    -More of Iedolas
    -Luna’s past
    -Luna at all. Literally anything interesting about her. Anything that will stop me from calling her Mary Sunafreya
    -More of Gentiana
    -More of Cor
    -More of Aranea
    -More of Nyx and Libertus
    -Additional summons (Ifrit & Bahamut for a start, but maybe even some non-gods at that)
    -Ardyn’s history
    -Explorable Dark World*
    -Explorable Niflheim*
    -Explorable Tenebrae*
    -More of Insomnia*
    -More of Altissia/Accordo*

    *I’d even be willing to pay for large updates like this.

  • stevenm281

    I feel ya man! I want all of that too, and I’ll gladly pay for these updates!

  • Jennifer Sample

    I would also love (And pay for) all of those!

  • DairyQueen_DQ

    here’s what ill be doing for final fantasy 15 next year:

    -replaying the whole damn complete game again with new cutscene.
    -getting all the dlc (if everything is out by then).

  • Exactly! At this point, I’m kind of done playing through the main story. I’m anxious for the DLC though. 🙂

  • Patrick Bateman

    hey you can play as many times as you want, all i’m saying is Square made it pretty vocal that they were fixing chapter 13 really early on, no one held a gun to her head to go through 2 play throughs back to back lol. don’t complain after is all.

  • Patrick Bateman

    what’s mean about it? i didn’t call her names or anything lol all i said is really she has no one to blame for her dilemma but herself, you play any game back to back you run into the possibility of getting bored. while the content SHOULD have been in the game in the first place, we knew for a long time it was coming. just sayin.

  • Patrick Bateman

    ” A chapter select isnt hard to do at all from the main menu by loading your save data.”

    tell me more mr game developer lol i agree the content should’ve been in the game to begin with but news about this additional chapter 13 content was all over the internet ages ago. again, no one held a gun to her head, play the game as many times as you want, just don’t complain about needing to start the game again after the fact.

  • Patrick Bateman

    outside chapter 13, yes i never used it again, but in chapter 13 it was OP towards everything, even the iron giant since you could just hide by the stairs and snipe him with the ring, 2 hits on normal.

  • Invictus

    This is the best way to go mate. Wait for all the shit to be put out then replay like it was your first time playing ffxv

  • xMysticx

    i already beaten the game
    this is way to late but, mehh . do what the fans tell you make it shittier tabata the damage been done already
    i already traded my copy not worth the wait for 2-3 hours

  • Breathless

    I thought NG+ would be like that. Noctis waking up in the car from the bad dream that is the game as it is now, and us having options and alternate routes to go to avoid the sh×tstorms. Will never understand why they didn’t do this – game would have some actual replay value too, but oh well.

  • Neil Mortimer

    So, when Tabbata daid that the reasons we had bits of story missing were justified bevause all the story was taken from Noctis’ point of view, we can confirm that was just a shitty excuse now? How would Noctis know what Gladio and Ignis were doing while he was trapped during ch 13?!
    Dont get me wrong im glad they are doing this and wish to see them add more, like cutscenes featuring Verstael (which i think we will during the Prompto dlc). But it just goes to prove that Tabbata was just damage controlling a poorly implemented story.

  • Aulix Indragonz

    well yeah it’s always been like that from the start because SE doesn’t treat this game seriously until recently in 2013
    SE only gave tabata 3 years for developing this game, and you know for most AAA game nowadays 3 years isn’t enough

  • Atoli

    Not necessarily. It is very well possible their original vision WAS a game from only Noctis’ point of view, but are just caving in to the complaints now and are giving up on that vision. For most of the game it actually worked quite well (like the feeling of always running but never making it in time that you just can’t get in a game that is from the perspective of an allknowing narrator, because YOU will make it there, even if the character Noctis won’t, you’ll have played through every event, so the feeling it invokes is different).
    But it’s like they realized halfway through that the major sacrifice, the major romance will completely fall flat unless they show what Luna actually did for Noctis – and at that point already broke their own rule, but through showing that to the player, they made us realize there is more out there, and if we can see what Luna did, then why can’t we see why Ravus changed, or what happened to the Empire, or how Noctis’ mates fared, etc., etc.
    And since they were already at that point, they might have just say “Ok, well fine then”. and focused on giving us what we demand..;)

  • Nick

    Agree overall… Except when u say “it’s at its worst in the second half”.. the second half is where 90% of the story was. So if anything there needs to be way more story leading up to the second half.

  • Codes McGodes

    This is true, but I say it’s at its worst BECAUSE the biggest story bombs drop in the second half. The whole game is seriously lacking in story content, but that becomes a real problem when the game is dropping drama bombs on you like Luna’s death or Prompto’s MT status or Ardyn’s kingly origins without any real buildup or exposition to them. Like these are all very heavy plot points and yet when they happen you’re just like “oh”. They’re all such a tremendous let down because the story doesn’t weave them into the narrative. They just happen.

  • Nick

    It’s true the disappointments are finally realized in these moments at later stages of the game but I think the improvement and additions would need to be added in earlier parts of the story to create that buildup and development.

  • Atoli

    I agree with all but Nyx and Libertus. Those are movie characters, made especially for the movie, and while a little nod to those who watched the movie is nice (finding Nyx’ daggers at the plaza), it is not something that would enhance the story in any meaningful way, since their story happened before the game even begins. They already were horribly underdeveloped in a 2 hour movie, adding their shortened story to the actual game would only serve to unnecessarily confuse players. What’s important for the game is that 1. Insomnia falls and 2. Luna makes it out with the ring. How exactly did she make it? It doesn’t matter for the story. But if you started adding something, like “She had help from some of the Kingsglaive” then you’d need to start explaining what the Kingsglaive even is. And why it was only part of it, opening the whole can of worms on all the betrayals that happened during the movie. And then you’d have to explain why the betrayals happened in the first place, and at that point you just literally have the entire movie in the game.
    FFXV needs more cutscenes, yes, but the movie was made explicitly so they DON’T have to frontload 2 hours of exposition cutscenes to the game and end up with people whining that they “just want to play the f*cking game already” 😉

  • Syul

    Obviously, it would have been downright amazing if this had been in the game from the start.

    However, it’s a great thing that they actually listened and did modifications to chapter 13t. It’s not the optimal thing that they added it now instead of from the beginning? True. It’s good that they’ve ended up adding it? True as well.

    I have the feeling they may end up changing/adding some things more using the feedback they got from the survey, and I hope to be right about it… Or else, at least, they’ll have learnt from their mistakes with FFXV as to not make them again in the next FF. However I must say that, even with its amount of flaws, I’m uncapable of not loving the game to be honest, I enjoyed it a ton.

    Having said that all dead serious… The child in me is screaming in delight. FINALLY we’ll know why happened what happened to Emperor Aldercapt and Ravus (man, did I felt so bad with myself for hating him before knowing the truth) and how, and seeing Gladio and Ignis’ perspective is something that hooks my interesting really hard (all the more given the fact I’m a Gladnis shipper and a sucker for drama, so drama + your 2 babes together enduring it = YES PLS).

  • Omar Najjar

    Honestly at first I might have agreed with you but in the end you kind of sound arrogant. I mean I understand you don’t like getting anything less than the full experience but come on man you know that DLC was coming you know things were subject to change, you should have waited until the final DLC patch came out. (I know it’s possible for a gamer to do so because I waited for the GOTY edition of TW3)

    Anyways that’s what the gaming industry has turned their faces towards though. Feedback. Which is amazing of course, FFXV’s team realized gamers didn’t like some aspects of the game and they admitted they were probably wrong with a few things (as they expected, since they were put to the task of completing this mess in 3 years and probably deciding SE’s fate) and they’re trying to fix it. How about you just try to put the game away for a year and leave it until the game becomes complete. People that want the game to be perfect and full from the first time around shouldn’t be the ones giving feedback.

  • Atoli

    Everyone complaining how fixes in patches are too late and omg why didn’t they just do it right from the start!!1! And I’m just over here as an MMO player, wondering what they are even complaining about, because story updates through patches are the norm for me..xD

  • Denisecjohnston

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  • Codes McGodes

    I’ll agree that Libertus isn’t necessary. I only mentioned him because he’s the only surviving member of the Glaive, so it’d be nice if he showed up as an easter egg. As for Nyx, while he probably wouldn’t add anything to the story, I only say he should be more present because of the ending sequence when you find him chained up alongside Regis, Luna and Iedolas. Without watching the movie, the player has no idea who he’s supposed to be or what is supposed to make him relevant. He’s literally just a random NPC corpse. So some of his story should carry over in order to more greatly impact Noctis’ despair upon finding manifestations of the corpses his father and his bride-to-be dangling from chains in front of his throne.

    Personally, I would actually prefer if they incorporated the major events of Kingsglaive into the game, because the game’s entire first few chapters don’t make any sense without it. It wouldn’t even be that difficult. All they have to do is pepper the scenes in between quests during the first two chapters. In other words, finish a quest > cutscene > finish a quest > cutscene. Basically everything from Ardyn’s introduction to the eve of the ceremony would be shown through chapter one. Then at the end of Chapter one, show off the signing ceremony, and then relive Regis’ death via flashback after Noctis talks to Cor. They don’t need to include the full length of the movie, just the, say, most important half hour in the middle.

  • Atoli

    I’m a bit worried that they are putting all of that into ch.13 though ._.
    One major problem I have with the game is the timing of cutscenes, they never are shown when things are actually happening but way later.
    That bad timing messed up 2 of the most important moments of the story, namely Luna’s death (who we knew literally NOTHING about at that point other than that she is an exposition-spewing Oracle) so it was hard to give a damn about her, and then AFTER she was gone we suddenly got tons of cutscenes that actually portray her as a real human being with worries and fear and things she likes, but since she is already dead, it’s like..”Well, okay? Can we get back to the actual story now?”
    The other one is the beginning of ch.14 – the bros reunited after 10 years! This is the final battle, they know Noctis is going to his certain death even if he wins! So…LET’S JUST SKIP OVER THAT. They don’t talk, they don’t have a moment together, don’t need to find their resolve. We just skip straight into Insomnia fighting. OH WAIT. They actually DO have a cutscene about what happened that night, and it’s incredibly touching and..human. Too bad it plays AFTER you already finished the game, when the entire stakes are already gone?!?

    I fear just putting all of this exposition about Ravus, the empire, Aldercapt, etc. in ch.13 will be kind of the same..? Instead of showing how Ravus’ changes his opinion throughout the chapters, we’ll once again get an “after the fact” cutscene that tells us “Oh btw, I changed my mind”.

  • Rodrigo Garcia

    How’s it feel now that you’ve jumped off the bandwagon?

  • Codes McGodes

    Oh I definitely agree. The second half has way more gaps in the plot that need filling, but the first half is missing a lot of crucial development between the characters and their relationships with each other. Luna’s relationship with Noctis HAS to be more fleshed out in the first half because without that crucial development, her death has no impact whatsoever. She’s nothing more than his pen pal to him. Regis’ relationship with his son should be fleshed out early on too. He’s dead pretty much by the end of the first chapter, but immediately following his death Noctis should start having flashbacks of his memories with his father, and those should build throughout the game, eventually leading up to the climactic realization that he knew his son’s destiny was to die. Iedolas and Verstael need to be more present throughout the whole game, but in particular they need establishing in the beginning, rather than show up in literally one cutscene. Same with Cor and Aranea. They both need a lot more development in the first half.

  • Rodrigo Garcia

    Give a swing at completing a AAA title game with a faulty engine in only 3 years. That jackass in the beginning fucked this game because he had his hands shoved up his ass for 5 years of development. The damage was done. It’s a miracle the game came together as much as it did.

  • Jake Bennett

    Exactly. Wait 6 months so it all over again.

  • Paladin Joe

    Cool. Too bad I finished the game months ago and I don’t plan on playing it again for a very long time. Especially with all these amazing games coming out now.

  • •december

    This is the best comment section I’ve seen in months.
    Mostly facts and concerns instead of haters and moody ones, mostly.

  • Justice V

    Yeah ch 13 ring was waaay overpowered. Between the three abilities you could wipe out eberything easily. Now it’s gonna be stronger? Haha. No biggy as by the time I make it back to ch13 I’ll be lvl120 anyway and everyone will likely be easy.

  • Justice V

    Nice all this sounds good. Hope the magitek booster suits get redesigned and released aoon too.

  • •december

    I forgot about those Magitek Exosuits!

  • Ryuke

    YES, I’d love if the DLC slotted nicely into the main game chapters, and not selectable from a separate option on the main menu which it sounds like it’s going to be. This would mean the areas would unlock in the main game as well, but unfortunately that isn’t happening.

    I guess another problem with slotting the DLC in with the main chapters is then it will become blatantly obvious (if it wasn’t already) on the parts which were pulled out of the game to work on as DLC. Why is it always a double edged sword?! :<

  • Ryuke

    Definitely a step in the right direction, good job devs! Keep this up and once all the DLC is out I might actually be tempted with a second playthrough.

    Yes it’s an absolute shame this wasn’t in there from the start, and no it’s not going to magically change reviews or peoples opinions, but the fact is that its going to be there, and a year down the line we may have a hell of a lot more of a complete game than we have now, which is exciting.

  • Clawson_J

    Can I add up?
    – a cool CGI cutscene of Noctis & the bros fighting together(like something from the awesome CGI cutscene of Lightning & the gang crashing the race at Cocoon) just something I’d come to expect in a Final Fantasy game.

  • stevenm281

    Well, its their fault for not including Galahd in the game, which is Libertus and Nyx hometown, a town in the kingdom of Lucis, where Libertus is waiting for Luna and Noctis to visit.

    Have they included it, we could have had cutscenes with Libertus and then maybe flashbacks on Nyx fighting in the city.

  • Clawson_J

    it was kind of a weird decision to have them limit the control to only Noctis, wherein the early previews had you control all four bros.. this is probably the original director’s(Tetsuya Nomura)

    revenge for being booted off the project and went to work for the FFVII Remake lol

  • stevenm281

    The way I see this, the first half needs more story cutscenes, everything is rushed, Loki, Caligo, the attack on Lestallum, Luna’s journey. And they need to expand Lucis so that we have access to Galahd and meet Libertus to have flashbacks about Nyx.

    While the second half, to me, needs explorable environments: Tenebrae, Cartanica region, Gralea, World of Ruin, etc.

    Also, a small change I’d do to the story is have Luna and the gang meet up in Cape Caem right when ready to board the ship, so that she can cross with us, gives us the ring, which Noctis still wouldn’t want to wear due to the loss of his father, then we arrive in Altissia, she tells the gang she needs to meet with Camilla, and then the story is back to normal.

  • stevenm281

    Well, its confirmed that the area wont be accessible in the main game (which means while controlling Noctis), but it would be a great compensation to go through it with Gladio as a one time deal, it would add to the story, and it would be easy to include as its like loading a separate instance.

  • stevenm281

    My only issue with the ring is that we cannot used the most common spell associated with it, the famous shield aura that Regis and his glaives cast.

  • xMysticx

    well, im a fan of versus 13 to be exact not this tabata’s garbage called xv okey ?
    clear so far ? xv is for you , for the fans for who doesnt know how to play games .
    im sorry since tabatas pr talk about story imbalances i knew he isnt a good story teller nor a good director

    he listens to the fans and then act . even the fans dont know what the fuck they want . im waiting for ffviir and kh

    lets see who laughs last

  • King Zeus

    You’re just sad.

  • Ryuke

    Yeah, I’d totally settle for it being integrated into the main game like that.

  • xMysticx

    why sad ?
    im happy with what i do . from day 1 i didnt accept ffxv to begin with
    doesnt matter who fault this is cause its so clear who is to blame

    no body talked to you so stop firing up fights

  • stevenm281

    You may not like the game but I don’t see how insulting the ones that do like the game will change anything.

  • mario9785ify

    I gotta agree…i never really cared about Luna at all i tried to get my self to care then it just became “ugh when are we gonna see iris and aranea again”

  • NoctLightCloud

    Very cool! I expected only some cutscenes, but this exceeds my initial expectations by far!

  • How do you go back to previous chapters? I didn’t create a separate save after each chapter. Will there be an option, similar to the carnival that was held earlier?

  • wayne CHANDLER

    When you go to a rest place (bed) call umra, then you can go back

  • strifev1

    The hype for this game has died down. The haters lost interest and went to the next game. Look in the Switch and Zelda article comment sections lol

  • I thought the only options were atissa or cathedral

  • Clarke Benedict Plumo

    Not that kind of go-back. The kind where you can revisit chapters 10-12

  • wayne CHANDLER

    Oh ok, yea I don’t know about that.

  • stevenm281

    you gotta start a NG+, and rush the story to get there

  • xMysticx

    so you deny the ones who have been waiting 10 years for it and trailers though out yet nothing from them in the final game .

    why should i be in the between all of the fans clapping for it . when basiclly all tabata said is just either PR or straight up lie.

    you like the game good for you
    you like the so called ” good battle system good for you but its just press every thing automated for you , you dont have to play it

    this is just damn insulting to who supported SE for years and copped up for their trollish moved

    yet tabata scammed the fans big time reaching 6 mil copies
    idk why people praise em for ” saving ffxv ” he did not

  • stevenm281

    It was a dick move, Versus XIII would PROBABLY have been the best FF to date, but still, I wont let it get to me and prevent me from enjoying what FF15 is, even tho its only a shadow of its former project.

  • xMysticx

    i tried to love it but, im sorry i just prefer the 2006 better and SE knows that

  • Casper

    Well FFXV isn’t an MMO.

  • Casper

    > they could’ve just make ff15-2, were as ff15 was just a bad dream. ff15-2 would’ve been ffversus13. The last part makes me giddy, I hope this rumor is true it better be true fuck man waiting for 10 year for years for Versus XIII, and they bait and switch me. I was fine with the changes until it was revealed how disappointing they were.


  • heavenlybodyknight

    Comments like this legit make me facepalm. Did you play this game blindfolded?

  • the gameplay in Horizon: Zero Dawn just goes to show what complete trash FINAL FANTASY XV was

  • Dod

    I’m sorry but I just can’t be happy reading this.
    5$ for 2 hours of combat against random HP bags ?
    A separate route for Gladio and Ignis, which is basically the same thing as Noctis : corridors ?
    The ring is now super-powerful, so there will be no challenge at all ?

    For me, the only good news here is that we’re going to have some cutscenes for Aldercapt & Ravus, which are vital to the game in my opinion. I hope they did consistent work on that, it’s the core story of this freaking game after all.

  • the car should have stayed at the repair shop until much later in the game

  • spoodermen

    if you rush through NG+ you will get to chapter 13 in no time

  • Average Afro

    His point is that it’s nothing new, and the complaining is pointless.

  • Vallen

    Okay, so it took them roughly 4 months to add a few cutscenes and make Gladio playable for 2hours. I just wonder how long development will take in order to make new regions explorable :S

  • Eyoi

    How am I arrogant for wanting a complete experience? I don’t care if they sell DLC but when it actually affects the the flow of the game that’s what takes me out of it. There is a way to do DLC and not make it so characters randomly disappear during the main story and nothing is ever explained but sold as DLC instead.

  • Adrian

    Super accurate comment, and it perfectly describes one of the (many) reasons why FFXV’s storyline doesn’t work well. Don’t know what kind of troll point heavenlybodyknight is attempting to make but I’m going to ignore that for now.

    It’s a shame too because the scene at the very end (at camp) was probably the best cutscene in the game but just kind of pops up randomly. I can’t help imagine the impact the final boss fight would have if that played BEFORE the battle instead of after.

    I loved FFXV but damn their storytelling was extra bad this time around

  • •december

    Not to be rude, but you have no idea what this team has accomplished in 4 months.
    These are just the first of MANY core tasks they plan to release. You think VR, Comrades Expansion/Unannounced expansion, Episode Ignis/Episode Prompto… Just will magically appear out of thin air when they get released? No. The team is busy af.

  • •december

    Believe you and me the haters are still lurking.
    It’s just now FFXV is getting updates they’re slowly getting over their butthurt

  • Para-Medic

    You don’t even need to change genres. Heck, let’s keep it in SE’s own publishing pool.

    NieR Automata just released and beats the shit out of FFXV in every possible way but graphics. On probably less than 1/4 the budget too.

    There are side characters in Automata with more depth than some of FFXV’s main cast.

  • Adrian

    Unfortunately it’s already pretty blatantly obvious which parts were pulled out of the game to be DLC (gladio randomly leaving, ignis in altissia, prompto after the train) so they might as well just add the episodes to the main story. I will be a little bit disappointed if they don’t, but oh well.

  • Atoli

    Yeah, it’s not even that I dislike the game – it’s exactly BECAUSE they did some things really well that it’s all the more frustrating that they messed up others. I really like the story idea of XV, just the execution leaves me baffled sometimes, because it could have been done so much better.

    As for heavlybodyknight: Not exactly sure what you are trying to say. It seems you think I didn’t notice something that you consider easy to spot but I really don’t know what you mean 🙂

  • Atoli

    I’m not sure Luna and Noctis even necessarily need to actually meet. It adds quite sense of tragedy to their story that they never end up actually reaching each other even though the entire game up to this point has been leading up to their meeting, and then she dies, just a few feet away. But before that happens, we get several Luna flashbacks, that COULD have been used to establish a proper relationship between the 2, but every flashback is literally only exposition about Noctis’ destiny as the Chosen King, it’s not even once about their relationship with each other.

    @Codes: Admittedly, I had completely forgotten that Nyx was hanging there. Tbh, I think it would be smarter to take that out instead of trying to get the entirety of Kingsglaive into the game, considering how many other things need fixing, and I’d rather see them establish actual side characters in the game instead of focusing on a character that isn’t actually part of the game except for that cameo at the end.

    So, in general, more cutscenes and possibly quests and overworld dialouge that develops the side characters well in the first half, and more cutscenes that enhance the story in the second half.

    One other major gripe I have (and I might be alone on this one) are the crazy jumps between chapters; I’d REALLY like to see those done properly. Basically, make everything that is just briefly mentioned on a chapter loading screen an actual part of the game. That bothered me on many chapters, but the worst was probably from 9 to 10 – we just went straight from Leviathan fight to “sitting in a train headed for the Empire”. How did we arrive at this conclusion? What has happened to Altissia? Why are we doing this despite not having our full arsenal yet and not being ready to fight on an emotional level yet either? Where did this train suddenly come from in the first place, how did we get here, so many questions…
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think every mundane little thing needs to be in the game, but those are kind of major desicions, and the game just skips over them and tells the player: “Here we are now, don’t question it”.

  • Codes McGodes

    It’ll be interesting to see how much of the story they patch in, and in what order they add the patches. I’m ecstatic that they’re adding in the fates of Iedolas and Ravus, but frankly they’ll need to continue adding even more of them throughout the rest of the game. As the game currently stands, Iedolas is in exactly one cutscene in Chapter 3. Just one. And then he’s already dead when you reach Chapter 13 where you face him as a demon. He’s supposed to be the leader of Niflheim, directly responsible for Regis’ death and the fall of Insomnia and yet he’s completely absent from the game. So I hope they add more of him between Chapters 4 and 12 so that when he finally falls it actually means something. I hope they recap the signing ceremony and Niflheim’s betrayal for that matter in the first two chapters. Ravus appears in the story more than Iedolas, but he’s also extremely lacking, yet he’s supposed to have gone through this tremendous character development. Going from a treacherous chud to a tragic anti-hero. I’m looking forward to seeing his fate in Chapter 13, but he’s still got a lot of development missing from the rest of the story.

  • Codes McGodes

    Well the difference is that FFXV’s story has a beginning and an ending. It’s the middle that’s a mess. It’s like seeing a list of spoilers before playing the game. The story loses a bit of its ‘wow’ impact when you already know what’s supposed to happen.

    I’m very supportive of the patchwork, but it will be difficult to look past the game’s initial disappointment. They’ve got a lot of work to do at the very least.

  • Noctis

    Ah come on stop talking bs the whole time

  • Noctis

    Here is my point of how the story should have been:

    Noctis starts in Insomnia in his bed as spoiled brad, no motivation to wake up.

    Then your finally able to walk around in the castle and later in the city alone. Everything will be explained in a long cgi video.

    Then some time later you meet Stella at night (That one Scene) The empire starts attacking.

    Noctis stills fights alone….part 2 next time

  • Eyoi

    I’d prefer you cut out the Insomnia exploration part and sell it in DLC a year after the games release.

  • Noctis

    lol right so true…..

    So practically for no reason you have cut content in the beginning….Then tabata tells you no worries my friend I will charge it extra for ya

  • Ryuke

    Why are you paying $5 for free updates? This isn’t Episode Gladio content, this is the update that will release alongside it for the base game.

  • Eyoi

    It was all part of the plan. We didn’t want a perfectly balanced and comprehensive story.

  • xMysticx_the_stupid

    Your waifu Stella is gone :^)

  • xMysticx_the_stupid

    Typo. You are supposed to be a royal fan :^)

  • I don’t think he’s the one talking bullshit when the first comment on this section is yours and it’s still talking about Stella and how the story SHOULD be like the scraped old Versus plot.

  • xMysticx

    why did you take from your time to open an accrount with my name to bash me ?
    i dont get troll accounts … seriously go do something else

  • With the amount of additional content people want to see in this game it basically would’ve to be re-done and this is not gonna happen AT ALL! I would keep my expectations really low for the amount of additional cutscenes and “fixes” they’ll do for this game (beside the DLC episodes). The Dark world could eventually be explorable, but forget about Gralea and Insomnia!

  • Invictus

    Nier is SE’s saving grace! FFXV right down the drain.

  • stevenm281

    that’s totally subject to opininons, I never could enjoy Nier and its sequel, and FF15 is my favorite PS4 game even with his flaws.

  • Invictus

    Point taken. I love the combat and graphics and all in FFXV, but Nier did garnered some pretty good feedback from consumers in overall satisfaction

  • xMysticx

    why not ?
    it has the same elements that ffxv has even more deep than ffxv … major side characters have shown backgrounds and even been told better …

    lets see you dont enjy it cause it doesnt have the eye candy graphics ffxv has
    well, im not bothered by it

  • stevenm281

    I don’t connect with the characters, the enemies are dull, and the art direction (too techno cyborg) isnt my fortay.

    Same goes for the Kingdom Hearts series.

  • xMysticx

    good i was raised in gaming pixel era so i can appreciate more games made than to days candy eye dull developed characters . you have never give a chance to any anyways

  • stevenm281

    I grew up with the original Nintendo, and I’ve been an avid gamer since PS1.

    Graphics does not equal Art direction.

  • xMysticx

    well same here or at least caught up with it

  • Rivershield

    This is very good news in my opinion. There’s a whole lot of content I think they should add for the game to reach its full potential, but I will be realistc: aside of this content and the paid DLCs, they HAVE TO make some cutscenes on Luna’s backgroung and Luna and Noctis together. They can’t just leave Luna as she is now, a despised character.

  • I’m not gonna argue about what Nomura did in the beginning because like I’ll say time in time again. Why don’t you give a swing at completing various of projects and having you team stripped from you twice to see FFXIII and XIV shipped out the doors only for 14 to fail miserably in the process and the engine that was used to run XIII, XIV, and Versus XIII go to shit just because it became to dedicated to running the XIII serious and was too different to handle what Versus XIII was trying to be from 2006 to 2011. So don’t say that Nomura had his hands shoved up his ass when it was literally Square who was in control the whole time. They screwed over Nomura with his time and his time pre-2013 and screwed over tabata with his time that he had to work on the game post-2013 to 2016.

  • Don’t assume that cause I said something isn’t hard to do that I’m not a game dev lol. It’s really simple to include a chapter select if they really wanted to. Loading a chapter select is almost the equivalent to loading a save point. What you’re saying is that we all knew chapter 13 was going to get tweaks (well after the first 2 weeks of the games release because the game is beatable in ~40 hours) and that gladio, prompto, ignus was also going to receive DLC so basically what we should do is NOT play the game at all until everything that was announced is in the game.

    You’d fail as a game dev. You don’t make the argument players knew these DLC/patches were coming and if they want to experience it all they have to start the whole game over. When in fact it should have been there in the first place AND if you’re gonna charge money for said inclusions you should make it easy for people to purchase the content and experience it whether than tell them to piss off and buy it anyways whether or not they want to run through the whole story again.

  • Sato

    We need to have more content regarding Lunafreya. More Story to her character, we only get to se her for a few minutes. :/
    Maybe they could add her Route with Gentiana.

  • stevenm281

    Don’t forget Pryna!

  • •december

    Every mention of Pryna reminds me I still want human Umbra somewhere down the line lol… but yes Pryna had probably 20 seconds of screentime in the entire game probably

  • Codes McGodes

    I strongly agree with all of this. If Noct and Luna don’t meet, we need to understand why he cares for Luna so deeply. Maybe they met in secret once a few years ago and had a torrid love affair. Maybe he was depressed and her letters brought him out of it. Maybe the trauma they endured at Tenebrae had a serious lasting impact on him and he grew attached to her because they both survived. Who knows? As it stands, I have NO reason to believe her death would bring him such devastation. They barely knew each other and they only met once.

    Also I agree. Nyx showing up is super rando. It just confirmed my theory that he didn’t exist until they decided to turn Kingsglaive into a full movie. He ultimately serves no purpose in the story, and that’s further supported by the fact that no trace of him exists in the game. If Noctis knew Nyx through flashbacks, then his corpse would serve a purpose. So they need to either add that, or remove him entirely because he’s clearly only there as an Easter egg. And it’s the grimmest Easter egg I’ve ever seen.

    While they’re at it they need to show why Iedolas’ corpse is supposed to bother Noctis. Iedolas was a super villainous dude who betrayed Noctis’ kingdom. I’ll settle for “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, but currently they literally never even met.

  • dreamowd

    You’re never going to get too much of her because she doesn’t get to interact with Noctis, they were separated for 12 years, so she would be by herself if they decided to add more of her.

  • Brendan Ho

    dumb question to ask, but when chapter 13 is update, does it mean we have to start new game + to get to there for those who have complete the story before

  • stevenm281

    Yes, but the story is so short, you can rush through the main mission quite quickly to get there.

  • Codes McGodes

    I would like to see more of her in flashbacks, as well as her journey with Gentiana. They need to re-include her traumatic childhood back into the game too. Luna desperately needs character development.

  • Codes McGodes

    My expectations are pretty low. But you have to keep in mind that they already developed an enormous amount of story and environment content that isn’t present within the game, so it’s not like they have to start everything from scratch. Much of Gralea already exists, and there’s entire story sequences from past trailers that were cut.

  • •december

    Are you 100% sure though,
    Episode Gladiolus seems to be another title screen altogether.

  • •december

    “Those who do complete it can dive into additional modes that offer more replay value and other challenges.”

    Whoa I didn’t even read this! Yeah I saw something called “Final Trial” and stuff, I’m looking forward to this.

  • stevenm281

    We’re not talking about Episode Gladio, we’re talking about Chapter 13.

  • Codes McGodes

    Oh that’s a bummer. I was hoping (against hope) that Episodes Glaido, Prompto and Ignis would be integrated into the story directly.

  • •december

    Likewise, who knows.
    People might have played sections of Episode Gladiolus,
    but I never imagined how well Timed Quests would be included into the game… I’m gonna enjoy it regardless lol

  • Codes McGodes

    Would be nice if they at least add an option to switch over to Episode Gladio at the appropriate point in the story. Like if he shows up with his scar, and the game prompts you to ask about it, and one of the options is “Find out the truth” or something, and that initiates Episode Gladio.

  • Sothe Zephyr

    Alternate news which would be superior: “Here’s whats being added to every chapter of the game”
    Because honestly, there’s too much missing to be fixed in this chapter alone lol
    But salt aside: at least theyre trying to fix the colossal mess that was chapter13. If only they could (in a perfect world) fix every other problem with the story which is…..well every other part of it.

  • Codes McGodes

    That’d be nice to get a complete roadmap of all the upcoming story patches. It’ll probably just be a little bit at a time though.

  • Justice V

    I really hope we hear something about them soon. I liked their original designs.