Tetsuya Nomura shares more on Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III By Wazi the pa on March 9, 2017 at 10:10 AM

Famitsu has published a short, but informative interview with director Tetsuya Nomura, the man leading Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake, who recently provided some context about the new screenshots revealed at the MAGIC 2017 event in Monaco last month.

Read it all below:

KH3 Direct Feed MAGIC 2017

For Kingdom Hearts III, you showed a battle scene in the city of Thebes in Olympus. A huge Heartless was your opponent, but is that a boss battle?

Nomura: “It’s a battle scene against the Rock Troll. It will be treated as a mid-boss.”

We’ve heard that Keyblades have two transformation patterns, but which Keyblade is that?

Nomura: “The Keyblades we’re currently making have two transformation patterns. It should be noted that similar to the Keyblade that transforms into a tank and shield that we showed this time, there is not always a division of attack and defense. The Keyblade that appeared in the previous trailer transforms into a pair of crossbows for each hand and a bazooka. How a Keyblade transforms depends on the Keyblade.”

What is that “Link” command in the menu?

Nomura: “That I’ll explain as we put out more information in the future. (Laughs.)”

FFVIIR MAGIC 2017 direct #2

Let’s talk about Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the screenshot, Cloud is using a cover action…

Nomura: “In the story, in situations where you’re sneaking around, you won’t just be able to march down the middle of the path. The original version had random encounters, and such parts were in the realm of imagination, but since this title is seamless and you see the path that you’re infiltrating, I decided it was necessary for the sake of realism. You can use it in ways such as to hide in cover until enemy soldiers move along, or to throw a hand grenade from cover to annihilate the enemy. Of course, those who find it bothersome can just throw themselves into the fight.”

Can Barret also use cover actions?

Nomura: “He can. While I can’t say any details just yet, there is a special element in gunners.”

FFVIIR MAGIC 2017 direct #1

The Guard Scorpion battle scene with Cloud fighting alongside Barret also made an impact.

Nomura: “Rather than just ending it at that scaffold, we’ve made wide use of the space and developed a battle that takes advantage of the map’s characteristics where you’ll fight while switching between Cloud and Barret. For example, when there’s an enemy in a position that can’t be reached by Cloud’s sword, it’s more effective to switch to Barret. It’s becoming strategic in that way, as well. The Guard Scorpion will change modes in the middle of the battle and demonstrate behavior not in the original version. Also in this screenshot, it should be noted that missiles and such are coming down. It’s become a significantly flashy battle.”

With the battles being action-oriented, it seems that you can experience a different type of gameplay from the original version.

Nomura: “Map and object destruction will also happen, and there are part-based destruction elements like breaking the Guard Scorpion’s legs.”

The UI isn’t complete, but the ATB Gauge seems to stock three bars, there is a technique name and level in “Lv. 1 烈攻斬り,” and “Materia” can be seen in the command list…

Nomura: “As for the ATB and techniques, those are for another time. Regarding Materia, what I can say is that it’s something like a skill. Different from magic, you can use it when you’ve set a Materia that has an effect that can be used in battle.”

We’re looking forward to future updates on Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Nomura: “We prepared new materials this time for MAGIC. Since promotional plans are being decided for both titles, there isn’t much that I can say right now, but we are strengthening our systems and steadily making progress, so please wait a little while longer.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently in development for PlayStation 4. Kingdom Hearts III is also in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Via: Gematsu.

  • Ramon Carvalho

    What’s promotional plans mean there?

  • James Stine

    It means they’re working on when they’re going to be showing the game next.

  • Daniel Banks

    “It turns into a bazooka.”

    Dear lord.

  • Monokuma’sBillCipher

    for the first boss battle, it seems…flashy indeed, hope it won’t be too hard ex dee

  • Invictus

    and there’s that ICONIC phrase: “Please wait a little bit longer.” I’m sold. I wanna read that with each interview. lol

  • Zach Hagler

    This is just my opinion so take it how you see fit, but I feel Tetsuya Nomura should stop talking about either of these games until he has something concrete to show/inform us about, or the game is close to being released or playable in some form. Yes small tidbits about gameplay and other stuff is interesting and in some cases appeases the impatient fanbase, but at the same time it also repeats many of the same mistakes they feel into when making FFXV which no one wants to ever see happen again. Nomura knows people want to know as much as they can about KH3 and FFVII Remake, but at this point a lot of people ( myself included ) are only concerned with one thing: “When am I actually going to be able to play it???!!!” Again solely my opinion, feel free to agree or disagree.

  • Luke Watts

    Love the idea of giving purpose to switching characters in battle. Love the destructive elements. Love it all. A small but promising update

  • Patrick Bateman

    i’m sure it’ll be fine :p square tends to make battle systems look more complicated and flashy than they really are. when i first played Crisis Core I was thinking how the fuck am i going to uderstand this?! was actually extremelty easy to figure out, same with the terrible XIII system.. it sounds overwhelming being able to switch between 2 characters in the middle of the battle while missiles are raining down on you and the environment it being blown up but I’m sure it’ll be fine keeping in mind they’re trying to keep the system similar to KH and Dissidia ( which were pretty easy to get a hang of and fluid )

  • Yuntu

    Preparing trailers, info blowouts etc.

    My guess is we will see both or atleast one of the two games at E3.

  • Casper

    This sounds like Versus XIII gameplay :(, I want Versus back.

  • User

    No more random battles?

    I am sad 🙁

    If they do it like Chrono Trigger, that’d be ok I guess. Grinding materia levels and getting Exp was a huge enjoyment playing this game, I hope I can still do that.

    Also, why do they have so much health fighting the first boss of the game? They should have like no more than 400 hp. You start the game at level 6 as Cloud with 314 health.

  • Noctis

    oooh poor little sad guy…

  • Noctis

    yeah he will get the chance to implement all of his ideas he had for versus into this title. It`s a shame what has become of FFXV

  • Sounds like it’s coming along. Hope it all goes well so this can be a good new start for Square. Once KH3 and 7R are done, they can take all they learned and put it to 16. And 16 can be devoid of the pitfall the Fabula games had.

  • stevenm281

    its a remake, don’t try to compare it too much to the original, HP and Levels will be re-balanced.

    Also, Random Battles were always more or less annoying, preventing you from reaching your destination quickly. To me, FF13/LR had the perfect approach, you see the enemy roaming, and when you get to the enemy, you engage in battle with the usual FF transition.

  • CocaineCowboyFF7

    He’ll never learn.

  • Neil

    I absolutely hated 13!

    But I’d take that over this button basher…

  • Kchri

    All very interesting news!

    Nomura: “As for the ATB and techniques, those are for another time.
    Regarding Materia, what I can say is that it’s something like a skill.
    Different from magic, you can use it when you’ve set a Materia that has
    an effect that can be used in battle.”

    This is intriguing to me, too. I was wondering how or if they might even incorporate say, the Command Materia in. perhaps they condensed it on the menu and filed it all under “Materia,” separate from “Magic”? I wonder how the command “Summon” will fit into the menu now?? It’ll be really interesting to see what they come up with.

    Nomura: “We prepared new materials this time for MAGIC.”

    Does this mean that there is some info left to still be revealed at a MAGIC event sometime this year or has that event already passed? Either way, I’m sure we’ll see some new promotional things in some form or another at some point in 2017!

  • Paulo Sousa

    Well, i believe that altough the hud is not complete, the menu itens could change based on the materia equiped, if you have green materia equiped, magic would appear, if you have red summon appears.
    Some materia doesnt need a menu item like support or independent, so the “materia” menu item must be linked to yellow materia, so to commands, if they are doing materia justice.

  • Guard Scorpion changes modes in middle of battle…sounds a bit like putting its tail up!