Tracking down Final Fantasy XV’s second Timed Quest: Malboro and Malbodoom By Tony Garsow on March 7, 2017 at 12:14 AM

Final Fantasy XV‘s next Timed Quest is here, and this time it involves wrangling up a few Malboro and Malbodoom. As you might expect, this is no easy endeavor, but in the video below, we give it our best shot.

Like the previous timed quest, there is a deadline — you’ll need to down these baddies to claim the reward by March 13th, 2017.

Coming prepared with powerful magic is pretty essential, and lucky for you, the Malbodoom have a predisposition to hate the cold. If you have a piece of Adamantite, or any other item that allows you to concoct Freeze magic with a Break Damage Limit modifier, here’s the fight you’ve been saving them for.

Naturally, since Malboro-type enemies are widely known for spewing a heckton of status effects in your face, I’d really recommend equipping Ribbons on the whole party — though Noctis alone is sufficient. However, even with all the status effects negated, the breath itself does a ton of damage, even if you’ve broken the level limit that was raised in Patch 1.05. A good tip here is to always be mindful of where the Marlboro pack is facing — if you see them suck in air, you know a big, nasty exhale is coming. Also, the little malboros wandering around are a pain as they’ll spawn through the fight, so try to keep your damage focused on the big guys.

How about you? Be sure to share your strategies in our comments below.


  • 15,000 EXP
  • 500 AP
  • 500,000 gil
  • Oracle Ascension Coin x5


If you’d like to check out the previous Timed Quests, check out our archive below:


Final Fantasy XV is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out more of our coverage this way.

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  • Amir Almidfa

    I saw this video and it was perfect for me to down them all in no time:


  • Freddy

    I do the quest yesterday and 500 ap is awesome, OMG, and the gil, i’am become rich again in 10 minutes o//////

  • •december

    That’s a lot of money.
    Have you eaten the 300k food at Altissia ?

  • •december

    That’s astonishing how quickly people manage to upload full videos of them beating these timed quests on the day of it’s availability! 500,000 gil and 500 AP ? Is it always going up the rewards…

  • fish8100

    I am loving these rewards. Hope they keep these up for a while.

  • juanjo_dpr9

    For me it was 20k exp, 500 AP, 777777 guils and 5 Oracle Ascension Coins. This mission is a lot faster than the Cactuars but be ready to have a ton of debuffs when they exhale unless you use a Ribbon…yeah, ribbons are the key on this fight and the cold.

  • Yuntu

    Probably for as long as they release new content for the game.

  • •december

    This one’s only for a week too!
    I guess there’s more coming next week wow!!

  • •december

    Tbh I would like that, but we need them new areas first to keep us interested!! 😉

  • Yuntu

    Why not both?

  • •december

    Definitely both!! Loll
    It would be criminat at this moment for FFXV to introduce the new areas that are coming and not make them accessible in the open world!!