Tracking down Final Fantasy XV’s third Timed Quest: Dread Behemoth By Tony Garsow on March 14, 2017 at 1:56 AM

Final Fantasy XV‘s next Timed Quest is here, and this time it’s pitting you against a big guy: Dread Behemoth.

Like the previous timed quests, there is a deadline — you’ll need to down these baddies to claim the reward by March 20th, 2017.

You can check out our go in the video below:

Not gonna lie, this guy is pretty tough. Elemental magic will either be absorbed or nullifed by the Dread Behemoth, so you’re going to want to hold off on mixing up spells. In addition to its extremely powerful attacks, it’s also going to cast powerful ice magic that will likely wreck your buddies.

Like with most behemoth-type enemies, you’ll want to stay far away from their front, where most of their attacks come from their horns and claws. It’s not easy as they have a propensity to spin around, but you’ll want to keep at the Dread Behemoth’s flank or rear, keeping a mindful eye on the tail. I used Zwill Crossblades as they’re pretty good at building up the Armiger gauge. Gladio’s Royal Guard ability is a bit useful as you can use it to spring a critical hit with only one meter of the Tech bar.

Your party is going to taking a lot of hits, and they’ll likely be in Danger or KO status most of the fight. If you’re going to use an item like Mega Phoenix, it’s probably wise to do it before you activate Armiger so that you can get the most out of the Armiger Chain finale.

Keep an eye on your position and range, and you should be able to pull through for a sizable reward.

How about you? Be sure to share your strategies in our comments below.


  • 30,000 EXP
  • 999 AP
  • 1,250,000 gil
  • Oracle Ascension Coin x9


If you’d like to check out the previous Timed Quests, check out our archive below:

Final Fantasy XV is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out more of our coverage this way.

  • ☆manakete manna☆

    >Be sure to share your strategies in our comments below.

    Real talk though, I personally stayed defensive/item dealer until counter opportunities and Armiger/skill gauge was full for Impulse (I forgot about Royal Guard dummy me 🙁 ) or Overwhelm. Plus Ice Crests/Celestriad for everyone! and lots of crying and potion abuse. 😀

  • Breathless

    Wait, does AP cap out at 999 like the chocomog medallions did at 99, or can we have more than that?

  • IconnC

    Nope, just finished this dude and I got a total of 1,200 AP.

  • Artemis Polara

    Well fuck…. I’m stuck out of town and didn’t bring my PS4… Hopefully I’ll be back in time to try this.

  • IconnC

    I kept spamming Piercer and Downhammer and somehow got him into a vulnerable state. Everything else, spam healing items and don’t bother using magic 😀

  • Ray Muñoz

    The only strategy really needed in this game is to have a bunch of phoenix downs.

  • MexRAGE

    It seems he have lots of defense, link strikes were barely doing any damage compared to anything selse (maybe because i am level 102 and he is 140)…then i started breaking limbs, and his defense started to drop like crazy, each leg being broken decrease his defense even further, after 3 legs, his HP bar started to melt very fast

  • This is sad, but true. The party AI needs a massive overhaul. As much as I love the characters, they’re pretty brainless in battle. hehe.

  • StrikeParchment

    Ate the Lasagna, its Blizzard attack did nothing to me. If you want other food buffs then I assume Mighty Guard and Celestriad also works in nullifying its Ice Attacks. I didn’t use Zwill Crossblades since it barely does any damage (though if you just want to build your Armiger Gauge that works too, though it’s resistant/halves damage from Armiger Chain attacks). I used a lot of Overwhelm and Warp Strikes from Ragnarok, while normal attacking with Balmung, had Bow of the Clever to use for Overwhelm. Gladio used Royal Guard. Couldn’t find anything for Prompto to do unfortunately, but he did do a lot of work on the previous 2 Timed Hunts so I forgive his lack of utility this time around.

  • Denisecjohnston

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  • •december

    These timed quests are making us rich.
    1.2 mil gil 😐
    I can’t help they’re training us all for something… BIG.

  • •december

    Previous timed quests haven’t gone no where.
    Pretty sure you can play one’s you’ve missed.

  • Jintae

    Those rewards are sick lol. But yeaah, this is some good fight right here, loved it! The behemoth looks so nicely done aswell

  • stevenm281

    No you can’t, each time a new quest arrives, it replaces the previous one, it doesnt add a new quest

  • stevenm281

    I think the AP cap is 9999

  • AnimeFan89

    Thanks to this quest, I was able to finally purchase another ribbon and now all my Chocobros are ailment-proof, this plus the Lasagna al Forno means the remaining Menace Dungeons (Steyliff, Crestholm, and Costlemark which I’ll be saving for last) are going to get wrecked.

  • Thank god I neglected to max out my ascension grid.

  • Dod

    Exactly, you can never die in this game, which is a shame.
    Square Enix made a frustration-free game for newcomers, definitely not a Final Fantasy to me.

  • Average Afro

    Wait… Why was the second 1 so much shorter than the first! FML. I’ve only just gotten time to get round to the second 1.

  • Ray Muñoz

    How come sometimes when he uses the warp strike it sounds like it’s charging up and then the animation looks more similar to Kingsglaive? I’m level 97 and have never seen this.

  • The Daemons from Kingsglaive, perhaps?

  • jeavii .

    i cant find the behmoth anywhere in the area in my play through and believe my i have been searching this are for hours

  • John Doe

    https://youtu.be/4lMBnqd5Jws I liked this video more

  • Lucas Nóbrega Maia

    I guess it’s the weapon his is holding

  • jeavii .

    do i need to finish the story in order to do these quests

  • John Doe

    No just go to the location in your pause menu. But if u haven’t beat the game it will be hard. You will likely be underpowered. My characters were all level 99.

  • Yuntu

    i think they probably have some internal schedule … question is why they don´t share alteast the dates before they add em

  • Chris Doane

    Just gotta spam recovery items and block block block. Overwhelm and I used the flayer spear for most of the fight

  • Chris Doane

    You mean diamond weapon and ultros?

  • •december

    It’s true. There were some pretty huge daemons in Kingsglaive, also no mention of the King of Yore Statue things from Kingsglaive. Only daemon so far that has made an emergence as a new addition to the Beastiary is Cerberus. We don’t know when that will happen but there was footage of it… I’m guessing Diamond Weapon will make a cameo too, Ultros would be great too. I’m thinking Ragnarok will also be a future boss

  • •december

    I went to the timed quest menu and you can press R1 or whatever to switch through them ?

  • Adrian

    The sword he’s using, Ragnarok, has boosted warp strike damage as well as a special warp strike animation/sound effect. It was included in the Booster Pack+ DLC if I’m remembering correctly.

  • Jesus Christ

    Tony is this you playing?

    Mmkay now go get ’em!

  • stevenm281

    they are in the menu, but they aint active anymore

  • •december

    Oh! I’ll have to double check next time i play

  • 野田 リコーハイロー

    I killed this one fast using armiger, heres my video:

  • Carl Fisher

    I found a way to defeat him quite easily. Snipe his appendages including his head until he has a red shield next to his HP bar (defenceless status). Combine this with Compromised status from prompto’s Piercer attack, and use the aforementioned Royal Guard. Precision Lance is good for the critical hits, and also ‘point-blank warp-strike’ on the ascension grid. Once he’s broken his defence becomes laughable, and he’s easily killed by a couple of Armiger chains!

  • stetsonaw

    I’ve seen some playthroughs where the Chapter requirement was only Chapter 1, but for me it is Chapter 15. Maybe the Chapter 1 guys are on NG+?

  • Randell Martinez

    Thank you

  • stevenm281


    Some people also discussed about the reward being different on Xbox One than PS4, back during the Malbodoom hunt, the amount of gil wasnt the same.

  • Christon Chan

    I beat it at level 70, have a meal at Lestallum which gives equalizer effect, and i spam Ignis Overwhelm whenever i can.

  • Torafuku

    Kept spamming warp strike with ragnarok and magitek booster ’till he died, this game is a joke.

  • Bobby/Godless

    That’s your own strat. Don’t blame the game for that.

  • Manuel Eduardo Koegler

    It’s a flaw of the game to allow such a dumbed down strategy.
    Though to be fair, Ragnarok is game breaking, as it’s designed to be.

  • Tony Garsow

    if i suck its because i got super used to nier automata

  • •december

    Prompto’s Piercer did all the work for me
    I’ve loved all the timed hunts so far to be honest…
    Cactuar and Dread Behemoth were the best so far

  • Gary Green

    You’re just probably a joy to be around in real life.

  • Jesus Christ

    You don’t suck.

    I suck. 😉

    Too dirty? XD JUUUST KIDDING dang!

    You play well in the video, Don’t worry.