Watch 15 minutes of Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus gameplay By Erren Van Duine on March 10, 2017 at 10:30 PM

The folks at GameSpot have gone up with a lengthy look at Final Fantasy XV‘s first piece of downloadable story content, “Episode Gladiolus.”

Price at $4.99 and due out on March 28, players can trek through 2-3 hours of original content as they take control of the greatsword-wielding Gladiolus. Unlike Noctis, Gladio’s gameplay fits that of a more traditional action game, along with an updated user interface.

Episode Gladiolus picks up from the events following the group’s encounter with Ravus where Gladio leaves the group to train alongside Cor and become even more powerful. He sets on a path to face challenges by encountering larger-than-life monsters along the way.

  • Eyoi


  • Aulix Indragonz

    cor said gilgamesh tested those who want to prove if they’re worthy of being the king shield
    that means he’s one of the astral or just some really strong monster?

  • Devil’s Luck

    My guess is he’s one of the gods’ messengers (in which case why was he stuck in the crag?) or he’s a boss-ass daemon that Insomnians use as a test.

  • Tsakane

    03:14 hype af!

  • Hasuki

    How long does it take to get a glass of water?

  • DairyQueen_DQ

    Curious to know gladio’s storyline, but at the same time it doesn’t seem worth buying the dlc even if it’s cheap. I don’t know why I have a feeling it will not be that exciting.

  • Randy Marsh

    Judging from the dialogue about him. I guess the Greg in this isn’t the usual recurring Greg from the series?

  • Eyoi

    The main reason I can’t justify buying it is because it is part of the main story and I finished it 2-3 months ago. It feels like I’m playing part of the story but I already know the outcome of the entire game. It just doesn’t interest me enough to pay for it.

  • Jesus Christ

    That archaic style of talking and you have players dressing modern. So pretentious and weird.

    Square Enix should PAY people to play this DLC. And I’m being kind here.

  • Kyle

    Looking forward to it. 😀

  • David Thornhill
  • Eyoi

    I wasn’t a big fan of the game but let’s be honest, you aren’t going to be happy with anything they release for XV regardless of the quality of the content. You’ve bashed everything that comes out for this game. I’m not saying you should be happy with it because I won’t be purchasing DLC either just based on the base game I received but let the DLC come out before you criticize it.

  • Third World Tristan

    Garbage tier DLC. They are barely adding stuff in regards to the main game. It’s pretty much the same crapolla, with some cosmetic changes and a laughably bad, pseudo-DMC mechanics for Gladio (who is a terrible character, BTW).

  • Seems more KH-ish this time.

  • Starscourge

    It looks great and Gameinformer said it’s good from what they played and that its not like how main game plays either. The cutscenes her look fantastic and combat looks sharp too. And it’s not DMC they said it has dark souls flavor to it. But keep shitposting and going on your preemptive damage control against the game.

  • Justice V

    Gladio is still my favorite of the gang so I’m really looking forward to it.

  • •december

    Why do they keep advertising the price, I had Season Pass proudly since day one.

  • OvanCross


  • •december

    Things I’ve read so far (without watching spoilers)!
    Combat is loads better
    Gladio is a fucking badass, and has new badass music themes during fights
    Cor Leonis <3
    There are CINEMATICS
    Gilgamesh is voice acted

  • alef321


    you improve the combat, fix the shitty hud

    never pre-ordering a FF made by you.

  • •december

    I’m not trying to disagree with you here, but combat in FFXV was incredible. Introducing this new, better combat system would’ve been strange if it had all been in the same game at the beginning maybe? Heck, I wouldn’t have minded at all if it was in there at the beginning but it just wasn’t finished..

  • alef321

    ay lmao

  • Mehmed

    I do hope Square Enix finishes FFXV with all of its DLC and hopefully maybe even the maybe fake Versus DLC (the 10 years he sleeps) and the other cut content and releases it as a definite edition on PC and maybe Xbox Scorpio. Something like this. Even the Engine was ready (LSE Pro) after the game was being done. Omg.
    After a lot of development, change, dlc stuff, bringing in the Movie and Anime and all the other stuff into the main game, it can become quite okay.

    Nevertheless it won’t compete with a great Versus
    Why? Regis has completely changed. Insomnia isn’t really in the game.

  • •december

    One correction i’ll make there is no fake DLC planned, there is a real “unannounced awesome expansion” in the works, after Episode Ignis that people have rumoured to be World of Versus. So it’s not fake, the expansion DLC is real but has no announcement, leaving people to rumour about it 😀

  • •december

    I’m hearing Devil May Cry more

  • stevenm281

    While this will be fun, it doesnt feel as it should have been a DLC, but rather a part of Chapter 7.

    When Noctis and co. retrives the mythril and ask Aranea to drop them in Lestallum, instead of proceeding into Chapter 8, this part should occur, then proceed to Chapter 8.

  • •december

    Yep, I agree.
    Still… gotta wait and see how things unfold.
    Maybe it would’ve been too difficult or confusing to add in the new HUD/attack system, in the small amount of the time they were given

  • Joshua Dean

    I really hope this dlc opens up a little more of the world in the main game. If not it’s gonna feel like 3 hours of dinasty warriors with random story bits thrown in, and not like an actual dlc.

  • •december

    Yup. Not sure how yet, but this better make Taelpar Crag accessible in the main game. There’s a Final Fantasy XV version update with Episode Gladiolus that’s for sure. Gotta wait and see!

  • Aulix Indragonz

    it is explained in the FF XV book, but i’m glad they explained it again in the game because not everyone has it

  • Joshua Dean

    Just add a little landing strip, and let me crash the Regallia into it 100 times. Lol

  • Ryuke

    Reminds me a bit of DMC mixed with Nioh. There’s literally no point guessing anything at this point until it arrives now. We shall see, we shall see…

  • gabrieuTG

    The HUD looks bad. They should have sticked with the base game aesthetic

  • 2me

    Why did they put minimap when the route is linear like XIII? Status UI is like the one from smartphone game and who’s idea is putting fire in this place, does some kind of tribe live here? One handed Gilgamesh, I will give you point for that but sadly that’s it.

    3 months for this.. wow I am starting to understand why the final build was like that

  • 2me

    Totally, a lot of their qualified developers are fired by Yoichi Wada or resigned, as a result SQ gave us half-assed game and then they want us to take surveys to tell them what their game should look like while everything is on their own trailers.

    I was so depressed after watching this DLC but your word light up my day, thank you Jesus!

  • stevenm281

    Matt from SE is playing it on Twitch atm, and he confirmed that the
    area wont be accessible in the main game, its purely for the episode….


  • Mehmed

    I would be very happy to read about it officially.
    The only thing i saw was this:

    1. DLC (Holiday Pack)
    2. DLC (Booster Pack)
    (both of them in Free and a Paid + version)
    3. DLC Gladio
    4. DLC Promptp
    5. DLC Ignis
    6. DLC Coop, Online Mode

    So there is an 7’th DLC?

  • Mehmed

    Oh my GOD! You were right…. Thank you very much.

    “We will evolve our released game Final Fantasy XV more and more, and together with it, we will also evolve. We will further evolve the foundation and know-how of Final Fantasy XV in preparation for new initiatives.” — Hajime Tabata


  • A few weeks ago Tabata even explicitly mentioned working on a yet unannounced expansion:

    “Hajime Tabata: I’m in the middle of working on Final Fantasy XV’s update. I’m also taking on the challenge of a great expansion that hasn’t been made public yet.”


  • DimariaXV

    In other interview he said that the supposed “unanounced expansion” that he hinted was probably the VR & DLC they´re currently making.

  • Oh, good catch!

  • Jesus Christ

    You’re welcome. Thank you for understanding. Don’t look at the comments below. They are scary.

  • FerrariEnthusiast

    Interesting take on Gilgamesh’s design.

  • •december

    Quite possibly yeah.
    VR and Comrades were already announced.
    So it definitely isn’t that…

  • Yuntu

    There is seeing potential and there is actually being able to include it properly. I smell technical difficulties, but I´m just guessing.

  • stevenm281

    He looks too much like an enhanced MT.

  • Justice V

    It’s the same as the DLC in The Last of Us. Clearly takes place in the middle of the game during a break in the story, but you can only access it from the title screen not thrown into the game itself. Could go either way from a consumer point of view. Would be great to have it be part of the actual game, but many people may not want to replay through the game just to experience this new story part and would like to play it without having to start over. Some may want to only play as actually part of the story.

  • Invictus

    2-3hrs worth of DLC? Enjoy Season Pass holders! 🙂

  • xMysticx

    it should have been in the game
    this sucks ……

  • FerrariEnthusiast

    Yeah you are actually right. Wish they had elements of his iconic look. But it’s still early to say until we get our hands on the dlc & face him ourselves since what we saw was not even his “real form.”

  • stevenm281

    They could do both, have an option at the title screen for those that only want to try this particular story, and include it in the main game scenario.

  • Bonitaafranco

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  • CallMeGod

    Sadly I won’t be able to enjoy it as a Season pass holders because this game is garbage and the trailer they show already told me everything about episode Gladious already.

  • stevenm281

    According to Dualshockers, Tabata confirmed that Episode Ignis and Prompto will have the same scale/size/length as Episode Gladiolus.

  • Florenceruselton

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  • Justice V

    Yeah that’s how Inwanted Last of Us’ to work too. Miiiight mess up the pacing of the game though, especially with pretty different controls and what not using Gladio then going back to Noct. Bit coulda made it work.

  • Invictus

    I was so surprised they gave out the whole plot of the DLC!!!

  • Noctis

    lol so you guys how this is going to be?

    2 hours of mindless hack and slash a few cutscenes…..something to jump something to climb……bam

    Playing Zelda right now……and that is a masterpiece…If i look back at FFXV and what will come next I will still rememeber the game with death and sadness…..no free choice

  • stevenm281

    mess up the pacing? The game needs more of its story, I wouldn’t call including this a mess up of the pacing, but an improvement/enhancement to it.

    Furthermore, including this part in the main scenario, as its own instance, would make up for the area not being explorable by Noctis and his party.

  • Justice V

    Yeah I agree. Was just saying it might. Looks like we’re getting something similar in ch13 now though. Although pacing was supposedly the issue with 13 anyway.

  • xMysticx

    ”but combat in FFXV was incredible”
    where ? can people distingusih automation from real battle system any more ???
    not to be an ass but im legit confused why people keep calling great battle system ?!
    its like ffxiii automated ……

  • •december

    Warpstrike and Armiger aren’t series staples,
    they’re unique to Final Fantasy XV
    And the linkstrikes are action packed
    Fighting is dramatic but also seemless, battles flow straight into the exploration and how it was executed I thoroughly praise the game for.