Get a better look at Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age with these screenshots By Wassim Deen on April 16, 2017 at 7:27 PM

Square Enix has released a batch of new screenshots featuring Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

In the gallery below, we see the main cast fending off against fearful-looking foes that run rampant throughout the world of Ivalice. Viewers are also treated with close-up shots of characters like Penelo, Ashe and Vaan which takes place during in-game cutscenes.

The PlayStation 4 remaster is based off Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System and features the usual tricks to expect from a HD remaster. These include higher resolution character models, cut-scenes and backgrounds plus higher-quality audio from what was found on the PlayStation 2 version in 2006. Click here to learn more.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is set to release for PlayStation 4 on July 11 in North America and July 13 in Europe. If you’re eager to find out what the rearranged music sounds like for the upcoming release, check here for a taste test.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Beautiful <3

  • Randy Marsh

    July hurry up and come already!

  • Eyoi

    I don’t know about this game. I never played it when it came out and to me the combat system looks is awful. Can anyone convince me it’s worth the purchase?

  • Anajsanders

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  • SaberXEdge

    Hey Eyoi, I’m not really sure about what kind of combat you prefer but I’d say Final Fantasy XII has a mix of ATB and real time combat. What I mean by this is that you cannot attack immediately and must wait for your bar to fill before the characters commence your action input. Although this may initially sound like a slow paced game, as you progress you will find out that you will need to think on your feet and the battles become more fluid. If you’ve ever seen any of the Final Fantasy MMO games (XI and XIV) then it somewhat plays like an offline MMO. I cannot speak for the Zodiac System as I have not played this rendition, but from what I have heard it allows you to customize your characters to a certain job class as they progress. (This remaster allows us to choose from that system OR the regular release in which characters were relatively balanced out in all stats). The beginning for me did start off a bit slow as I waited for the character’s bar to fill up just to swing their sword. But eventually as you level up you are able to chain more inputs and the battles really do get faster paced. I’d say give this game a try, it’s really different from the other games but I feel that’s what makes it unique.

  • Adam Hedquist

    This is my absolute favorite FF game. Mostly because of the combat. People say it just plays itself and ye sure, however.. everything they do in combat, I DID thanks to the gambit system. My mind, my brain beat the game. The gambit system is so deep and it was so great to see my party fight against hard bosses and to see if my brain came up with the best strategy in different situations. But it wasn’t just me looking, most of the times I had to step in and do things manually when things seem to go bad and those moments were so great and intense.

    But what many people seem to miss is that you don’t have to use the gambits. The system is made so you could basically play the game like the atb system. You can go into the menu and change things like the speed in combat (how fast the meters fill), make it so the game pauses when you chose commands and turn off the gambits.

    You don’t have to use all the gambits either. The first time I played 12 I only used a few and did most of the things myself but later in the game I realized how great the gambits were and how much fun it is to experiment with them.

    If you really want a challenge you can set the combat speed at max and turn off the ”pause” thing for the command menu and turn off the gambits.

    I like how fast it is too and with the monsters roaming the fields there is no pause in the gameplay bc the game has to go into a battle screen and I don’t have to worry about random encounters.

    The IZJS is better imo bc the characters becomes more unique thanks to the different classes.

    I love how big the world is and all the different places and the scenery and the mystery behind them. Sure, the world is built up in zones but there is alot to explore.

    The story is simple but not bad imo. I think the motivation for the villain is very interesting and really not that evil, if at all. The characters are fine imo. I like Vaan, he’s cool. Don’t understand the hate, he doesn’t deserve it. Penelo, however….that girl I could do without.

    Balthier is the greatest.

    Vaan isn’t the main character for the plot…he’s just a pow character for the player. Ashe is probably more like a main but 12 is more about ”these people” against ”this empire”.

    About the combat system: My advice to you is….go in with no expectations. Be patient. As SaberXedge said it can feel slow at first but after a while when you can do more stuff it becomes faster.

    I suggest you go into the settings and change stuff, play around a little with different setups and see what combat setup feels best for you.

  • Lord Shiru

    It looks great !! I also read somewhere that now characters can unlock 2 Job Grids !

    Amazing ! I was struggling to find a good setup for my future playthrough…

    Now we can make some good combos like Archer + Knight for Basch (for example), Samurai + Red Mage for Ashe <3.

    Since this is a new feature… perhaps we can hope that SE put alternate costume for characters ?

    Vaan and Penelo FFTA2 Outfit ? Basch with armor… Ashe with her wedding dress ? Balthier with judge armor ? 😉

  • LTweetsU

    What i noticed the most: now Vaan doesn’t look like he has abs tattooed onto him lol.

  • King Zeus

    It’s worth the purchase.

  • Yuntu

    It´s a system that either lets you play like traditional FF, only with free movement. Or gives you the “battle before battle” kinda vibe. Meaning: you set up your party for regions/encounters how you see fit with basically commands like “Health <50% = Vita" and adjust while you keep going.

    Tons of thinking involved and with this version you get jobs giving it even more reasons for you to think how to set it up.

    I think games like Dragon Age Origins are a good comparison somewhat. I would also call it a pretty challenging game if you don´t look after your partys level/equipment.

  • 15 and type 0 only turned out okay sense they were rushed. Still no word on 7R or KH3 and no plans to bring over DQ11 this year. Do I really wanna buy another port with nothing added to it except better textures. No. I’m gonna save me money. I liked Vaan and sometimes Fran. But 12 was not a games I’d say is best of the best for FFs. Maybe gimmie a spin off in the same world with the same battle system and we can talk. But until then I’m done with ports after 2.8. That’s enough Square. Do something new and don’t rush it or pump it out with ads mixed in. And don’t make enemies and leads HD but not NPCs. Smh

  • Eyoi

    Thanks for the great reply. I will give it a chance and try it out when it comes out.

  • Eyoi

    It sounds interesting. To me it just looked very slow paced and awkward but I’ll give it a shot when it comes out and see what I think.

  • Man, I can’t wait to play this freakin’ game anew.

  • Gabriel Hage

    I will play this game forever!

  • I would like to know how the graphics of The Zodiac Age compare to the ones that can be achieved on PCSX2, I am currently playing emulated PS2 games at 5120×3840, I am surprised at how good the graphics hold up, I would even go as far to say that the PS2 at 480p did not do the graphics in this game enough justice, although the textures leave a little to be desired, the graphics look surprisingly good for a game that was originally released on the PS2

    Given the heightened power of the PS4 over the PS2, I kind of wish they would have used high resolution character models throughout the entire game and gotten rid of the low resolution models but can understand that there may be some unexpected drawbacks from doing so, the visuals that I have seen so far suggest that both high and low resolution models will be used for The Zodiac Age

    My major issue with FINAL FANTASY XII is the intensity of the leveling system, oh my lord, the level grind in this game is insane(!) I have been playing the game for 40 hours(!) and yet I have only reached level 30, the character development is insanely steep, there have been times when I have had my ass handed to me by some overly powered fiend wondering the field (those weird manifestations of light) it is only after grinding for hours(!) and having my whole party eliminated that I begin to ponder about when it was the last time that had actually saved the game

  • one of the differences between the battle system in FINAL FANTASY XII compared to other systems used in the previous games is that if you do not use the gambit system you have to enter battle commands ‘completely manually’, where as in previous games the battle command menu would pop-up whenever the characters gauge was filled, in FINAL FANTASY XII, you have to open each characters command menu individually, therefore it makes sense to keep the gambit system on at least for the other party members, the split second that it takes to open the menu and pick a command could be decisive in regards to the life and death of your character

  • Adam Hedquist

    Ye, I totally agree. I haven’t tried the ”challenge” I mentioned bc it would probably be near impossible. But with a few important gambits on every character and me choosing commands while things are going on are really fun.

    There are a couple of ”fan challenges” I haven’t tried out yet, but I’m certainly going to with this version.

  • Adam Hedquist

    Hm…from what I’ve seen the TZA version look better.
    I agree, the ps2 graphics were great, especially for this game. I was amazed the first time I played it.

    I wish they could have done something about the ”blurryness”?….in the characters faces but I guess that’s just an artistic style.

    About your issue with the level grinding: That’s one of the many reasons the IZJS is better thanks to the speed up function and TZA will have it too.

    Just set all your gambits perfect for a grind run, turn on the speed thingy, go to the perfect leveling spot. Put on some good music or podcast and then walk around and there will be a monster massacre no other FF world have ever seen before and you will see your characters grow real fast.

    Don’t fight the elemental orbs! Lol xD Just steal important loot and then run away like a coward.
    Come back with better gear and then you have nothing to fear. 😀

  • Codes McGodes

    I don’t understand why they’re not using higher resolution characters. They did with FFX and those characters looked friggin great. I’m pretty disappointed with this HD “upgrade” tbh. It’s sharper, yeah, but FFX/X-2 HD’s upgraded difference was like night and day. The character armor in FFXII looks pretty good but their skin textures are still blotchy and their poly counts are surprisingly low considering the updated platform. And it doesn’t even come with a second game like all their other Remasters do. There still isn’t even any word on if the original license board will be an option.

    FFXII is one of my favorite games and I can’t wait to play it again, but this remaster is pretty half-assed compared to their previous remasters.

  • Lorenebcalderon

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  • King Zeus

    I just came on the monitor a little bit.

  • I am only speculating, I think the reason why higher resolution character models where not used in place of the lower resolution ones might have to do with need for someone to animate those models otherwise they might look a little off if they animate in the same way as the lower resolution model that they higher resolution model are supposed to replace

    I agree with what you brought up in you comment though, i feel like the could have done a lot more

  • Codes McGodes

    That’s possible. Although if they were willing to redo the battle animations for FFX I don’t see why they couldn’t update FFXII’s animations if necessary. They are supposed to be adding additional facial animations to FFXII already though, so I feel like as long as the character rigs are the same, it’d be an easy swap. Like they don’t need to be FFXV quality models, but they could at least make their clothes not so jaggy-looking.

  • Codes McGodes

    His abs still bother me. They don’t look AS bad, but his abs, the dark line down his back, his michael jackson nose… he’s still a mess imo.