Catch six minutes of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto in action By Erren Van Duine on June 14, 2017 at 8:48 PM

Square Enix shared a small treat for those waiting on Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto, due out worldwide on June 27. During a special live stream, Mat Kishimoto took control of our gun-wielding hero to share a first look at the game’s upcoming story DLC.

While brief, we see Prompto’s gun carries unlimited ammo and he can perform melee moves such as take-downs as well in a traditional third-person-style shooter. Episode Prompto is said to run around two hours in length with additional challenges in tow such as a snowmobile mission.

Square Enix also revealed composer Naoshi Mizuta will be offering up new music as a special guest composer. Catch the small bit of footage below.

Final Fantasy XV is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

  • β€’december

    Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly get any more wet thinking about Episode Prompto.
    I NEED IT!!

  • Adam Hedquist

    Hm…I need to see more before I can say it looks fun or not etc. Haha wtf at 3:04….a bug?
    I liked the ”selfie” thingy. Reminds me of Vanquish when Sam is lighting a cigarette then throws it lol.
    And holy black on a popo that guy must have shouted alot at E3 xD

  • Horizonx

    Its actually looks pretty good compared to Gladiolus, still only 2 hours long… Also not a single word about survey and story updates. Keep shoving mobile and anime crap.

  • gabrieuTG

    Liquid Snake looking fresh

  • StrikeParchment

    Eeyup, seemed like there was a bug with aiming the SMG. Demo seemed to have been cut shorter than intended since Matt ended the demo at the SMG section of the tutorial. Well, now we know why it’s not out yet xD

  • Dod

    Ever get that feeling of dΓ©jΓ -vu ?

  • eijin_kiver

    FF+GTA5+MGS2 = Prompto episode πŸ˜€

  • Jesus Christ

    Not impressed.

  • Jesiah Grant

    Metal Gear Prompto: Episode Shadow Moses Incident, yep I’ll take it πŸ˜€

  • Jintae

    Looks good. More Prompto

  • Some Random Guy

    Cant wait to watch the lets play of this

  • Carolhroberts

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  • Syul

    *Mushu’s voice* My little baby’s all grown up and… kicking butts :_)

    I’m proud of you my sunshine boy <3

  • FINAL FANTASY XV is a joke, the view count for videos released on YouTube of this game says it all, people just do not care about it any more

  • Lucas NΓ³brega Maia

    Congratulations, you.obtained the “hater” and “fanboy” trophies

  • Mehmed

    After Ignis DLC in September/October we’ll get the MP DLC in December and with its release maybe news about new DLC’s

  • Mehmed

    If this games comes out in 2018 as an Definitive Edition with all announced and unannounced upcoming dlc,s for about 20-30€ I might try it.

  • Vallen

    So much for letting us explore the snow fields

  • ehh, stop being presumptuous

    the reason why I continue to fellow some of updates in regards to this game is to see if the developers can prove me wrong and to vent my frustration in respect to what a complete piece of #### this is, I knew right from the off that there would not be a goddamn thing they could do to make this disgrace of a game any better than is

    you can put lipstick on a pig but a pig still going to be a pig

  • Lucas NΓ³brega Maia

    Oh, someone is trying achieve the “Hate for Sauron” platinum trophy

  • Syul

    So, you’re saying that people “don’t care about it anymore” based on something such as view counts on YT videos? I don’t think it makes sense, to be honest.

    I mean, I can love a videogame, and still not see videos about it because for a wide variety of reasons.

    There’s still A LOT of people that care about it (me included, even if aknowledging and accepting FFXV’s undeniable flaws). To put an example, the communities in Tumblr and Twitter are reaaally active (to the point where you can find a good amount of new art everyday) and even voice actors are deep in the fandom, like Ray Chase, sooo… No, people still (and will) care about it.

  • stevenm281

    During the presentation, they said that Prompto will traverse through various types of location, which are not all indoors, as hinted by him riding a snowmobile in the trailer.

  • so how are you liking the expansions that are being made available to the game? are they anything like you were hoping for?

  • obviously I did not mean everyone, just the vast majority

    the only reason why this game sold as well as it did is because all the people who bought the game fell for all the hype behind it, I recall that YouTube videos regarding this game garnered hundreds of thousands of views back when the game was released, it was only when those same people played it that they come to the realisation of how terrible it is, new videos about this game would be lucky to achieve tens of thousands of views now which just goes to show how disinterested people have become with it and any news about it’s expansions

    people need to stop being in denial about it because the game was ####, the reason why people keep on defending it is because they have no sense of taste or do not want to give into buyers remorse through admiting to themselves how aweful it is

  • yet keep telling yourself that, ignorance is bliss

  • Syul

    Well, if you would have referred to everyone, that would be impossible. Still, “the vast majority”…

    I mean, there’s people that like it AND defend it like “nope no flaws”, people like me that aknowledge the flaws and still love them, people indifferent to it, people that just don’t like it, people that flatly hates it… I don’t see a majority of “people who don’t care about it”, in all honesty.

    In fact… Wouldn’t it be caring about the game the fact itself of posting flared comments raging about how the game shouldn’t have been like that? Under my point of view that means that the person CARES in the sense that would have loved for the game to be better. Not caring about the game would be not feeling anything at all about the game, I think.

    As much as I love FFXV, to be honest there’s a part of me that’s like “damn imagine if they did this or that, the game would have improved A TON”, and that part of me is “kinda” hurt, because it’s been 10 years waiting for it with an old!Noctis post hanging in a wall in my room to then have big plot holes, not enough appearence of Luna, etc.

    But going again to what you said…

    It’s obvious the game was going to have more views in YT before the game launched than after, even if it would have been a masterpiece. Why? You yourself mentioned: the hype.

    That’s something that runs very deep, seeing a game and not knowing what you may found, or feeling excitement about it, it just makes you replay every video you can find until the game is out. It’s like being very thirsty and not be able to drink much: once you can drink all you want, then you won’t be feeling a huge thirst.

    About the views…

    1) the aforementioned hype and the explanation.

    2) repeating myself: there’s a ton of reasons not to watch videos. You may have some personal “requisites” that you can’t quite find (language of the game, the kind of youtuber, the kind of video, quality, if it has uploaded the entire story or not, etc), you may just not feel like watching, you’re favoring other kind of videos, the youtuber you were watching just threw the towel with the game, there’s fewer videos uploaded because other games have come/most of the youtubers already completed the game…

    And again, there’s still a ton of people interested. If you don’t believe me, search the FFXV tag, or any tag with the name of a character, in Tumblr or Twitter. Roleplays, fanarts, fanfics, cosplays (even with acting), AMVs, theories, or just comments… It’s not even difficult to see on Tumblr FFXV content (fanart, meme, whatever) with even more or less 1k notes, and there’s a lot of art with between 100 and 700k notes. And these are just the 2 social medias I frequent…

    About expansions, in fact they IGNITE the FFXV fan community. Whenever there’s been an update or DLC updated, or whatever news, I see even more content from the fandom. With the Gladiolus and Prompto DLCs for example, a lot of art suddenly appear, and you can see people asking each other about what they think they’re going to find, being all hyped. It’s not even rare to find theories.

    About last paragraph, you just sound like “if you like it you’re in denial”…

    If that’s the case just no, liking the game ISN’T the same as being in denial. As I said, there’s A LOT of people that like, love the game, and at the same time they AKNOWLEDGE and ACCEPT the fact that it has flaws, and don’t DENY or DEFEND these flaws.

    (Wish I knew how to put words in bold in Disqus, but since I don’t, caps locks to emphasize certain words will do)

  • Jesus Christ

    Don’t worry Xeno. We’re on the same boat.

  • Noctis Leonhart Strife

    t looks good to me this Pompto DLC, although I prefer that they make a new FF XV, instead of updating the game with DLCs and implementations in the story.
    I was playing FFXV now a little bit, I got in the game after a while without playing it, I had left Dragon Age Inquisition. I know they are different games, but I was very surprised by FFXV after leaving D.A.I. The game seemed very repetitive and without much to do, in its open world. I do not know if the BD2 team reads these criticisms all that are scattered around the web, but it should not be easy for them, because the game is much criticized there. He paid dearly for the price of being changed and changed director. I think the team gave their best and did what was at their fingertips, given the short time they had available. I think that getting a lot of support for this game with updates and DLCs may not be good, I think everyone is tired and tired of it. So it would be better to have a new FF XV with a different approach than the one that was made in the first one, not focusing on the open world and hunts but rather on the story, or to go to the next FF of the series.

  • Noctis

    this updates are useless in my opinion. I didn`t even touch Episode Gladio

  • Noctis

    You achieved the “Tabata`s toady” Rare Gold trophy

  • lol, this is all that has been done after half a years development on these FINAL FANTASY XV add-ons, it’s a joke

  • it is nice to know that I am not alone on this, but then again when you consider how bad the FINAL FANTASY XV universe is, it should not come as a surprise

  • I find it interesting that some of the people who up-voted your last comment are also the same who I know have made criticising comments and yet they chose to up-voted your preposterous comment the hypocrites

  • lets see how they like the taste of their own medicine

  • Jesus Christ


    I think it was the release of XV movie what’s it’s called? Id on’t remember LOL but the point is that’s the time when I saw you writing negatively about the game and movie and I was the same way. We just see problems in them. I aint gonna sit back and say the game is perfect or little flaws. nah LOL πŸ™‚