Dragon Quest XI Nintendo Direct shares 3DS-exclusive features By Wazi the pa on June 23, 2017 at 11:14 PM

Nintendo Japan recently hosted a special Nintendo Direct focusing on Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time, revealing a reserve of details of features exclusive to the game’s 3DS version. Most notably, the company revealed that players will have opportunities to take on quests that will require them to travel to the worlds of past Dragon Quest titles.

On a side note, Nintendo Japan also announced that starting today, Nintendo 3DS users in Japan are now able to pre-load Dragon Quest XI via the Nintendo eShop.

And with that, here’s everything else that was detailed from the program:

  • When using 2D Mode, there are secret locations called “Hidden Spots” that players can discover.
  • When using 3D Mode, there are symbol-based encounters. Players can hit the “A” button to commence the battle with preemptive strike.
  • 2D Mode makes use of traditional random encounters.
  • The bottom screen of the Nintendo 3DS system displays the map. Players can switch between a full map and an area map.
  • The game will include a “Travel Memories” feature that allow users to view past events in 2D and 3D mode.
  • The 3DS’ Circle Pad is used for 3D screen movement, while the Directional Pad is used for 2D screen movement.
  • The 3DS version uses “StreetPass” functionality.
  • The primary content of the game’s StreetPass sees players interacting with a race called the “Yoochi”.
  • The Yoochi will request you to save their kind in desperate situations that you will encounter while continuing along your journey.
  • The key to rescuing the Yoochi is a dungeon known as the “Labyrinth Beyond Time”.
  • Players can form a party of up to eight Yoochi from the Yoochi they saved, and send them off into the dungeon.
  • While in the dungeon, players have the option to choose between manually controlling the Yoochi or letting them proceed automatically, which includes battling and movement.
  • Players will have opportunities to obtain treasure while venturing in the dungeon.
  • Every Yoochi’s ability will differ, including whether it’s weak or strong. If the Yoochi is slain by the enemy, they will not return. Players can obtain more of the Yoochi in the game’s world or from other players through StreetPass.
  • Awaiting at the end of the dungeon is a boss called the “Gate Keeper”. Defeating it will award players an “Adventure Log Password.”
  • Presenting the Adventure Log Password to the Yoochi Elder will bestow players to visit the worlds of past Dragon Quest games. For example, players can visit the worlds of Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest V, which was previewed in the Nintendo Direct.
  • There are problems taking place in the worlds of past Dragon Quest games and resolving them will somehow benefit players with saving the Yoochi.

Watch the Nintendo Direct below:

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS on July 29 in Japan, with its Nintendo Switch version currently in development.