Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age screenshots show off Hunts, Quickenings, and Espers By Tony Garsow on June 18, 2017 at 11:27 PM

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age will be out in North America on July 11th, and today, Square Enix shared new screenshots of the game’s hunt system, Mist Quickenings, and Summoning.


Face down notorious beasts across Ivalice with the Hunt system. By accepting them through Clan Centurio, you’ll be tasked with slaying enemies of various difficulty levels throughout your journey. First, you’ll need to accept the hunt, talk to the quest-giver, kill the quarry, and return to said quest-giver for a reward.


Mist Quickenings are character-specific super moves that are unique to each of your party members. By charging the Mist guage, you’ll be able to unleash powerful abilities that can be chained together with a button press within a short amount of time. Chain enough of them together and you’ll trigger a big finisher. These are unlocked on the License Board, and each character gets three different Quickenings.


There are thirteen different Espers that you can summon in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, which can be assigned to a character by activating a special node on the license board. In this version of the game, when an Esper is summoned, you can use the game’s member switching system to assume direct control.


The following artwork was created by Hideo Minaba, and will be the design featured on the Limited Edition steelbook.

  • Nice art.

    If I made 12 I’d have it star Vaan, Larsa, Ashe, Fran, and a Moogle and have them become Judges and after the infiltrated their ranks, systematically take them down from the inside. But no….

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  • Codes McGodes

    God I wish they’d upped the poly count on this game. Those character models are jagged as fuck.

  • not only have I also wanted something like that to be implemented into enhanced games, I have also often wonder at how hard it could possibly be to have something like that implemented, surely there must be an option somewhere in the computer graphics program that can increase the number of polygons within a few clicks

  • Codes McGodes

    There definitely is. Like I’m not saying they need to rebuild the models from scratch, but I work with 3D software and I can confirm that it really wouldn’t be difficult to add a few extra polys for the more glaringly dated parts of each model. Some of the textures have been improved, but others could definitely use more work as well. It just blows my mind they gave that courtesy to FFX/-2 HD, but not to this one. I mean there’s a very clear difference in the character models for FFX and the character models for FFX HD, but these guys largely look the same. SLIGHTLY crisper, but mostly the same.

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  • Lord Shiru

    That would be interesting indeed 😉 !

  • If only JPN would try to break the mold and do more generic rpgs. Theyre losing their older fans.

  • Graham Polley

    They received a ton of criticism for the model changes in FFXHD. This is likely why they didn’t do it this time around. People don’t want change, just the same game upscalled. (not me)

  • Codes McGodes

    What? I don’t remember anyone complaining about the upscaled models for FFXHD. I remember people didn’t like Tidus’ face/hair specifically in the reveal trailer, but they altered it again and everyone quieted down after that. I’ve never heard any criticisms for any of the other characters though.